Friday, May 8, 2015

Bruce Jenner

I know this one is being exposed online but wanted to add my comments. Why would a grandfather suddenly want to change his sex? In his 60s, this is even more utter foolishness. What purpose would it serve especially as his children are grown and he has grandchildren. The Satanic powers that be want everyone to think that changing the window dressings will change one's life. It is a focus on self and the ultimate narcissism.

 The new world order is floating this out as an agenda. I have read elsewhere that the powers that be shame and punish men who sell their souls to it, by making them dress as women. Here, gender will be made fluid for New Age Androgyny.They have taken one of the most masculine men from the 1970s who was an accomplished athlete and now are parading him turning himself into a woman. Remember the athletes are as sold out as the musicians and actresses and actors.

This may sound weird, but every time I see this guy I think, "He is not happy about being turned into a woman, not at all." He seems despondent inside to me. He is paying "HIS PRICE" for his fame in my opinion and this may have been planned out years ago. "I hope I am going to be okay" is not a ringing endorsement of his supposedly new found womanhood, but someone saying in my opinion, "I am being forced to do this." Even then this could just be more play-acting for the masses and he isn't going to really change anything but comb his hair straight a little bit and wear some softer clothes for the TV. Our media becomes even more wicked. We are living in modern Sodom and Gomorrah.


Anonymous said...

I agree so much and have observed the same thing.
Remember he had this car accident back in February? He was towing a dune buggy with his car. How many women do you know whose hobby is to drive a dune buggy? Especially women in their sixties.

Anonymous said...

The most sad part to this story is that at one time he called himself a Christian. There is only one transformation that God expects of us, Romans 12:2 - Don

Anonymous said...

I think you have hit the nail right on the head with this one. Everyone has their price to pay for fame and riches, whatever it is, corrupting the young, promoting wicked agendas etc. And perhaps this is what has happened here? All the big stars and names get taken into a world of debauchery very early on, and this is not only the allure and prize at a young age, but also what is used against them to keep them in line promoting the necessary agendas throughout their lives?

Look at Kat Williams, Bruce Cosby, Rolf Harris, Randy Quaid, Dave Chappelle, and others who have been brought down. Some are accused of things and destroyed, others have just exposed the reality. At some stage they are all called to play a tune, and if they refuse, then they are brought to ruin. The famous ones who are brought down for sexual wrongdoings are not alone in what they've done, they have simply refused something, and the ammunition was brought out against them.

Promoting the sexual confusion is right also. All male actors must dress up as female, most female actors have to prostitute themselves or play homosexual roles on screen. The massive promotion of homosexuality, metro-sexual, sensitive new age men, feminism to bring women to lead men and despise family, Aussie football umpires dressing in pink, Swedish children forced to play with toys for the opposite gender... I was even in Target a few weeks ago to buy some underwear for my young son - and was shocked to see they have all boys and girls underwear all mixed together now. Finding boys underwear was extremely difficult to discern what was what, as all the contents are packaged up inside plastic wrapping.

As I was just looking at changing my son's school, I find the words Mother and Father have been replaced by "male parent" and "female parent" on the enrollment.

But wait, there's more... watch for the latest fad which is growing in popularity - female body mutilation, removing breasts and ovaries as a supposed cancer prevention. This one's getting bigger by the day... thanks Angelina for playing your part !! I highly doubt that was real at all. Whats next? Preventative cure for testicular cancer for men?

It is unbelievable to sit and watch the world degenerate with such deception so rapidly, yet almost no-one can see anything. I can only think of 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12.

Harry J said...

We've had our own version of this in the UK.

Luca said... what do you think?

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to watch Bruce Jenner doing this to himself for many of us watched and cheered him on as he competed in the Olympics. After all of the training, hard work and dedication, we were for him in winning the game and desired good for this man, who represented our nation.

I humbly submit that we, the ekklesia, the Body of Christ, bow down on our knees in prayer, petitioning to Jesus on Mr. Jenner's behalf. His soul is precious to Jesus as yours and mine is also and there is a level playing field at the foot of the cross; and room for the Jenners as well.

As the world rapidly transforms itself to "as in the days of Noah," may we encourage one another in our life saving faith in Christ alone, the author and finisher of our faith, for there is a famine in the land that calls itself Christianity, and that famine is a lack of conviction of sin, repentance, and restoration unto Jesus. With 501c. 3 churches on every other block in the city, and every other mile in the rural areas, the brood of vipers that fill most of these man-made institutions,

know absolutely nothing of their own sins, for this is the motto of today's American church, "I don't do anything wrong." With this in mind, Christ centered prayer, has become like the sands of Death Valley on the most still day....deafening silent.

May the God of the Bible have mercy upon Bruce and our souls as well, in drawing us back to Jesus. In His Name, amen.

Bible Believer said...

Yes driving a dune buggy is not a feminine hobby, since it requires maintenance and repairs. He is not acting like a lady of 60 something to be breaking the dune buggy out.

I didn't know he considered himself a Christian Don, hmm knew he was a republican.

Yes they all make them pay to rise to the top, did you see my post on where they literally sell their souls to Satan. I think some of these things are decades in the planning. Even with Robin Williams maybe he didn't have clinical depression but knew what was coming. They bring down the ones who don't obey. Michael Jackson? Maybe he had the programming break down. Randy Quaid is an interesting case, though some of the latest weirdness seems to show them having some control still on him. If they can't find dirt on one, they can make it up and put it in the media. Yes think of all the men they make dress as women. No manly men allowed anymore and they promote all the homosexual and now transsexual agendas. I get the feeling too the Angelina stuff is fake and she never had surgeries. That much surgery and she'd look and be sick. She'd be gaining weight or having bodily changes from the reduction in hormones. Wow Harry, yes sounds like the same thing!

