Friday, February 27, 2015

What Color is the Dress Nonsense

Is That Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black?

I saw this all over the internet yesterday everyone asking What color is this dress? I kept telling people they are showing two different pictures with different lighting in different places. Everyone ignored me. The dress is ugly anyway. I saw people telling me "Oh it's an optical illusion!". I thought what nonsense. Photographs can be manipulated as we know. I suppose while they are busy with their perception and mind control experiment, everyone is distracted from the fact that Obama and pals ended freedom on the internet in America.


Anonymous said...

I also couldn't believe that seemingly normal, sane people were even getting into this dress thing.

It goes to show, people are sheep that are so easily programmable.

TruthVigilantee said...


Uh... my sentiments exactly...

Bible Believer said...

I agree too. It is insane.

I even saw a news article today claiming the color blue did not exist in the olden days.

They can fool people if they want but I'm not buying it.

Even the Jewish people had a special blue dye they used thousands of years ago.

Anonymous said...

It's all part of the massive, global, conditioning. Our reality is being altered. The reason? We are being conditioned to embrace the coming antichrist - the false messiah. Our understanding of what truth is, is being manipulated in order for the masses to accept the coming great deception. People will begin asking, what is truth anyway? It appears that it's working. Stay focused on Jesus Christ. The narrow road is getting narrower.

Steve B said...

"two different pictures with different lighting in different places"

That's simply not true. My wife showed me the dress picture, we both looked at the same one, and saw different colors.

It does have to do with lightning, but it was not two separate pictures.

Our eyes are unique, just like fingerprints, and see different color spectrums based on how much light our eyes take in (just like a camera).

I saw blue cause my eyes take in more light than hers. But...if we turned the brightness up on the computer monitor really high...she too then saw the blue.

As far as the FCC is concerned, nothing has happened "yet". The FCC has simply said "the internet is a utility" nothing more.

Could this evolve into government control of free speech? Absolutely. But in its present state, no free speech restrictions exist.

Bible Believer said...

Steve B I saw two different pictures of the dress on a website. I think it was separate pictures.

Bible Believer said...

I agree with the anon, that says our reality is being altered. They want to test their work on people's perceptions at a deep deep level.

Anonymous said...

Considering that United States citizens saw a plane MELT into a World Trade center building over and over and over and over again without questioning what they had been TOLD THEY SAW, then yes our reality is being altered big time.

Bible Believer said...

It is two pictures. I found a website that even placed the two pictures side by side. I have taken photographs for fun. One does not suddenly see an already taken photograph "differently". The lighting is set in a photo, that is why it is a photo, it is a snapshot of one time.

Bible Believer said...

Yes anon...about 9-11

People believe what they are told more then trusting their own eyes.



Ponder that one.

9-11 could have been holograms or maybe even they superimposed/used film for the rubes. I wonder about both. It was obviously controlled demolition no matter what they did.

William Sculley said...

Ummm. I was there and I saw it. Don't tell me not to trust my eyes. I may have been a teenager, but two planes flying into towers in the city you're visiting are hard to hallucinate.

You disgrace the memory of those who gave their lives in rescuing the victims of that attack.

Bible Believer said...


Did you hear the explosions or see the controlled demo stuff?

Remember when the firefighters and rescue staff,spoke of the explosions and got silenced?

How could you even BE THERE that day and not even explore 9-11 truth websites?

The very day 9-11 happened it was obvious they were lying.

Do you buy the official story? The memories of those who died that day[rescuers and victims] are disgraced by the lies!

Bible Believer said...

Another theory is prop planes,kind of the suspected missile regarding the Pentagon.{I always thought that was a prop plane or missle,the hole simply wasn't big enough.

Anyhow why didn't you wonder why the buildings came down so straight that day? I knew nothing of "Conspiracy"anything that day, and knew it was all a lie,because the buildings matched all those controlled demos they showed on TV during the 1990s.

They can manipulate what people "see" and remember.

Did you see both planes?

How close were you?

I remember firefighters on TV speaking of explosions, they 1984ed that stuff off the news later.

William Sculley said...

I was there and I don't go to tin foil hat idiots for my information. The same people who put those up also say that the government is hiding alien bodies in Nevada. The power needed to make a hologram the size you're talking about is too much for any moving platform, not to mention all the glass you would need floating in midair. Besides that, those supposed firemen, how is it that they have a 0% health problem ratio and 75% of the firemen in the rescues had health problems after? Perhaps they weren't even there because they are fictions. They aren't recognized by the FDNY.

Besides that, if you were going to detonate a building, it wouldn't be the top floors. It would be the bottom floors. There were no explosions on the bottom floors. Only on the top floors, when a plane blasted into the side of the buildings.

Get the tin foil hats off your head and stop drinking the koolaid

Bible Believer said...

They did a hologram of Prince Charles on mainstream news.

I don't buy that the firemen didn't have health problems. Health problems from 9-11 are well known.

Sure anything or anyone who doesn't fit the false story would be erased or hidden.

All one has to do is google squibs on 9-11,the buildings were denotated from the top down. That ishow controlled demo works.

What about building 7

Stop using termslike tin foil hat---I have posted against these terms which they use to shut down thought.

So you only go to "approved" information?

I suppose there are many people like that. I can't help those who are eyes are willingly closed.

Steve B said...

Bible Believer said "It is two pictures. I found a website that even placed the two pictures side by side. I have taken photographs for fun. One does not suddenly see an already taken photograph "differently"."

One does not no...but two different people looking at the exact same image can see it differently depending on how each of their eyes work.

As I said, and I'll repeat it again, my wife and I looked at the same image, at the same time, on the same computer, while sitting right next to each other on the same couch.

She saw different colors than me based solely on how her eyes process light differently than mine.

Again, I agree multiple pictures in different lighting are posted online. But my wife and I did not look at different pictures.

Color Dress said...

I saw this all over the internet yesterday everyone asking What color is this dress? I kept telling people they are showing two different pictures ...