Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Confess Sins

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Anonymous said...

This is indeed one of the most challenging tasks of all things required of us.

God knows us, He know our thoughts, He knows our intentions, He knows all truth. How can we hide anything from Him? We cannot.

And when we go before Him, with hearts open to beg for forgiveness, and yet we cannot even utter the words of our sin, but instead speak of it in obscure ways, yes He knows what we are talking about...

But what sort of apology is that? What sort of confession is that to our Heavenly Father? We are copping out and we are wimping out. Because we know we are about to be convicted by the Holy Spirit and its not going to be a pleasant experience, and so we wimp out. And how can we ever be worthy of forgiveness in the Sacrifice of His Son, His Lamb? We cannot.

Speaking, and grieving our sin to our Holy God, knowing how sickening it is to us and to Him, is the most soul breaking, heart wrenching experiences we can ever go through.

We all know what its like once we are saved, and the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, and we can barely eat, sleep or function for so long, and then finally we are given rest from that grief, as we arrive at and accept the reassurance of the Sacrifice of The Lamb and in our Scriptures.

But past that, as we continue to grow, as we truly do confess our sins with our mouths to our Most Holy God... each time we are again broken to pieces and convicted, often for so long in prayer on our knees weeping... we always again return to the work of our Messiah on Calvary.

What am I without Jesus Christ, without His Atonement for my sin? I am only worthy of exactly what I deserve. And if thats my fate, then I accept it. But I trust in my God, in my Saviour, in the Apostles, in the prophets, and in the Word of God which has existed since before time began. I trust in my Redeemer and my King... Jesus Christ.