Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Steven Anderson is False Preacher

Homosexuality is a sin.

However there are shills in the pulpit who do not teach the gospel of grace and teach Old Testament law instead of the gospel of Jesus Christ that would free a homosexual from the bondage of sin.

I've watched a few videos of this guy for some time, and he is false!

These hateful kind of false shills, give Christians a bad name to non-believers and helps to keep them away from the gospel.


John Cole said...

“Pastor” Steve Anderson: “Murder Gays before Christmas, Cure Aids”


Novice Steven Anderson Throws A Temper Tantrum And Swears!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry here for this so called "man." To make such flippant comments concerning aids, without due diligence to the lack of compassion and empathy towards the suffering...the coldness and hardness of his heart reveals itself through his speech.

Would I desire such a man to come and visit me in the hospital as a "pastor?" Thankfully, we know from God's Word that Jesus is the ONLY mediator between our Father and us, and He always hears our prayers.

"Pride goeth before the fall."

Anonymous said...

Pastor Anderson is a dangerous man, and represents the advanced stages of the quiverfull movement.

His congregants are violent and some are dangerous.

I am praying for the lost sheep that God will lead them out of that hellbound church.


jl, humble slave of EL ELYON

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for the videos John.

I have known that something was wrong with Anderson for a few years. He was on my radar when I saw the "pissing preacher" video, if anyone of you have heard about that. Webwide his videos are used by atheists and liberals to point to the "crazy" Christians. I wonder if he is a shill? When they go crazy about homosexuals and follow Westboro tactics, you always have to wonder. I would not want him visiting me in the hospital. He probably would tell you that you committed some awful sin to get pneumonia or whatever else was wrong. Is he part of Quiverful? He is obviously a Dominionist. I would not be surprised. I too want to pray to God for the lost sheep in that church. Some of these pastors are getting beyond the pale. I have a temper too, and am not perfect but when you see the pulpit becoming the RAILER center, it means something and it is not good.

texaswildflower said...

I ran across his wife's blog (can't remember the title) and, yes, it looks like they are Quiverfull. 7 children, I think (small family by QF standards, but they are young still).

Anonymous said...

I guess they are quiverfull


Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,

Pastors like this one are like a slow cancer, poisoning the systems of those who hear their words. I sat under an arrogant pastor like this for years (AOG) and when I became ill and confessed my sickness to one of the church goers, their response was "You are sick because of your SIN." I wish I was kidding here, but I was so incredibly hurt and mystified that such a thing came out of a church where "they know God better than any denomination around." Then I looked at this individual and silently asked myself, "Hmm, I wonder if this person told this to their relatives, many of whom passes away from cancer."

Is it our job to say "You are dying of ________(aids, cancer, heart disease, you name it)

because of YOUR sin and YOU need to repent?" I believe most in the institutional church here in the west where hearts that have grown cold and have literally become lovers of themselves. And when I personally am in need of love, prayer, encouragement, and edification in my faith in Jesus, I run to the "unchurched" in my area for they KNOW and LOVE JESUS more that the 501c. 3's.

It is difficult to call these types of men "pastors" let alone give him and the likes of him (manipulative and controlling men and women)authority over our lives.

One day, this man too, will have to stand before Jesus and give an account.

jl said...

Dear Anon,

What a heartbreaking story. Why Christians judge like that, I cannot understand. I thank the Lord that you didn't turn away from the faith from such discouraging words.

The "Puritan" spirit is alive and well in America's churches.


jl, humble slave of EL ELYON

Anonymous said...

This is the same Steven Anderson that is promoted by Alex Jones. This tells me that he is controlled opposition. Anderson is playing the role of "hateful bigot Christian" while Jones plays the role of "crazy conspiracy theorist Christian". Makes me sick that these guys are used to incite hate and stereotypes against us. Even worse that the liberals can't see it and point their fingers just like with westboro baptist and say "see how awful these Christians are!". And the culture is effectively turned against us, just like the Germans were turned against the Jews in the late 1930's....

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is absolutely controlled opposition. When a person "wakes up" to the truth that there is a world conspiracy to unite the world in a world government, then those globalist powers have someone you can run to (Alex Jones), to help you "wake up".

Of course, Alex Jones will take you off the track. He will tell you that the controllers cannot really be known, and he will take your attention away from the jesuits (who control it all) and others who work with the jesuits.

And then there are those that think that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. I know, it sounds nutty. I thought so, the first time I heard it a few years ago. But the more I looked at it, like how the teeth are a perfect match, age progression face, connections with certain producers and CIA, etc. The more I looked at it, it seemed true. Even if it is totally untrue, fine. Then someone worked intentionally to make it look true.

Either way, Alex Jones is a fake, a fraud. He is a gatekeeper to take the "waking up" and carry them back to sleep in a different room.

The only way to truly wake up and stay up, is to stay in THE BIBLE.

