Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mormon Secrets: What the Missionaries Don't Tell

I once did counter-witnessing to two Mormon missionaries in my old town. One seemed very interested at what I had to say and his partner was getting very angry. I had to go pray that he would not get reported on and would find his way out of the Mormon church. Right there you can see one of the reason they are sent out in pairs.  I have noticed more Mormon missionaries here, though mostly I have seen them while in a speeding by car but if the opportunity arises I would talk with them. Most missionaries in the Mormon church are young men sent out for two years to preach Mormonism to assigned communities. Please pray that more come out of this false church.


Anonymous said...

I witness to the cults when they come by. The last was a lone woman who drove an expensive SUV. She invited me to a JW prophecy event, strange she was alone. We talked for a good while as I explained the JW background and their founders masonic ties. I ask her to verify what I had told her and let her know that she was following another Jesus, not the true Savior. With the mormons I go with the One True God and no others, asking how they can believe the Bible and book of mormon when they have different teachings. What gets me the most is they call themselves Christians. - Don

Anonymous said...

I tell everyone to pray and then read their Bible. I tell them to ditch the devotionals or guides and just read the word of God for themselves. And I tell them I will pray for them. It has been many years since Mormons have come to my door, but at my last house, we got seventh day Adventist (we were near a church and private school of theirs) and we got lots of Jehovah Witnesses. I think I got put on their list for frequent visits or something. At this house two Jehovah Witness men came to my door once and I immediately noticed one had on a Masonic ring. I did not talk to him at all.

I actually have the same message for church going friends and family members as well. I do not try to get into doctrinal discussions, although if someone wants to talk to me I'm not against it, I just don't bring it up. But whenever people are talking about this teacher or that book, I direct them back to the Bible itself. I tell people that the more you read it, the more interesting it becomes.

I figure it is Gods Holy Spirit that will draw them through the word. I figure that many are told by their leaders to buy such and such books, and very few are really actively pushing the Bible.


Anonymous said...

The first lie of the devil, that caused the fall of man, and it’s still the same.

Genesis 3:5
5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

Forgive me if I’m wrong here.

So the mormons become gods, their Jehovah, Jesus, Lucifer, Elohim and many others are all just gods as well. And of course, we all become gods too - after our human experience.

Do the scientologists believe something similar as well?

David Icke - we’re all just consciousness having a human experience under certain vibrational resonances - and that we are really the true gods.

All new age religions - we’re all gods having a human experience.

Shirley Maclaine - “I am god”

Joel Osteen - “I am” affirmations.

And all the other heretical teachers who quote John 8:58 and then shout “Hallelujah - 'I am' too” - equating themselves on the level of Jesus Christ that all are gods, and thus diminishing Jesus Christ to manhood - denying His Deity.

The lie hasn’t changed since the Garden of Eden, it’s exactly the same - “ye shall be as gods”

Getting mormons to read the Bible is difficult as their teaching says it is all translated incorrectly, and only the book of mormon has the real truth. So mormons are scared of the Bible and only really use it to try and convert Christians to their religion.

JWs, also started and funded by the same people who started mormons and SDA and Millerites and all the others - also will not read their Bible by themselves (if what they have can be called a Bible at all), because if they try to - the devil will lead them astray from the true teachings of God, and God only speaks to the leaders of the JWs and no-one else, and only JW leaders can ever interpret the Bible correctly as "Jehovah's spirit directed organisation on earth" - their words. They are allowed to read Proverbs by themselves, but if they confess they are reading the Bible alone or with another JW - they may be disfellowshipped for apostasy. They are taught very succinctly to know exactly which Scriptures to use to prove to people that the Romish church and her daughters have it all wrong, so if you go head to head with a JW - you need to know your Bible, and be prepared to agree with them absolutely when they prove the Romish church is the harlot, because it’s true. But the good news is that if you know your Bible well, and know what the Gospel truly is - you can tear the JWs beliefs to pieces very easily, because although they know their doctrines very well, and can quote exactly the right Scriptures to prove the falseness of the harlot, almost all do not grasp at all what the Gospel is. They’ve never heard it.

Just don’t expect to ever convert any one from these false churches.

Just share the Gospel, and leave it all to God.

If God could want me, and save me in my wretchedness that I was living in, He can and does save so many from out of the false religions of men. But only on His terms. We can only speak the truth, and all of it after that is at the discretion of God alone.

John 6:44
44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

Kayfabe said...


You are absolutely right about what you said about JW's, I deal with them almost everyday and if you know your Bible taking apart their doctrine is child's play.