Thursday, December 4, 2014

Greg Laurie: "All Paths Lead To God"

This is from Oct, but important to warn about. I want you to notice the double speak in the above, he tells everyone that all paths lead to God but only being a Christian leads to heaven. Notice that? This is sounds like Catholic speak when they do their interfaith speeches and tell people all religions lead to God, but only being a Catholic gets you direct into heaven while the rest go to Purgatory or hell. He's basically following their game plan here, and turning up the burner under the simmering frogs. Of course he would probably say to me, "I meant they [the non-believers] get to God, for judgment!" but sorry its double talk for confusion!


Anonymous said...

This is the trick that Billy Graham used to use. Billy is Greg's hero.

Billy would tell people to come to Jesus, but then say that there are people in far away places that are "coming to Jesus" without knowing anything about the Biblical Jesus.

So a muslim could be "coming to Jesus" in some fashion or another, according to them. Greg Laurie stole it from Billy Graham, and Billy Graham stole it from CS Lewis, the catholic man.

Bible Believer said...

And all of it is rooted in the Catholic church. I heard the nonsense while still in the Roman Catholic church about those Muslims, and Hindus who "knew God" but just did not know it. That is the lying message they sell. Laurie sounds just like one of those doubling talking Jesuits.

Gwen said...

Years ago when I Wasn't familiar with Billy Graham's ministry, I looked up videos but was so repelled by him I couldn't watch through a single sermon. Glory to God for discernment.

BB, what you do on G4 helps us strengthen that muscle together, no matter how far we are on our walk. Was so thrilled when I found your blog/oasis. Wonderful contribution to the body of Christ! Thank you! God bless you!

Blizzard of Bugs said...

I had a 45 minute conversation with the president of the C&MA in Canada. I exhorted him with my concerns with being ecumenical with Rome. Part way through to lend credibility to our denomination being ecumenical with Roman Catholics he dropped Billy Graham's name. I responded by saying, "You don't want to go there with me because Billy was and is absolutely wrong for what he has said about Roman Catholics being our brothers in Christ". I then told him that it was very unloving of Billy to not preach to them the true gospel according to the scriptures. And that we are leading them to hell. He was very uncomfortable and was trying his hardest to get out of our conversation.

All I can say is that if Billy was a man who loved the Lord Jesus he would tell a Roman Catholic the truth.

Gregg is either a deceiver or is totally deceived. It doesn't matter which one. Christians need to stay clear of him.

I have family that is in a Calvary Chapel and they get tired of me constantly examining what their Pastor is teaching. Once their pastor quoted Chuck Colson and after the service I shared my concern with my parents and they told me I always have to say something negative after a sermon. The fact However is that Chuck is a signer of ecumenical documents with Rome. So I was pressed in my spirit to say something to them.

Also, when I was visiting them Gregg was also endorsed in their service. I again cautioned them about him as well. It seems that most just want to get their ears tickled.

Anonymous said...

According to John 14:6, all paths do not lead to God. Altho, all paths outside of Jesus do lead to the god of this world, (2 Corinthians 4:4).

The fact is, Jesus is God, so the only path to God is Jesus. You cannot separate the two. So the all path leads to God belief is nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

Another thing, I just read the christian post article about Greg Laurie. John 14:6 is in it. Yet he contradicts this very verse by saying all paths lead to God. John 14:6 says that they cannot all lead to God. And since Jesus is God, you cannot have one without the other.

Bible Believer said...

The double crossers will even use phrases the exact opposite of God's Word, you are right he switched John 14:6 around.

When I was still Catholic one last thing I got fed up with was being told other religions led to God, they gave me this same gambit including when I confronted our parish priest and said, "Well what is the difference between hanging out here and with the UUs?" He knew I was an ex UU and only had been back in the RCC for a year or so. Soon after I would be born again, and realize essentially they are the same. All the daughters to the whore.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you left false church Blizzard of Bugs and glad you stood up to the president of a denomination. They all worship Billy Graham it is sickening. Love of man rules. I have visited churches and if they have Billy Graham books laying around, I'm gone. I am glad you confronted him and told him how it was very unloving for Graham to not teach the gospel to Catholics. I remember Billy Graham when I was still Catholic, he supported the RCC. There was no challenge! I know the whole uncomfortable thing. I had a Calvary Chapel pastor defend Rick Warren to me. I visited a Calvary Chapel here for some months years ago, when the pastor there praised Mother Teresa from the pulpit, I knew my time there would be short. I in agreement about Laurie, I lean towards him being a knowing deceiver but God only truly knows. God bless and welcome to the blog.

Anonymous said...

This ecumenical coup deta is not going away but we can be wise and win souls appropriately. ..

Anonymous said...

I may be off topic here BB as you mentioned mother Teresa in your response. I have a difficult time with those individuals who believe that she was a Christian, and defend her without knowing exactly what her belief system was. They have no idea what she believed and all of those "perceived" good works that she did or seemed to do, and all the volumes of money that was donated to her to "help the dying, sick, and poor", where did it all go? This is all but idolatry!

We had a youth group leader in our former church, stand up, and give a brief synopsis of the group's trip to one of their planned conferences. She said, and I quote, "The girls and I have become so close that they are now calling me "mother Theresa." It didn't take long and we pulled our children out of this unhealthy group with extremely sick (misogynistic) leadership.

Both Billy Graham and Teresa have become modern day idols, in my opinion.