Friday, May 22, 2015

Duggar Scandal

Some time ago, I wrote and others too, that the Duggars would be brought down in some kind of scandal to discredit Christians. This family definitely was going to be used in some way via the powers that be and now it has.  Think about how they practiced extreme chastity for the viewing audience, where even engaged couples were not allowed to kiss, and now this comes to light. This definitely will bring all Christians into view as hypocrites. The world watches this supposedly "holy" family fall, and more are brought into a negative view of what they think Christianity is.

It seems Josh has stayed on the straight and narrow since then, but most likely if his last name was not Duggar at the time he was a teen, he would have been arrested, sent to juvenile hall, and given court-mandated counseling.

Have you ever noticed how celebrities always are deep in scandal? Honey Boo Boo on the same network just got cancelled for the mother in that line up dating a convicted child molester.  The entertainment world is wicked and rife with sexual abuse and mind control.

Also knowing that molesters often are molested themselves, it makes one wonder what else happened in that house? His sisters were among the victims. Also why was this event sat on for so many years? The internet rumors were already there, about Josh having committed some sort of act or acts.

I pray the children and adult children are freed from that cult and come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and that they are healed.  Hopefully some will break away from the system since they will no longer have the pressure to appear perfect with the show now cancelled. One thing disturbed me reading the police report on line, a "rod" was used for discipline in the household. Michael Pearl's methods?

 State trooper who let Josh Duggar go in wake of alleged child molestation charges and later went to prison himself on child pornography charges

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Anonymous said...

These "Christian" reality shows like the Duggars and "Duck Dynasty" are setups by the enemy to discredit true Christianity.

I know someone who got an advert in the mail from Ken Ham, a creationist with an endorsement by the Duggars, apparently thinking it would encourage a donation. Wrong-o. My friend returned the enclosed envelope with a note stating what she thought of the Duggars and their beliefs.

Now Mike Huckabee comes to Josh's defense and literally shoots himself in the foot and has lost the support of conservative Christians. He is the only candidate who has come out strongly for traditional marriage and other values which other candidates avoid.

Turns out he is a shill for Quiver Full mentality and just another patsy in Satan's hands to give Christianity a black eye.

Were the Duggars so money and publicity hungry that knowing the risks of Josh's escapades becoming public?

Yes, he was a teenager and a minor and would not be subject to procecution. Apparently law enforcement was satisfied that he had received counseling as did the victims supposedly. But he should have been removed from any contact at that point until it was proven he was "cured".

And with his background he should never have taken such a high profile job as head of the Christian Research Counsel. But aren't they all "fake" Christians?
Makes one wonder.

We are supposed to be good law-abiding citizens but as far as Christians getting involved with politics in this country it all boils down to $$$ and you have to sell your soul to somebody to get the $$$ to mount a campaign. One is swallowed up by the vortex.

There used to be some values in society but those days are over. And now the churches are going the way of the world.

BB where do you see of this going from a biblical standpoint? Something has to give - we have reached a watershed moment - critical mass.

How long will the Lord abide by all of this? And it is not just in the U.S. - it is all over the world - Ireland just overwhelmingly voted in same-sex marriage and a change to the constitution. Corruption in the Catholic Church left many people disillusioned and in a vacuum.

One has to ask - what happens next and how far will it go?

The answer probably depends upon where one falls in the area of eschatology, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I expect that most so called "discernment ministries" will not touch the Duggar situation on their websites nor their sermons. They will beat up on the homosexuals with their articles and slick sermons, but will not address an increasing sickness that is happening in our own small town churches....the sexual sins of the pew sitters...the pornography, sexual affairs, rapes, incest, sexist speech patterns (unwholesome speech), unwholesome television (soap operas/sit coms/movies), strip clubs attendees, etc.

There seems to be plenty of sexual sins in the heterosexual camp and the pastors/preachers/discernment ministries will be relatively silent on this issue because the Duggars are "conservative", "Republican", and are "models" in showing the rest of us how to live our lives.


Anonymous said...

the damage is done and pleased cancelled 19 kids and counting.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see any pastor or Christian public figure stand up and say that this is false Christianity. All I have heard is pat, safe answers on forgiveness.

I too wonder if these are fake Christians or the white washed tombs Jesus spoke of. Jesus spoke quite a bit against pharisees, hypocrites, etc.

Do we know them when we see them?

Am I alone in thinking these things?

Bible Believer said...

Yes all these "Christian" shows are set ups. You are definitely right. Notice how they all have some kind of giant controversy related to them. I believe WORSE could be exposed about the Duggars. Also think about how chastity and waiting for marriage has been make a joke of by those with their "no kiss" and "side hug" rules, several of the girls were molested so the unbelieving world sees that and gets ready to toss modesty and avoiding fornication because the Duggars managed to mar the Christian teachings regarding these things. It's the Hegelian dialectic all over again. I am glad your friend wrote back to Ken Ham with his real opinions of the Duggars and their Handmaid Tale's nightmares for the world.

The Duggars remind me of FLDS and every escapee from that sick cult, talked of sex abuse when young. The sick rigid system and endless rules is about control but gives power to the sick and vile to abuse young people.

Huckabee is one that you see up with the false religionists and Dominionists all over the place. He's just another shill along with the NWO right wing brigade like Ted Cruz and pals.

