Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another Occult Superbowl

I decided I'd put up a video exposing this years Super Bowl, rather then going detail by detail myself. It did not fail in showing their usual satanic displays. I've grown only more and more disgusted and horrified with the one eyed masonic and other displays but these are things that still need to be warned about. Evil is so banal as we see the same loathsome displays in so many entertainment areas now. There's tons of confessing Christians out there watching the Super Bowl. They would never even imagine what the displays in front of their eyes mean but they need to know.

I never watched a video of the half time show, and think it's better to just look at the pictures to know what is going on. I don't want to hear what passes for music nowadays among the masses. Warning: The name of the video-maker bugs me, "White Rabbit" since it is from Alice in Wonderland. I am not sure of the video author's intentions using this as a moniker but it even too has that whole "mind control" vibe to it.

I am pondering one issue lately with the "layers of deception" more and more, and this I brought up long ago discussing the website Vigilant Citizen which I stopped reading long ago--the constant Trojans attacking my computer didn't help, and am more and more wondering if they are simply trying to desensitize people to these Satanic displays. Sometimes this troubles me even when I do this blog. I think "How much should I show?".

 I certainly don't want to help them out immersing all our eyeballs and minds into their Satanic show of spells and rituals but it is something troubling me more and more. There's just too many markers even on the exposers, and yes some of this stuff can make me feel a bit queasy. So consider this as a video put up for information but take with a grain of salt. There's times I can't even explain to you all the depth to which this world horrifies me on so many spiritual levels. Maybe some of you feel the same.

I think year by year the Satanic symbols increase. Anyhow they are up to their usual games. This one goes into the basics. They had "the women riding the beast" and more shown in the video. I didn't watch it though my husband in another room was watching the game and I only saw some of the fourth quarter in the background. He always gets to hear my comments about the modern Roman gladiators, and I told him I think all the games are fixed too, for all the bookies and the NWO types making their money. At least he does not get upset at me for talking about this.

These Superbowl half time shows are always full of NWO symbolism and their occult rituals.


Anonymous said...

It all depends on how its exposed BB. Instead of basing it on "Well they are just trying to desensitize people." maybe trying basing it on "Are they pointing people back to Jesus Christ?" VC does not point people back to Jesus. Actuality a lot of his info is based on Fritz Springmeier info. Just like Illumimati Watcher site, his info is based on David Icke info. That girl that has exposed Brian Head Welch was graphic in her videos but it was biblically based. Even other exposes on Welch and other false teachers and demonic things have been graphic but they point people back to The Lord. Sometimes BB stuff has to be brought to light. Maybe you may be more sensitive to one thing but to another it may really shed light on something. Again the question should be "Are they pointing people back to The Lord?"


Gwen said...

Totally agree with Greg. I used to really like VC until I noticed he never points people to Jesus and deletes comments that do.

I hear you on the strange names of some of the bloggers, BB. I like some of the videos by "round saturn's eye aka r$e" but his name is..,odd. Someone confronted him about it in the comments on one of his videos and his answer was....convoluted.

Anonymous said...


That is what is going on right now. They are part of the conspiracy. VC might very well be part of it, hard to say.

But the idea is that they externalize the conspiracy and those who lead it. THEY CHOOSE TO EXPOSE THEMSELVES, knowing that we will all catch up with it sooner or later anyway, and in doing so, they desensitize us.

We see it happening right in our faces, and we think, well this is always going on, so no big deal.

They are externalizing because, they believe they are far enough along with their plans, that nobody can really stop it anyway.

Of course, Jesus will "allow" it for seven years, and then will return and stop it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Katy Perry, already a known satanist. I was listening to the radio, one of her songs came on with my wife and daughter in the car. The song talked about you should say everything you want to say to people, don't care about what anyone thinks or what might happen for saying it, and "be free".

That kind of "freedom" is not freedom at all. The Bible makes it clear that only a fool would speak everything on his mind. And that even the fool that remains silent, looks wise.

And really, people saying everything on their mind, sounds sick. I am all for free speech, but garbage speech by satanists, I don't want to hear.

I changed the station once I got a whiff of the message.

Kayfabe said...

The NFL is Hunger Games, players are idolized and so are Coaches. Even one fan had a "In Bill we trust" sign in reference to the Patriots head coach. Many of today's Pro Athlete's are lovers of themselves they way they boast and put down their opponents and all the celebrations when a good play is made. NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell has become untouchable. Notice that society more and.more is looking to Sports leagues as Moral Arbiter's. At one time, Sports were simply escapism entertainment and now they have almost become Life itself with all the off the field coverage of athlete's lives. The dozens of all sports cable channels don't help either.

It's sensory and information overload. I permanently deleted my Facebook account because I was tired of all my friends post about every sport and every going on with famous athlete's. Here is my prediction: the President of our country whoever it is at that time will create a Sports Czar with a counsel of the countries Sports league Commisioners such as Roger Goodell (NFL), David Silver (NBA), Gary Bettman (NHL), The MLB commisioner, Dana White of the UFC and Vince McMahon of the WWE. These men will be tasked with keeping the country dumb and distracted with breads and circuses and also policing their players and keeping them in line from not only a behavior perspective but also a socio-political perspective. These athletes, unknowingly or knowingly will promote NWO-UN agendas and will be successful due to the idol worship of sports and its stars.

Faith Guy said...

Ulimtately - look at the REACTION to these Satanic Illuminati rituals that's been playing at these Super Bowl halftime shows the last few years.

30, 20, even 10 years ago - there would have been tons of backlash against them(ie-remember the "wardrobe malfunction" by Janet Jackson in the SB halftime show over 10 years ago, and all the backlash that got?).

On the contrary - in the last few years, either audiences reacted indifferently, or they EMBRACED it.

