Friday, December 19, 2014

Even Fred Flintstone Was a Freemason

 It's sad, how they have infused the occult and false messages even into the most innocent seeming cartoons. Notice on the buffalo hats too, they got the crescent moon, maybe a nod to the Shriners? Notice they got the handshake shown correctly as well. One never saw Barney or Fred ever go to church either. When I was a kid, I saw all these cartoons, and know Fred and Barney were really into activities at the lodge.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they get indoctrinated from the very start. It's always been that way. The leaders of the entertainment industry are freemasons, jesuits, secret society leaders.

Spongebob belongs to a lodge and bows down to the all seeing eye in at least two episodes. Just for a more modern example, since the Flintstones haven't been on the air for a couple decades.

Most cartoons, if they get "big", will do this sooner or later. They get a bunch of viewers into the net, and then indoctrinate with this stuff.

Anonymous said...

king james himself was a freemason.

Anonymous said...

King James was not a freemason. Only jesuit agents and catholics in general say that.

King James threw the jesuits out, so they hated him and called him a freemason, a homosexual, all sorts of things.

The KJV is 100% accurate.