Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Vanity-Vainglory Society

Phil 2:3 Let nothing be done through stife or vainglory; but in the lowlieness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Vain glory is defined thusly

1. excessive elation or pride over one's own achievements, abilities, etc; boastful vanity

2. empty pomp and show.

Vanity of course goes along with this.

Ephesians 4:17 This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind.

Vanity is defined thusly []

1.  excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc; character or quality of being vain; conceit:

2.  an instance or display of this quality or feeling.

3.  something about which someone is vain

4.  lack of real value; hallowness; worthlessness: the vanity of a selfish life

5. something worthless, trivial, or pointless

Doesn't the above describe this world? Empty pomp and show, endless bragging? Endless focus on winning the achievement contest?

We live in the world that has become the selfie kingdom and land of the self-loving narcissists. Everything is about showing off. Everyone wants to be a celebrity! Do you remember the time before when someone could just be an average person and be okay and they didn't have to be a star to prove worth? Today people fall all over each other to be "seen". Everything is about achievement and success, and showing off those achievements. Everything is about showing off conformity and the hoops one has jumped through. Yesterday I did an article on the Duggars and their vainglory for their love of fame, but this stuff isn't just affecting the big names but infusing through society like a poison.

I was raised in a very wicked family where just being there, wasn't enough. Your dignity as a human being had to be bought via success and money otherwise you were nobody and nothing. Honest labor didn't count if you didn't make enough. What you owned and what you could show counted for the most. They literally followed the "Those who Die with the Most Toys Win" ethos.  They are not Christians and hated the fact I became one. As I have mentioned on this blog before, I departed from these family members. I am college degreed and had some semi-professional jobs including the ones I did with violent youth, but got sick. My husband had massive lay-offs in a dying industry. For being poor we became non-persons in this family network. There's far more details to the story but I was ostracized and hated by my upper middle class family for not achieving a certain class status.  My mother actually once told me that I was a failure, this was after I was saved, and yes this was based on my material lacks. Being ill among Satan's sharks by the way brought forth no mercy. The wicked of this world live for vanity and vainglory.

Ecc 5:10 He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase; this is vanity.

However being a Christian took me to a far different place. Their lives were vain. They put material possessions as the top and foremost thing in their lives. One relative of mine even recently knowing I do not celebrate Christmas and am of humble means, sent me a photo online of 60-70 presents he had bought, he had a giant pile of presents around his Christmas tree. There had to be at least a few thousand dollars represented in this Christmas shopathon. To some this would be crass behavior, but to him this was normal. "Look what I could afford!"

I remember being in high school and crying because I was not a straight A student, I was an A-/B+ student. There was one time I brought home a report card with 6 As on it and one B+ in the 5th grade. My father actually said to me, "What's with the B+?". Nothing was ever good enough. We have a society now being run by abusive wicked parents otherwise known as the global elites, who do not promote good character but conformist serfdom that demands jumping through endless hoops. Here their chosen pets get a few more bennies and they form societies with giant underclasses and "throwaway" people.  People are crushed as "losers", "worthless" unless they have a perfect body, and their thoughts conformed to the mainstream. They are told to "pull themselves" up by their bootstraps and that they are human refuse for failing to do so, as the global elite cleans out the tills. This is one trend in society seriously worrying me. Sadly many of the people tossed overboard aren't connecting with each other, they are still aspiring to the world they were cast out of.

Proverbs 30:8  Remove far from me vanity and lies: given me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me.

Love of riches and wealth is a major part of this vanity. Our society has grown worse in this regard. Have you noticed how everyone is all wealthy on TV and in our other media? No one in the lower classes is even shown anymore. Working class people have been erased from the airwaves. There is a reason for this. They need to have the poor ignore each other thinking they are the "only ones" and personally responsible for all of their own failures. The Disney land dreams stay more intact when being poor supposedly is from personal failure even with shows like Drugs Inc. and 48 Hours showing the direct rot of our cities. The New Age stuff helps run this engine with books like "The Secret" informing people they are suffering because they didn't think the right thoughts.

Everything becomes about status and running up the hill. Status seems to be the highest good now to many.  In the world, I watch people back-stab each other to acquire status and to be "seen".  They no longer make friends, they network. They aspire. They all want to make names for themselves. Even charities are full of people doing good works not for the implicit meaning of helping others, but to gain standing.  They operate according to Satan's rules of trashing other people and trying to remove the people they see as the "weakest" link. This is some of the stuff that leads people right into Satan's arms as they close down conscience and lie to acquire power.  The constant strife and squabbling can give you a headache. One reason I believe the USA economy is failing is because in the work place, people are more busy trying to play one-upmanship rather then innovate or work. Too many friends tell me how they are "investigating" so and so, and how the personality games never end at their work places.

Here you see people treating life like it is a fill up your resume' contest. Who's better then who? Who got more done? Who's on more committees? Who's been the most places? I have to admit being a person of more humble means when I am around careerists who see life as nothing but for resume building. I want to throw up. When I moved from a rural area to a more affluent area, I have to admit this was something very difficult to contend with.

