Friday, May 15, 2015

Notice the Seven Triangles or Mountains?

The "global leadership" nonsense, thinking of Pinky and the Brain here--"What do you want to do today? Take over the world!" appeals to young narcissists in training, who want their piece of the church of Babel pie. This video seems to be cholk full of symbols. The "thousand points of lights" in the multitude of light bulbs hanging down is one. Notice the newspaper, that is titled "Midlothian", I wonder if that means anything? "The Magnificants" is the title article, is that like the cartoon superheros, "The Incredibles"?. Then there are the 7 triangles, which I am supposing represents the 7 mountains.

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Anonymous said...

To the use of the word "Midlothian" I'd have to say YES -- with its reference to the prison and the year 1818 (a double set of triple 6's?) -- And YES, Hybels is signalling his overlords. "The spirit of the age" is hard at work preparing the human race for great bondage. Those at the helm and in the know tip their hats to one another.

How I loathe Bill Hybels for the liar and pretender that he is, and for the damage done in the presumed name of Christ as he slickly promotes leadership which in no way is hitched to God but presumes to spring from Him. He is a deceiver of immense proportion who is on good terms with the business world, the political world and the false church world.

I have known the truth about Bill Hybels for longer than I can bear to admit. And I now have a sister and brother-in-law in membership at his church who are thoroughly indoctrinated by him and certain they've found the truth.

My husband's and my alma mater, Azusa Pacific University, is now under the leadership of a former classmate and friend of the family who, prior to assuming presidency of the university in the 90s, took part in a 3-yr mentorship program at Willow Creek under Bill Hybels. So, I know something of Hybels' reach and effect and would not in good conscience trust my children to this school (or any Christian school now, knowing what I know).

We all knew John (the President) in the 70s. My husband's brothers were business majors with him, and all are professional businessmen thoroughly saturated in the Business Leadership paradigm, and carrying on their respective Christian lives without a clue as to the reality of what really happened when the business model took over the Christian landscape. They think it was a good thing (blind, so blind to it all, and enjoying the pleasantness of undisturbed fellowship in their various leadership roles. (I do sometimes miss those days of undisturbed fellowship in my earlier ignorance. But I could never go back now, knowing what I know.)

All the signs are there in this video from Hybels. I'm seeing the nod to Freemasonry (Scottish Rite), the luciferian "1000 points of light", the Seven Mountain/triangle theme, and such. He has quite the lineup too this year - of successful corporate business leaders and false Christian celebrity leaders, all of them presenting leadership principles useful to Christians and non-Christians alike. It's an Equal Opportunity leadership training event; faith or no faith, everyone will receive benefit.

I think we're seeing that three-legged Communitarian stool come together that Rick Warren conceptualized and introduced to the world ten-some years ago. Hybels is playing his part -- and the "Christian" world is lapping it up.

(I hear the faint words, "Come out of her my people.")