Thursday, February 19, 2015

Infowars Attacks Bible Believers

It doesn't surprise me. I have seen other articles with those messages in them from Infowars. Alex Jones is a deceiver.


Anonymous said...

That stunt Foghorn Jones pulled at the Austin Gun Rally sealed the deal for me. BTW, preacher Bryan teaches perturb rapture. (Psalm 118:8) - Don

Anonymous said...

The evidence that Bill Hicks is actually "Alex Jones" is overwhelming, and Hicks is a hater of the Bible, so.......

Putting that aside, many have said that Alex Jones is there to incite civil disobedience, to get people to revolt with physical violence, which will actually bring the police state in more quickly, and make it seem "justified" to do so. That's Alex's (Bill's) job as he is CIA jesuit controlled opposition.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don I will check those out.

I know Preacher Bryan has a few things I do not agree with, pretrib and Christmas.

I agree Anon that Alex Jones is meant to incite. Did you see this article from some time ago?

Anonymous said...

You made me giggle Don. Foghorn Jones lol... All of the churches today remind me of mlm's (multi level marketing) the spirit world manifesting in the earthly world. By their fruits we shall know them... Take care Remnant Saints, by God's grace we go. - JJ

Aka Alert said...

Don says: “Perturb Rapture”.

LOL! Gotta believe you meant that on purpose, and it’s not a typo… but I can be a little slow at times.

1. to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind; agitate.
2. to throw into great disorder; derange.
Synonyms: trouble, confuse, addle, muddle.

The Pretrib/Perturb Rapture teaching DOES confuse and addle Christians, and muddle the scriptures.

Anonymous said...

Since you brought it up again, I think you should add these to your Christmas list; (Colossians 2:16&17) - Don

Leslie Lim said...

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