What happens in a society where everything is a competition? Some right wingers may slap their chests and tell me, "Competition is healthy, you commie!", but I am not talking about business innovation but competition that cuts and trashes, where other human beings are simply seen as being in the way to be thrown away and weeded out. Social Darwinism that cancels out altruism and the modern Hunger Games contests determines who is considered worthy. Even our work world is based on the weeding out process. America is going to a very sick place where a thin sliver of elites are the only ones who are employable in jobs that can actually pay the bills.

When did life become a vain game of musical chairs where the "in crowd" gained so much control? When did we get to the point where human beings were denied worth in God and had to constantly prove themselves according to a long list of false rules?

When did we get to the point where only the "stars" count? Where being ordinary individuals with love and connection with others no longer counts? Our society has grown more wicked and far more narcissistic via the love of vanity. The long lists of broken people who have been given crazy dreams that only a very few achieve are immense. For every "winner" there's a hundred "losers" sitting broken hearted, despairing and dejected.  For every "beautiful woman", there are hundred plainer ones who feel ignored and despondent if they do not have the love of God. You ever wonder why the suicide and depression rates are skyrocketing? This is part of the reason. Being a person just being themselves isn't enough anymore to this wicked world. They are handed false aspirations and the vanity of seeking after material possessions and worldly enjoyments instead of God's Will. "All is vanity". It's true.

I think when someone becomes a Christian and you get seasoned along the way, your view of this world tilts. What others consider the highest ideals become emptiness to you. It means nothing in the face of eternity and yes it does become hollow. Perhaps you relate to me in that feeling you get watching the world go by, thinking "It's so empty!". We don't want to give in to despair or say everything is meaningless, but a lot of this world is empty. It's dead inside. It means nothing in the long term. Sometimes you wake up look out and think, "I simply can't stand this place!" This is one thing that actually will create a chasm between you and the non-believing world.

I feel the pressure of vanity in my own life. I am not perfect. Having the family I had, sometimes I have had the thought, "When am I going to be somebody?" It is a thought that filters in. I had the pressure for years thinking if only I could have some great success or achievement maybe my family would love and accept me, today I care most about my relationship with God. To survive this world, often I have to go to God's Word and ask "What is important to God?" A lot of the wicked buried in vanity will seek to judge you and destroy you. If you are humble means, they will call you a "loser". You will feel lost and lonely among people who no longer can love, nor connect. You will see doors slammed in your face by the vain, who don't want any realness or authentic people around them. Avoid vain persons if you can as much as possible. Psalm 26:4. They bring a person pain.

I see this mentality with the Duggars. If one child "fails", woe to that poor kid unless they obtain a relationship with God to help them out! Their children and grown adult children are beautiful, they are seen as the perfect people to aspire by naïve Christians, but those naïve Christians miss biblical training and what God thinks as they elevate this family where appearances count for so much. My fear for the Duggar children as individuals rests in the harm that can come in a narcissitic family where vanity is held up as the highest goods, where success, achievement, fame and looks is everything. All the Duggar daughters are beautiful, and one knows the pressure is on to be thin and "look a certain way". In false churches and cults, physical beauty, appearances, wealth and success become the greatest good.  People fall down before the vanity of this world growing more distant from God. Their religion becomes one of self elevation.

 We see this in our society, looks count the most. But it's all through out society. Look at the false pride based on looks, wealth, fame. God is no longer honored but the self. When one sees vain people who have embraced the shallowness of the world, something odd seems to happen to them. They act like everything here will last forever. Eternity seems to fade for them and life here in this world becomes everything. They never think of the good times ending. They ignore the fact they may be getting their reward here instead of later. They are also cruel to those who have stepped off the treadmill. Vanity leads to destruction and we live in a society that is far more vain then ever.


Anonymous said...

BB, I agree with what you are saying in regards to stepping off the treadmill. One actually becomes an outcast within the church community because that is going against the flow of mainstream Christianity. I really don't care what the lost (unsaved) think, because they ARE lost. I expect that kind of worldly VAIN behavior from them. But when it's coming from the church community...Wow! I must say, stepping off the treadmill is quite liberating and freeing. You can actually feel the chains of bondage to this world break away. Praise God for the power of His Holy Spirit! Vanity is bondage to exhausting and boring! John 15:18-19, "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." AMEN! To God be the glory!

Bible Believer said...

LOL my comment was kind of vain glorious. So I took it down. I really do want them free of the cult.

Bible Believer said...

Yes you become an outcast. I agree about not caring what the lost think but what about confronting some of these things in the church community too. The focus on status, appearances and more can be just as bad if not worse. I agree about being free of it all. I agree about the chains of this world breaking away.

Kayfabe said...

Fantastic article! You have captured the atmosphere of Modern Day Western Society perfectly. I see some of that vainglory here at work and the race to step on anyone in the way of career advancement. I hold on only for my family to pay the bills but honestly the passion for my job has left. Everyday I half to pump myself up to be all in so to speak. I used to be so gung ho for my job. In the sports world, Vainglory overflows. The idolization of people like Joe Paterno and Kobe Bryant, men who have been accused of immoral deeds (Joe for protecting a pedophile and Kobe for alleged sexual assault). Notice also how the media talks about celebrities and spots stars Legacies. The Bible says we are a mere vapor here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have the exact same family... I also became sick and am seen as a loser because I don't "make lot's of money". I have millionares in my family.. It's really strange..I don't even own a flat screen tv, or an i anything...I don't even want an i pad or anything like that. My sister's are still competing about their weight well into their 50's.It's ridiculous.I haven't got the energy to be that vain anymore..I'm not perfectly detached from the world; but I say "Come quickly Lord Jesus".
Right after my brother told me the rest of my family thought I was a loser his life started to fall apart.
People in my family have traveled the world. I have no desire to do this.I see them as lacking mercy.
But ,I admit, they do get to me occasionally. I have had to cut off almost all contact, do to some wickedness..
Great article!Thanks !

