Friday, May 8, 2015

Brian Brodersen Interviews Ed Stetzer

Who is Ed Stetzer? Wasn't "engaging the culture" a theme of the Emergent church for a long time? Wasn't "reinvention of worship" an Emergent theme years ago? Am I remembering thees things right? I wonder who the high profile Anglican friend of Brian Brodersen is? Ed Stetzer is a big fan of Calvary Chapel.  I believe Calvary Chapel was formed to advance the parachurch movements and help to integrate the denominations into ecumenism.  Now all the Calvary Chapel pastors warning about the Emergent movement years ago, seems almost like the "old days" as the leader now in charge and others use the same lingo as the "Emergent church" and now are incorporating all of the ideas like "cultural engagement". Yes they claim this is not to be done at the expense of doctrine. Notice how words like "conversation" which came out of the emergent movement are used freely? What's the difference between a "conservative" evangelical and a normal one? Being a Republican?

I googled Ed Stetzer, and sometimes you find weird stuff online. Should a pastor be joking about this?

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