Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Platt Continues to Shill for the Globalists

Alabama megachurch pastor David Platt urged Christians to give God a "blank check" when it comes to missions, allowing Him to send them anywhere in the world for the sake of the Gospel, even if that means relocating their family to Syria, Somalia or Iraq.

Platt, who is also the Southern Baptist International Mission Board president, said in his recent podcast, "Our Obligation to the Unreached," that Christians' salvation demands that they offer "a blank check before God with no strings from you, from me, from our churches to say we know we must work, we must strive, live, and die to get the Gospel to people who never heard it."

"He inquired of podcast listeners, "The question I want to ask you is have you said that. Have you said to God, 'Whatever you want me to do to get the Gospel to unreached peoples, I will do it?' Has your family said, 'Whatever you want us to do to get the gospel to unreached peoples, we will do it?' In the next few minutes I want to show you in Romans why we should say that; why each of us should say to God, 'I'll do whatever you want me to do with no strings attached. So God I see what's going on in Iraq and Syria and Somalia and West Africa right now and if you want me to take my wife and my kids to Iraq or Syria or Somalia or West Africa for the spread of the Gospel, then I'll do it.' We're talking whatever – no strings attached blank check."

Why does everyone have to go to the hardest core countries in the world? You mean godless Sweden doesn't need any missionaries? They don't need any missionaries In China? American doesn't need any tracts passed around? Notice all the countries are places of interest for the new world order and places the Bilderbergers and Plan for a New American Century all want to integrate. How come no one cares about the Maldives or Cape Verde or Chile?

Platt is just another globalist shill. Do you notice his eyes? Count how many times he blinks. Barely at all! My eyes hurt watching the guy. Is he in a trance? Was he trained along with Kirk Cameron? He could win a staring contest with anyone!

You mean someone's a bad Christian if they don't take their wife and kids out of the suburbs and move them to sunny murder-happy Somalia? How long could a naïve megachurcher last in some of these roughest places in the world?

Sure all these countries need the gospel and God has sent missionaries to all of them. This is not a calling every single Christian would get.  Platt here is just teaching his usual gospel of works and shilling for the globalists.

David Platt's Book: "Radical": Programming the Evangelical Churches for Globalism


Anonymous said...

Platt should go to North Korea first. When he moves, then that will be something. Of course, I wouldn't want to curse the people of North Korea with Platt's false gospel of "lordship salvation" that leads to eternal torment in the lake of fire.

Platt is a calvinist, which means that he is a catholic-lite dominionist, and he rejects the true understanding of the end times, and instead, he teaches a form of the catholic "liberation theology". He also teaches works for salvation, which leads to the lake of fire.

And yes, he is a globalist. These things prove it.

Anonymous said...

The church I grew up in was an independent fundamental Baptist church, and the pastor and visiting missionaries would pressure us kids to go forward/walk down the aisle and submit our lives to missions. Just about every kid but me went forward committing their lives to be a missionary in a foreign land. I'm talking as young as 6 years old. Fast-forward 25 years, you want to know how many are missionaries? Out of all the ones I have heard from since, not one! Most of them are not even serving the Lord. Pastors need to be very careful about pressuring people to answer a calling because God needs to do the calling, not a pastor. I am no genius, but I had the sense to know even as a child that making a promise to God that I couldn't keep was not something to play around with.

There is something really off about this guys eyes in the video.

Bible Believer said...

Platt should go to North Korea first. When he moves, then that will be something. Of course, I wouldn't want to curse the people of North Korea with Platt's false gospel of "lordship salvation" that leads to eternal torment in the lake of fire.

You are right he is a Calvinist and a Catholic-lite teacher. His globalism matches Warren's P.E.A.C.E plan and the NWO distablization plans via endless immigration to Western nations while their economics are failing. Thanks for your post

Bible Believer said...

I think the pastors too should be careful of telling kids to submit to a mission. Most of the children will grow up and not even remember that promise to God. They do not know what their situations as adults with be either. There is no problem with pastors talking about missionaries or having them come speak, but to lead children to make unfulfilled promises to God under undue pressure is not right. Yeah his eyes disturb me. When people do not blink or blink very little, that is a problem. I wonder if that is a psychopathic hypnotic stare to those not protected by the Holy Spirit. This guy gets followers and readers after all.

Kayfabe said...

It seems like these Missions are very trendy in the Church, I mean if I see another picture of an American Christian posing with African children I am going to insert my finger in my mouth. That sounds harsh but I feel that some of these people have that Hero mentality and at times (not always) use these locals as Props to make themselves look like good Christians. Plenty of Labor to do here right in our backyard.

texaswildflower said...

I could take him more seriously perhaps if he did not exude (and make me feel, by watching him) anxiety. His entire body language screams lack of peace. And yes, the eyes. Could not finish watching.
Am realizing now I feel that same anxiety/lack of peace when watching/listening to many Calvinist-type teachers/preachers. I am remembering it particularly from the speakers who used to come for InterVarsity events at the college I attended. The campus IVF leaned heavily neo-Cal, with very few true evangelicals. I never felt comfortable with the speakers they invited. And often, the message was similar to Platt's here.

Jon Cramer said...

Can you say Rick Warren JR.!!!

Bible Believer said...

Texaswildflower, I have known people with anxiety and panic disorders. He actually is a few steps beyond that to bugged out eyeville. I even thought drugs watching that display. Yes I could barely finish watching too. The Calvinists disturb me. IVF is very Catholic ecumenical, I am not surprised they have taken up with the Calvinists.

Jon, yes he could be the next Rick Warren, well they have to bring up young ones to mind control, groom for those top tier religious roles.