Blizzard of Bugs said...

Thank you for the post. Thank you for sharing part of your testimony. I look forward to the day the Lord comes. For now however I pray as Jesus prayed, not for the world but for the those who will come to know him. His will be done!

Anonymous said...

BB, you said, "I agree about not caring what the lost think but what about confronting some of these things in the church community too. The focus on status, appearances and more can be just as bad if not worse." My will know them by their fruit. Sadly, many "professing Christians" remain lost. That's why they continue to look and act just like the world (no difference). I love is the book of God's grace. In chptr. 5 He explains the way of the believer. V.6, "Let no man deceive you with VAIN words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.
v.7, "Be not ye therefore partakers with them." v.11 "AND HAVE NO FELLOWSHIP WITH THE UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF DARKNESS, BUT RATHER REPROVE THEM." God's word doesn't get any clearer than this. We pray that they will quickly see the errors of their way.

Anonymous said...

This topic has been on my mind a lot lately. Here is some encouragement from the Word:

The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity......this sore travail hath God given to the sons of man to be exercised therewith.

For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope...

This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

James Markham said...

Excellent piece on the new idolatry of the world, which is not so new, but the worship of ourselves.

I am confused though. I understand not conforming to the world and the dangers of philosophies of man corrupting truth, but what I can't follow along with is just exactly how do you suppose you witness for Christ without being involved with peoples lives?

In 1 Corinthians 9 Paul clearly states he becomes all things to all men to win them for Christ( and I do realize the Holy Spirit is the one who leads people, but God uses us to help, not because He need us, but for our own benefit)

if we look further into Jesus, and His time on earth, His whole life was spent relationally with others.(THE UNSAVED). He did care(and still does care) what they say and think. All man was created in God's image, and all man was crafted by Him in the womb, and Christ died and rose for all man. Whether or not someone chooses to submit or reject Him has no bearing on how I should treat them.

Your fear of this world is puzzling. God created this world, He created everyone in it, He foreknew man's fall and still allows it to continue. Even if you believe people are your enemies, Jesus still commanded you to love them. Then Paul wrote a clear example of what love is. The Holy Spirit's fruit is all love based. Where is love in comments like ( I don't care what the unsaved think)? I spend my life working with the unsaved, and their lives matter to God. All truth comes from God, and He doesn't just use the elect to point out what is wrong with the world. All things wether good or bad are used for His purpose. Have we so quickly forgotten how utterly lost we all were? We were once the ones in the muck and mire before God pulled us out. It seems awfully vain to elevate yourselves as some sort of higher moral intellect than those that are lost. It is only through Christ that we are redeemed, all have sinned, and I havn't ever met a Christian that still doesn't sin, maybe not as outwardly as before, but in the heart, where only God can see.

My point, you have the Holy Spirit living in you. The law is no more, Christ fufilled it. If God cares about every person on this fallen planet, how do you plan to reach them? Screaming at people that they are sinners and going to hell is ridiculous. People don't believe in hell, or sin for that matter. God works miracles today by transforming sinners into saints. I like Paul will jump into the mire to pull people out if God tells me to, I will live without fear, for perfect love casts out all fear, I will follow His command to love my neighbour, which includes the lost.

Gwen said...

Great post, BB! You really hit all the important pillars of the matter. A lot of meat here.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Kayfabe, I understand the job thing, the work world is getting worse and worse growing more cut throat by the day. I understand people having to pump themselves up to deal with all the dramas that go far beyond the job duties. I agree about the sports, and the sports figures seem to be growing more and more rotten, wicked and corrupt like the guy who beat up his wife in the elevator. I agree we are a mere vapor here.

Bible Believer said...

Yes many in the churches are more lost people, they are just like the world and seek after it's vanities and status.

Yes Ephesians is one of my favorite books too.

4 I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called,

2 With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love;

3 Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Gwen.

James Markham, we are supposed to separate from the world but I am not living in a cave somewhere. Sometimes wish I could, LOL so I encounter all sorts of people. Most people I encounter in day to day life outside some Christians I fellowship with, are the unsaved and lost. This is true of most born again Christians out there, unless you live extremely remotely that is the way it happens. We have to be careful of the warnings in the Bible to depart from the wicked and seared but yes many of us will have opportunities to preach the gospel to many lost people.

We should treat everyone with love and kindness but there are times where we have to depart. The Bible tells us not to eat with the covetous and railers for instance.

Why do you see fear of the world in the above? I haven't had a protected sheltered life. There is truly evil in this world. This place is not a candy land.

