Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Vanishing Male Worker

Proverbs 19:7 All the brethren of the poor do hate him: how much more do his friends go far from him? he pursueth them with words, yet they are wanting to him.

The Vanishing Male Worker: How America Fell Behind.

If you see the chart you will that Generation X men and the millennials [under the age of 55] have been absolutely devastated economically. My husband is one of the thrown-away male workers. He has been under-employed for years. He does freelance that is low paid and offers no insurance. He has needed vein surgery for years. This is a reality many do not even realize is going on. We are entering an economy where real jobs are rare, its spackled together work as technology takes over. Of course we have the Liar's party telling us the economy is doing great while the Evil party tells us that the poor are at fault and should be thrown in the gutter.

Poverty in the USA is growing. Do not believe the mainstream news. They are hiding a lot. The economy is still in a free-fall.  Enjoy the lower gas prices but they are an ominous sign. There has been no recovery. We have been lied to. Some of us are living the real economy, and know it's lies.

This is the real unemployment rate. They do not count those who dropped out long ago.

The 1% are making out like bandits while many go without needed food and medicine. As I have written, I am in a very low socioeconomic group. This blog is only possible via some blessings from God, but I live on the lower tiers in America. This vantage point does give me a different view of the world. I used to be even poorer, the level of poverty where one doesn't own a phone, where medicine and food were very hard to come by, and where dumpster diving came into the mix.

Life is strange for me because we moved to a more affluent community out of a rural community to survive, I do not relate to many of the lives I see around me. However even around me, is the hidden homelessness and people living without much hope. Some are disabled, and some are working jobs that are so low paid, they have no chance for advancement or stability. It is scary to see how some have money for endless vacations and shopping while others live in fear for a room over their heads. Poverty as one ages can get more sad, you think of people you haven't been able to visit, you worry seriously about being behind the shopping cart in the streets. Homelessness is not an abstract concept to me. I have had homeless friends. I have been very close to it myself with only a rented room to live in.

Did any of you hear about the man walking 21 miles to work, who is now being helped. That man knew a full time factory job at 10.55 an hour was nothing to sneeze at. I remember begging for a factory job like that in one old town, as I worked temp and had repeated lay-offs. I had my days of two hours each way to work to a job on a bus but I suppose that fellow beats many hands down. He knew his options were few if he ever lost his job. In many states if you are able bodied you cannot get welfare or even Food stamps, his options was to walk or starve. I understand why he made that decision. Imagine a man like that who loses his health, maybe he can't walk that far. Then what does he do?

I have been facing severe spiritual tests related to economic troubles and worries. Please pray for me. I know a Christian is not to live in fear but my days of worse poverty weight heavily on me. The other day making beans for dinner and discussions over trying to figure out what to eat-food in America grows ever more expensive and lower in quality, I had some times of worrying. One gets angry and tired.  You feel like you have failed to even have a proper life. Poverty means making no plans and scratching by day by day. We barely can keep things going with a 12 year old car and a small apartment. Things here always seem on the edge of collapse. Maybe you live like that too. Our bills are skyrocketing. Already we have questioned the long term ability of affording our present domicile. The levels of stress in this country are insane.

Poverty or poverty worries can bring negative emotions forward one has to take repeatedly to God. I sometimes fear this world spiritually crushing me. I suppose it is better for a Christian to be on guard then ignoring where some of the pitfalls are in one's own life. I have prayed to God for relief. Poverty can make one feel like one's entire life is a failure as far as this world goes. God can rescue us from those feelings, but it is a hardship. I know some of the baggage I carry came from some wicked family members who judged me harshly for not being middle class, and who taught me materialism I now reject.

Being poor in America has severe stigma to it. I think of all these men who were denied proper work lives as the politicians in America outsourced all the jobs. They probably were told they were and are losers and like they are lesser men. I have known many men in this position. Some like the man in the picture above move in with elderly parents who are offended and angry that their son has no job or career and blame him since life was so different in the generations before.  Men cannot support a family on 7 dollars an hour. They are setting up our society where family life and stability is being ruined. An old elderly neighbor in my old town, told me she can tell life is deteriorating as young people do not have good jobs to build lives with. Future generations are doing far worse. The millennials aren't even getting decent apartments or family lives. Generation X already saw things go south.

I haven't written on the economy as much here, but it is still making it's slow descent. Some have warned of a huge event and dollar collapse but now I wonder if just a slow crush and decline is what they have in the plans instead.

See: The Poor


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and yours BB. Most of us are really poor, unlike the 1% that have stolen from us all our lives. I trust in the good Lord and He will repay.(Psalm 3) - Don

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,

Thank you for sharing. Let me encourage you to read the parts of I Samuel, I Choronicals, and the Psalms where David is living off the land, trusting in God, on the run from Saul. They have been a real encouragement to me lately. The stresses of that life were great, and I would not be surprised if hunger was a large reason for his anger at Nabal (Abagail's foolish husband). In the previous chapter and the following, he acts in a godly manner and refrains from seeking revenge on Saul, yet here, he nearly acts in a sinful way that would have had bad consequences in his life. And I suspect that hunger and frustration were what brought him so close to sin.

I will pray for you, your marriage, and your husband. It is not easy at all. We have struggled, lost a house, series of moves, and the only employment he can find to support the family involves major travel, so he is away from home more than half the time. We have had years of under-employment, which is so hard on a person, leading to depression, especially if not trusting in God. In 2011 he had a very good job, but in that year I had a baby and had cancer and all the money went to medical expenses. But, at least we had the money for my surgery.

My husband visits factories in five states for his current job and he tells me all kinds of things about how they continue to find ways to cut more and more jobs. There are forklifts that drive themselves in huge warehouses, and the workers have been laid off. Factories pay lots of money for new production lines that eliminate more workers. He thinks more jobs have been lost to job elimination than to overseas. And he honestly fears that his job may not exist either in several years. I tell him that all of life is uncertain, do his best now, make wise choices with our money, and thank God for our employment for now.


Anonymous said...

I was successful and wealthy and an unbeliever.

I lost it all because of pride, drugs and alcohol...

then I got saved. Now I rejoice in poverty because being wealthy is a curse ( unless youre one of a small few like Joseph of Arimathea or Jacob etc...

Mark 10:21 and Matthew 19

Don't sweat being 'poor' it really is a blessing. Get creative about eating healthy. Farmers markets and clearance shelves at grocery stores would be a good start

jon cramer said...

