Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Poor Taste of Mr. and Mrs. Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Recreate Daughter's Racy Kissing Photo

There occurred to me this strange thought some years ago about the Duggars. What if they present themselves as holy and good "Christians" and then go off the rails? What would the world think of Christians if the whole experiment on TV went on the downward spiral? Hey I know I have dreamed of a few of the adult children making a run for it.  What if one day they were used to make "Christians" look bad just like "Honey Boo Boo" made all poor people ["hillbillies", "white trash", etc] look bad via their hideous decisions? If you know the latest scandal with that particular TV show, which was canceled over it then you know how low things can go. The Duggar's silliness about forcing side hugs and no kisses even a peck on the cheek before marriage seems to be legalisms leading to something else.

 Reality TV doesn't bring out the best in all it's participants. One sees divorce, fighting and trashiness grow. Having a camera on a person night and day changes their personality. Will the Duggars be the "Christian" Kardashians" before this is over?

I saw when the young people, Jessa and Ben put up this photo and figured they are young. It is not the worse picture that could be put up.  At first I thought it was some acting out against their extreme rules and earlier repression. It is extreme on the public display of affection, but when I saw Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar copy the photo, I thought that is over the top. What is this? A love competition?

There was always a degree of narcissism in how those two made a show of their romantic displays even in front of single people and younger children.  There was a lot of time someone could have shouted "Get a room!" at those two. I hope some younger readers do not find me a prude. I won't freak out if you hug and kiss your husband goodbye at the airport, but this display of "passionate kissing" bugs me. Is it about your loved one or is it about showing off?

There is an odd thing I have brought up with friends, how there is an over-stressing of romantic and sexual love to the point of insanity in our society. Everything is about sex. The "Look at me, I have a lover now!" emphasis, married or not bothers me. I think young people are incredibly cheated when they are told if they find the perfect lover or marriage partner that all their problems will be solved and that their self worth rests in this person instead of in God. Romance is so focused on and "finding the perfect soul mate" that other relationships suffer. Little reality is handed over or the very fact that marriage is often WORK, and LOVE is a decision over the long haul.

 They even focus on marriage being all about sex. While it is a important part of marriage, why do the Duggars emphasize it so much? Even their extreme no kissing and side hug rules emphasize unfettered lust that must be reigned in instead of responsible young men and women of God of good conscience waiting for marriage.  Now I am a married woman, and understand love and attraction and the rest, but there is something creepy to me about all of this. Notice how they are idolizing SEX but in a different way? One thing I noticed about both Duggar pictures and it is a small detail, the woman are the dominant ones in the kiss, grabbing the back of the men's necks.

Remember all those megachurches that advertised a few years ago for false sermons about sex with the two set of feet in bed? The Duggars are going down that road. It's all in poor taste. It's all based in an over-sexed society. One thing that recently happened was rumors about Jessa, some I won't get into here, because they could be PR hype or lies, but the quest for attention leaves one more open to the wicked in society. I worry for the Duggar children and adult children and pray for them.

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Anonymous said...

-----"What if they present themselves as holy and good "Christians" and then go off the rails?"-----

This is pretty much it, as far as I'm concerned. Get "good Christians" a following, and then send them off the rails.

Pastors, and even entire denominations, I believe, are set up to do this. They start out and are presented as, oh so amazing Bible teachers, but then they end up in catholicism and other extreme ecumenicalism, to be able to later have people say, "Well so and so is okay with it, so I guess I need to be okay with it too".

But the Bible doesn't change. :)

Bible Believer said...

Thanks. I think so too, get the "good Christians" following and lead them like pied pipers to Catholicism, and whatever else they got planned. Even the sex stuff I think is meant to sexualize "Christianity" more. Remember that book the Handmaiden's Tale I referred to before in regards to the Duggars the Quiverful, the full sum of a woman's being is her sexual standing on the "market". There is a reason the only employed Duggar daughters were ones who became midwives, it was the same in the book too, where the only allowed work for a woman was being a midwife or a doula. Well we already have seen Jim Bob hang out with the Knights of Columbus. Josh Duggar is in with the "I Stand" crowd and we know their links to Catholicism and the Knights of Malta. I agree God's Word does not change.

texaswildflower said...