Also be careful of those who preach to you that you are to stick by the wicked. Much false forgiveness is taught so you have weak-minded people enabling evil-doers because they have been told by a milquetoast preacher that they are supposed to "forgive" everyone even the unrepentant and seared wicked. This is simply not true.

When someone writes here, "I don't care what the unsaved think", I do not think it is to be cruel or to close them out but meant in the way that, we do not think the way they do, even looking at our own unsaved past we know they are lost in the fog and confusion. That is how I took that comment, they are lost in the world.

I don't think we should elevate ourselves above the lost either. Self righteousness can be a trap of it's own. We all can fall into vanity.

What is wrong with the discussion of sin or vanity? I was born again because someone told me direct, "you will be going to hell". It made me think.

No one here is saying hate the lost or even the vain. when I was unsaved, I remember reading articles by Christians who discussed the shallowness of this world, and it got me thinking. These particular Christians were talking about how women had to focus so much on outward beauty.

I don't think there is anything wrong with discussion of these issues.

January 8, 2015 at 9:54 PM Delete

Bible Believer said...

Sorry anon, you have the same type of family. Yes people get pegged with being a loser in our society it is so wrong. I have very well off ones too. I've never had a flat screen TV or Ipad and would not know how to use either. Add even a cell phone to that list. [I dont consider these things evil just have never had it]

It's too bad your sisters are competing against each other. I wish your brother had been kinder to you. Sometimes God will lead us to walk if there is wickedness and abuse. It is not wrong. Some may call people who do this [remember the division warned of in the bible by Jesus] wicked or unforgiving. Every situation, a person has to be led by God and has it's own circumstances. How does one remain around people who outwardly hate the gospel? It's not going to work relatives or no relatives. I am dealing with seared territory here too. I agree with the poster above we are to love the lost, but there are times where "depart from the wicked" supercedes this.

jl said...

Dear Children of the Resurrection,

It is the broken Christian, (the ones who God has shattered and remolded the vessels) that can be a true testimony to a lost and dying world. Those Christians have totally understood the concept of crucifying the flesh daily.

It is the heart of the broken Christian that contains the very image of Christ. Their own glory(aka vainglory) has faded, and Christ's glory radiates.

You can share the gospel to a lost and dying world without being a part of the world. jl does this by following Christ command to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." jl does this by sharing the gospel to whom I cross paths (ie grocery store, parks, dmv, your family, friends, doctors, teachers, etc).

One thing jl have learned is that the lost are MANY, MANY, MANY! Christ words ring true that the "harvest is PLENTIFUL, but the laborers are few."

Also, the lost are looking for something different. jl does not need to become Rapper Christian jl, Death Metal Christian jl, Vampire Christian jl, or any other worldly image to share the gospel. I believe the bible and the Holy Spirit is self sufficient, and God don't need my "strange fire" to improve His great commission. This world offers no hope, but Christ offers hope for a dying world.


jl, humble slave of EL ELYON

James Markham said...


I don't remember saying there is anything wrong with discussing such matters. In fact, I believe more should be discussed. Your article was an exact portrayal of today's vain society.

If I took a comment out of context or misread it, then I apologize. I am wary and tired of self-righteousness and sometimes probably read it when it's not there.

That's why I posed my comment as a question. I am not an American, and have often struggled with anger and frustration about how I hear the church in America treat the lost.

One day God simply let me know that I was holding onto resentment and bitterness towards such people. So I looked for a blog somewhere to try and understand better the perspective of what would be called here "legalism".

Not that I believe you fall into that category, but if I recall correctly, it was because of your comment about the KJV being the only Bible that I started reading your blog.

Needless to say, I find that statement ridiculous and it has been proven not to be true. There is nothing wrong with the KJV, and I try to read it when I will follow your blog to try and gain insight into where you are coming from.

I am confused about your reference to the verse in Corinthians 5. The covetous and railers Paul is talking about are brothers and sisters in Christ, not the lost.

Kayfabe said...


I agree with BB here. I understand how some people think we are just to love on others endlessly even when they are down right wicked to us. It feels good to say and also warm and fuzzy. It is not however what were taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yes we are not repay evil with evil but we also are told to walk circumspectly and not as fools being wise as serpents and harmless as Doves. To me there is marked difference from sincere unbelievers however misled and those who are flat out wicked. I think your reasoning applies when there are people in our lives who aren't openly hostile towards us and the gospel. For example even Jesus said to the disciples as they went out two by two's to kick the dust from their feet when leaving households that didn't receive their words and also not to let their peace rest upon said household.

BB is right, only the Milquetoast Pastors preach the message of Love and keep yourself around the Wicked even at your and your families own peril. Are you really telling me that we are to surround ourselves and our precious loved ones with those who will think nothing of murdering and using hard core sorcery and the brutal gang members that kill for money and territory? Does not God want us to exercise our discernment?

