Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chuck Baldwin Renounces Christian Zionism

Text in it's entirety:

I’m using this Facebook post to make a couple of personal confessions.
In one way or another, we are all victims of our past. I was schooled in certain persuasions that have taken 3/4 of a lifetime to overcome. But when I made a conscious decision to pursue and follow truth–no matter where it led me–many years ago, my mind and heart have been liberated with the illumination of truth time and time again. I personally believe that only people who, in their hearts, are sincerely open to truth will ever find it.
I will not make these issues a test of fellowship with those who disagree with me (although, I’m sure many of them will). I, myself, believed differently for all of my adult life. And these conclusions have not been made overnight. It has taken years of study and research to bring me to the conclusions I am sharing with you in this post.
Obviously, this forum will not allow me to go into detail about the conclusions I’m going to share. That must be reserved for another day and another forum. But, for the sake of the folks–especially those Christian folks–who follow my work, I believe I need to be honest and straightforward regarding these conclusions.
So, here we go:
  1. I recant the dogmatism of a belief in a pre-millennial rapture.
That doesn’t mean that I DON’T believe in a Rapture. It just means that I am no longer dogmatic about it; and neither do I think that it matters to a tinker’s dam regarding my personal duty to God. The Lord is going to fulfill His divine will regarding prophetic events in His time. Quite frankly, I am convinced that, for the most part, it is not for us to know the things God has reserved unto Himself. (Acts 1:6, 7)
For too long, many of our pre-millennial friends have been using a belief in the Rapture as an excuse to sit back on their blessed assurance and do nothing. Even if the doctrine is true, the way it is being used as an excuse to not engage the liberty fight is downright shameful.
2. I recant the position that the modern state of Israel is the same as the prophetic Israel of the Bible.
The nation of Israel rejected their Messiah and God destroyed their nation, their capital city, and their temple in 70 AD. Spiritually, the children of Israel have been in a state of blindness ever since. With the advent of the New Testament Church, we are NOT Jews or Gentiles, Greeks or Barbarians, etc.: we are all ONE IN CHRIST. God’s people today are the blood-washed saints of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. Again, we are ONE IN CHRIST.
Accordingly, I am convinced that the modern state of Israel is NOT the prophetic fulfillment of the future redeemed nation of Israel. NOT IN ANY SHAPE, MANNER, OR FORM. I further conclude that the misapplication of applying prophetic scriptures to the modern state of Israel is producing nothing but perpetual war, the demise of liberty at home, the rise of a Police State, and the facilitation of a devilish New World Order.
So, there you have it. I RECANT.
 [Chuck Baldwin]"

I am glad he is seeing through the major error of Christian Zionism. Obviously I agree with parts of the statement above. However one should ask, will he give up the David Barton inspired beliefs about America? When will he see what ISIS really is about?  Will he see through Rand Paul finally as just another agent of the new world order? What about the black robe regiment? Will he give up the politics? He criticizes Glenn Beck here. My reservations about Chuck Baldwin remain the same.


Anonymous said...

once again people are duped by not understanding dispensationalism. Baldwin made it seem like people who preach the pre-made up future 70th week rapture are just brothers and sisters who disagree over prophecy.
Wrong- dispensationalism is a whole system of false interpretation which goes hand in hand with zionism.
#1 there is no such thing as a future 70th week or a future 7 year tribulation. It does matter because we need to understand that people who preach the future 70th week are spreading an antichrist doctrine, and the pre made up future 70th week rapture is more deception. So Baldwin is just ignorant on the subject matter. Also he is a calvinist.
Being pre-millenial which is biblical has nothing to do with what he was talking about previously. The Bible says in revelation there is a 1000 year period. That has nothing to do with the subject matter.
People are not grasping the importance of understanding there is no such thing as a future 70th week. This was made up by dispensationalists. The reason is so they can say the church is removed, then that God is going back to the Old covenant for 7 years.
The whole deception is to make people not understand that the New Covenant has replaced the Old Covenant.
Dispensationalists teach that their is a distinction between the church and Israel. That is why they made up the future 70th week, and made up the church being removed beforehand. That is because to the dispensationalist cult, the truth changes during the made up 7 year period after the made up rapture. They are saying the New Covenant no longer applies during the made up 7 years, and the church age is over, and a bunch of lies.

Anonymous said...

Amen Bible Believer! Alleluia and a resounding amen!

I was brainwashed into believing America is a "Christian nation" with our churches being the catalyst for such indoctrination. We trust our 501c.3 churches with a vengeance and choose not to question or present alternative information because we are lazy, we love "the good life" and do not want to make waves, and we do not read, study, and meditate the Scriptures for ourselves.

