Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dalai Lama Attended the Last Prayer Breakfast

We know there is nothing remotely "Christian" about this event.


Anonymous said...

One world religion - BYO god - or be your own god.

All gods are praised and loved together in an atmosphere of peace and love and tolerance towards everyone, no matter what you believe or what you invented to believe.

I think we all need to remember that all these new beliefs that have taken over our world in the past 200 years, and the merging of different religions, have all happened in slow stages. One deception to the next, to the next, until we once again live in a world of total depravity and hatred against the True and Only God, and His Only Son and our Only Saviour, while at total enmity with the Perfect Law and Word of God.

Very quickly all these different religions will all meld into one now, perhaps with slightly different flavours - but all returned to true worship of the gods of BABYLON / EGYPT.

I LOVE Bible prophesy - and I still cannot believe that I get to see and watch these end times take place, with a full "cheat-sheet" to know everything that is coming next - like watching a TV show unfold while holding the script in my hand. Praise be to the Only True and Almighty God.

Bible Believer said...

They are openly doing their one world religion fests now. How many so called "Christian" republican lawmakers were at that thing? That's the one where Obama said people did terrible deeds in the name of "Christ". I didn't post on it because yes in away he was right, inquisitions, and other nonsense, but that was for the one world religion agenda too. Us Christians will be named as the "haters". They have warmed up the frogs for the religious blend that is now openly accepted. Most confessing Christians would embrace the demon filled Dalai Lama as a "holy man" just like the Pope. I agree it's all a return to Babylon and worship of false gods. I love Bible Prophesy too. Praise God for warning us about what this world would become.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Australian so while I do research a lot of NWO media, I didn't know the intricacies of this meeting, who was there, what they said. It matter not, its all about melding the new world religion together and hating Jesus Christ and the God of the Bible. Its always the same, it's the "No Jesus" club. All welcomed except Jesus Christ - the Word of God. And about bringing back together the daughters of Babylon who got lost so long ago.

Many Christians may have been deceived into fighting phoney wars for the past 2000 years, and this is the work of the great deceiver of course. But also, a lot of history is now being rewritten before our eyes, such as instead of the muslims attacking the Christians and trying to turn them away from Jesus Christ or otherwise annihilate them all - now its the Christians who did war crimes on so many innocent muslims because we are so intolerant.

Lets not forget that as quickly as islam started, it had an army and was invading in every direction... and as soon as Christ was sacrificed, His followers fled into the wilderness in fear of their lives for hundreds of years as the devil tried to kill every one of them, and to destroy their witness of the Anointed of God. Very different beginnings.

Lets not ever forget that all those wars from so long ago were never started or organised by Christians, they were done so by the catholic church, which has never been Christian.

I have to wonder when these people lumped Christians into the crimes of the catholics, if they also mentioned the horrendous crimes of islam after it started right through until today, or the abuse and rape of children for hundreds of years in Tibet for religious practices, or the horrors of all the other babylonian religions, especially the Aztecs, and the barbaric customs of the North American Indians, the hundred African girls who would stand in line to be slaughtered to join every dead king in the afterlife, the Indian women who would be put to the pyre when their husbands died, all the millions of chinese who have been slaughtered by rulers for thousands of years, and all the cannibals of the island nations, and the total depravity of all nations on earth based on their false religions until just very recently?

I don't think so.

They are all now regarded as peaceful loving people, living in harmony with nature, whom the evil Christians preyed upon because of our intolerance and hate for others.

Just the Christians, the most pious and gentle people ever on earth, who sing hymns to Jesus Christ their Saviour as they hang on crosses in the streets of Rome next to their baby children, covered in pitch and set on fire, for the crime of doing no evil against others and never denying the Name of Jesus Christ unto death.

Indeed BB, read carefully the Scriptures of everything God hates - and this world loves it now and if you disagree, you're a hater of the worst kind imaginable. Read carefully of all the things that God loves - that the world now hates so fervently, and if you love the things that God loves - you are a hater of the worst kind.

Everything is reversed.

And on this day, who o' who can I fellowship with?

How many of us remain?