Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Is it Okay For Christians to Play the Lottery?

Note I don't agree with Pastor Brian D. on everything but thought this would be interesting to post. For poor people the Lotto can be very attractive and seen as the only way into any financial security.
Trust me when you wonder if you will be having to hitchhike because your car died and you can't afford to repair it or food is in short supply, paying just two dollars for a lifetime of riches is enticing to people.  Someone close to me plays the big jackpot Power Balls--they aren't saved.  I have sinned and had to repent before, in getting a Lotto tickets in the past. Sometimes I have to hustle them away from the counters full of Lotto ads and those scratch-off tickets. I don't always succeed. They don't understand my guilt over gambling.

Sadly it is a way to bilk the poor of more of their limited money.  I commend him for his comments about work, but many people today are losing trust in the whole employment system after multiple lay-offs.  For some there isn't much hope of economic stability. There are many who can't find work or can't do so physically. However gambling as a general rule should be avoided. I had weird thoughts about the Lotto, how they have at least 100 drawings a year in most states that make someone a millionaire, wouldn't most of us know a millionaire then that won the Lotto? You know sometimes you wonder if something is just a scam to give the plebes false hope. Is that too cynical? Are Lotto jack-pots really being paid out? What do you think about paying the Lotto?

King James Version (KJV)

He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase: this is also vanity.


Anonymous said...

I know someone who won the biggest payout in their state's history. The brother of a friend of my parents, actually. Like you, I don't trust anything anymore either, but in this case there was no evidence of foul play that I could detect.

Anonymous said...

I was all but homeless and without family or income in the 80's, and I was a very long way away from being saved. Yet my God cared for me.

I do not gamble nor bet, but back then I used to put my 20 cents into the raffle machine at the local corner store quite regularly, and almost every single time I would win. That store and that machine provided me with desperately needed food for a year, and the most I ever put into it was $5-10 over that entire period. Do not get me wrong - I despise the prosperity gospel - its false and of the devil. But at that time - no such thought entered my head, nor that God was providing for me at that time. Though He was.

Today, as a believer, to bet or to gamble in any way whatsoever would be to me as if I were tempting God to provide or to increase. Which is totally different, and would be an abomination in the eyes of The Lord, and I would expect discipline if I tried such a thing now.

Yes lotteries are false hope for the poor, only designed to take the meagre few dollars away from the vulnerable in the impossible hope they can possibly restore their prospects in this life. God provides all that we need, and oftentimes many of us are called to a life of hardship, myself most certainly included. But its all to His plan, and for His love for us.

Indeed to be given the desires of the heart in the form of wealth in this world, is cause for dire concern to the sincere Christian. I would rather be rebuked by my loving Father every day of my life than to be given the desires of my heart and know that I am not loved nor chastened as need be.

As for the vid..... this guy does not sit well with me at all. I may be wrong, but honestly every time I've tried to watch him in the past - flashing red warning lights went off, screaming at me. Just my thoughts, I may be wrong. I just hear "danger Will Robinson".

Anonymous said...

I have never hitch hiked because my car died, i walked ...
i have relied upon the Lord and he has gotten me medical care, i did not desert my family, nor my post in this wretched neighborhood, i waited upon the Lord, with fasting and prayer he has delivered me, i believe you have stopped the Holy Spirit in your life because of fear of pain and peril, and that is why you are in error much, or you are still a universalist at heart and just don't get it, i pray you get saved and come out of this error ...

i beg your pardon, i never promised you a rose garden ... what when we have to give our heads to Jesus? will that frighten you too much?
will you call that the "catholic" theology of worshiping pain?

and yes i agree with the previous poster in that this guy is another liar from youtube, you can not get fed on youtube theology ...

think please
much love from ozmliad

Anonymous said...

I never play lottery - It's nonsense because on average you'll loose.
However, I have a question.
If someone gives you a lottery ticket for birthday. What would you do with it?

Bible Believer said...

Thanks first anon for telling me that. It was just something I wondered about.

I am glad anon, you do not gamble anymore. I never have heard of those low money raffle machines but that must be something in your area. I think they are to be avoided too but I am glad God took care of you. I believe gambling is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord too.

Yes the lotteries bring false hope for the poor, and too many spend money they cannot afford--not just a few dollars but a chunk of the budget. Yes we have biblical promises to have our needs met. Too many sell out for the things of this world.

I am okay with people here complaining about the video. It's getting harder and harder to find good videos. I disagreed with the videographer on at last two main areas including the Rapture. Maybe I shouldn't have posted it even as a tie in for discussion of the Lotto but used it to post on the matter.