You are correct the vanishing male worker has been going on a long time now and replaced with the wives being the bread winners of the house hold.
when I had a t.v. some years ago I noticed males have been feminized and fathers made to look stupid and inept.
At my home know due to my son only being able to find work with minimal pay to support his wife and two small children they are living upstairs in our house while my wife and I have converted our garage into a bedroom where we now live.
The LORD has been so good to us though we don't complain but enjoy all his blessings. I also pray for you and this blog.

KJV mom said...

BB, I am still praying for you, though it is hard for me to comprehend what you are going through. My husband has a fairly well paying job, although since he is past his 55th birthday his employer has every reason to let him go. My grown children are also both employed. Since I currently have the means to do so, I wish I could help you in some way; your blog has been such a blessing for me.As for your health, have you ever cooked a chicken, take off the cooked meat, return the bones to the broth along with garlic and vegetables and simmer for hours;it makes a very nourishing and healing food.

Anonymous said...

Gas prices are starting to go up again. Almost 20 cents a gallon increase in the last week where I am. So the low was short-lived.

Anonymous said...

I too have spent my entire life in near poverty. From family struggles in childhood, through to leaving home at 15, and now into my mid 40s. In early days leaving home - I did go hungry often, but never went too far off the rails in my life choices (drugs etc), even though my sin was in abundance in other ways. As I look back on my years now, I can see that I was always being looked after, and never really needed for anything for my sustenance, no matter how hard things became. And today, 1 Timothy 6:8 is always on my mind as I trust in God alone for all things. My family were always there to support me when needed, but they have always been my greatest detractors and cause of anguish too.

Today, in the past year, my God has increased my blessings and my prayers for relief have been answered. Though I know the devil is always at my heals to destroy even this tiny increase. Even though I am still at the lowest possible level of income, I am in abundance in so many ways. It is a true blessing. I have no satanic usury, and I have learned to be extremely smart with each dollar that I spend. But this relief has not come without cost… as I have been tried in the fire for the past 4 years, with a sociopathic, very wealthy stalker doing everything in his power to completely destroy me, my family, and my very small income.

My prayers (my selfish prayers) most often ask not for money, but for guidance in each and every day, thanking God for all things (including the trials - Hebrews 12:6) - none of which I can provide for myself without Him, and most of all - that I be not led astray by the deceptions of this world, and I pray always for the ‘narrow path’.

All of my focus now, within this tiny window of relief is that I can save enough to buy the worst house, on a decent piece of land, in the cheapest part of the country (that isn’t desert) 3,000 kms away in the bush - and that with the blessings of God that I can sustain myself on that land almost exclusively by homesteading… though I know in these times that even these last parcels of land are being taken away from us very quickly under Agenda 21 to force us into cities.

Tis the last times indeed, and great evil will wax more wickedly and quickly. Whatever the future holds - I trust and worship my God always, and beg each day for the forgiveness of my sin in the blood atonement of the Lamb… Jesus Christ.

Kayfabe said...


I will keep you and your husband in prayer for provision and steady employment for your husband. I just lost my job three weeks ago, I had been there 9 years as a Regional manager. They gave me a severance package as they are having cut backs and probably even shutting down a couple offices this year. In my business (the attorney service industry) technology (e filing and e service) is reducing the need for physical staff. In my Region alone they shut down three offices over the last several years, San Diego, Santa Ana and Fresno. People were shocked when I was let go and a re now worrying about their jobs. I have always said that never get lulled into a false sense of security at you're job because ultimately this is a business and Corporations will do what is best for the bottom line and no matter how much they like and employee they will make decisions based on budget. In my company, they liked to understaff and the squeeze every ounce out of employees and then ride them hard and blast them as well for any mistake. It became a very toxic environment prior to my leaving of people tattle taling and snitching and cutting down other employees. I stood up for some.of those who were getting told on as I felt favoritism was going on and I know it didn't sit well with my boss. As she had some employees report others to her all because of.personal dislikes. Either way it has been a blessing to be out of there and I feel so much more at peace. Money is not important to me anymore in the sense I am now willing to take a significant pay cut as long as the job has good.and fair management and doesn't have the intense stress my last job did. I saw a very ugly side of how the corporate world works and how people will sell other people out and also lower their morals. I always tell people ultimately ad an employee do what is best for you and your family as no matter how much you give a job once they decide your expendable your out and they will forget about you no matter how popular you were. Sorry for the rant, keep up the good work and praying blessing to you and your husband in the way of physical needs.

Anonymous said...

I find this post very disturbing and I am not sure completely why. Just a few random comments.....

In Canada we have somewhat of a social safety net and socialized medicine, yet many Americans hate this socialist aspect, well maybe it is not so evil after all.

Personally, having watched my parents and how they managed money very smartly as immigrants, it is very important from a young age to work on being financially responsible.

My mom made soup from a bone and it was healthy, delicious and inexpensive. They never ever lived beyond their means (always paid cash for everything)truly this is a lost art! My dad would work two jobs beyond his day job (cutting grass, shoveling snow...) to support his family when needed.

Jobs within an economy shift, every decade has seen this, when work was hard to come by in the fifties, we had extended family living with us for many years till they got on their feet.

People/families really do not know how to help each other anymore I guess.
It is indeed a sad day.

I am not sure why you made this an intensely personal post sounds like you have no way out of your poverty and feelings of failure.

Perhaps with all our prayers you will view your circumstances from another vantage point.


jl said...

Dear All,

I highly recommend any anyone who cannot find a job to:

A. Go to company sponsored truck driving training

B. Contact the union of your desired trade to get paid training

C. Lurk around on the foreigner message boards. I found some "gold" career opportunities posted there.

These are the only financially feasible ways to obtain a career change while earning money.

BB, I am praying for you.


jl, humble friend of Yeshua

Faith Guy said...

And let's not forget the whole feminist agenda - which has slowly but surely pushed men out of work. And to top it off, men have almost completely lost their backbone(in terms of taking a stand).

The worst thing about all of this is that you don't hear pastors in America preach about the true roles of women is b/c they're afraid to offend people(and ultimately lose their members, and ultimately their big salaries and buildings).

Titus 2:1 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:
Tit 2:2 That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.
Tit 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
Tit 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
Tit 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Tit 2:6 Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.
Tit 2:7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,
Tit 2:8 Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.

