Friday, March 13, 2015

Why No Revival? A Very Early Jack Chick Tract

 Jack Chick is controversial. I don't agree with him, about Pre-Trib Rapture and Israel among several things however this is an interesting video. I read Jack Chick tracts before being saved.
With the word "revival", while growing in faith with the Holy Spirit's help once a Christian is born again is a good thing, I do not hold to the group concept of "revival" in that the Bible tells us this world is going to wax worse and worse. Our faith and commitment to the Lord can be "revived" but the idea of group change is more dubious.

Psalms 85:6 Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?
There will be no Utopian time where revival reigns, that only time this will happen is after Jesus's return and we are in eternity with Him.  Even those "great Awakenings" you hear about in American history class often were fueled by false prophets such as Calvinists and Millerites, though obviously people would become truly born again. The tract is truthful about many pitfalls in the Christian churches and Christian life.


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I think that Jack Chick publications has been long infiltrated by the Jesuit Order:

Bible Believer said...

I wonder too if he got infiltrated.

His invisibility is odd, and that is remarked on all the time.

Some of things you mention though I will admit I need to study up on the black Popes more during the time of WW2

Here are the things that bug me...

Overt Christian Zionism, I read a tract where it said that USA would suffer for every misdeed against the nation of Israel--the geo-political entity.

False King James Only stuff...where they teach it is new inspiration--remember I believe Ruckman could be a Jesuit, this was to pave the way for more false bibles and discredit the best translation of the bible the KJV in English.

I agree with your theory about presenting "ugly Protestants" to make Catholicism look good.

I do see some of the USA as a Christian nation stuff.

Extreme emphasis on pre-trib rapture. {I have to post on one teacher who is now claiming that post-tribbers are hell bound and was very deeply disturbed but this will take watching a longer video and be posted in a few days when I get time]

Chick advances the cause of looking for that great world leader who will be the antichrist instead of the Pope. {a look over here, Jesuit deception?}

Didn't David Daniels write this book?

I'll admit I praised this book once, but it can be tough to describe infiltrated bibles to people, this was the easy book to do it?

Since he claims the Vatican and Jesuits corrupted the bible--sant and vaticanus...

How do you think he was playing that out?

Some of whom he has published like Rebecca Brown, there are serious issues with them.

So yes while I see some good things about the tracts, I admit they helped me as an unbeliever, there are serious other issues.

Kayfabe said...

The only revival I see happening will be the Age of Aquarius false new world order mystery Babylonian rise of the whore. The Mormons, JW'S (Who by the way are connected with the UN), The Baptists, buddists, muslims, calvary chapels, calvinists, lutherans, Ba Hai Faith (very influential in UN)hindus will all hold hands with catholic church in a "your okay were all okay" unity. This will be sold as a revival and a new era with the antichrist looked at as the common ground as a God sent fixer of the worlds problems.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

A thing about the debates over KJB ONLYISM is the distraction from what Rome did centuries earlier, cir 330 AD- which almost NEVER gets discussed.

I would like to see far more discussion about the original Hebrew, as that language contains words that may lack precise translations into other languages.

As for Chick, I am made extremely suspicious of him by his people's utter lack of interest in history, which is weird coming from a publishing house that has issued comic books about Rome's involvement in starting WW1:

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

As for the Black Pope and WW1 and WW2 see:

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

As for the broader religious geo political chessboard, specifically concerning Russia, see:

Anonymous said...

I sat in a Baptist church for years under the "covering" of an assembly of god minister. He, the leadership and members continuously spoke of revival and being on fire for the lord. And yet their versions of revival consisted of attending Todd Bentley "revivals", International House of Prayer conferences and services, and boasting and bragging of all of the manifestations they were having while under a spirit. Charisma Magazine was one of the primary sources for all wisdom, knowledge, and "leading." The Torah was also acknowledged as the most authoritative Word of God, far above Jesus and His teachings. This led many of the "bossy and meddling" women in the church down the road of the Hebrew Root Movement, with a couple of them engaging in numerology for "extra codes" and "hidden messages" for spiritual truth.

Beware of these types, for they do not love your soul, but choose to infiltrate it with their lies from demons. Their belief is the rest of us "have not arrived"....and yes, this sounds strangely parallel to the new age movement.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

If one looks at a religious map of the USA over the years, one will see that what is now 'Baptist' was previously Anglican- making me think that the 'Great Awakening' cir 1820 was an orchestration of cryto Romanism.

Anonymous said...