Why does the milquetoast Pastor preach this lazy and deceiving message? Because more often than not he hasn't experienced too much life outside of his usually homogenized upbringing as many of them were raised in the "Church" so to speak. They don't know the realities of having a Sister involved in a homosexual relationship and the struggle of bringing their kids to bbq's all in the name of "Love" to spend time with their cousins and such only to expose them to almost nothing but lesbian/homosexual couples. So at what cost do I subject my family members to this all in the name of "Love"? I did this for a couple years yet no change at all from my sister. I then met with her at starbucks and showed her scripture re what God says about that lifestyle and we cried however that didn't change her and she then told a friend of mine "She no longer had a brother". last time I was at her place to pick up my daughters from a b day party she had for my niece I felt the Hate as I walked in the room and there were about 30 people in the living room and you could hear a pin drop. Do you think I am going to subject my family to that when my sister and her friends made it clear they were not going to change or repent? Nope, they heard the message and rejected it flat out. My sister fast forward three years later is now getting married legally and appears to have been given over to a debased mind.

See the Milquetoast Pastors many times don't live in reality and live in the Disneyland Bubble where everyone is a good guy at heart. If you know a radical muslim that wants to kill Christians, are you going to hang with even after he rejects the gospel? I just moved my family away from a bad neighborhood in a Los Angeles suburb. It was gang and drug infested, so am I supposed to keep my family there in the name of "Love" just to be all warm and fuzzy or do I protect my family knowing that many there have had the gospel preached to them but reject it due to their own evil desires?

jl said...

Dear BB,

I've noticed that you did not post my comment. Did I say something offensive?


jl, humble slave of EL ELYON

Bible Believer said...

JL your comment was good. It got sent accidentally to spam. I went and checked for it and posted it here.
I agree that for the Christian, Jesus Chrit's glory is what becomes important. I love your line about not becoming a Rapper etc, Christian.

I agree one can share the gospel without becoming part of the world. Christians are not to compartmentalize themselves. This means you show the gospel and tell the truth to every person you meet. There are lost people who know I disagree with them on worldly things they have embraced. I do not abuse them for it but they know where I stand.

I agree about spreading the gospel where you can. The lost are indeed MANY. The majority.

Bible Believer said...

Self righteousness is a danger. Have I been vain? I am sure I have. We all have and it is a sin to be confessed to God.

I think the American church treats the lost badly too. Even how the poor [which I have posted on some years past] are treated abysmally and cast out. We don't want to get the attitude we are better, I was a Christ-rejecting, Theosophist UU who lived for the things of the world before I was born again. If you are new to this blog, I did not become a Christian until middle adulthood.

Legalism is a danger. When I was a lost person, I thought I never could be like "those Christians" and remember thinking because I did not have the right job and the white picket fence, I simply 'didn't fit". That is messed up and it took reading God's Word and being led to it. Posting this article was not easy. I did worry, will I look like a legalistic curmudgeon, mad and calling a woman vain maybe for putting a spot of lipstick? I suppose my endeavor was to get people to see what the world is living for, the appearances, the riches, the things that pass away. Hopefully I accomplished this.

I am glad you do not think I am a legalist. Hey they frighten many away from the gospel when they think it's nothing but a long list of rules. I stick to the KJV because corrupted bible versions--Hort Wolcott. Of course I am not technically KJV Only where they believe it is new inspiration. Could someone be saved reading the NIV? Sure. I was born again when all I had was a bad Catholic Bible and some tracts.

For Cor 5, I see what you are saying [this is a verse to protect us from false Christians who call themselves Christians, who are slaves to sin. Everyone sins but someone showing the fruits of railing, etc, that is not good.

However I do believe God will lead us to depart from some wicked unsaved people. This would be the seared. Those to leave the dust of your sandals too. I'll explain more when I respond to Kayfabe.

8 Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

9 I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:

10 Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.

11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?

13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

jl said...

Thanks BB,

I just wanted to make sure I didn't say anything wrong.


jl, humble slave of el elyon

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Kayfabe, I agree. False Christianity preaches a false love and often it encompasses the wicked. Christians are not to be doormats that the evil can wipe their feet on. Yes Turn the other cheek, but evil rules in an enviornment where the Christian is told to "love evil" essentially. Many do not admit or "see" that total evil exists in this world. Some people have been more sheltered. Some have not encountered people who are devoid of conscience, who have shut it down over decades. They deny evil exists in a certain way. There are some of these type of people in the churches and they preached that Christians are to forgive and LOVE all, even those who hate God, are stiff-necked and refuse to repent. How does that make any sense? Yes there is a difference between a sincere lost person even one deep into slavery to sin and one turned over to total evil with a seared conscience.

There is a reason the Bible warns of reprobates, but sadly this preaching is lost in many of the churches. Yes even Jesus Christ and the apostles said "Leave the dust of your sandals".

The milquestoast pastors tell us to stay around the wicked. Problem is if you stay around the wicked, they REND you. They also influence you and put barriers in your way. Spiritual destruction is on the path of hanging in there with the wicked. Kayfabe has a good question, what about those who will murder or commit sorcery? I worked myself with violent young people including some who had committed the most loathsome of crimes including murder in a few cases. Were all forever lost to the gates of hell, surely not, but one could see those few who had already become seared at a young age, a darkness in their eyes. People become victims to sociopaths trying to be forgiving and "loving" to the wicked. They become in "thrall" to them and do not protect the weak and innocent. Out in the world we will encounter the evil too, and some are truly wolves in sheep's clothing, where no one would ever imagine. Would you stay by a relative who shows all attributes of not having a conscience who has forbidden you to even mention the word "God" in their house?

Bible Believer said...