No, I'm NOT anti-woman - but children(since the 80's) weren't raised properly b/c either both of their parents were working, or they grew up in single-parent households. So they didn't have much guidance.

Now look at the rotten fruit in our present day.

Faith Guy said...

" Anonymous said...
I was successful and wealthy and an unbeliever.

I lost it all because of pride, drugs and alcohol...

then I got saved. Now I rejoice in poverty because being wealthy is a curse ( unless youre one of a small few like Joseph of Arimathea or Jacob etc..."


I was in somewhat of a same boat as you were(when I was lost, that is) - there was a point in my life(2008) when it looked like my career was on the fast-track.

Then one day, a couple of the firm's partners called me in, the next thing I knew I was forced out.

It made me very angry at the time(b/c I was praised quite a bit for all the work I was putting into the firm). But guess what...over the long haul it was a BLESSING IN DISGUISE!

The LORD really got me to re-examine myself to see if I was truely in the faith(and it was from there when I realized I was hoodwinked into this "Easy Believism/Sinner's Prayer" heresy). Then many other doors opened like the King James Bible, spiritual corruption in 99% of churches in America aka 501c3, wolves like Billy Graham/Rick Warren that are these churches' "golden boys", end times prophecies churches would NEVER talk about, and the LORD lead me to proper internet fellowship groups/sermons et al.

I mean as earthly poor as I am - can't tell you how much the LORD has opened my eyes to all the deceptions going on! For example - I attended some fellowship gathering by a big-shot China "missionary" family last year...and can't tell you how FAKE and SCRIPTED the whole thing was(ie-the Chinese people that they supposedly witnessed to gave their testimonies, and it was obvious they were reading off of a script! And this "missionary" family's background is VERY questionable!).

Ultimately - if I had stayed in my fast-track career, I would have my 1-way ticket to the lake of fire all but stamped(or taking the mark of the beast in the imminent future).

Yes, true riches are awaiting for the born-again believer in heaven...many mansions!

Anonymous said...

Kayfabe, so sorry you got laid off, glad you have some severance. I hope you can find work quickly, and somewhere you will enjoy working. Will pray for you. Joy

Kayfabe said...

Thank you Joy, I appreciate the prayers very much

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to hear so many personal testimonies. I too, after growing up in an extreme liberal/new age setting, accepted Jesus Christ after becoming trapped in a financial dead end. Even as the jaws of the financial trap seemed to be closing, I destroyed my own means of earning an income in an accident. It was emotionally crushing, but I had started to be able to see myself as a sinner in need of help, and to also see the emptiness and the lies of the world for what they truly are. One day I read a wikipedia definition of the word occult "a short hand label for...thought that emphasizes developing a spiritual center within oneself or opening up to the one of which everyone is part." I realized that this summed up every religion or "christian" denomination that I had ever been exposed to, and was the lie of Satan in the Garden of Eden and the religion of the harlot of Revelation. I immediately dedicated myself to complete, 100% trust in God's Word and peace entered my heart and I knew I had become one of those "despised" born again Christians. Hallelujah! Our whole family now rests in Him. We have since declared bankruptcy and found a very solid, scriptural church community. Our carnal future is still very uncertain (isn't everyone's?) but our eternal future is secure, and may all the glory be to HIM.

jl said...

Dear BB,

The Canadian anon's post was the voice of the devil. I hope you discerned that as well.


jl, humble friend of Yeshua

sherry said...


Yes, I agree with you on your comment. I hope BB discerned it as well. It seemed unkind, judgmental, and not compassionate....NOT good fruit.


I am glad that you are sharing with us what is grieving you....difficulties, health, finances. There are many of us going through very similar circumstances, and it does seem disconcerting at times and overwhelming. Some of us have no one to share with, except Jesus. I am glad that you are being honest, vulnerable, and transparent, so that we can encourage you, pray for you, and give you some financial support (those who have the means),as well as walk with you during these difficult times. We are a family in Christ and that is what we are suppose to one another, encourage each other, and bare with one another in their sufferings.

2 Cor 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;

Romans 8:18
For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in

2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (KJV)

8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;

9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.

Praying for you BB,


Anonymous said...

Anonymous jl said...
Dear BB,

The Canadian anon's post was the voice of the devil. I hope you discerned that as well.


jl, humble friend of Yeshua

February 6, 2015 at 2:24 PM

wow. this coming from the jl that always refers to itself in the 3rd person.

pretty sad state this blog and many of its commenters.

jl you should be ashamed and you better pray you are right. disgusting

Anonymous said...

No, jl, I won't stand with you on this accusation concerning our Canadian friend. Their words are not from the devil any more than some of our words are.

Canadians believe in socialized medicine as we here in the America believe medicine is the cure all for all of our problems. If we take an honest hard look at our system here in the U.S., much of what our government has done is socialized and this has caused a tremendous amount of wickedness and evil in pitting one class of people against the other class....

class warefare.........yes, our pristine government is not so different than Canada's, whether conservatives or liberals have ruled and reigned. And what has this done to the church in our own back yard. The church here in America has embellished the wicked and covetous hearts and minds of the pew sitter....with a false theology of power, wealth, and lording over others...the jealousy and envy within organized religion is legion.

Let us not fall into this trap and be led by the power of God, the Holy Spirit for He knows all of our heart conditions as well as our circumstances.

When our Great and Glorious God blesses us with His provision, in every single is always, always, always, the "churched" that set out to destroy the goodness that our LORD has bestowed upon us. So when Jesus spoke the words, "You brood of vipers," He wasn't speaking to the unchurched (unsynagogued) of His day...he was speaking to the "religious folks."

If we are the Body, let us be the church wherever we go, perhaps we are led to cook a meal for someone who is sick, or to give money to someone who is struggling with medical expenses or other bills, or offer a loving and encouraging word of Hope that is only in Christ...we need to be in His Word and be led of His Spirit we can now give freely without the authority of the institutional 501.c 3 church deciding for us where to give, how to give, and which people to bless with grieves me to say the churches label some to be more value than others due to their "importance" within religion.

We condemn Canada, and yet, the Babylon we are living in reeks of self righteousness and murder (most of which exists in the heart.) May God forgive us for what the Bride is becoming......a nasty, jealous harlot........

Anonymous said...

I hope you will post this BB as I hope to clarify a bit more.