I hitchhiked in my youth and do not suggest it, I could not walk well due to health problems. I am glad you waited upon the Lord and got medical care and prayed for your needs. I am not a universalist and have been born again. I do not think Christians should play the Lotto. I am not sure what theological things you are complaining about me being in error on. I have warned on here we may all have to face martyrship. No that is not Catholic worshipping of pain. The Catholics at least in America gamble all the time, they don't even consider it a sin and have raffles all the time. Playing the Lotto in a Catholic church is not considered a sin.

Anonymous said...

This guy teaches that Jesus Christ taught a different gospel than Paul. And Paul taught a different gospel than Peter. Read that twice.
Also that the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven mean different things.
He thinks the New Testament has two different gospels at the same time that are in contradiction to each other. he claims Jesus Christ taught a gospel of works, and Paul saved by grace through faith.
He is part of a cult called dispensationalism. I could tell this guy was nuts after 5 seconds.
dont post this yeah, but this is the case.
Oh yeah your blog is a blessing for people I believe. But this article is way off because Bryan is a complete heretic. check out this video

Anonymous said...

BB, yeah the country I live in is different to yours, and we had those 20 cent raffles for charity machines back in the 80s when I was a young teenager. That single tiny store fed me for so long for almost nil. Praise God.

The biggest thing I was convicted of in my conscience and in my heart by the Holy Spirit after being saved, was that throughout my times when I not only disbelieved God existed, and when I hated God with a passion - that He still loved me and cared for me and provided for me, exactly according to His promises. During this conviction period, I could barely cope for weeks at the devastation of my sin, the love of my God, and that He could still want me... And no, this was not a church or tv church experience, just my God in His Spirit working Salvation.

As for the vid, no complaints from me, I just don't think this guy is genuine, and I could be wrong, just my thoughts.

As for us all, today we all believe differently, and I accept that, and I can listen to someone who I believe is truly genuine and saved, and ignore those things which I believe are totally wrong, this is the age we live in.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Everything will work out in God's plan, we, in this time, are all called to different strengths and we will all help each other, and still, until the end of days - not one of us will ever have it all right. I can accept some error in understandings, because we all have such, but those whom I discern to be deceivers, I give no time or patience to, and I will not listen.

I will not publicly say yah or nay to this man, nor give opinion, but I do have my own perceptions.

Remember also that the deceivers know that many genuinely elect trust only the KJV. I have seen many false teachers espousing only KJV Bible, and they do it to deceive the elect. And the ones that don't pretend to be KJV, attack this Holy Word of God.

We can all only do our best in these perilous and deceptive times, and pray God for guidance each day :)

Bible Believer said...

Oh he teaches that two gospel nonsense? Thanks for telling me. Do you have a video of him teaching that? Jesus Christ did not teach a gospel of works. Interesting video.

The premill dispensationalism leads to many errors. I don't know about Sam P. Jones specifically but there are many "famous evangelicals" who were Masons.

Bible Believer said...

Hi, yes we don't have those raffles, in the USA gambling was illegal even for decades but then they brought in the Lotto and they have softened towards it. I hate all the casinos that have sprouted up all over the place. I have upset friends refusing to step into one of those places.

I am glad God provided for you and stuck with you. I believe God once we are saved and truly born again brings us power via the "Holy Spirit" to "faint not". However, the easy believism people have got it wrong [false conversions] and the works people do too. [Catholicism, work your way to salvation] This sounds like the place you were in, and I will keep praying for you.

1 Peter 1:5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

I am facing hardships lately--it may be showing on this blog, one is major health problems and the second one lately is no longer having a family. [outside of my husband] Division came early for me. I was convicted to depart by God and obeyed.

I am thinking more and more, the preachers who cling to the Rapture no matter what, well there can be more problems there. If he teaches that second gospel nonsense, I doubt the salvation of someone who believes Jesus Christ taught a gospel of works and that Paul changed it.

Yes we may differ on small matters, even with the Rapture, I know there are some saved people who believe it who need more time in studying and being shown the truth.

There are some big things, like second gospel etc, where salvation is brought into doubt, so I am glad someone here warned me. I would like to see the video of it. If he believes that he is definitely a heretic.

There are tons of heretics who say they are KJV believers. Hyles who I consider a totally false pastor did. Etc. etc.

Second gospel stuff is enough for me to split instantly, this means they don't even believe the basics, they deny Jesus Christ saying He taught works.

Yes we can only do our best. As I tell people on here, I am only human and test what I say and all the rest of them out there.

Anonymous said...

Gambling is considered one of those "gray issues" in most of the churches around our small town communities and it is stressed as "gambling is a matter of the conscience issue." Another words, if God convicts you that you should not be gambling, then you should obey God. But if the Holy Spirit does not convict you, then you are absolutely free to go ahead and gamble, because we are not under the law of any sort.

Then you have churches that boldly declare, "we will not take any offering or "tithe" money donated to us from a gambler's winnings," then turn around and accept thousands of dollars from the local bar owner whose income is generated from churched and unchurched people who engage in drunkeness.

