Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Did the Duggars Sell Their Souls for Fame? Vainglory is to be Avoided!

I saw this on a website called "Fake Josh Duggar". It's Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar before their wedding and is originally from their public Instagram.  I suppose some would say they are doing the ASL symbol for "I love you" and maybe they don't know any better. One always likes to hope for the best, but since this horus hand sign is so universal among celebrities, one ponders the other possibility too.


 More and more I do not think the Duggar family is just some deceived folks caught up in the fame machine, but something darker. I do not think all the children young or grown are in on the deal, the parents definitely are, but their increasing fame seems more sinister to me. Even non-believers are writing articles noticing their severe hypocrisy and asking if they have sold their souls. 

The Duggars Sold Their Souls To Be Celebrities, So Good Luck To Them When They Arrive In Heaven

"I don’t know. There’s just something slightly hypocritical to me about making a big stink about guarding your children from the evils of media as well as the general human population — and then turning around and making insane amounts of money off of the media as well as those humans you’ve deemed inferior to your family. Their TV series, 19 Kids and Counting, was bad enough when it came to this. But the recent deluge of family news in the mainstream (yeah, I said it) media crosses the line. What line? I don’t know. I’m a writer, not a geometrist. Just know that the line’s been crossed. Everyone’s at fault. Except Jinger Duggar, for obvious reasons. (Run baby gurrrlll, runnnnnnn)
Last week we joked about the Duggars becoming Kardashians, but this week it seems more true than ever.
I have noticed their fame seems to be growing. The love of the world is basically what fame is. Fame is a destructive task master. We know for those who rise to the top in this world, sold souls are part of the price. Connections float the fame boat too. The hypocrisy of inviting the world to your door while you are pretending you want to be a holy Christian is beyond the pale. 

The girls are hitting People magazine covers and appearing in more places then they used to. When I wrote my earlier Duggar articles, the show was still on the fringes and seemed destined to die, now it seems they forming a supposed "Christian" family entertainment dynasty. I believe this will damage all the children in the long run. America loves to see it's celebrities fall and crash. What one hasn't? Think about it. 

Vainglory is a word that appears in the Bible. We are to avoid it as much as strife. What does vainglory mean?

Phil 2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Here is what the dictionary tells us.


[veyn-glawr-ee, -glohr-ee, veyn-glawr-ee, -glohr-ee] 

excessive elation or pride over one's own achievements, abilities, etc.;boastful vanity.
empty pomp or show.

The seeking of fame for fame's sake is contrary to the Christian gospel! If someone writes a book, or achieves something in your field, I am not going to say that is wicked. You are not dishonoring God appearing in your local newspaper or having a book published. But what about seeking attention for attention's sake? What about being famous? What about the "me first" ethos of modern fame and appearing on the cover of People magazine? The Duggars are breaking biblical precepts! 

Vainglory is a risk for all of us. This world is operating in a very dark way via vainglory. I think people who are more humble today suffer more now, because just being an ordinary person who loves God isn't enough, you are to aspire to a pile of selfies and fame and being "noticed". I have noticed this happening on the lower level of human contact. Even with families and organizations, we see the special standing out while many are ignored. Everything becomes a competition with the more popular, gifted and "noticed" scrambling to the top and the humble and quiet ignored and abused. Vain glory is a poison, poisoning our families, and culture. I want to write more about Vainglory itself tomorrow.


"Notice Something?"


Gwen said...

Great posts today, BB! Looking forward to more on vainglory.

Anonymous said...

They are just another "Duck Dynasty" cashing in on the manipulation of (naive) Christians and you can bet your bottom dollar that this will be part of the agenda to villainize those evil fundamental born again Christians. Christians need to wake up to the fact that NOTHING good comes from television. Hello!!! Both of these shows have been scripted with an agenda to turn against and eliminate true "fundamental" Christians, and to make Christians look like hypocrites. Don't be naive. There is an agenda here.

Anonymous said...

They are just another "Duck Dynasty" cashing in on the manipulation of (naive) Christians and you can bet your bottom dollar that this will be part of the agenda to villainize those evil fundamental born again Christians. Christians need to wake up to the fact that NOTHING good comes from television. Hello!!! Both of these shows have been scripted with an agenda to turn against and eliminate true "fundamental" Christians, and to make Christians look like hypocrites. Don't be naive. There is an agenda here.