This is a huge problem I see in mainstream Christianity, where evil is to be enabled, and there isn't honesty about evil in this world. The Disney land dreams suffice as people are lulled to sleep. Even the hippies pushed love and peace, but what did it mean without truth? This opens the door for the evil and wolves in sheep's clothing to gain power untold and one reason there are so many in the pulpits. The people in the pews have been told to love "everyone" and to shut down discernment and tell the ones who call out evil, that they are "mean". I agree about the pastor with the homogenized upbringing. I've seen this myself. They can't even imagine the things I have seen in this world, children living in a room with a literal carpet of cockroaches on the side wall, which I saw while doing home visits at one job. That same pastor with the same middle class background would flip out at someone even telling them they had to dumpster dive to eat.

As I have written Divisions are coming NOW, within families, not tommorow. The Christians being cast out or being convicted to walk away are told they are the "mean" ones by the homogenized churches. What if you were in the place where you felt you had to pick between Jesus Christ and your family. In my case Jesus Christ had to win hands down. I took persecution even by the age of 18 for daring to leave the family church. I am sorry you went through that Kayfabe, it sounds like you tried your best but you did have to protect your children. Feeling that hate as you picked up your daughter had to be very difficult indeed. I know that had to be heart breaking watching your sister enter that lifestyle. I will pray she will one day be freed but understand you parting ways. It is not you being legalistic or righteous.

I agree that many in the false churches and elsewhere being given a false bubble gum gospel have been told to deny the existence of evil. In my life, I have lost everyone who can't tolerate the Christian message, can tell one acquaintanceship is on the edge, and been convicted to walk from others. Yes what of those who want to kill Christians? You have a point there definitely. I lived in a very bad neighborhood myself one where I heard gunshots and got jumped. Praise God you got your family out of there Kayfabe. You made the right choice.

There is real love that tells the truth and confronts evil and the false love, of "anything goes" where excuses and enabling of evil is part in parcel. I think of the people who never stood up for the underdog or the oppressed but would cry out for the wicked. Often false love is used by the exploitative and manipulative wicked to get ahead of their would be victims.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks JL, I am glad I found it.

Oh this article will add to the above conversation too.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your testimony concerning your family Bible Believer. It grieved me to read this as life in these types of families is incredibly lonely and often the Believer and Follower is misunderstood or scape goated/abused. God's Word tells us this would happen, and yet, we have such Hope in Jesus and a new family in Christ, which consists not of fleshly blood, but only by His Blood. Praise God that He rules!

And JL, you are spot on. Of late, after leaving the organized 501c. 3 western church system, there has been attacks made that those who do not attend "the church" are unsaved, lost, some use the term "backsliding", accused of having never been born again in the first place, and are hell bound. Evidently, one must "go to church or have a membership card, or a signed covenant/contract of sorts in order to go to heaven. And like you JL, there is such joy in talking of our Wondrous Savior, Jesus, and witnessing His Truth, His Glorious Sacrifice, and His Infinite Love to us sinners so that mankind will be saved and rule with Him when we choose to submit to the public forum.

Praise God for you JL! Praise our LORD. For we are to "BE THE CHURCH" 24/7 in our homes and wherever we go in the public arena, not just on Saturday afternoon, or Sunday morning to pretend to be holier than we really are and live like hell bound abominations the rest of the week.

In fact, a friend's dad visited with me in the grocery store just the other day and asked me where I go to church. My response, "I don't attend an organized church right now because I am just sick and tired of all of the gross gossip, and the slander and lies against each other that come out of the their holy mouths. I just don't miss any of that. But I do love reading my Bible and allowing God, the Holy Spirit to minister and teach me the Glorious Truths of His Word. There is such Hope in that!!!!"


Anonymous said...


Since I love this friend's dad as he reminds me of my own dad, (so blessed to have a good relationship with both dad and mom, PTL), so there was no inhibition in asking him, "Do you read your Bible?"

And his response was "No. But I suppose if you read your Bible that's really all you need." End of conversation.

Like you, JL, God, the Holy Spirit, draws and leads people to believers as well as unbelievers who are desperately in need of hearing the Gospel. Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you," and so He is with us wherever we go. There is such peace in meeting another born again believer in Christ, in the grocery store or in the gas station line, and when you mention a truth out of the Bible, there is immediate kinship and your new friend in Christ says, "I am so sorry you are going through that, I will be praying for you in the Name of Christ." They leave, and you are filled with the Glory of God, fully knowing they love you and will be praying in the Spirit for you.

In my former church, only the few "select" are worthy of prayer and other "see my works" perks.

Do most in the church, seriously read their Bibles, or do they rely on some pastor, or leadership person to interpret Scriptures for them....similar to the dark ages? Do most churched believe they are going to heaven because they attend a 501c. 3 each and every week....yet hide such hatred in their hearts, do the churched believe they are more holy because they "tithe" regularly and proceed to boast "the church is going to miss me because our family "tithes!!!!"...wooo hooo....., or do the churched believe they are god's chosen because of all the good works they do, with most making sure that mankind sees and praises their efforts?

Serious questions for the vain glory church attendee.

And yet, perhaps two question remain...

"What does real and true repentance look like amongst the churched, for we don't see it practiced within its walls?"