They must have been money hungry that they didn't even care about their family being destroyed and the victims of abuse being revictimized in the world world finding out. Something serious is wrong with Josh, he had to be sexually abused himself. To do this type of abuse over and over with several victims at that advanced of an age is serious. This wasn't a young teen kissing a girl near his age, or petting, but actually crossing boundaries and doing severe abuse of girls who were far younger. One thing I noticed is they wrote he did it while they were asleep like the girls laid their passive and did not fight back. Some who were younger may have been frightened but he definitely woke them up and used some form of coercion on them. Apparently law enforcement was satisfied that he had received counseling as did the victims supposedly. But he should have been removed from any contact at that point until it was proven he was "cured". The system in Arkansas allowed for the Duggars to bring him to counseling but why was he allowed unfettered contact with his victims and what did that do them?


Bible Believer said...

And yes whose idea was it for him to take a high profile job. You have to know what I am thinking, that this was PLANNED from the get-go. Josh is the last one who should have gone for a political career.

Yes politics is all about money and compromise and selling out. Too many preach that Christians should get involved. These are the sorts who think the Iraq war was actually fought for freedom instead of the bankers and NWO.

I wonder too about how long the Lord will abide. Christians are being discredited. I thought they would be swinging the pendulum to the Dominionists, but maybe I am wrong. One sickening thing I worry about is the right wing defending the Duggars and they bring them back on TV and now you see something else evil deemed "acceptable".

The whole planet is going the way of Sodom and Gommorah but the right wing is so busy screaming about the homosexuals, they ignore the child sex abuse, and endless SINS in "their own camps." The other anon, I agree most discernment ministries won't touch this with a 10 foot pole. I warned years ago they'd be bringing the Duggars down and that something serious was wrong with this family to the point I questioned the involvement of some sort of mind control beyond the informal known about and admitted blanket training and Michael Pearl methods. Yes everything is centered on homosexuals in the churches and in these ministries, they ignore the porno rapes, sex abuse, adultery. I always thought the Duggars were horrible in how they groped each other in view of their children. I think a man can kiss a wife in public but they played it up and crossed a line.

When the parents are sex [and baby] obsessed, it's definitely going to spill out onto their kids.

Their idolatrous ways and selling out to fame among other issues have definitely hurt their children. I think it will be a good thing for many of the children that the show is cancelled, they will have to return to real life. They will find out soon the limitations of not letting young women and men develop real careers in modern society and how their legalistic false religion has massively failed them.

No you are not alone in thinking those things. None of the shills will admit that Gothardism and Quiver-full is a cult.

Bible Believer said...

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The Church needs to look to its own house to clean up before launching arrows at the unsaved world.

As far as the one anon said - it sounded like he/she is defending homosexuality. Two wrongs don't make a right. The right way to go about for the Church is not through media shills but rather through humility and prayer. Yes, at times when Christians, especially certain types of business that are harassed need to be defended and are not allowed to exercise their personal beliefs, that is different. We are living in strange times and quite frankly, reaping the whirlwind of worldly "Christianity" that is no longer salt and light in the world.

The different factions such as Dominionism,Calvinist/patriarchists such as Voddie Bachman and others all contribute to the problem. The Apostle Paul in his letter to Timothy spoke of the sin of sodomy which the Bible condemns - so it is not a new thing and of course we read of Sodom and Gommorrah in Abraham's day. But the Church does not have the "right" to point out the sins of the unsaved when there is so much dirty linen within the Church. For instance, within the Calvary Chapel group there have been numerous examples of sexual sins that get swept under the rug. Now murder has been added to the list with the arrest of a former CC pastor from Florida. He still protests his innocence despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary which will play out in court. Of course there are many other groups where the pastors have been guilty of all manner of porn, and sexual sin. We also see this in our schools with almost every day a teacher being found to have molested a student. It has become the "new normal".

It makes one very concerned to see young people grow up in such a culture, especially when they don't have decent role models at home or in the Church. So many traps to ensnare and deceive.

One anon made a good point - I think BB did as well. How many "discernment" ministries will call out the Duggars? How about Duck Dynasty? Has anyone examined their doctrine? They belong to Church of Christ which believes in baptismal regeneration, a false gospel. No, they are trotted out at crusades and held out to be super "Christians" - aren't they making a ton of bucks being on reality TV? And Phil comes out blasting homosexuals and gets into hot water. What good does that do except to stir up animosity and bring harm to believers who become targets of law suits simply because they stand up for their beliefs.

I talk to Christians who are fed up and won't vote anymore - they see it as an exercise in futility.

Anonymous said...

CPS is investigating them...

Anonymous said...

the duggars are done the image is shattered into pieces, hi bible believer it is okay to Christians to eat pork.

Bible Believer said...

I read they may give the daughters a show. I'd like to see one break away. If one wanted to break away now would be the time. The world would pour on support. I remain in shock at adult children that much in control by parents. The image is shattered to pieces, it was a false one from the start. I don't think we are under OT law regarding pork.

Bible Believer said...

I still vote on local proposals and things like that but my half blank ballots probably confuse the local voting precints. I am fed up with the whole politicial system including the Dominionist Constitution party and the Ayn Rand selfish doctrine Libertarians. So who do I vote for? They are all rotten.

The Christians going on about homosexuals ad nauseum ignore endless sins of their own. How many churches have people living overtly in fornication where they all know it? How many openly cheat and then marry their mistresses, they have made it all about the unsaved homosexuals to take attention off their own sins. The whole thing is duller then dishwasher as they say and do the same things all these decades. How come no one addresses all the sociopaths or soul murderers destroying children and vulnerable people?

So now there is a Calvary Chapel pastor suspected of murder? Was he arrested? I have to go read on that. Yes other sins have been exposed in those circles from adultery to child abuse.

I feel for young people now, to the point of tears. I have been facing wicked people oppressing me, and it seems never ending. The world is reaching an abyss of a horrible nature. The coldness has grown.