Anonymous said...

you watch the duggars will eventually self destruct like other reality show families.

Bible Believer said...

I agree they are another Duck Dynasty. I think the parents are in on it all too. Christians are already being villanized with clueless Dominionist Christians spouting off cultural works instead of the gospel message.

Bible Believer said...

I think the plan is that they will self destruct. Every celebrity is eventually brought down in this world. I think this is one technique the NWO uses even with the general secular celebrities, promote them as good, and perfect and an IDOL and then allow them to be exposed as the most wretched creatures. Here they can lead people to false ideas about Christianity and use the Duggars to take people further down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer,

Why is it that people are crying out for some man, woman, or family to "model" or "follow?" In our hearts, it seems that we are always seeking to put a human being up on that "golden calf" pedestal in this life and following people instead of the One who sacrificed all, Jesus Christ.

We then mold ourselves into the likeness of the Duck Dynasties and the Duggars thinking we are "Christians" because we do what they do. And it's now "cool" to be facebook (me-book) friends with the Dynasties and the Duggars, and seek their advice in all things personal and professional, rather than seeking the LORD, and the leading of God, the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps I am being alittle harsh here, for I used to enjoy watching Duck Dynasty, but with time, grew disappointed with all of the double standards I see taking place....Willie's wife doing yoga, Willie and his cool tattoes, parents not allowing Sadie, the daughter to dance at school dances, and yet her costumes and dance moves were rather provocative....and the root of their, money, and vast amounts of money.

Will those children have to toil and work hard to earn their way, or will these shows/vain popularity destroy their work ethic in doing right by our LORD?

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to point out that their hand signals are NOT the same as the devil-horned hand sign. Study the position of the thumb in each instance...

While it may seem a slight difference, it is still a difference, and we are mistaken to call these two hand signs the same.

We really have to be careful in our assessments of people on the basis of similarities alone, as, in this case, they are flashing the word "Love" in American Sign Language and not the 'el cornuto' hand signal.

I'd like to see us avoid speculations and base our assessments on true and factual evidence.

I believe this is going too far, jumping to conclusions based on speculation or seeming similarities.

I'm disappointed to see this happening here, and no one realizing the difference. Makes our judgment seem questionable. Please BB, I wish we'd be careful to avoid criticizing and mischaracterizing anyone due to a notion in our heads or mere conjecture. Careful not reach beyond what we factually have to work with in any instance, lest we appear careless and nitpicky, and a little too anxious to find wrong.

I prefer facts to conjecture, as it's easy to get off-track on basis of conjecture and such, and lose our credibility.

That's all I wanted to say.

Carry on, but let's just be a bit more careful in our approach to things.

Thanks for lettin' me chime in,

Bible Believer said...

I agree people want someone to follow as the model instead of Jesus Christ. Formulas and quick fixes instead of trust in God. Life is far messier too then the "perfection" scenes some seem entranced by. I agree about Duck Dynasty. One can even remember the early days of the Duggars and how different it all was.

The show will eventually be canceled and I believe life for the younger Duggars will definitely be far different. Pray for them.

Bible Believer said...

Lynn maybe I made a mistake saying it bugged me. I did write that I thought they could be innocent but I see the global elites flash that one all the time without crossing over the thumb. I hope they did it out just thinking it was the ASL sign though I wonder why they suddenly have taken to signing since they are hearing. I know the Duggar children probably haven't seen rock concerts and other places where that is flashed all over the place. I have the feeling that their internet usage is so locked down that they are reading the websites that expose the "Illumanti". With the parents, in my mind, there does seem to be the "signs" that they give out to those in the "know". Some are so subtle I haven't even posted on them here, because I don't want this to become another Vigilante Citizen website but flashing the sign especially in the CHRISTIAN world is seen as the "devils horn" and when you are hearing not deaf is a bit strange.

Bible Believer said...