It is the devil from Canada.

Canada is by no means any better in its unrighteousness and there are many times I would like to live elsewhere, however, having said that, I really do not understand why Americans see socialized medicine as such an evil. Is there something in the scriptures I have missed?

I do not know BB so why would I judge her circumstances, I am commenting on her words, and being the daughter of immigrants I have a very different view point, my parents never expected anything from the government, they struggled for many, many years but they also worked very hard and did many low paying jobs (improper (digging in the dirt) I guess as opposed to proper). There was a lot of poverty back then, so maybe the stigma was less.
I think affluence that came in the 70’s and onward has caused the problem.

I guess what concerns me is not the openness of the post but how it is mixed in with this belief in the American dream.
“I think of all these men who were denied proper work lives as the politicians in America outsourced all the jobs.”

The American dream is a lie and probably always has been, so the post is troublesome to me in that we should as Christians know this, that we have been made poor is to be expected because we are not part of this world system. So why rail against the system, it was never what it pretended to be in the first place.
That is just the way I see it today anyway, I may view it differently tomorrow.

When I have found myself in dire situations I have learned the best place to start is inward and what I am to learn from my situation where God has placed me.

jl said...

Dear Sherry,

Thank you for understanding spiritual warfare. That post was an identity attack against BB. I have prayed for protection and covering over you and your family, BB and her family, myself and my family.

To the last two Anons,

God bless you.


jl, humble friend of Yeshua.

Blizzard of Bugs said...

It is my hope that we who are born again would not see each other as Canadian, American etc but those who "desire a better country". I too am Canadian in the flesh. I cannot change the fact that I was born and raised in Canada. Honestly, I do not care. What I care about is the Lord and his word. I thank you B.B. for being honest about your situation. I think of those in Hebrews chapter 11, who the world was not even worthy to have them walk upon it, is a perfect illustration for those going through hard times.
The Lord is good all the time. One day those of us who are saved will be with the Lord forever. Praise God!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don, I agree, poverty is definitely growing out there except among the 1 percent, thanks for your prayers :)

Joy I will go read those scriptures, they would be an encouragement. I agree that the hunger and suffering would affected his actions leading him to sin.

Thanks for your prayers too. I am sorry your husband has to travel so far for his employment and for your struggles and losing a house. Yes all the years of underemployment cause struggle. The stats about only 44% of Americans having full time jobs is scary. I am glad you made it through the cancer Praise God while having your baby. Yes medical expenses are a big thing out there.

Regarding your husband it sounds like the dismantling of manufacturing in America continues. We have so many dead factories here it isn't funny. The constant lay-offs at factories even in my old town were never ending. I think they are flat out eliminating jobs too and I remember the friends in my old town told to train the folks overseas that would take over their jobs. He is right to be concerned about his jobs. Even my husband suspects his freelance work is in trouble too. They were busy quibbling over 20 dollars and cutting his pay the other day. We have to keep praying and know nothing in this world is certain.

God bless

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I am happy you are now saved and came out of substance abuse. So you lost all your wealth and considered it a curse? I suppose the life of the poor is far more simple. The expectations are different. There are some wealthy Christians who can handle it. One always wonders why so many wealthy people are unhappy in the world and stressed to the gills. Many are busy keeping up appearances or have far more responsibility. I agree about using farmers markets to eat well and clearance. I eat quite well in the late spring, summer from the food stands. I am happy you have joy in the Lord now and know what you mean about wealth being a curse even if I have never been there.

Bible Believer said...

Jon, it seems to me the men are being crushed. Most women are poor too, but you see the thin sliver of the corporate ones with good jobs. I know of a few around here who make 6 figures and have house boyfriends or husbands at home. The men are like little boys, the woman is totally in charge of the household. Now there can be a Christian household where a woman holds a job and the husband is unemployed via no fault of his own but I have seen these very imbalanced households. One's girlfriend considers him a "house husband". I am weirded out by some of these developments. I notice these high power women never try to give their men a leg up, not even a lower position in their companies but keep them at home cleaning and doing errands like maids.

So I have noticed these feminized men in real life and I have noticed men are really being made to look stupid on TV. The fathers are always doofuses. Homer Simpson is now representative across the board.

I am glad you are helping out your son and his wife. That shows goodness there, and leading by God. I hope one day things will improve for them. Many do not realize to what extent the younger generations are now being crushed. I was ostracized from my family even while a teacher because I did "not make enough money" and struggled. When I hear about someone looking out for their family, that is a blessing

Bible Believer said...

For those offering me help, I want to give my appreciation. For now my needs are being met and have my friends helping with meals and other things but want to say thank you for thinking of me. God bless you all.

KJV Mom, I am glad your husband has a good job, I know as our men age, we know age discrimination is rampant out there and it was part of my husband's picture too.
I have the feeling some let people go due to higher health expenses but this is not right and should be illegal.

I do make many foods from scratch and have cooked chicken carcasses for soup. In fact I am planning to make soup today from left over chicken. I think it is a very good idea definitely.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Kayfabe, I am very sorry to hear you have lost your job too. I will pray for you too. One thing about jobs, and something the government is seriously ignoring is how technology is making many jobs obsolete and it sounds like it has affected your work directly. Bosses don't even need secretaries and mail rooms anymore, because there is email. So many things are being wiped away. Yes many jobs are going by the way side and the few people who have jobs are indeed being overworked so the companies can squeeze them while not having to pay benefits for more people. Corporations changed the work world where it became all about the bottom line rather then the community and the business serving a role in one.

I do believe that flat out abuse in the work world is increasing. People are being treated like machines and threatened with being fired for one mistake. Many of these mistakes are something a normal human would do out of hours and hours of work. Office backstabbing, narcissistic games and more are rife in today's work places and I have seen and heard about the human suffering related to that. Years ago, my husband was working 14 hours a day at one job--low salary in the low 20s-1 hour commute each way and they wanted more work, where even his sleep would be encroached on. The requests grow more insane.

So yes the favoritism and cruel games create a lot of suffering. I hope your being laid off was not "punishment". It seems today one cannot just go to work and do a job but they have to make it all about personality battles. Wickedness is running the show. The workplace can be a hard place for a Christian. I was almost fired even during my pre-Christian days for telling a client she did not have to get an abortion the rest were all forcing her into.

I am glad you feel more at peace and got out of a toxic environment and hope your next job will be better. Yes working with honorable people would be worth less money even.

