Sunday, June 7, 2015

American Freedom Act is Fascism on Steroids

While America was distracted they passed the American Freedom Act. All they are doing is privatizing the information gathering. They are right about the TPP playing a giant part in this. All they did was make it so the corporations will continue the gathering and they simply will get the information from them. They are right about us being sold a "bill of goods" and they have rendered the information gathering which was illegal before, totally legal.


Gwen said...

I was Wondering what they were trying to distract us from with the Jenner thing

Anonymous said...

America: Freedom to Fascism or at least watch this interview snippet the reason Aaron Russo is no longer alive. - Don

William Sculley said...

This isn't a proper understanding of the bill. Telephone companies have always kept phone records. Now the NSA has to have a warrant to see it. I wasn't distracted. The day after, John Oliver, a comedian, very quickly made mention of the change.

This reverses everything back to pre patriot act conditions as regards phone records

Anonymous said...

don't trust anybody except god and jesus.

Anonymous said... - Don

Bible Believer said...

William Google Trans Pacific Partnership. They are simply privatizing some of the information gathering. Also give this point why should we believe them? Think this one out. THEY RECENTLY BUILT a GIANT NSA HEADQUARTERS just a few years ago. Would that be done right before a shut-down?

Yes the Jenner thing was total distraction. Now Jenner is going to have a nauseating reality show.

Thanks for videos Don.

Christsfreeservnt said...

Dylann Storm Roof – the name of the young man accused in the killings in the Charleston, SC church.

Dylan (masculine) – meaning “great tide, flow” – “In Welsh mythology Dylan was a god or hero associated with the sea” ( The first beast in Revelation 13 is out of the sea: “And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads…” Dylann (2 n’s) could just be a spelling variation of Dylan, or it could be a feminine version of the name Dylan. Or, there could be some other meaning to the 2 n’s, suggesting this is #2, perhaps.

Tide – “the cycle of rising and falling of the surface of bodies of water caused by the attraction of the moon and the sun” (; a stream or current; anything that alternately rises and falls, increases and decreases; the tide of the seasons; current, tendency, or drift, as of events or ideas; the tide of international events; any extreme or critical period or condition” (

Storm – a situation in which many people are angry, upset; a serious disturbance of any element of nature; a tumultuous outburst (M-W Dictionary).

Roof – “the highest point: summit; an upper limit: ceiling; an extremely or excessively high level” (M-W Dictionary); “go through the roof, to increase beyond all expectations; also, hit the roof. Informal. to lose one's temper; become extremely angry; raise the roof, Informal.
to create a loud noise; to complain or protest noisily” (

If you read “Dylann Storm Roof” like a sentence, with “storm” being the verb in the sentence, it might read something like this: A series of international events and/or an extreme and critical period of time is rising, causing a tumultuous outburst, which is resulting in many people being angry and upset, and this disturbance is crashing against the highest point, or an excessively high level, perhaps something suggesting the likes of “storming the castle,” i.e. conquering in a fury a stronghold or a fortress. This reminds me of the vote on Obama’s fast-track negotiating authority to make this TPP deal. Fast track means: “A course leading to rapid advancement or change” (

Since the killings took place in a church, this could be about the persecution of Christians, i.e. going after religious “extremists.” Since it was white against black, which is a scenario “the powers that be” have been pushing a lot lately, this could be about stirring up racial hatred and violence. Since this took place in Charleston, SC, this could be about trying to pit Americans against Americans, i.e. a reference to the Civil War – neighbor against neighbor. These global powers have to do in America what they have been doing in other nations throughout the world so that we need a “savior” to “rescue” us from ourselves, such as with the other nations where the “international community” came to the “rescue,” and/or where we are brought under “martial law,” which our military and police are training for right now.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Christsfreeservnt. I found the name odd with roof. His middle name is storm?
What a weird name. I believe this one will be used to push the gun control program through, is tied to Christians too. All in the name of pushing racial hate, animosity and their agendas. Roof looks like a possible brainwashed Mk ultra type, and looks possessed in the pictures.

Symbols in this picture...hand placement, as above, so below, green glasses--green has meaning in the occult especially emerald green: Satanism, mind control. One forum I have read has noticed a pattern of blue striped shirts in "planned events" though I am not sure of the symbology of that. Pointing the gun at the daisies does that mean something? Flowers have assigned meanings--daisies it's "purity".

Anonymous said...

This conversation here makes me wonder how many at this moment are in the process of being trained to cause harm so more of our freedoms will be eliminated in the guise of "safety and protection" for our own good?

Most, if not all of these massacres involve some sort of drug, whether prescribed by a doctor, or illegal... that affects the mind. Few believers in Christ, address the fact that these drugs, whether prescribed or otherwise, DO NOT heal the individual of their pain or their problems, whether emotional or physical, but rather cover it up so the individual can make it through the day. Drugs numb the pain so the individual does not feel anything, and in that state, it is so incredibly easy to brainwash, indoctrinate, and use that persona for good or for evil.

When I went through a "down" time in my life, I conversed with my doctor concerning how I was feeling, and she prescribed a drug named Cymbalta. After two weeks of taking this drug, which I discovered according to the medical profession, was considered a high dosage, I was experiencing some strange things that were not normal to my being. First, I my emotions and feelings were numbed to the point where I DID NOT feel anything......I had no high emotions nor any depressing emotions, just a mindless, spineless, numb piece of flesh. I went through my days not feeling joy, happiness, excitement, fear, anger, disappointment.....

I felt absolutely nothing. Numb. Secondly, I was standing at my kitchen sink and about an hour or so after taking this medication, as I stood there blankly looking out my window, for a brief moment, I had what could only be described as an "out of body experience." All of a sudden, my soul or my spirit was out of my body, looking down on that fleshly body standing there at the sink doing dishes. I have never had this happen before as I am not a faithful drug user. I know this sounds very strange and most people would say, "you are crazy." But this was a very real experience and I was not imagining things.

This experience frightened me to the point of calling up my doctor and telling her that I was done with the mind drugs, to which she pleaded with me in continuing the medication under her direction....she offered to prescribe a "lesser dosage." To which I said "no thank-you, no way." I know beyond a doubt that satan was behind this experience and the psychotropic drug was the catalyst for his wiles. Praise our Father in protecting me throughout this ordeal. Praise His Holy Name.

When we are feeling down or lonely, the first thing doctors want to do is get you addicted to some kind of "drug." So then, really, who are the biggest drug pushers in America.....the drug lords or our medical professionals (?).

Anonymous said...

You have probably noticed, some follow up; - Don

Bible Believer said...

It is like the week of nauseating and evil laws and rulings isn't it? The TPP will drive the final nail in the economic coffin.

Bible Believer said...

I believe the anti-depressants have very very bad effects and while there are chemical cases who have to be on something to save their lives, shizophrenics, manic depressives etc....they are using most to numb out the populace. I have refused using them fearing the results. Some drugs will alter your perceptions and I believe you about the out of body experiences. Before I was saved, I was put on a powerful antibiotic in IV form that I altered things for me to save my life. I had some very bad effects, not out of body but other ones. Later I would go home, finding out the name of the drug--and would find out it can cause psychosis. In smaller regular dosages I would turn out to be allergic to it as well.

I use prescription drugs to stay alive [thyroid pills etc] and that drug saved my life, but there are side effects and I believe there can even be some spiritual side effects with narcotics and others. One has to pray for protection. I do believe in using modern medicine--but one must turn to God for guidance too. I think anti depressants are being used to numb people out and altering emotions in negative fashions. They do not get to the root of the problem either. The drugs I trust the least are the anti-depressants.