I don't post everything I am thinking on here. I know some things are too intense. I even wonder if the Duggars are involved with MK Ultra. There definitely seem to be massive mind control signs, but hey I could be wrong. You ever see a set of 19 kids where there isn't one rebelling? Because I sure haven't. They definitely will be used for the NWO [right] and for Dominionism even if they are just duped tools instead of the parents being "insiders".

Anonymous said...

dear bible believer I hate to tell you that the King James bible was been masonic.

mom4truth said...

Hi Lynn,

Helen Keller was an occultist Theosophist follower of Blavatsky.
"The inventor of the deaf signing system was herself an occultist and devotee of Theosophy, the Hindu/occult group founded by Russian mystic Helena Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine." From an article on Codex Magica. Her "signs" were not accidental, nor was the 'I Love You' sign an endearing form of communication. Thought you may find that of interest.

BB, I agree with you on the Duggars in this instance. I've noticed much more publicizing of them on everyday media outlets that I would have assumed would have had very little interest in them as professing "Christians". It seems somewhere a contract has been signed. Add it to the list of things I would love to call Mama Duggar out on if I ever run into her in the store...

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,
I echo your suspicion of possible MK Ultra involvement with the Duggars... As a matter of fact, I very reluctantly took in portions of an episode of The Bachelor tonight (came home to my adult son watching it) and here's what I found myself seriously thinking, as the episode reached its end and some deeply wounded and hurting women expressed their brokenness and sorrow over their ultimate rejection, saying the hurt is just too much, that it was "just like all their previous relationships where the one they loved ended the relationship. Or, "in every other relationship I've ever known, in the end they throw me away."

This is what I was thinking: This show (and others like it) is the perfect hunting ground for either overly ambitious people or wounded souls, just ripe for exploitation of one kind or another. And this is a perfect opportunity to keep the stables full, as the surge of souls in need of love or in search of fame is a never-ending one, as long as you keep those various carrots dangling.

Think of anything involving professional cameramen, and I think you've found their choicest territory and means of exploitation. Much depravity existing in industries involving cameramen, and the masses knocking on their door for an "opportunity"...

Similarly, I came to thinking of those cooking competition shows where the individuals and groups compete amid a constant flow of verbal abuse by the famous cook hosting the show. Again, a perfect setup for producing a running stable of vulnerable people, ripe for exploitation.

The Duggars' willingness to let their lives be intruded upon by cameramen for sake of public consumption is, as I see it, a symptom of self-promotion or tremendous naivete'. It could very well be that they are being groomed for MK Ultra.

ALL the "reality shows" and talent competitions play exceedingly well into the hands of amoral "handlers", in business for the purpose of, amid other things, "buying and selling the souls of men" as referenced in Revelation Chapter 18.

It's more than possible that there is in fact a very well-designed wholesale market underway to "capture the souls of men" through vehicles such as American Idol; America Has Talent; The Voice; Survivor; The Bachelor (& The Bachelorette), the cooking competitions, and reality shows like The Duggar's.

In the plethora of competition-based shows, the losers, I'm convinced, could have "offers" and/or "opportunities" ready and awaiting them "in the wings", if they're interested. And most will be interested. We may not hear of their involvements, but there will be involvements. This is what I believe is a planned reality: handlers waiting in the wings, dangling the promise of love, success or affirmation that has eluded these poor souls, only to deliver them over to moral debasement, spiritual enslavement, or both.

The winners are there for the sole purpose of the commercial interests that own them; corporate or industry contractors.

It's a potent mix - ambition, disappointment and woundedness. Makes perfect candidates for exploitation. This is a relatively new thought for me, but I can't shake it. It's very convincing. I think I understand what's going on.

"mom4truth" if that is true about Helen Keller (and I'm not saying it isn't), then I am mistaken what I said about the hand signs. And given everything I've observed and researched, I wouldn't be surprised.

BTW, I too have extreme suspicions of the Duggars being sell-outs, or worse, because of the extreme coverage of their family.

~ Lynn
(hope I'm not submitting this twice...)

Anonymous said...


I was just about to post the same thing as mom4truth. I am writing from London, England but yes that sign invention is apparently accredited to Helen Keller who was involved in the occult.

Not sure if I can post links to websites here, but here they are which discuss this sign and Helen Kellers 'religion'.

