Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wiccan Prayers At the Iowa Legislature

[Warning 700 Club video--a ministry I do not support, for information] Some of the law makers left the room. I don't think turning one's back would be enough, a Christian should not be present at all as Baal is worshiped. I noticed she is a Unitarian-Universalist pagan. Maybe prayers at government events will be ended as all the various religions battle it out.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the video. I will not.

I did see a couple of years ago that the US Congress was engaging in hindu prayers, led by a hindu priest. This shocked me so much, but at the same time I was not shocked at all. This is our world now, and what must happen, will happen.

What an abomination this is to our Most Holy God. Words cannot express. Our once proud Christian nations, so blessed for so long, now once again head long into idolatry, without remorse, but with pride. Same as always.

The former Christian nations are now dead, we are in Judgement, and we deserve it.

And as the fallen cry out war, aliens, immigration, homosexuals, national deficits, nephalim, guns, peace and love and beauty, and its time to prep... they will all not fair well in that final day.

We are worse than Sodom, worse than Gomorrah, we all know whats coming, and yet almost all continue in their sin, and will not repent, neither will they return to the God who so loved them and nourished them... instead they believe in their pride they accomplished these things in themselves alone.

The former Christian countries are finished, we're all just waiting for the final crescendo to occur, the final pieces are all falling into place, and everyone cheers.

This is prophesy in fulfilment, and the great wars will come upon the former Christian nations alone. Forget Zionism, forget Left Behind, its our former Christian nations which will fall. The nations who once loved God, whom God so blessed, and who have now turned so far away from Him. We deserve what we get.

As we wait, all we can do is cry out to our Father in prayer, that He saves whom He shall save, we weep for the sin of others, and let His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Anonymous said...

The video did not show the actual speech.

Also, there are no "Christian" nations. The U.S. was never a "Christian" nation even from the very roots which are Masonic.

We have enjoyed freedom to worship and preach the Word but that door is soon to close as the Scriptures are offensive even to the point of being called "hate speech".

Again, there are no "Christian" nations. This is a false idea promoted as Dominionism.

There always has been and always will be the Body of Christ which is represented in every nation. It is the Church that has been compromised and caved to the world and is no longer salt and light. We have squandered the freedoms we have enjoyed. We have not been true to the Word of God and have given into a false "gospel". Most want their ears tickled and do not count the cost of being a Christian as those in countries who persecute believers face in a real sense every day.

There is no discernment in the Church today - and those who try to sound the alarm are ridiculed and discounted and silenced. This should be no surprise as the Bible predicts that there would be a falling away from the truth. But it is still painful and grievous to see and I don't think any of us thought it would infiltrate the entire Church as it has. Of course not everyone is the true Church, but counterfeits, wolves clad as sheep.

It is easy to see why so many have abandoned the pre-tribulation Rapture because many false teachers teach it. But there have been teachers with solid doctrine in the past who have held to it and not Darby.

One cannot blame them. But at the same time, where is all of this going? Will God allow His remnant and His saints to be slaughtered wholesale? Some are still looking and watching for His imminent return for His Church, not as an escape, but as a promise before He unleashes His wrath upon this planet. He is coming for His Bride and some still long for that day, but still continue to work because the night is coming when no man can work anymore. We are told to redeem the time and the time is short no matter your eschalogical stance.

Too many in the Church today asleep and in a stupor and drunk on the pleasures of the world. Where is the sober-mindedness and alertness? God always has His remnant. This does not support a partial Rapture - the truly saved are secure in Him. His grace is sufficient.

The world is in a mess. The Church is in a mess. There has to be a dramatic shift of some kind. we may differ as to what that is, but we can all agree that the time is short and our first priority should be to share the true Gospel and stand strong and count the cost.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, sorry that my choice of phrase was wrong, and that its lead to such a misunderstanding. I live in a Western democracy, so I do not have freedom of speech or freedom of thought, I can go to prison for having thoughts that haven’t been approved by my government, so sometimes it seems wisest to choose to use milder replacement phrases.

When I speak of “Christian Nations”, what I am meaning are those nations which have forever held the testimony of Jesus Christ under the New Covenant for the past 2,000 years. Nations or regions which once had this testimony have been Spain, Italy, Greece, and Asia Minor - however over successive invasions, they have since lost this testimony in the most part long ago, or went over the Catholicism, or have otherwise been destroyed. Eastern Europe seems to have always been under the control of the Catholic / Orthodox religions.

The only countries on earth which have always held the testimony of Jesus Christ have been the Northern European nations and their colonies. We can see through history as these countries went over to catholicism that we now call that period the dark ages. And whenever the people and the laws of the land came closest to the Laws of God - they were incredibly blessed. Once again now, we can see as these same nations are in a state of apostasy and even outright war against their God and His Son - worse than what was ever done under catholicism, that all of these same nations are now verging on total annihilation. I think we can all see that these nations are already dead, and now we’re just waiting on God for His final judgement to fall upon our peoples.

Of course there has never been a Christian nation obediently following the New Covenant, just as ancient Israel could never keep her First Covenant either, but when the people and laws come closest to God in worship of Him - we have been incredibly blessed, and the nation in history that came closest to these ideals was in the foundation of the humble people who settled and created the United States, and so they were blessed so much more. As we now watch every other country on earth rising above us, and our nations being destroyed before our eyes in Judgement, I think we can also see that the final generation of these same Northern European peoples have already been born, within 20-40 years there will be but a tiny remnant of us remaining alive. It is so obvious the devil not only want to destroy the testimony of Jesus Christ, but these peoples as well, and my - hasn’t he done a splendid job.

As with all of us, the devil was always scheming in the background, and has indeed turned almost all these people against God, and so here we are, waiting on God that His Will and Justice be done on earth. These are indeed the final days, but the devil always needs his bloodbaths, so I do not expect for a second that the last of us will continue to die off silently, and its obvious that this will occur against our people in the final world war - against us.

These are my thoughts and reasonings for using the terms “Christian nations” and “former Christian nations”. Nothing to do with dominionism.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks I am figuring you are from Europe and their 'hate crime laws" are now so severe. One can see nations being more blessed the more they follow God though I follow that the elite of this world have always been at the sway of the devil. Northern Europe is being collapsed now via planned immigration by the elite, and they have embraced cultural Marxism, homosexuality and overtly rejected God. There isn't even the degree of cultural Christianity there as there is in America. I believe Satan has it out for any Christians on this planet. Thanks for explaning.