"What does Biblical humility look like in a churched Christian, for there is much boasting and bragging about the "self" with the words "I am so proud....."

Yes. This is what the "churched" look like in the west and they love to have it so.

Then comes Jesus.....the exact opposite of what we see in western Christianity........Then comes JESUS.

Who then shall boast? Not I.

Anonymous said...

dear bible believer are you a disinfo agent

Bible Believer said...


Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon, sadly there are many Christians coming out of families like this who were 'setteth solitary" Life in these type of families is lonely and the wicked often will turn the bystanders and more neutral against the Christian. The division comes for many of us. I agree about our new families in Jesus Christ. Those are our true brothers and sisters as Jesus told us.

Mark 3:31 There came then his brethren and his mother, and, standing without, sent unto him, calling him.

32 And the multitude sat about him, and they said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren without seek for thee.

33 And he answered them, saying, Who is my mother, or my brethren?

34 And he looked round about on them which sat about him, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

35 For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.

King James Version (KJV)

Gwen said...

I think it's worth considering no church is perfect bc it's composed of imperfect people. There is something to be said about submitting oneself to a pastor and learning to deal with people through fellowshipping. The bible tells us to.

Anonymous, this isn't meant as offense but I discern unforgiveness and bitterness behind what you wrote here.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you BB for your kind words, and your comments of explanation to James. I think a lot of people either have not had really wicked people in their lives who won't repent and are causing them harm, or they are somehow sheltered from a lot of evil( not meaning you Mark, I do not know you). I know people who do not think evil exists!? To me that is really naive. We can separate from evil. We can still pray for the person to turn around, but as BB said, they can put stumbling blocks in front of you and some will even try to destroy you. Yes, people can be that wicked..
Also thanks to Kayfabe and JL for their comments also.
I had a church person tell me I had to be more forgiving than God, to someone who was really abusive to me and would not stop. That's how bad the false forgiveness has gotten, and the lack of discernment...

KJV mom said...

Good article again, BB, and my heart goes out to fellow believers who really suffer from unbelieving relatives. I'm one of the few Christians in my extended family; many don' understand what I do or the positions I take; it can feel lonely at times, but we do have Jesus. I wish that many, including my own children, would see that much of our culture is shallow, as is much of American Christianity. They're too accepting of anything that calls itself Christian-they need more discernment. BB, I'm still praying for your health, and have you ever read the tract " Others May...You Cannot"? it shows how we be willing to make of ourselves of no reputation-excellent!

Anonymous said...

Thank-You Gwen, I appreciate your comment and receive it in love. You are not correct in your assessment so I can speak to you in truth.

I came out of an abusive church system where I DID submit myself to a pastor and leadership system........instead of submitting myself unto Jesus. I placed my life in the hands of men and women who seek to have followers after themselves, rather speaking the truth in telling us to follow Jesus and His teachings and His ways.

We must read, study, and meditate upon the Scriptures for ourselves, dear Gwen, and allow God, the Holy Spirit, to teach and minister to us directly, otherwise we will be the prey of those who believe they are more "anointed" than everyone else, and yes, this includes "the discernment ministries" that we visit on a regular basis. We must test everything according to the very Word of God, for He tells us to do so.

I am truly thankful for the abuse endured in my former church (others left as well because of the abuse they suffered...the control and manipulation of a sexually immoral pastor and leadership who covered his sins as well as sought to lord over those they deemed as "the lesser Christians" is not a Scriptural New Testament church). Praise God that He can teach us directly through His Word and that we can fellowship with other believers outside of the 501. c 3 church in our homes, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, and the like.

We can now speak the name of Jesus freely, uninhibited and naturally, wherever we go, for the Holy Spirit is living inside of us and the chains of man's opinions are no longer making us bondservant to man, but to Christ instead.

The freedom and liberty that we have in Christ, outside of orchestrated religion, makes it far easier to follow where the Spirit is leading us. And if we truly obey the two greatest commandments:

Matthew 22:35-40

"Then one of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, and saying, "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment of the law?"


Anonymous said...

"Jesus said to him, "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.

"This is the first and great commandment."

"And the second is like it; 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'

"On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets."

In churched we are commanded to obey the 10 commandments, and yet most do not love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds....

and few love their neighbors as then, what good are the 10 commandments if we cannot even follow the two greatest?

Gwen, you are correct... there is no perfect church, but there is One who is Perfect, Jesus....and His Name and His Words are NEVER spoken of by the churched....only the Nicolaitan pastor up on the pulpit system. So as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, would we not want to speak of His Wonders and what we are learning in His Word to each other as we minister to one another.....another words "BE THE CHURCH WHEREVER WE GO, 24/7.

The unchurched (501c. 3) within my community who love our LORD Jesus Christ as their own, minister far more to me than those who attend the buildings made with human hands down the street, for the Holy Spirit, is literally working and moving in their/our lives and there is a huge difference between the two.

Could it be possible, Gwen, with the state the church is in today, that it will be organized religion that will rise up and literally murder true, born of the Spirit, filled Christians here in this country? I personally believe this to be true, for currently, I see people in churches murdering each other with their wicked thoughts and speech, against those who love God and who truly love and would desire to do no wrong against their neighbor.