Before I did my research, I was just about to say that it may not be occulted because of the position of the thumbs, however on this site, this shows that the sign can be either down with an extended or close thumb.

So to conclude, yes it is a sign for the deaf which Lynn said it was and yes it is a sign for occultists.

Since Helen Keller was a well known person in American history, I am assuming somehow, they may have studied her in homeschool, or they probably believed that it is such a 'cool sign' to flash and they have not done their homework to understand the significance of the sign.

Perhaps they was introduced to that sign by the camera crew on 19 kids or the secular people they associate with showed them that sign. Remember, we are dealing with very sheltered kiddies.

I have got to admit, after coming from the family I come from, I do admire them for their family values although I do not agree 100% some of the things they do. They have strong Christian principles.

However they are perhaps a little too obsessed with this 'kissing' business. It is as if they are obsessed with being seen kissing all the time. It is rather disturbing to say the least.

Even not very Christian couples such as the royals William and Kate do not behave like that and they are not as conservative or Christian as the duggars. (They were cohabiting before they got married). And only time, we have seen them kiss is probably at the wedding on the balcony and I believe they do love each other.

texaswildflower said...

@Lynn, you are right that we must be careful not to go off into conjecture. But I do think BB has hit the nail on the head here b/c CONTEXT. The Duggars are celebrities (like Duck Dynasty). The horned hand salute is practically an automatic gesture in that world (thumb extended or folded). The whole idea of having these massively big cookie-cutter families is a backwards form of fertility worship. And the Duggar parents are sacrificing their children to the "Moloch" idols of Hollywood fame and fashion (e.g. check out the Ben and Jessa wedding pics on tabloid front covers). MKUltra, if they are involved, is just another Moloch.

Bible Believer said...

God's Word is not masonic. Have there been KJV bibles produced where Masons put false symbols on them, yes. The Masons even like the Mormons have Bibles in their temples.

Yes sadly Helen Keller was Theosophist, I knew this when I was in the UU and into Theosophy. She was also a socialist. Some of our famous figures there is a lot of disappointing things to find out.

I find the "I love you" sign suspect too. I don't blame the deaf people they lead to use it.

Hey remember when the daughters were in Cosmo?

If you run into Mama Duggar some time ask her about that one.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon for saying you suspect what I do about MK Ultra with the Duggars. All the children are too controlled. The house itself even creeps me out in the way it is set up, kind of like a mind control factory with absolutely no privacy or personal space. I read somewhere on line they have the house plastered in surveillance cameras, I can understand some security but still....Do any of you remember the movie the Truman Show? The Duggars are great big Truman Show. Truman was controlled from the get-go and they got him to believe his life was "real" as they filmed it. I think of the Duggars when it comes to the Truman show. My MK ultra suspicions well, the children and adult children are too controlled. No one has questioned or broken away from the pack. The girls have willing entered into their "arranged marriages". No one is breaking away to be an artist or questioning their parent's religion. I grew up in a household told what religion to be [Catholic] and I broke away. Here we see not one even thinking for themselves. What is keeping them so controlled? I remember when I was young. I even broke away from my wicked family for almost three years but sadly got sucked back in. God set me free later. The control of all the children and adults is just so immense. Amy I think is used as a diversion to be frank.

I agree that the Bachelor is another exploitive show. It is meant also for predictive programming for people to be overly focused on romance as a self definition. Love of a human to have any self esteem, while not thinking about a relationship with God and to advance the whole meat-market nonsense. Of course broken people will go on a TV show to "compete" for attention. This shows our narcissistic society as well.

All those shows that have three judges kind of creep me out too. Everyone competing for the EXPERTS to APPROVE. There is predictive programming there.

It's all about dangling the carrots on sticks.

I wrote about this here...


Bible Believer said...

I may write about romantic relationships and how false romance is used to divert people from God. Especially for women they are told perfect love will be their salvation. I am married and believe love is important but have to think and pray on this one. They give people false messages with this stuff.

I think many people are exploited on TV too. The cooking competitions with "abusive" chefs too, you see people being treated like dogs, and they just sit there and take it, because the guy abusing them is a "celebrity".

Where is the dignity in that?