Buckle up, everyone...the NT Church Age is just about to end(and the 7 year Time of Jacob's trouble could usher in very soon).

As for these sports games - yes, they are rigged(and scripted), IMHO. The New England PATRIOTS winning 4 of these Super Bowls since 9/11? The New Orleans Saints winning one a few years ago shortly after Katrina? Ultimately - it's nothing more than an Academy Awards show...the world loves its own.(and Bread and Circus to boot)

Faith Guy said...

"VC does not point people back to Jesus. Actuality a lot of his info is based on Fritz Springmeier info. Just like Illumimati Watcher site, his info is based on David Icke info."

I think we've discussed Springmeier in other discussions. I saw his "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" presentation at the Prophecy Club(on YouTube), it was quite good.

But outside of that - I think he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. His "Be wise as serpents" was chockful of heresies(ie-attacked the King James Bible, attacked the Jews saying they run the Illuminati, praised Catholic priests who supposedly spoke out against the NWO, etc).

And for someone who was a martyr who spent time in jail(supposedly on a bogus gun charge) - somehow he subsequently started appearing on Alex Jones frequently after he got released. That should raise a red flag right there.

Anonymous said...

I was reading VC a few years ago when I started looking at what was behind stuff. No, he doesn't point to Jesus. I remember on the site he said he was a mystical Christian. The weirdest thing happen one night when I went to bed. I'd been looking good at the VC site a lot and when I closed my eyes it was like all these weird demonic -like figures were like flashing around in my head. It was really creepy. I prayed to have them go away, and they did...but I stopped looking at that site after that. I'll look at it briefly here and there, but that's rare now. It was pretty disturbing. Maybe i was being shown the spirit behind it? I fully believe he can't be trusted.

Unknown said...

I am grateful BB, that you did not do a play by play with every picture and symbol etc.. You have been very tasteful and tactful in how you present info and I appreciate that. I used to go on VC alot when I was first learning, but I have no need to now that I understand. I think there is a learning curve, and then it is no longer necessary, because one recognizes the world for what it is.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks to those who were supportive here. Yes I try to point to the generalities to warn. I agree the other websites to do not point to Jesus Christ. One aspect of the controlled opp type websites is they always point to false cults. Alex Jones always seems to point to Catholicism and New Age awakenings. Icke points to Lucifer and the New Age. VC is not a Christian. Springmeier does have a lot of weird stuff. At times I think some of the most extreme websites that expose mind control and deep conspiracies, have triggers built in, weird language, graphics and on youtube, they have music with the strangest beats they always seemed to pick out of the "trance" catalogue. Even if one says they are a Christian on too many there is always some WEIRD theology--this is on blogs too. I know no one is perfect and I am not, but I am talking total lanes of misdirection.

Faith guy I agree they have far surpassed Janet Jackson and now have warmed up the frogs, it is sickening.

Yes Katy Perry is a Satanist avoid all her music. Sometimes lately I am even wondering about second and third tier singers. There are things that trouble me in the entertainment world I do not have time to voice.

Kayfabe you are right about the sports, what about their use of sports regarding all the scandals? The rapes and domestic abuses by professional athletes? Is that to get people to accept more and more evil behavior. I think they rehired the one who knocked out his wife in an elevator.


Kayfabe said...

Ray Rice got reinstated by the league but no team has signed him but I wouldn't be suprised if a team did sign before the start of next season. The teams are . probably waiting for the backlash to die down which shows them as hypocrites after they all said the right things. I mean many people here in LA still worship Kobe Bryant even tho his accusation of sexual assault went away for some reason. I'm at the point where if you come out as some evil rapist as an athlete or even an abuser of women I dont care how good you are at your sport. Some I know worked at the Inglewood Forum in the 80's and saw vile wicked acts performed by a famous L.A. Laker star, wont mention names because its second hand info but lets just say this man would have been put in prison if caught. Problem is in some communities violence against women is not abhorred the way it should be. In the community I grew up in, it was not something you would be proud of. With Rap music and their promotion of disrespect of women its no wonder we have young men and boys having no class in dealing with opposite sex. I was at the courthouse the other day and this young gang member was blasting a rap song from his phone in the hallway with sexually vulgar lyrics and there were two women there also, I finally got irritated and told him not so nicely to turn that garbage off and that there were women present. To his credit he did so with out saying a word. It just goes to show you that some of our youth are not being taught proper values.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they are probably waiting for more of the heat to cool down and will put him back on another team. It is just more hypocrisy. I was sickened by the defenses I saw for his actions. He could have killed his wife easily with a punch that rendered her unconscious. There seem to be a lot of rapists, including on the college level who abuse drugs and take advantage of intoxicated women or even just violently assault them. They definitely don't have many behavior standards for many of these athletes and in thinking of the young, it is like the evil want to have negative role models for them.

I agree with you they have made things that used to automatically sicken people more accepted. They have led young men to think these things are "normal" and then add to it all the NWO inspired rap and other music with it's disgusting lyrics and degrading women. It is true that respect for women in some communities has been totally wiped away.

I am glad the gang member shut off the music and did not start trouble but probably because you were at a court house. It's not the place to get arrested with police around and future judge who may not be happy with your behavior in his court house.

KJV mom said...

sad and sickening about the Super Bowl , NFL football, and basically all sports. I used to love football until I got saved by Jesus and the Holy Spirit led me to see the violence, the love of money, the disorder, the behavior involved, and now the occult. so why all the cheering when one rich man's company beats another rich man's company? it saddens me that so many Christians get all excited by the Super Bowl and even have parties that night; my son went to one. Let's be good examples for those around us and pray that we too will not love the world.

Bible Believer said...

I agree lets pray we love not the world. I agree with you about one rich man's company against another. I see football as the modern gladiators.