Last anon, I pray Jenner repents too and breaks away from his controllers or from lying to the public.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Canadian press conference with Randy Quaid was 100% genuine. But I also believe he was pulled back into line, to play the lunatic, to destroy all of his credibility afterwards. Thus making his earlier Canadian statements of no effect. Blackmailing and threats seem to be the way they control the dissenters.

It seems Bill Cosby was targeted because he was so active in the black communities in bringing them to unite and reject the social programming of family breakdown and gangster culture that they were being brainwashed into. Just as every other racial group is also being individually programmed for a different purpose. Whatever Cosby did in his past is no different from any other "star". But he stepped out of line and tried to do the right thing. It will be interesting to see how this saga finishes.

Angelina, yes - just where are all those months of swelling and chest trauma? What about hobbling around or the years of mental anguish involved from having ovaries removed? Nothing... I haven't done the research myself, but it would be interesting to cross reference this starlet's media and red carpet appearances with low cut dresses and dress slits going to her waist - to the times she was supposedly having these female mutilation surgeries. I also watch local media in my own country, and how women, and mothers and daughters are hailed as heroes and feminist gods in the press for preventative cancer surgeries in removing their breasts and ovaries. Female body mutilation and sterility is becoming a highly celebrated act.

And of course the latest is Cate Blanchett - who is now telling the world of her many lesbian relationships before she got married.... Oh really ??? Which of course teaches all the young girls to practice homosexuality while young - and they still get married and have a happy family.

Which of course follows on from that Katy Perry song cheering and encouraging casual lesbianism for young girls. And the stories I now hear of so many young women who have fallen for and practiced these acts, and they don't even pretend to be homosexual, they just flip between males and females at random.

What deception !!

Never underestimate for a second just how brutal and depraved "the adversary" is. And each time this satan is mentioned in Revelation refers to how he DECEIVES the nations which are in the four corners of the earth. Deception is his only weapon, and through deception he destroys nations and peoples and families, and practices war on God and Jesus Christ by corrupting, perverting and destroying the creation of the Almighty, and stealing Salvation by such measures also.

Bible Believer said...

I think he was forced to "play crazy" and he must have been drawn back under control again and yes it was to destroy his credibility.

The "StarWhackers" he complains about may be the ones they send out to punish any who stray.

I think Bill Cosby was chosen too because he focused on trying to steer the black community away from the gangster thug culture. there was that big controversy when he told them to seek self-resonsiblity.
I believe the NWO does focus on different groups in different ways, and the ghettos were influenced massively as part of the agenda.

I agree when did Angelina ever show up ill or in recovery. Even her being caught smoking tells me this may all be lies. Someone paranoid of cancer to get healthy body parts removed doesn't seem like they'd be lighting up the cancer sticks...

So they are pushing this in your country removing ovaries and breasts ahead of time for cancer prevention? It makes you wonder if this will be a new way to make money, pre-emptive cancer surgeries. That sounds like something invented out of hell too. Don't get me started on the weight loss surgery mutilations that do not work.

Yes they are advancing more "lipstick lesbianism" and homosexuality. Doesn't that kind of confuse the "they were born that way" issues?

Its all about deception from the father of lies. Things are growing darker and more sickening by the day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, removing breasts as preventative breast cancer treatment is heralded and applauded almost every day in the media as a scientific breakthrough and a win for women's health and preventing early death.

Removing ovaries is the newest kid on the block, and I expect it to continue to gain momentum for 'women's health'.

What's it really all about? My guess is to just deceive God's creation into self mutilation, and to stop fertility. Just a guess.

Remember what was happening in the 70's. All the kids had to have tonsils or adenoids removed. I kept my tonsils but lost my adenoids... as preventative surgery that for some reason is no longer necessary.

But now the kids need to be drugged for ADHD, vaccinated etc, and just whatever happened to Polio that suddenly appeared and then disappeared? A cure perhaps? Or the removal of the poisons that created it?

In the 50's and 60's all the young people had to have all their teeth removed for preventative tooth decay and to make them more attractive. Both my parents fell for this one, and neither have had teeth since the early 60's.

If you want to go past these "health" issues, lets look at the destruction of families too.

In the 40's 50's and 60's millions of children were stolen from their parents in Britain and shipped to populate Canada, South Africa, Australia etc, Almost all of whom were abused in the process.

Then in the 50's and 60's comes mass forced adoption for unwed mothers babies.

After which come abortion, the pill to stop procreation and the end of marriage and instead "living together".

And now today comes "endemic marriage violence" that all women are in abusive relationships.

Wanna go back further into family destruction? The 1800's in Britain at the time of Charles Spurgeon and George Mueller. Now that was a time for family destruction, destroying children and fornication, homelessness and cruelty to destroy family (and dinosaurs and evolution and the mockery of God's Word).

Lets not forget all the fake wars of the past few hundred years since Napoleon and even Cromwell.

The devil is almost near completion of his work.

His destruction and takeover of the world is almost complete, we're now in the lead up to the final minutes.

And also the eternal plan of God Almighty is at hand. Praise God, trust Salvation in His Son, it is a gift for those who are called and accept. There is nothing we can do to ever deserve this gift. Praise God for His Son our eternal King !! Expect tribulation.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Imagine that: A 65-year-old "woman" with prostate issues(?????)