Even with the Duggar adults, how come none have said no more or refused to be filmed? How come none have chosen a path out of the scope of their parents?

I hope Jana Duggar has some of her own money but I doubt it at this point. One can tell the adult children have no financial independence outside the ones who marry. Can you imagine being filmed so much and put on display? [FOR TEN YEARS NOW] I think most young people would have a psychological break-down.

The fact they are doing this is extreme self promotion. Naivete is possible, but the parents are too scripted. There's been no slip ups. One thing I notice is people under that much display start living for the cameras instead of just living their lives. I find myself thinking MK ultra because they are so controlled. The surface cult has caused enough brain-washing and will breaking via the orphanage like house with few walls, blanket training and blind obedience to parents but I think it goes far deeper. The parents serve as "handlers" don't they? Even picking spouses for their children? We know this happens among celebs who are Mk Ultra.

The adult children too, are being kept financially dependent on the parents too, with the offer of jobs and homes via the connections of Jim Bob. Even Jill won't be able to break away with Dereck since they were giving a mini-mansion not far from the compound. She had the most chance since Dereck is employed in a normal job.

Yes all the reality shows and talent competitions play well into teaching blind obedience, and for people to bow and scrape before amoral handlers, who tell them what to do, who to be, and what they approve. We see mental slavery being advanced as carrots on sticks become most important and pleasing one's audience or human "judge" or "parent" in the case of the Duggars becomes most important. The Duggars may say they worship God, but when it comes to the parents, they worship themselves and expect their children to submit to them like they are "gods".

I am glad you mention Rev 18, and "buying and selling the souls of men". That may make a good post on here, talking about how people's souls are bought. This can happen on so many levels. Wicked relatives can control with money. People will bow on the ground and grovel before the wicked for their crumbs of attention, money and adoration of others. We are seeing this on personal levels to the public levels and the control over millions grows.

No one questions the "experts"

No one questions the "parents"

Human beings taught to grovel for money, attention, fame, approval.

I agree with you about the buying and selling of the souls of men via these shows.

Bible Believer said...

Texaswildflower, yes I am looking at this in the context. Thanks for understanding. The Duggar celebrity has grown too by far in the last few years. Oh I agree the Duggar children are being sacrificed to the "Moloch" idols of fame and fashion. One can see the rapid change in them as they dress and pose more and more like the world.

Mom4Truth said...

From your post on the girls in Cosmo, you include this quote from them:

"Have you ever gotten any heat for being virgins?

Jessa: In today’s day and time it’s a little bit strange to be in your early 20s and have not had sex, but it’s how our parents did it. It’s how our grandparents did it. We have a self-respect where we feel confident in who we are, even apart from having a sexual relationship. In a monogamous relationship where it’s just one man and one woman there’s like a zero percent chance of you contracting that type of sexually transmitted disease, but when you’re promiscuous and just go out and live like however — having sex with every guy who comes along — then there’s a huge chance, a probably 80 percent chance you’ll come down with something like that and get something that will really affect you for the rest of your life."

Let's break that down. You have an issue, or at least some issue, with the fact that Michelle would permit her daughters to be a part of a smutty magazine, but that implies that the above message would somehow be more acceptable in Christianity Today, or "Joel's Army Times" (last one is facetious, of course). The message above uses the George Barna form of marketing to appeal to the masses. Trying to "nice" the readers of Cosmo into abstinence. By warning them of STD's and trying to warm them with tales of yesteryear, parents and grandparents doing the same, they're still appealing to their flesh. If that's the only reason the girls "saved" themselves for marriage, then they're not fully persuaded in their own minds about God's design for monogamy and the uniting of two into one flesh. If they know those things and didn't say them to appease Cosmo authorities or their fans, the they are liars and deceivers. There's no middle ground (and I do believe the latter to be the case).

What they said is not Scriptural and does not produce fruits of repentance, so who cares what magazine they marketed their deceptions to?

And Cosmo can quote me.

texaswildflower said...