Yes the ugliness in the work place today is horrible. I sometimes have the bad feeling that the "sharks" ascend to the highest positions backstabbing their way there in today's corporate world. They say 10% of Wall Street is sociopaths, so you can see where I am going with this.

Yes never give one's whole life to a job, other things can come first, to many you are just a cog in the wheel, easily replaceable. Thanks for your your prayers and good words and I will pray for you.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry you found this post disturbing anon. I am only human. All humans face difficulties in life.

All political systems are not perfect. You forget I am not a Republican. I worry about the government intrustions of socialized medicine, but then I am not some Ayn Rand disciple or deceived Republican who thinks all the poor should go die in the gutter and for lack of medical care. So remember that when you write strange things on this blog about me. Being a born again Christian does not automatically mean I am a Republican.

It sounds like your parents did well, and glad they were so hard working.
Immigrant families often work together, ie when your extended family lived with one another. I saw this in a big city when I lived there. The immigrant families worked together and shared resources. Uncles and Aunts even helped nieces and nephews. This is not true among the "culture" of American families.

In fact there are many within my family who had/have good connections and who make 6 figures. Let's just say among too many American families, things became a competition. I see too many now almost crushing their children and working against their success and this deeply worries me. So you are right families do not know how to help each other anymore. Even kinship itself has been destroyed in modern American culture. Remember I am estranged even due to being a born again Christian alone and for leaving the Catholic church.

Yes I have struggled with feelings of failure and the grinding down. I have to be mindful of my own sins letting the worries of this world affect me in this way. I am worried for my husband. I am thankful for any prayers.

Bible Believer said...

JL, thanks, I referred to the strange things written against me.

Some seem to want to kick when someone expresses vulnerability in this world. I suppose this is sadly something I have gotten used to.

I used to have a ton of "haters" attacking me for this blog in it's early years. This lessened with time, but there are still a few quips thrown.

You all don't want to know the stuff that slides through that I don't even post.

Bible Believer said...

Thank you Sherry as well.

One thing about this world is it is growing a lot meaner.

I think the Body of Christ should be able to openly talk about these issues. There are many who want us silenced.

I used to write about the poor a lot more, but I know there is a concerted effort to silence their voices and even break up people who make talk about these issues seriously among one another. Thanks for your prayers as well. :)

Kayfabe said...

Thank you BB

Bible Believer said...

You are welcome Kayfabe :)

Hi person from Canada,

Ok I am glad you are explaining more but you were somewhat harsh on me. The others were defending me.

I agree no country is any better in unrighteousness. Obviously by now you know I do not believe in the America as Christian nation meme.

Some here tell me they'd rather be in Canada which is ironic, you want to leave.

You will see my remarks above to you about socialized medicine. Please do not assume I think the Republican plan to throw everyone in the gutter as the jobs erode and ruin the tax base, is any good. Of course Obamacare is a joke too as the deductible is so high it is more a bail-out for the insurance companies. A few in the lower tiers may get more help via it, but the cost and the benefit is insane for most people.

I know the immigrant life is hard. But there are benefits in it, in that a close knit family works together. IN an immigrant family a daughter of millionaires would not be going to get welfare. Yes a friend who was the daughter of millionaires went on welfare as she went hungry. So while immigrants have struggled, the dynamic is very different for Americans who have fallen down the ladder. I am sure their values are more intact. Some of those who have been rewarded in this world without God only go into more wickedness, the whole eye of the needle sort of thing. Also in America, if you are poor, there is tremendous stigma. There was a time in frustrationI told one rude friend, that I would rather live in a third world country on an emotional and spiritual level rather then being treated like a non-person. At least if we went hungry or had bad water, etc, there'd be others in the boat with me. Just look how the homeless and the very poor are treated in America. They are criminalized. They are told they are dirt. Maybe this is true to some extent in other countries, obviously we have more programs to help the poor then many places but I can see the pain of the two latest generations coming up and with the millennials it's even worse.


Bible Believer said...

I think you parents probably faced less stigma. I have done many jobs myself what people would consider lower labor--cleaning houses, toilets, taking care of severely disabled, factory work, cooking, and other things. Honest labor was respected in America back in earlier decades so you are right about the affluence changing attitudes to evil. I think the TV too, also created a lot of the expectations and diminishment too of the those who just wanted an honest day's pay for honest labor no matter how menial. Today even in low level jobs in America, the employers are cruel, denying jobs, firing people for the most minuscule of human mistakes, cutting hours to nothing and at the same time expecting a fully open schedule while the person cannot make enough to live on.

I think the American dream is a lie too but for decades in this country, some historians believe it was an aberration of course, a man could do a factory job, be a milk man, etc and support a family. I suppose that is what I am thinking about. The politicians have outsourced all the jobs here.

I agree with you that Christians are being made poor. Even refusing to sell out to the system or refusing to indulge in wickedness in the way this system works will assure more chances of poverty. I did express frustration but you are right this system is never what it pretended to be. A lot of Americans who enjoyed a few brief decades of affluence, are going to realize how most of the world has been run, with wickedness and greed running the show, and "the poor will always be with you"

Poverty can cause an immense spiritual struggle for many people. As Christians we need to have compassion for that too, especially in a system where poverty over many years will mean people "hating you" see verse above, ostracizing, and severe stigma especially in American society today. Many too will tell the poor they do not live a "proper" life and that is why they are poor and that they are "wicked" as well especially in false fallen away churches.

In Canada, I am not sure there is the level of stigma for the poor there is in American society, I am sure it is everywhere in this world, as the bible tells us but here it has grown worse.

I wrote this article about the poor some time ago.

One thing that has created a lot of confusion out there is the "right wings" stress on the poor being deficient in moral character etc.

February 7, 2015 at 10:26 AM

Bible Believer said...

Yes here there is overbelief in medicine, there is a lot in medicine where profit motives run things and where illness are neglected and not given true research. Even there depending on medicine for all cures, is not a good path.

Yes they want class warfare here too.

" The church here in America has embellished the wicked and covetous hearts and minds of the pew sitter....with a false theology of power, wealth, and lording over others.."

I definitely agree and within in many of these churches they teach the poor are lacking in morality, the prosperity gospel types take things to the extreme but their false gospels have filtered down in American society. Even the worship of wealth among the hirelings shows this to be true.

