Saturday, March 28, 2015

Phony Papal "Miracles"

The phony baloney "blood" liquifies probably when enough heat is applied to melt the "wax" or whatever else they got in there.

Januarius? They claim they have no "record" of him that is contemporary to his time.  Is that like Janus?

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Anonymous said...

Everything about Roman catholicism is phony because they do not possess the real thing....a born again believing relationship with the only One who saves mankind from hell......eternal life with Jesus, the Christ.

Man-made religion is anti-Christ, whether it poses as Christianity or some other on the list of pagan religions. When we substitute what we have done (our works, the boasting and bragging with our tongues of our own greatness, and so called "witnessing" to others so as to make ourselves appear more spiritual than we really are), well then, we have replaced ourselves with the finished work of Jesus on that blood stained cross.

Do we not live in the land of "I, I, and more of I? And Jesus asked Peter, "Who do you say that I am?"