On the MK-Ultra theme...BB and a couple of Anons brought up the exploitation inherent in reality TV (of both losers and winners). There is something about this willingness to expose all the private details of one's life, suffer ridicule and humiliation at the hands of judges, etc....that goes right along with MK. One of the effects of extreme abuse/mind control is to break the victim's inhibitions and boundaries. This would apply whether the victim is being groomed as a sex slave or other kind of slave. Anyway, my point is that letting the camera invade every aspect of your waking (or sleeping) life is NOT normal human behavior.

texaswildflower said...

@Mom4Truth, I have a question for you (this is more a side question, not on BB's topic per se, but it somewhat relates). From visiting your blog, it sounds as if you hold some Quiverfull values -- e.g. large family, not attempting to limit family size. I used to be very much a fan of QF, natural fertility, and the whole package. (I grew up in a conservative home schooling family.) But the more I look into the movement, the more I question it b/c of the very worldly behavior of movement leaders (such as the Duggars) while they are claiming not to follow the world's way. There are also many sordid stories coming to light of children and women abused in QF households. As a home school mom of a large family seeking to discern truth and come out of the world, how do you deal with all this? I guess I sometimes wonder if there is anyone in public leadership in the home school movement(s) who is not also sold out to the world. Have you found anyone that you trust in that area? Maybe you have addressed this on your blog and could point me to it.

Bible Believer said...

I exposed Quiverful and the homeschool movement here Anon, you may find it interesting reading. I don't know if mom4truth ever saw this or not

There are massive Catholic connections to the Quiverful movement.

I know good large Christian families so I am not saying it is wicked to have a large family led by God, but please read the above, it is when the above is mandated and demanded.

Bible Believer said...

The homeschool movements are infiltrated too.

Many good Christians homeschool so I am talking about materials and those who desire "influence"

Bible Believer said...


I agree with you. Their works will not save nor their retaining of kisses and virginity until they are married. These things are done by many to parade before the world in being "holy" but no regeneration, no adhering to God's desires out of a relationship with Him, it is meaningless. Virginity is honored in the Catholic church but means nothing as a work. They sell virginity to get more vestal virgins--nuns. So their parading their works and "sexual purity" in Cosmo and in other magazines too, is just as meaningless.

Bible Believer said...

Look how all of the TV participants submit to the judges. The authorities are always right. You know they are teaching "obey" themes there too.

I agree mind control is to break down boundaries. This is why there is no privacy in the Duggar house and why they were always watched. Jana was a Doula only to watch and chaperone Jill as she did midwife work. I noticed recently that description of Jana is gone. She dropped out of that work after Jill left. Yes having a camera watch every waking moment is not normal at all.

Obviously Gothard was probably an expert in cult mind control too.

Mom4Truth said...

Can't disagree with you, BB. The world seems to tear them apart about so the wrong things (large family, homeschooling, modest dress and speech, etc) but I as a true Christian see their pernicious ways, how they follow another jesus and another god, disguised as light.

People like to lump others into groups to try and figure their way through the world. I love that our family can't be boxed in with any group:)

We don't do Christmas (or other holidays/birthdays), so we must be JW? Nope, they're deceivers.

We have lots of children and homeschool, we must be Dominionist/Gotthard/Pearl-ites? Nope, they're deceivers.

We don't let our children watch cartoons or movies, and appreciate them learning the simplicity of life on a farm rather than them being up-to-date with modern technology, so we must be Amish? Nope, they're deceivers.

We don't vote or participate in the two-headed serpent of politics, so we must be libertarian? Ha! Ayn Rand and Anton Lacey, strange bedfellows indeed. They're deceivers as well.

I don't care if any certain group has a portion of Truth, I will not give them heed if they've demonstrated they are deceivers, I mark them. Doesn't make any of the above wrong, just because the groups are evil.

Texas, I don't have anyone on my blog I've pointed to because I haven't found any one to point to! Seems to me the righteous remnant is relying solely on the the Word of God to guide them in the paths of righteousness with rearing families and homeschooling.