In our churches, we place all authority over us to the pastor and the leadership, for they become our mediators between our Father and us. Thus we deny Jesus. We are told from famous, influential preachers and teachers, local pastors and elder/church boards, deacons and deaconesses, and brain dead pew sitters (Pentecostals and charismatics especially love the religious power system).......

that we must be under their "authority" or "under their covering" for protection, for god commands this.

Really? God commands that we be under human authority? Another words, we will go to hell if we are not under some form of "religious authority" here on this earth?

Sadly, most who call themselves "Christian Zionists" are the perpetrators of such religious abuse, carefully disguising their lusts for power of the people with "religious speak." I find it fascinating the George Orwell's "double speak" can easily apply to the this false Christian movement, which denies Jesus as our LORD and Savior for all of mankind.

While many are "blessing the geopolitical nation of Israel," they are neglecting and abusing the true Israel at home, which is all born again believers and followers Jesus, worldwide. The antichrist lives in our front yards here at home. LORD, have mercy upon us.

Bible Believer said...

Ah the parts I don't agree with. I agree he has a kind of hedging towards a pre-mill rapture telling us, he is not dogmatic about it when I will tell you, a premill rapture is a false teaching. Let's hope there is some real exploration here rather then just dis-info confusion.

I agree there is deception in dispensationalism. The 70th week stuff is just confusion. Hmm he is a Calvinist too? Well they borrow from Calvin when it comes to the sovereign Christian "governments".

That's interesting what you say about Old covenant vs new. Why? Because these dispies all want OT law back, when the temple is rebuilt. I ended an online friendship when I realized they believed that during a millennial kingdom on earth that there would be reinstituted animal sacrifices. They do want OT law back.


See this link too: http://www.libertytothecaptives.net/darby_version_corrupt_methodically.html

Bible Believer said...

Yes the America as Christian nation is a HUGE lie out there. I have told two pastors, about the NWO, at least in this case they did not argue. That is VERY RARE but most are indoctrinated into the David Barton lies, so much of the politics and rest all lead people down this path.
Too many just follow blindly and this applies to the PRO-ISRAEL nonsense, where Netyanhu and pals who reject Jesus Christ are all supposedly represenatives of God. People should ask questions and not shut down their minds and pray to God about these issues. I do not agree in those who teach the authority of man over Christians. That is what the Pope and false clergy teaches, the error of the Nicolaitans. False priesthoods. The few good ones preach against this, but the majority by far promote their own "headship" and other lies. You are right about the Charismatics and Pentes loving the false power structures.

Yes while they love and promote the geopolitical nation of Israel which is ruled by the same Luciferian brotherhood as much of the rest of this world they oppress the real Israel.

God help us all as they use these evils for their wars and the destruction of many.

Kayfabe said...


I paraphrased your comment above on my FB page and let's not the most popular viewpoint however it's true that Secular Israel is not the Chosen of God but rather it's all believers including the Jewish Remnant. So many have this unusual hang up on Israel. I tell people focus on giving them the Gospel so that they can become Born Again. We don't need to endorse every action or policy of Israel

Anonymous said...

And this is how a new shill is created.

Whomever is left of the true congregation of Christ, and the many who are now awakening to the lies of Judaeo Christianity, these people now present a danger of discovering and following the real truth... and so a new shill must be created to cater for their needs, and to bring them back into the universalist line, and back in line towards the NWO religion.

Nobody can be left to escape and live the truth, the ones who discover the lies - simply get a new pied piper with a slightly different message, to lead the flock off the path and into the abyss.

Every base is being covered by these people. No matter what your beliefs, there's always a shill to lead you exactly where they want you to go.

Watch this guy... he may have publicly disposed of one lie, but I guarantee he'll continue to preach 1,000 others.

And so the "not one true Christian left behind" policy continues, the people running this show don't want one of us left which holds the Truth and Testimony of Jesus Christ, aiming to corrupt every one of us, before their great war starts, and before the Great Day of The Lord God.

The devil knows his fate, he knows his time is short, and all he wants to do is claim his earthly power and to cause every last Christian to sin against God, to turn against Jesus Christ and be so Judged, just like he will be. He can't be or do anything other than what he is, and what God has put into his heart to be and to do.

I call 'shill', simply because I do not know of any preacher whatsoever who actually preaches the Truth any more, and it would be a miracle for this man to be any different.

Anonymous said...

Amen to all

Anonymous said...

Chuck Baldwin has not changed his stripes. He is a Dominionist and he has a lot of mixed up ideas.

The fact that he has changed his eschatology is not an indicator of his credibility or anything to praise him for. His reasoning is not worth any attention.

He is a confused man. He isn't even worth a blip on our radar.