The thought occurs to me that this is more than a publicity stunt. Maybe a signal or ritual sign (akin to the "ice bucket challenge," which you posted on a few months ago)? Take a look at the logo for the Vatican's Humanum conference (the one Russell Moore is attending): http://brandonvogt.com/popes-humanum-conference-interview-dr-helen-alvare/ The logo looks like the prelude to a kiss. And Jessa's photo and her parents' photo are IDENTICAL --- not an accident.

I was briefly involved in the pro-family movement as an intern for Family Research Council and was sucked into the ideology/idolatry of marriage, sexual "purity," "complementarity" of the sexes (something the Pope promises to address per the link above), "openness to life," etc. My eyes weren't opened till later. These things are all distortions of His truth (He created marriage and the fruit of the womb, etc.). Based on that experience and some other research, I wonder if there is more behind this than just leading Christians to Catholicism? To the ancient pagans, sexual intercourse was a way to access the power of the gods. From what I understand, it's the same in modern witchcraft, Tantric yoga, kundalini, etc.

Maybe this fixation on the "first kiss" (symbolic of the sex act) symbolizes some other witchcraft that is being played out behind the scenes in order to further a larger agenda (e.g. political control or spiritual/mind control).

Anyway, thanks for posting, BB. I really appreciate your articles. I don't comment much and don't even agree with you on everything :o), but I am always refreshed when I visit your site. I am so glad He has called you to do what you are doing.

FaithGuy3 said...

Is everyone here familiar with Alfred Kinsey?

He was a high level occultist who planted the seeds for pushing sex and fornication into the mainstream.

I'm not surprised it's hit modern-christianity nowdays.

Come to think of it - a couple of years ago, a First Baptist Church in my city did a study on this very topic(while showing a big picture of feet coming out of the covers).

Bible Believer said...

Hi texaswildflower.

that is an interesting though whether or not this is a ritual sign of some sort with the matching kisses. How did they match those photos so exactly? The idolatry of fecundity definitely is with the Duggar parents. That is all Vatican driven stuff.

Yes that Vatican logo was weird. Thought I saw sideways "6s" in it too.

I am glad you saw the truth about the pro-family movement and came out of it. I am praying the Duggar children do too. There is something weird with the focus on "gender reveal" parties, endless pregnancies--how are they all so fertile? and the rest with the Duggars.

Oh definitely there is fertility cult stuff and "sex magic" behind where they are leading people. Look how with the Duggars the romantic relationship is everything, everything is invested in that pairing. Sorry God needs to be first in one's life even above a marriage partner. Yes in all those occultic areas, sexual intercourse was used to access the power of their false gods [demons]. I saw Jessa's proposal with Ben Seewald and got some creepy feelings about it, the chapel they went to seemed to be one of those New Age influenced jobs in the woods--occult geometry and all, the constant sprinkling of roses and rose pedals all over the place. The name of the chapel was "THORN CROWN". Now why would they name it after something that was used to cause Jesus Christ pain and was used to mock him?

I think the NWO has plans for men and women where they would turn women back into chattel again, they are working on it. The liberals may love Handmaidens Tale but there may be some predictive programming truth in there.

Thanks for your encouraging words. I appreciate it.

Yes Faithguy I have thought of Kinsey.

He was one of the one's who helped push sex into everything.

His impact is definitely seen here with the Duggars.

Anonymous said...

Are the Duggars so attention starved that they need to post a picture of themselves "kissing" via the public forum? This judgmental, opinionated comment is for the young couple as well as the maternal parents. What is the point? And does it not call attention to themselves instead of glorifying Jesus?

So many have looked up too and have modeled this family in what are called Christian virtues and practices that we need to call it out for what this is: blatant idolatry.