Let me share: I believe God's Word when He names children as being fruit of our wombs and rewards from Him. That is not a commandment or demand. I simply cannot understand feeling any other way than to want my womb overflowing. Not in some corrupt bid of salvation or of works, but because I feel such a special sense of that reward in my womb. And to bring them forth and nurse them and love them and smell them in that first little bit at birth is an experience that is nearly indescribable with words. I feel that every one of my children is a gift, beyond words. And my goal, my honor, my joy, my glory is that I may be faithful with what the Lord has entrusted to me that I may be a faithful manager of these little souls, able to stand before God and say I did not waste, rend, or be hapazard with the talents of my womb. My little children, of whom I travail in labor again, until Christ be formed in you!

texaswildflower said...

Mom4Truth, I'm returning late to the conversation, but want to commend you for your heart for your children. It's sad that so many who cling to QF ideology treat their children as robots to be whipped (literally) into shape, rather than babes - physical and spiritual - to be nourished in the milk of the Word.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Mom4truth, you are right the world focuses on the wrong thing, yes they follow a false jesus. I find myself praying that some of the children are born again and break away. Maybe one will read the Bible. Does anyone know if a Duggar is allowed to study and read the Bible on their own? I don't know if Quiverful forbids it, I hope not.

They follow the Dominionist "jesus", yes a false jesus and "god of light".

I am glad your family can't be boxed in. I also am someone people can't lump into an automatic demographic. She's a born again Christian but not a Republican? Oh my goodness! That one alone, seems to bring forth the cognitive dissonance. I know on a local basis, many find my refusal of Christmas odd. Yes being a family who homeschools I know others may make assumptions thinking you are part of the Quiverful/Pearl/Dominionist world. I know there are large families who homeschool and who are out of those cults and even farm or live in the country. I do think the simple life is the best if one can manage it. I agree the libertarians are deceivers as well.

I do believe children are a blessing and there are loving Christian parents who see their children in this way, not trophies like the Duggars see theirs for self elevation.

Bible Believer said...

In QF, children are seen as trophies, they are literal "works" to prove to the cult your standing. Those who know God, understand each child is a unique individual, they do not seek their own glory via their children nor treat them like possessions

texaswildflower said...

The trophy mentality even leads QF believers to abandon modesty (as in the Cosmo quote above). I browsed a 2013(?) issue of Above Rubies, and the letters to the editor section was filled with mothers' letters about the pet words their family uses for breastfeeding and breasts! It's ok to share a funny story about what your toddler says when he asks to nurse, but maybe just with friends and family! To me, it seems immodest to broadcast it to a worldwide reading community (with your name at the bottom). I mean, this is an intimate part of the body that a QF mother wouldn't show in public under any circumstance; why talk about it in public?

Anonymous said...

I just saw this:

Sorry if you already posted about it.

VicVoss said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the Duggars are Mk Ultra. Especially Jessa. There is something about her constant plastered on Stepford wife smile that just gives me the creeps. It's like the lights are on but no one's home, you know what I mean?

As for Josh, he clearly was sexually abused as a child. When a 14 year old starts abusing others, especially his own sisters, that is a sign of him acting out what was done to him. I believe it may have happened in their homeschool group. I forget the name of it but there were actually a lot of allegations against the founder for molesting girls in the group.

I think the Duggars have been put on TV by the satanic elite to make all Christians look bad and push people further away from Christianity. I have seen so many comments online about how the Duggars prove that Christians are "fake, hypocritical, horrible" people. They find the worst example of Christians possible and then put them on TV. And make no mistake about it, ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who gets famous either sold their soul or is heavily mind-controlled. Hollywood and the entertainment industry is the devil's kingdom and there can be no light in it.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I won't judge the Duggars but i will continue to pray for them. Being in the public eye is not fun. Just cause my parents chose that life. Give us a break. It's hard.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks. I pray for the Duggars especially the children and adult children and how they can escape the cult. I believe even on the secular level the parents are narcissists who desire total control and I hope the adult children can find their own lives and be led by God and leave the Gothard cult. There are other articles I have written about the Duggars here too. It's true children do not choose to be in the public eye. I hope the Duggars can escape and find their way. Many people would help them and I've seen that written online. They don't have to be slaves to their parents whims forever.

Denise T said...

Well said! God bless you my hope is that others read this and apply it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who teaches dominionism is a tool of the papacy, willingly or not. I have a hard time believing that any "famous" preacher that teaches this papal doctrine isn't linked to Rome in one way or another......James