I agree about giving people a compassionate and loving or encouraging word. Part of the shame fest with poverty is telling those in it's grips to keep their mouths shut. This alone has kept the USA in deep denial about even what is going on. Every poor person is made to feel they are the "only" one.

Remember how the Bible preaches one is to love the poor. I am talking even about those in the streets and more. They face condemnation that is not of God and is used to serve the money-masters just like the NWO right wing has pulled off so well and done so even in many of the churches.

Bible Believer said...

Thank you Blizzard of Bugs. :)

Bible Believer said...

Wanted to mention this too, one thing that is interesting is to study Calvinism's influence on how poor people are viewed in American society. The whole Calvinist influence on American thinking is interesting regarding the poor and the so called "Protestant work ethic" which some positives came in this but also some direction.

Kayfabe said...

You are right there is age discrimination big time in the workplace. I saw it firsthand at, my job, whenever I interviewed a person in the mid 40's range and above and liked them and sent them to my boss for the 2nd interview she would always say "they are not a good fit". It seemed like she wanted the office to be full of young Hipsters.

Anonymous said...

This world is not my home, I am just passing thru. Heaven is our true home. I would make the suggestion to all who read here to read again the journey thru the wilderness of the children of Israel. When God told Moses that He wanted to take the Israelites into a land of their own God said it was a land flowing with milk and honey. Not a land filled with gold and silver. You cannot eat gold and silver. God provided the Israelites all their needs on that journey. Food, water and clothing that never wore out. God will and does the same with us today.

When the Holy Spirit has convicted you to follow Jesus you have become a part of the exodus from this world. And also just as the Israelites had Pharaoh following them and other enemies that wanted to destroy them, Satan is always on the prowl to attack us. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12”.

The last commandment that Jesus gave the disciples was, “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen. Matthew 28:18-20.”

I will give you an Old Testament example of our responsibility to this command of Jesus.
“And the LORD said to Moses, "Has the LORD's arm been shortened? Now you shall see whether what I say will happen to you or not." So Moses went out and told the people the words of the LORD, and he gathered the seventy men of the elders of the people and placed them around the tabernacle. Then the LORD came down in the cloud, and spoke to him, and took of the Spirit that was upon him, and placed the same upon the seventy elders; and it happened, when the Spirit rested upon them, that they prophesied, although they never did so again. But two men had remained in the camp: the name of one was Eldad, and the name of the other Medad. And the Spirit rested upon them. Now they were among those listed, but who had not gone out to the tabernacle; yet they prophesied in the camp. And a young man ran and told Moses, and said, "Eldad and Medad are prophesying in the camp." So Joshua the son of Nun, Moses' assistant, one of his choice men, answered and said, "Moses my lord, forbid them!" Then Moses said to him, "Are you zealous for my sake? Oh, that all the LORD's people were prophets and that the LORD would put His Spirit upon them!" And Moses returned to the camp, he and the elders of Israel. Numbers 11:23-30.”


Anonymous said...


We as believers in Jesus Christ have that same Spirit residing in us. And the prophesying is not predicting future events, but spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our lives are to be examples that bring glory to God and The Father is not going to forsake us.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ, whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, receiving the end of your faith—the salvation of your souls. 1Peter 1:3-9”.

Dear Father in heaven, Holy, Holy, Holy is your name and my words cannot begin to describe Your power. Father I ask that we be covered in the blood of Jesus and forgive me of my sin against You. Lord I ask that you reach down from Your throne and cover all who are here with Your hand, protecting and guiding each one. Lead us Father into righteousness that we may stand in Your presence. Help us to understand that all that goes on is for Your Namesake, that all honor and glory belongs to You. In Jesus name, Amen.


Anonymous said...

My husband works in the plants, and has been doing it for 26 years. He said in the past 2 years the number of college grads that have come to work in the plants is unreal. They can't find any work. And they have massive student loan debt. So they go to the plants as laborers in order to make a living. He works hard, in the weather, in chemical plants. It's dangerous work, but we are very thankful he has a job. There have been times of unemployment and layoffs though. Just recently because of the holidays, my husband was off of work for 2 weeks without pay. The squirrels in the trees were starting to look good !! We made it through, and work picked up. But it is never guaranteed. But, Our Lord provides, even if its a squirrel in a tree :)


Bible Believer said...

Yes age discrimination is worsening, I think it has to do with the way the health insurance is working now, they want the youngest and healthiest employees, here too they can work them hours and hours a day too if their family commitments were less. I hate that expression "not a good fit", it does point to the job world being more of a weed out process according to whims then talent or intelligence or someone being a hard worker. I think we see the machinations of the ungodly who revel in saying no to people instead of feeling heartbroken in denying someone work.

Bible Believer said...

I agree the world is not our home JOel, thanks for suggestion the reading of Exodus. Many now would tell us to remain under Pharoah's yoke.

Thanks for saying that about milk and honey via gold and silver. You are so right, no one can eat gold or silver, Peter said Silver and gold I have none". Yes there are biblical promises for food and shelter in the Bible. I believe in those and God has come through for me there. Of course we have the living waters too which is most important.

John 4:14 - But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life

I agree too about Satan attacking us, the attacks via poverty and the world's lust for wealth and focus on the material, is definitely one way Satan attacks us.

Thank you for those other verses and for your prayer.

Bible Believer said...