So in conclusion, we must be very careful in using the "bitterness and angry" clause, for many of us who have experienced those same tokens in abusive church systems have already experienced what "the brood of vipers" can accomplish. And to God be the Glory, those individuals are now used by Him in counseling and teaching others who Jesus truly is.....for Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Praise now free to proclaim the Glory of His Name. Alleluia!


Bible Believer said...

I don't believe in submitting to a pastor. I am seeking Christian fellowship now and even then will say of pastors, if you have a good one who preaches from the Word of God, that is a great thing but submission to one? No, we are to submit to God. Good pastors can be great teachers and help in guidance, but we are never to supplant our minds to one. There are many Christians outside the church system not able to find any fellowship or good church in their area.

Anon, I think there are people who haven't faced deep evil. I won't blame them, I do not want everyone to suffer at the hands of the wicked, but sadly many can go into misunderstanding about how the wicked really operate.

Some see the world in a completely different way. I know my life has been a more difficult one then average for an American. Evil to me is not just something far away but something I have personally faced, it does change your viewpoint.

Yes we can pray for the wicked to repent but there are the seared wicked who are out to destroy. If we keep company with the wicked, stumbling blocks are assured.
A lot of church people are repeating false preaching of pastors which is to give place to the wicked. That one is to forgive the still sinning wicked who have not repented. It is one of the worse mistakes out there and one that causes endless spiritual havoc.

Bible Believer said...

KJV Mom, I am sorry you have an unbelieving family too. It is tough. I am the only Christian in mine. We have Jesus Christ and that is far greater. My family fully embraces the culture and many wicked aspects of it. I agree about many of the confessing Christians needing far more discernment. I will check that tract out. Thanks for your prayers. :)

Bible Believer said...

Anon I am glad you were able to come out of an abusive church system. We are to test all pastors by God's Word. Submitting to one unquestioningly is what runs the train of false religions and cults. I say this even as I am seeking fellowship in my community with other Christians. Blind obedience to pastors and letting them do the "spiritual work" you should be doing yourself is a bad idea. .

God's Word and Holy Sprit is to be our leaders not man.

I agree with what you say. I also agree it pertains to "discernment ministries". I am only a human and know I can be wrong. Test everything, and test everything I write here too.

Many are being spiritually abused in false churches. I am ministering to someone now who was abused in a charismatic church where basically sociopaths used religion to abuse a vulnerable person.

I agree about sharing Jesus Christ out in our communities and with other Christians we can praise His Name and talk joyfully of what He has done for us.

Bible Believer said...

sorry for typos, typing fast today, still dealing with illness.

Holy Sprit should be The Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

I am always dealing with illness, so my typos are many! I decided for myself anyway,it was just vanity to feel I have to leave the perfect comment.
I always notice atheist's try to point out any grammatical or spelling errors Christians have to say they are stupid..It's just not true. I myself may have lost IQ points since my illness (and maybe I wasn't always the smartest person), but grammar and spelling errors have nothing to do with whether someone is speaking the truth.
I just try to leave the best comment I can in concert with how I am feeling at the time; not to stress myself out..If I was a teacher ,of course I would have to try to do better..

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon. Yes chronic illness will affect IQ and the brain. I will pray for you, sorry you have gone through that.

I can't manage perfect grammar or spelling here. LOL I do try to do 2 readings of every article to check for mistakes. However I'm only one person. I did not do well at spelling bees, and there are still words I can't spell. Automatic Spell check helps with a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BB - I have a little spell checker I like better than the one on the computer; but my spelling has gotten so bad that I find I have to spend so much time trying to see if my spelling is correct!It's exhausting..
I can see my last post needed a comma in one sentence; but no matter how hard I look when I'm checking, I don't see it till after it's posted! Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer,

Appreciate the fact you apologize for spelling errors and such.

For your comfort, the last abusive church system I belonged to on a Pentecostal/charismatic/Baptist scale paid close attention to every "jot and tittle" of the average every day pew sitter....

and while paying attention to our lives, their own houses (including the temple of God, the Holy Spirit, which is their own body) was a complete mess. How can people go around correcting, correcting, criticizing, with more extreme correction if....

they are doing the same thing as you? When 2 Timothy 3:1-7 applies directly to those who attend a 501c. 3, and more and more of the "unchurched" are pursuing a right relationship with Jesus....

then you shall know that the Holy Spirit packed up and left that church system long ago for the Name of Jesus has been absent from their hearts and mouths long ago.

Don't worry about the typos please, for our Father who art in Heaven, cares more about your heart, mind, and soul.

In prayer for you BB, for Jesus is with you.

TruthVigilantee said...

I totally agree with this post, you nailed it BB, so much of this we have seen in society for so long and it's getting worse.

Sort of hiding this back here, but what is up with all these cRaZy comments people have been saying on the other two posts with accusations of all kinds? Why are people stalking the ones leaving comments here? They need to get a life! Is there some sort of comment policy here anywhere, some civility of dialogue rules? Just wonderin...
( ;

Anonymous said...

Love the post. But how does that work writing about your own blog???

Bible Believer said...

Hey I didn't post the stats did I?


I think it's okay to post about blog or have memories about it, or tell people how old it is. I do not have my real name on here.