It's like lifting up the family of Duck Dynasty to the point of desiring their lifestyles as well. We watch their shows, we buy their junk for huge amounts of mammon, we talk about their so called "cute" family lives as if their shows aren't "scripted", we quote their so called cute sayings from their shows, we watch them "live" their lives one way on the show, then a totally opposite way in the world......cases in point, Cori does yoga, Willie is so "worried" about his daughter's choices of prom gowns, yet his daughter's costumes were nothing but suggestive on "Dance With The Stars"; and the daughter NEVER danced at school dances, yet the enticing suggestive "moves" she performed were approved by her father........excuse me.........and all of the elusive sexual comments by the patriarch Phil Robertson?........excuse me some more.

Perhaps I may be harsh here Bible Believer, but this whole charade seems like the golden calf of idolatry here and there is absolutely nothing the Duggars or the Robertsons have that I personally, would ever want or desire from this world.

It reminds me of the homeschool mothers in my area looking down on the rest of us in judging/telling us how to be wives, and mothers to our children, yet their own houses are full of rotten sin. Jesus warns us of the "busy bodies" and "meddlers" in his word, plus the Scripture "a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways." This word of truth includes women as well.

In closing, I do appreciate the hypocrisy that you point out with this particular family as they are used as a "model" family for the rest of us to look up too/worship. And I just can't go there.

texaswildflower said...

You're welcome, BB! And thank you for your posts. I will be looking up Kinsey (per Faithguy's suggestion); don't know much about him more than his name and that he helped make sex mainstream in the American consciousness. Did not know he was an occultist.
Another aspect of the idolatry in the pro-family movement is the emphasis on the perfect "courtship" and God "writing your love story." As you said, He should be first in our lives above a marriage partner. The courtship movement turns that upside down. It's a sort of prosperity theology - if you are "focused on God" enough, He will "bring you" a spouse and your "story" will be so beautiful, yada yada. Reading too many "courtship stories" online nearly wrecked my ability to trust HIM in this area of my life.
I think it impacted me even more deeply than the political activism side of things did.

texaswildflower said...

Out of curiosity, BB, are you familiar with the Waller family? They are kind of like the Duggars of the Hebraic Roots world. They live in the Zionist state [a.k.a. Israel; I don't like to call it Israel because it's not!], run a ministry org. (HaYovel) that supports Israeli agriculture, and are poster children (well, their oldest son is) for the betrothal movement that is an extension of courtship. (They made a DVD/movie on his betrothal and marriage a few years ago.) They have (I think) 12 children and are definitely Quiverfull even if they don't use the name.

Bible Believer said...

I wonder if they are attention starved too? Isn't getting your face published on the front of People magazine enough? Yes it is more self elevation and attention seeking. One ironic thing is now they have made themselves the targets of liberals who are passing around a petition to cancel the show for being anti-homosexual since the Duggars took down the pictures of homosexuals kissing.



Hmm more Helgian Dialectic to give homosexuals more power?

Given the track record of the homosexuals dominating society discourse lately who hate the first amendement, they may find themselves without a TV show but I suppose since Duck Dynasty survived their gay onslaught so will the Duggars but it's just a rerun of it all.

Yes they sought attention and got it, no glorifying of Jesus there.

Yes so many look up to them as the perfect family. Even their refusal to discuss faults or show any too adds to that false picture of self righteousness and perfection. I am still in shock not one child has rebelled or left yet. Even the arranged marriages leave me empty. Jill looks actually in love with her chosen spouse but the second one is going through the motions. So even if they are advertising Christian "virtues" they are skewed ones with a false Truman show set up, even with the arranged marriages and scripted lives.


Bible Believer said...

You are right it is blatant idolatry. In Duggar circles the childless, unmarried and single, mean nothing as human beings. A female who has not given birth is not worthy. I pity any Duggar daughter who may end up infertile or even unmarried. Isn't the epitome of their faith their own families instead of Jesus Christ? Honestly that is where their faith lies and their pride.