Faith I believe the college bubble will be busting soon, when people realize the college degrees in most cases are not paying off. I worked in factories after college, but mostly temp and plastic factories. I am not surprised more coming into the factories. They probably dream of a full time factory job. I know I looked for one. I am glad your husband is employed and will pray for his safety. Sorry he goes through lay-offs. Yes many businesses will do a shut down during the holidays. My husband has a freelance employer do so 2 weeks every December. LOL about the squirrels, I've never had squirrel but know many people who have, no shame in that, I heard they make a good stew. :P Yes the Lord will provide.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer,
Praying for you and your family. You have been a great blessing to me over the last several years. I see what you're saying. It's quite amazing the changes going on. A few decades ago when I was young I'd have a job, get bored, quit, have fun for a while, go get a new job...It's certainly not like that today. I have friends who cannot find full time work. The work is temporary and part-time with no benefits. A couple of my friends cannot afford Obama care and have serious medical issues that need tending to. My husband's job has been very slow and he gets paid on commission. I'm not too worried if we had to lose our home - I've been without material stuff before when I lost it all over being stupid and self-destructive years ago. It's just stuff. Our treasure is not here. But he is not saved and stuff is important. It would be devastating to him. The false prosperity teachers make me so mad, with the emphasis on getting stuff. No talk of the things greater than rubies and gold - like wisdom, discernment and understanding - no one cares about that. Everyone wants God to give them material riches and that special someone to come into their life. The workplace has gotten very hostile. I work with people who criticize and back bite something horrible. I've always kept my mouth shut and stayed in the background - so I get criticized for that - whatever. It's crazy. The loud, mean people get promoted or catered to. It's weird to see them all say bad things about each other. I've noticed that big companies are buying up or merging with others. Staples buying office Depot. Pfizer buying Hospera for 16 billion dollars. Shipping companies are forming alliances... and companies having layoffs - like Disney, Dreamworks and many others.... when the economy was supposed to be getting better. I receive business journals at my job and see this happening. All these monopolies being formed. It won't be good for us. The days are so dark. My husband has been on a movie kick lately. We don't usually watch any movies. He rented a movie Maze Runner. The main character was being told "Wicked is good". I thought it kind of sums up society today - we are being told wicked is good, good is evil...and it shows in our society. Praying for you and other true Christians that we remember this promise in I Corinthians 1:7-9 Our God is faithful and He will keep you firm 'til the end.

Anonymous said...

Joel, thank you for the scripture. You shared some very good ones. Here is one I love from the exodus story:

"So he humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of The Lord." Deuteronomy 8:3

Sometimes we need these times in the desert to realize our dependence on God and his provision in our lives. I'm starting to accept being here, abiding in Jesus.

Here is another really good one, one that you shared a while back BB, and it has become a favorite.

"In the day when I cried You answered me, and strengthened me with strength in my soul." Psalm 138 :3

G said...


Thank you so much.

May God bless you forever.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your prayers! They were much needed. God bless you!


jl said...

Dear Joel,

Thank you for reminding us of God's word. Also, your reminder for all of us preach the gospel have inspired me to share the gospel to others within my community.


jl, humble friend of Yeshua

Anonymous said...

Anon from Canada wrote:
I find this post very disturbing and I am not sure completely why

(Maybe, because you lack empathy, which is what I saw when I read your response)

Anon from Canada wrote:
I am not sure why you made this an intensely personal post ...
it sounds like you have no way out of your poverty and feelings of failure.

(This is a judgmental and hurtful statement...who are you to say/or comment on what she feels comfortable writing about on her blog. After all, it is her blog. I highly respect her for her for being vulnerable, honest, and transparent. I have read her comments long enough to see the fruit. The fruit is good and comes from the Holy Spirit. Most people today are superficial and wear masks)

Anon from Canada said:
Perhaps with all our prayers you will view your circumstances from another vantage point.

(This may be true, but it was not said in love.)

(Empathy,edification, exhortation,encouragement,compassion....where is this?)

Do you have scriptures for your comments. I felt offended by the way you responded to BB. I do not believe your posting came from the Holy Spirit. You may not have meant for it to be malevolent, but you might consider how you says things.

Matthew 15:18
But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man.

Anon from Canada wrote:
I really do not understand why Americans see socialized medicine as such an evil. Is there something in the scriptures I have missed?

(Yes, anon from Canada. Socialized medicine is contrary to the Bible. Whatever contradicts or goes against scripture is evil, because God says so in his word. If you knew your Bible then you would know that socialized medicine is not Biblical.)

Anon from Canada wrote:Is there something in the scriptures I have missed?

(Have you read your Bible?) Not trying to sound harsh, but you should probably check your beliefs by what is written in the Bible before commenting on something. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to ask God that question, read the Bible, and ask to be taught by the Holy Spirit.

Praying that the Lord will help you where you are in error. God bless, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Sherry is right. That post was not holy-spirit inspired and socialism is evil. I'm praying for all the folks deceived by socialism.

Anonymous said...

I am still unsure which scriptures exactly say that a system of socialized medicine is wrong.
You tell me it is not biblical how can I know this if you do not state the scriptures. I could search the scriptures and maybe I will, but you should be able to defend your statement as well with scripture.

I am not talking about a socialized system of government nor am I talking about a socialist economy.

In Canada we all pay towards a medical insurance plan in return we have certain coverages when we go to the doctor, how is that different than paying taxes so that roads can be built from one city to another. At least this way sick people do receive a basic level of healthcare, if anyone sacrifices it is the doctor who has a cap on his income. The other down side is our medicine does not always have the advanced treatments that are available in the United Sates.

It is not a perfect system and in time may not last due to soaring cost, however, at least BB's husband would get the surgery he needs. I do not see the U.S doing much better where insurance companies make huge decisions on people's health, how can that be right? I know this because my nephew is a doctor in Dallas and my sister lives in Michigan so I hear the conversations many times about your system. I remember my sister having to get permission from an insurance company by phone before she could take her baby burning up with a fever to emergency.

Perhaps there should be no insurance and no government support and we can just all pay for our medical bills out of pocket, be prepared for a sad state of affairs.


Luca said...

What do you think of seclusion and restraints in the schools?

Anonymous said...

There are far worse things in life. I work with blind people, yet they do not carry their trials like a badge but rather always they trust in the Lord to provide for them. Is it really about the economy Believer or about personal choices that led to your circumstances. God is still there but you prefer to look and point elsewhere.

Bible Believer said...

I almost did not post your last comment last anon but figured it I may as well put it up. Hmm about that lack of empathy thing?

Bible Believer said...

"This is a judgmental and hurtful statement...who are you to say/or comment on what she feels comfortable writing about on her blog. After all, it is her blog. I highly respect her for her for being vulnerable, honest, and transparent. I have read her comments long enough to see the fruit. The fruit is good and comes from the Holy Spirit. Most people today are superficial and wear masks)

Thank you. I try to keep this blog honest and real. Too many today want superficial but one problem in a society waxing even more cold, is they know expressing emotions or feelings, etc, gets them beaten up by the wicked.

Bible Believer said...

Thank you anon--longer post above too, what is happening in the work world is part of the wickedness. People just do not show up to work and get through the day but are exposed to an endless array of narcissist and sociopathic-wicked personality games.

I understand about your husband being vulnerable to losing everything, while a Christian can take it more in stride.