I sat under an older group of women in my former church who loved to lord over us younger mothers with their vast overwhelming knowledge of how to be a good wife and mother. Funny thing though, as these women seemed so "holy and self righteous when in the church building," then outside of the religious walled system, they headed to the casinos, had club night a couple times a month where they gossiped, drank until they were drunk, attended questionable movies/plays, and were some of the most unloving/competitive, jealous and envious women within our community........

then would turn around and tell us young mothers not to do any of these things as if we did not know of the wretched sins within their own lives.

"A double minded man (or woman) is unstable in all of their ways," says the LORD.

Also, churches in our area are famous for conducting raffles for this or that as fund raisers....some also consider this a form of gambling.

Bible Believer said...

Yes for most churches around here too it is stressed as a "gray" area. Most of the church ladies in my old town would go play bingo. The Catholics were actually quite fervent about it too. Some of the churches run raffling and bingos. That is sad those women were righteous there in the churches, and go running to the casinos. Doing one thing and saying another is not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

There is only one gospel.

1 Corinthians 15:1-4 "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:"

That is the gospel which we are saved on. Salvation has always been about God's grace and our faith. But that doesn't mean that salvation was always about accepting the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

The disciples were saved before even knowing about the Cross.

Matthew 16:21-22 "From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day. 22 Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.

Just trusting in Jesus as the messiah, as God in the flesh, was enough to save the disciples.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree trusting in Jesus was enough, but its the power of resurrection that changes our hearts. If someone claims to be saved and continues in sin (transgressing God's laws, that is what sin is), then I have a serious problem. I am tired of seeing so many believers claim to know the Lord but their lives, they are like the rest of the world, no difference

Bible Believer said...

Yes the power of the resurrection changes our hearts and we are regenerated and then sanctified. However be careful here even a Christian will sin on occasion: 1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Something else is going on though if someone is not convicted of sin and is making a consistent never ending or ever repented of pattern. Christians living in sin fornication with no compunction, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing your story Bible Believer for I appreciate the realness of your faith in Jesus, the Christ. I am inspired in my faith when I read/hear of genuine testimonies with no hint of self righteousness, but a true repentant heart and a desire to do the will of God in following Jesus.

Many of us have engaged in some form of gambling/lottery without even realizing what it entails and there is no conviction of wrong doing. We have not been taught exactly what gambling/chance is, thus we do not understand what our LORD has to say about this in the context of His Word.

You are correct, Bingo, is a popular chance game amongst the catholics, with many other denominational church members attending their game days. I, personally did not know that raffles were considered gambling until I heard what I believed to be a good, sound sermon on this topic via the internet. I do not purchase raffle tickets any longer for I, too, am now convicted by the Holy Spirit in not doing so.

Having experienced poverty, myself, I can easily understand the desperate heart in desiring mammon for even the basics of necessities, so I must approach this topic of gambling with mercy, grace, and a softer love when speaking of this issue. Our local fire department sells "pull tabs" to generate money for their volunteer department and from what I understand, it is a huge money maker. And we all benefit from their services in times of need, so it can pose an issue of dissension when speaking against gambling in our communities.

Has anyone ever heard a sermon on "gambling" in their local churches, or is this another silent auction issue?

Anonymous said...

I'm the anon who was so cared for with those raffles so long ago. Though I was lost from my God, and in my ignorance and sin at that time - He still loved me and cared for me.

After being newly saved and not understanding much at all, even in my 40s - I stupidly thought a lottery ticket would be a sign from God that He wanted to make all my troubles go away in an instant. Why not... I finally had God on my side... (insert prosperity gospel here)

Did I feel so guilty in doing that.

Yeah I was convicted of my sin right away, and so badly. I had tempted the Lord my God. And He let His anger be known. I was broken and shattered afterwards. And all I had going through my mind over and over again - that i had tempted my God... and what an abomination that was.

If you have a Bible on your computer - type into search "tempt God" and see what comes up - this is not good at all. How can we abhor adultery - yet tempt our God? I had done evil and I knew it.

Yet still, I have my promise - I have everything I need, though I am poor, I have food and raiment, and sometimes a little more 1 Timothy 6-8, and I am rich in abundance in the hope of Jesus Christ.

I was not sure about this guy in the video, and didn't want to pass comment or judgement on something I hadn't thoroughly investigated. I just got huge warning signals when I first watched him, I think it was a link from this blog where i came across him first.

I stopped watching him quickly, and so didn't learn much about what he had to say. And so I didn't want to pass judgement on a man without any facts.

Thank you for those good brothers and sisters who have shared their own insights into this, for backing up these instincts with facts.

Sometimes when I get that overwhelming sense that the Spirit of God is turning me away - I do exactly that - turn away, and learn no more from false teachers, and so never learn their doctrines.

Localotto said...

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