Friday, May 29, 2015

Federalized Police

Nationwide Police-Shooting Psyops/Drama End Game Now Clear: Cleveland 'Federalizing' Police - Ordo Ab Chao

"Plain as can be. Baltimore, New York, Ferguson, just to note the most recent high profile chaos-inducers, and Cleveland, where the end-game of this sudden craze of police-dramas playing out across the country over the last year or so has now been made clear as day. And classic ordo ab chao it is. Chaos everywhere creates the opportunity for the 'new order' to come out of the 'chao' - exactly what is now happening in Cleveland.
Apparently John Q. Public is to believe that the city of Cleveland is not capable of handling their police issues so that authority must now be relinquished to federal control. This is what the Mayor of Cleveland has termed a "systemic change", and a "new way of policing".

And wouldn't you know it, this "new way of policing", this "systemic change" taking place, just so happens to be exactly what the planned Zionist-new-world-order agenda calls for: federalizing the police. Cleveland today, Baltimore, Ferguson, your city tomorrow. It's begun.

A monolithic national police system and a continental-regional system of global government go hand in hand. It could not work any other way."


Anonymous said...

Yes, the plan unfolds. First, they (NWO/UN) gain control of our military and second, they gain control of our police force. Third, they will attempt to disarm us. Only the USA and Switzerland are left with armed citizens. I will stand with this man on this issue; I do not agree with him totally, Ron Paul and Alex Jones are examples, as he is fallible just like I am. I do agree with his take on Romans 13 and the 501C3 church organization. - Don

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Interesting how the protests generally target local businesses, rather than the police stations, courts and DA offices (that often turn a blind eye to police misconduct), let alone the police academies responsible for the police training.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this narrative that it is all staged,
police terrorism is real, the govt is encouraging police to attack
citizens. To say that it is all staged is disinformation.
The narrative you are espousing is that the police are doing just fine,
and the nwo wants to control the police. Its just nonsense.
The real issue is police are being encouraged by govt to attack citizens
particularly black people, minorities, homeless, and mentally ill.
Galatians 4, please rethink your nonsense on this one. ALex Jones pushes
this ridiculous narrative as well. The neo-cons push a similar narrative.
We don't need police at all. They are just goons for the zionists.
Same as the military goons. Police are wicked. They are just animals who will
shoot whoever for a buck. Then lie about it later.

Bible Believer said...

Last anon, the above is a quote from another blog. I didn't write it. I do think that there are problems with the police and agree with you. Police brutality is out of control.

Bible Believer said...

DAW I noticed that too, they always go after local businesses or in the case in Baltimore the old folks home.

Kayfabe said...

I don't believe all these things are staged either however I think there is blame on both sides, rebellious citizens and abusive police. I know this post is from another blog. With us being in perilous times, we are seeing the lawlessness abound on both sides of the ledger. What I do believe is that there are forces behind the scenes instigating this civil unrest and even promoting it. I think the actual incidents are real but then again also I think it's possible that there are plants that are encouraging citizens to riot. Also after the L.A. riots the Piru's and the Crips in Watts had a truce but it was common knowledge that LAPD officers would dress in gang clothing and do drive-by shootings pretending they were gang members so as to break up the truce.