Yes the prosperity people are poison to the churches and society as a whole. People beaten up for not getting carrots on the sticks or having the perfect body in our sick society. I noticed too the most evil and mean getting promoted and catered to. Manipulators winning. Wickedness will destroy innovation and business alone in America. The wicked are more about appearances then real work.

The businesses are growing bigger and bigger and yes turning into monopolies. This is why there is no local or community loyalty, they are gigantic, caring only about their globalist profits. I agree we have to depend on God one can see the infusion of evil growing in this world in many many areas.

Anonymous said...

Please post Bible Believer:

To Anon 11:26,

Signs of an abusive person....the statement "There are worse things in life."

This statement has been used often in churches where controlling and manipulative people lord over others seeking the preeminence that belongs only to Jesus. It reeks of hearts filled with self worship and self glory, putting the self first instead of what Jesus commands us to do, "Deny the self."

Your statement is quoted often in the church I attend where several in leadership have stated aloud, "I hate people." Wow. Just plain wow! The childhoods and early adult years of these leaders must have been one of neglect, too high of expectations, and dare I say other forms of cruel abuse.

I will pray for you Anon. for there is not one soul that I would recommend sit under your counsel. "Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked." Psalm 1

There are times when the blind are leading the blind in our churches, Lord have mercy.

Prayerfully submitted, for Jesus does love His sheep.

Bible Believer said...

I agree that is signs of an abusive person. One can be almost completely deaf and be told, stop you're whining, look at those stoic blind people! Probably the poor blind souls can't share any pains or fears lest they be judged. They are told they must always have a stiff upper lip. Many of the disabled are told they must be "heroes" to be acceptable in society.

I once was living in severe poverty, it makes today look like candy days, and had this woman tell me, "well at least you are not living in the third world". I told her, that I would rather be in the third world sometimes because there would be others in the boat with me and not judging me as a horrible person.

I agree it is the hallmark of a controlling and manipulative person. It is a way to kick people when they are down. It is narcissism, the sin of selfishness.

I have encountered the people who have said they hate people too. Some may be worn down from wicked people, but others you wonder why they are staying in public centered ministries then. Remove yourself and then look at the spiritual heart and or deal with burnout or past abuse. Many share the abuses they have gotten, where those who lacked empathy beat on them as children and then they took this out into the world with wicked messages like "Only the strong should survive", stiff upper lip, never complain or show emotions ethos, and other unlike Christ like behaviors.

Well not all is lost, they inspired an article. :) I will pray for them too.

jl said...

Dear Anon 11:26

Your words are demonic.

May God bless you and I am also praying for you.


jl, humble friend of Yeshua

Anonymous said...

Dear jl,

Count me in agreement with you.....will be praying for Anon 11:26 as well. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much!

The gates of hell shall not prevail God's ekklesia/called out ones.

Anonymous said...

"The businesses are growing bigger and bigger and yes turning into monopolies. This is why there is no local or community loyalty, they are gigantic, caring only about their globalist profits. I agree we have to depend on God one can see the infusion of evil growing in this world in many many areas."

That sounds just like the mega churches set up on every other corner.
I agree with the others, I am thankful you share your testimony with us! It is very encouraging. Many face similar circumstances but, out of fear and rejection, or feeling like they are the only ones, don't share what they're going through.
A lot of believers feel they have been abandoned by God, cause these cruel so called Christians tell them that God wouldn't allow His 'elect' to face such circumstances. I see the times of lack as much of a blessing as the times of plenty. It keeps us humble and completely dependent on God. And in those times I can recall the Lord providing in a way so specific, that I knew, IT HAD TO BE HIM!! I know that all of His children , who are truly His, have probably experienced the same. What cherished memories, and revelations, that no amount of money can compare with!!!
Thank you for being an encouragement to us all. In our weakness,
He is made strong!!!


TruthVigilantee said...

Luke 16;
19 “Now there was a rich man, and he habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, joyously living in splendor every day. 20 And a poor man named Lazarus was laid at his gate, covered with sores, 21 and longing to be fed with the crumbs which were falling from the rich man’s table; besides, even the dogs were coming and licking his sores. 22 Now the poor man died and was carried away by the angels to Abraham’s bosom; and the rich man also died and was buried. 23 In Hades he lifted up his eyes, being in torment, and *saw Abraham far away and Lazarus in his bosom. 24 And he cried out and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue, for I am in agony in this flame.’ 25 But Abraham said, ‘Child, remember that during your life you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is being comforted here, and you are in agony. 26 And [r]besides all this, between us and you there is a great chasm fixed, so that those who wish to come over from here to you will not be able, and that none may cross over from there to us.’ 27 And he said, ‘Then I beg you, father, that you send him to my father’s house— 28 for I have five brothers—in order that he may warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.’ 29 But Abraham *said, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them hear them.’ 30 But he said, ‘No, father Abraham, but if someone goes to them from the dead, they will repent!’ 31 But he said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.’”

TruthVigilantee said...

Revelation 3;
17 Because you say, “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,” and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, 18 I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. 19 Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline; therefore be zealous and repent."

TruthVigilantee said...

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.
Proverbs 19; 17

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.
Isaiah 58; 10

And he answered them, “Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.”
Luke 3; 11

“If among you, one of your brothers should become poor, in any of your towns within your land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother, but you shall open your hand to him and lend him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be. Take care lest there be an unworthy thought in your heart and you say, ‘The seventh year, the year of release is near,’ and your eye look grudgingly on your poor brother, and you give him nothing, and he cry to the Lord against you, and you be guilty of sin. You shall give to him freely, and your heart shall not be grudging when you give to him, because for this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake. For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’
Deuteronomy 15; 7-11

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1; 27

Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.
Proverbs 13; 41

And countless more, all you have to do is google: bible verses, helping the poor, needy, etc.

Or of course you could try the opposite: bible verses about ignoring or kicking the poor, and hoarding your wealth, blaming the victim, and see how many verses pop up... (sarcasm! ((; )

... and as usual I will not look back for the replies, so...
you're welcome! (;

jl said...

Dear TV,

Good Word! :)


jl, humble friend of Yeshua.

jl said...

Dear February 6, 2015 at 11:55 PM


Look up "objective writing". It is jl's writing style.


jl, humble friend of Yeshua.

Sue Botchie said...

"good fit"??? yeah, what am i, a pair of trousers? Wow, i thought i was a human. Silly me ;/