Most people in America do not have their life, but they are presented in Christian circles as to what Christians should measure up to and most will not meet that score even financially. How many does that leave disheartened? People do quote their cute sayings, and more. They think this is the best thing to be like.

I am not surprised about the suggestive dress of Duck Dynasty folks. I have the feeling with the Duggars the pot will be warmed up too. If the older daughters are already smooching it up for the camera, what will the younger ones do if the show is still around. I have noticed with the older ones, much of what they do is centered on developing a public face, what is that doing to their development? Is a relationship real in the way that it must always be presented in a certain way to the entire world?

Robertson is becoming more filthy minded by the day, probably oncoming senility and inability to hide the true thoughts as well.

It is a golden calf of idolatry. Look at me! They are shouting. The people they are kissing are mere objects to them, it is selfishness to show an acquirement instead of kissing a human being in even romantic love.

To me their lives would be nightmares. All that demand to be "perfect". Never one argument, or being tired or taking peace alone. Always having to have matching opinions and dress. I ask myself if one true individual will come out from that family? Will one be truly born again and be the one setteth solitary?

I've seen the homeschool mothers like that too. My churches have been more friendly but have seen them at other places and ones I have visited. Being poor in those circles can be scary for me personally. Low income types are condemned in some of this circles, seen as committing some sin if the husband does not have secure employment or there is poverty. Very demanding of appearances. Honestly the Duggars are an extreme version of some of those circles I've seen. Children displayed as perfect "objects" and trophies. Much hidden too. In wicked families often children are trophies to be displayed to the world by members of even the religious right "me" generation.

Thanks for your encouraging words regarding me exposing the Duggars. I hope and pray they google their own names and see this blog and read. Even if one could wake up about the cult they are in, it would help. Seeking the things and fame of this world are against being a Christian. Their parents have them on a dangerous path. I hope some leave it.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Texas wildflower. yes do look up Kinsey, he was a filth promoter, who helped to influence American culture in very insidious ways. I remember being a child hearing about him.

I think the pro-family movement sets many young people up for disaster and false expectations in relationships. Perfect courtships and God writing the love story. One thing I thought is who would even admit to a failed courtship? Would Jessa or another daughter even dare admit she is not that much in love with Ben or another chosen spouse and wants to move on? Where appearances count so much relationships are not on the same level. They make a big deal of one's heart being given to another where it seems the first courtship is to always end up in the finality of marriage.

They act as if their relationships will be perfect. This is one thing the Duggar parents have done to their children I find extremely horrible, they have set up this hugely high bar to make for their marriages and family life and you can tell all the adult children feel it. Most likely only a few of the children will become wealthy in their own right, with the passage of time even the TLC show will fade away, they will not have the same means, but the worse thing is how many probably will be feeling they have to measure up to their parents and never passing that bar.

They seem to elevate the marriage partners to an extreme level even above God in my book. People have faults they are not perfect. Something these young people definitely will be facing one day when facing each other by themselves. Don't any of them have friends? Where their friends? Michelle Duggars weird staring at her husband almost seems her worship is reserved for him and not for God.

I agree about the courtship movement being reversed prosperity gospel. There is religious deception, in telling a young woman, that God will automatically bring her a perfect husband. [or vice versa] Life is far more messy then that. Men can even work and provide for years and years and get sick and see their career fields decimated. Men can run in into their own health problems. Not every man [or woman] will have a stamina for a family of 22. The expectations for women are too extreme in the world but they are for the men as well.

They have an over romanticized view of life and marriage which I believe could hurt them one day.

I know young Christian women in false Christian churches who were told constantly they did not find a husband because they "lacked" faith in God. They were single because God was not pleased with them. Infertile women in many of these religious circles too will be told they lack God's favor. The prosperity junk has infused like a virus into many many places. I am sorry you went through that pain. I believe there is great disappointment and pain via the false courtship teachings, high expectations and over romanticized view of life. It is not preparing these women for real relationships or life the way it is.