Obviously there will be no further revival, if there were any real ones in the first place? As you say, past revivals were based solely on deceiving the flock, as well as taking money, destroying family financial strengths, and making the entirety of the Christian congregation look stupid by these false date settings by these charlatans, all designed carefully to deceive and draw away any follower of Christ, as well as to publicly denigrate the Word of God.

There will be no revival, we are in the final hours. To speak our Christian beliefs in all western countries now - will land us in prison as haters, and its growing rapidly worse by the day. Soon we will be silenced and soon we will be killed, and very quickly we will all begin to go into hiding once again. Its getting that bad at rapid speed.

Make no mistake, this is the final war against God, and the ONLY people being targeted and silenced anywhere on the earth who speak of God - are true Christians who hold the testimony of Jesus Christ. This is the final war on Jesus Christ.

Jack Chick = Ray Comfort / Kirk Cameron / and the rest - in cartoons. Say no more.

Yes I agree, many KJV-Onlyists are also deceivers - pushing those same old heresies onto the flock, the pretrib rapture, third temples, calvinism etc etc

Faith Guy said...

I just quickly browsed through that link in the 1st post...

Just b/c anyone believes in a pre-trib rapture, pre-millenial, 7 year Antichrist period doesn't mean they're a Jesuit provacator.(which I read at the bottom of that link)

I'm not speaking for Jack Chick - but saying that personally myself(and others I know) are pre-trib/pre-millenial/7 year Antichrist reign believers. And I know post-trib/pre-Millenial believers as well.(and no, I didn't learn it from men)

OK - whatever your eschatology views are, it's your business(b/c after all, we all see through a glass darkly as we are all little children).

But nonetheless - if you want to use this logic that just b/c anyone holds to a Futurist eschatology view - then I guess this means both myself and many others I know are Jesuit provocators.

As for David Daniels - he looks ordinary to me(and I listen to his videos weekly). I like him - but nonetheless if anyone thinks likewise, then it's up to you.

With that being said - yes, America is toast. Wescott and Hort HATED America(and had communist views) - sadly, the modern-day church system bought into their deceptions(which is why America is in the state it's in today).

Anonymous said...

Jack Chick's "Why No Revival" 50 year anniversary addition

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you know about the Jesuit-Balkans website, I have been planning to go over there and read far more but have been stretched for time and energy lately but still planning on it. I have wondered to what use they will put Russia?

Looks like Putin was pulling everyone's leg and is back or so we are being told..... Maybe crying wolf for the day when he will disappear into his bunker?

One thing I have noticed about the Eastern Orthodox church is the magazine Christianity Today is featuring them far more.

they seem to be busy selling them, and oddly there seems to be the spirit of showing them as more benign as you mention and more Protestant even.
The alternative right wing NWO disinfo websites seem to love pushing Putin.

I have been reading endless articles where Russia has been building up for war.

Any of you see this one?

the foreign news seemed to have a lot more about the potential "threat" while Americans snooze away.

This is a time I hope those clues people are right about nuclear bombs being "fake". I do not know and have not decided.
I agree about the symbol of the double-headed eagle.

Russia more then people know is a central nexus...after all Communism was rooted there for the multi-millions of deaths that would come via Marx and Stalin.
WWII was fought for the creation of the United Nations and other long term goals.

WWIII they desire as well.

I'm having a creepy feeling about all those reports of aurora borealis.

Hopefully just more of the distraction game.

Hmm remembering reading too much of this stuff on Catholic websites.

"World War II followed a great Aurora Borealis . . .

A great aurora borealis illuminated the skies of the world on January 25, 1938. Several weeks later, World War II began. This was the great sign foretold by the Virgin Mary to the three children at Fatima on July 13, 1917, indicating an eminent punishment of the world. What is in store for us?"

I read a lot of the Fatima garbage my last year in the RCC, it helped pave my way out.

Bible Believer said...

What did Rome do in 330 ad when it came to scripture?

[I know about the basic corruption, just want to know what you are pointing at specifically]

Bible Believer said...

I certainly don't trust any churches that speak of revival. It's like Rome and the dominionist in general advertising the Utopias to come when most Christians know this world is heading over a cliff, and such dreams have been sold over and over with many lost souls in the mix.

Bible Believer said...

Bible Believer said...
I don't believe people who are premill are all headed to hell which is why I have to take the time to talk about the video the guy who seems to think all post tribbers are head to hell. It takes time and study with eschatology. It took me even time to see through Christian Zionism. While many deceivers use it, we can't go down the path of claiming everyone who supports the rapture etc, are all lost, never have had that stand point.