Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ex-IFB Pastor Still Rejects the Word of God

If you don't believe what the bible says you can't be saved.

I don't post there anymore, there are biblical precepts about preaching the gospel and getting out of Dodge and leaving the dust of your sandals when someone refuses to hear. Obviously as an ex-IFB pastor he heard the gospel many times. I am always sad about someone in his situation. There is nothing to cheer there. I know how Satan goes on the prowl for souls in taking someone away from God. It almost happened to me when I was young.

One thing when I was UU, they always attacked the Word of God, telling us the Bible was fake baloney and more. I read Bert Ehrman [error-man?]as a UU and read his book "Misquoting Jesus". He didn't succeed in turning me against God's Word, though I took him seriously at one point. I have seen all those arguments before. Yes the Word refers to Jesus Himself. Yes, Jesus is referring to Old Testament scripture.

The ex-IFB pastor states that he is upset that some believe salvation is dependent on reading the right words and believing the right things. Salvation is dependent on being born again in Jesus Christ, if you believe in the rapture and have been stuck with the NIV without one KJV in town, this doesn't mean you are going to hell. Have you been regenerated? That is what matters.

He is right the first century church had no bible per se, they sent those epistles and letters around [remember those?] and copied them and shared them. We read those today, they of course referred to the Old Testament [the Torah]. The Old Testament has many prophecies and scriptures that point to Jesus Christ.

His third claim that the gospels were not written until decades later is false. This is one Roman Catholicism sadly has spread through out the world.

They read parts of scripture to each other before printing presses. They "heard" the Word. Yes people did have to rely on others to read scripture to them or preach the Word. Sadly this is something the harlot used to deceive.

If you believe Jesus Christ is the Word and said what is in scripture, you do not separate the two. I don't. I read just about every book from every other religion in the world when I was UU. Nothing is like the Bible. It is no where near the same. Those books do not interconnect and have false science, history and prophecy. Bert Ehrman's so called scholarship is just the same rehashed excuses. Every false church and every false preacher and those who reject Jesus Christ always go after the validity of scripture. It is the foundation they wish to strike down. I listened to endless exhortations about how the Bible was not true, was manufactured legend and cobbled together bits. Thank God I went and read it for myself instead of taking their word for it!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that most of the exchristian and atheist websites are controlled by the same group. It's something about the way they all push in the same direction; toward psych meds, science as the answer, no questioning science even gmo's and vaccines and on and on..

Anonymous said...

An they are just waiting for any Christians that are doubting their faith. They will reel them in and act like they know everything, but a lot of there imformation comes from the same sources, in my opinion..So if a person does not have enough faith to "wait on the Lord" for their answers, they will possibly be shipwrecked..

Anonymous said...

Amen, nothing is like the Bible! I am sad for the shape of the Ex-IFB Pastor (1 Tim 1:19). As for Ehrman, he is shipwrecked also - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don, I agree, it is very sad. Thanks for the video. I agree anon, they are waiting for vulnerable people who doubt their faith, hey when I was in the UU, they used all the tricks to try and rip Christianity to shreds.

Bible Believer said...

I wonder about the atheist and other websites too if some of them are grouped together or controlled from the top. What gets me is how many all seem to be down the line Democrats and write the same thing. No eccentrics in the bunch. Even in the UU, I saw a bit more differences. I have noticed too, you are right there is no questioning of corporate power, or GMOs or the defense of the poor on any of these websites.

Anonymous said...

When were the gospels written? I have read/heard that they were written in the 1st century AD at some time-- maybe 70 -90 AD but am not certain. I would like to know so as to have an answer when atheists attack the Bible. My response would be , regardless of when it was written, it is Truth. But I like to have as many convincing aguments as possible. Thanks-