Friday, May 15, 2015

The War on Drugs Explained

Think about the billions of dollars the drug wars bring in.


Anonymous said...

Like everything else that destroys, drugs are distributed purposefully to destroy people, destroy families, create crime, create violence, young death, suicide, loss of homes, rebellion and secrecy against parents and so much more - to destroy our nations.

And then those who do participate in these things are hunted down and put in prison, further destroying family and individual human beings, while adding enormous cost burdens to the citizen who has not fallen for this ruse.

What about all the special laws which take away freedoms in the name of controlling drugs. More society decay and loss of freedom,as the march towards communism continues.

The world is now the devil's playing field.

But what I have learned and keep being reminded of is to let God fulfil His Plan, step back, He is in control. Be wise as serpents as always, but it's God at work, fulfilment of Scripture and the Word of God must happen, and not one thing we do or say will change anything. And we need to be careful too - that we do not attempt to work against God's Will by trying to stop anything, or worrying too much about anything which is in His Eternal Plan.

Protest not, praise God, speak truth, evangelise, until we are silenced, or until the final day.

Bible Believer said...

I agree they push drugs to destroy people, it causes all that but most street drugs also have sorcery attached in that they open people up to demons. [Modern mandrake]

The police state wins, the money men win--with billions in drug sales. Satan cheers for all the lives destroyed by drugs. People in many areas live in armed camps due to the "drug wars".

I agree God will have to deal with these evil doers. Protest will not change the wicked world system

Anonymous said...

BB, you got the sorcery exactly right.

Drugs are sorcery.

Revelation 18:23 …..”for by their sorceries were all nations deceived”.

The word sorceries is the Greek word - Pharmakeia.

Pharmakeia is pharmaceuticals - which are drugs, both legal and illegal.

What is our world overwhelmed with right now?

Drugs, pharmaceuticals, legal and illegal.

Even our water is laced with all sorts of pharmaceuticals, including fluoride.

Look at how huge the forced vaccines are now - we have lost rights to our bodies, they inject us with these things, or they steal our kids from us, or refuse us right to work or school. They call us criminals, child abusers, disease spreaders, and deceived. No one gets a choice. Its forced injection of pharmaceuticals or you’re a criminal and an abusive parent.

To be in possession of natural cows milk can send us to prison. Real cows milk is so healthy, it repairs tooth decay (no dentists necessary), and is a miracle of health. Pasteurised milk is dead, good for nothing, no longer helps or repairs teeth.

How does the devil deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth?

Sorcery. Pharmaceuticals. Drugs.

Everybody is ingesting pharmaceuticals now, even if they don’t want to. And what about all these futuristic movies about the new world order - everyone is forcibly drugged. Brave New World, Equilibrium, The Giver etc

The pharmaceuticals are absolutely necessary for the devil to deceive the world.

Sorcery throughout the Bible is the drugs and the people who make drugs and potions. The same is true for witchcraft - drugs and potions.

Sorcery 400 years ago when the KJV was translated - meant witchcraft - which meant creating drugs, also so often associated with worship of babylonian gods.

Medicine is not drugs.

Medicine is not pharmaceuticals.

They are now making medicines used for thousands of years - illegal.

Pharmaceuticals is sorcery and witchcraft, which the devil uses to deceive the nations.

I do everything possible to stay away from pharmaceuticals, and take medicine when necessary.

What a perfect book of prophecy we have.