Bible Believer said...

I checked out the wife's blog, yes definitely Quiverful. She even had a dangerous pregnancy on the last go around so worry for her, should pray. Yes they are young. I searched for Alex Jones on there and yes Steven Anderson has appeared on the Alex Jones show.


I agree Alex Jones is controlled op, helping the Jesuits out. He has so much contact with Catholics, how clueless does a fundie Baptist preacher have to be to appear on his show and think everything is A-ok?

I think he could be Bill Hicks too.

Anon, I am sorry you went through being told you were sick due to sin. This has happened to me in false churches as well. You get those folks and the "best life now" phonies, who bring us all so much misery. So many apply that to the poor too.

I agree about the roles of hateful bigot Christian. His videos are all over Christ-rejecting websites. He is a runner up to the Westboro shills.

Alex Jones helps to silence truth tellers, appearing like a crazed used car salesman. Advancing things like "global awakening" which is really an agenda of the NWO. I totally agree about him being a gatekeeper, one of the layers of deception to distract those who have figured some things out.

Faith Guy said...

FYI - Youtube's husky394xp(bro Bryan Denlinger) did like 20 videos called "Steven Anderson and His Lies" exposing him through and through(and he's done others prior as well).

Anderson also went to Anderson/Hyles bible college - I'm sure most of you here are familiar with Jack Hyles(who's a false prophet as well, and infiltrated/ruined the IFB movement).

husky394xp also did an expose on Jack Hyles recently.

Anderson also HATES the Jewish people.

Anonymous said...

Why are quiverfull adherents so radical with legalism and politics? They tend to display their righteousness on the sleeves. Now I understand why you are so critical of the Duggars.

CDF said...

This guy has no problem with making animals suffer for the sake of humans.

He's gonna have to take that up with the Lord because I have nothing for him.

CDF said...

And if you all think it's okay to make God's creatures suffer for our sake then I've got nothing for you either.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks, I will check out those husky videos. I tried to find an email to write him about Pre-Trib, really want to discuss this with him but was unable to. He does have some good discussions on his channel.

Thanks Anon, I am glad you understand why I am so critical of them. They are Dominionists. Even the older son [who I think is misled] is in with the Family Research Council.

Who's pushing making animals suffer? I am not a vegetarian but believe one should be good steward of land and animals including ones's you eat.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is post-trib, and he believes in animal testing. He wrote that on his blog yesterday.

His email is faithfulword1@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

This guy is great because he doesn't gloss over the truly reactionary and violent passages in the standard king james edition. He gives you a reality dose without euphemisms like other groups. If more people saw how twisted religion truly is they wouldn't be so quick to sign up. It's the same with the Salafists, they don't tone down the Islam for mass appeal you get all the hatred printed in that book.

Bible Believer said...

Is that husky's email or Anderson's?

Animal testing there are some major abuses that can't be ignored. Blinding rabbits to test mascara is pretty evil.

I don't mind pastors with a reality dose but if you think atheism or liberalism or the secular world is non-violent, you are naive. There's plenty of hatred to be had among those who believe in no God.

Anonymous said...

Hey BB, have you seen his sermon about reprobates in which he mentions Bruce Jenner? He does seem to back it up with some Scripture, and his point about personal enemies vs. people simply doing the work of satan is an interesting one. I don't agree with him, but what about some of the Scripture he uses such as what Paul said about those who were causing affliction?

Bible Believer said...

Remember even a broken clock is right twice a day, however I posted on that sermon [I think] and he had evil words in it too.


Did you read my article about him denying the Holocaust too.

swordoftruth said...

Sadly Anderson and Kent Hovind are teaching the false gospel of Lordship Salvation, or limited atonement.. People need to wake up to the fact that most of these Calvinists are RC Jesuit agents.. Hovind promotes Jack Chick and Ray Comfort who both teach a false gospel of works. There is no way a mature teacher in Christ would promote such garbage..Kent also promotes his sons who teach the false gospel of Lordship Salvation in his Creation Today ministry which is nothing but a money making machine.

Lone Phlanger said...

Anderson teaches salvation by prayer, not by faith alone.
His followers are brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

I am a little late to the conversation but here is th e link to her blog. I believe she tagged it ad ,"Are They All Yours?"

Anonymous said...

As Jesus Himself taught, there will be many false messiahs & preachers. Kevin Pushia was one of them. Better for these con preachers to leave the Church altogether and join Islam !
False pastors are only interested in making money and sadly, many gullible people fall for those cons.As Jesus taught, a tree will be known for the fruit it bears. Steven Anderson should seriously consider the switch to Islam ! Benny Hinn is another class false pastor with millions in his bank accounts. Ustaz Kamaruddin Al Bakri Hamdan is the right preacher for Kevin Pushia, Tal Brooke, Chuck Smith and the like !