Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Commies Join the Ferguson Fray

I wrote about Ferguson yesterday. Lest you think this is just a few weirdos who flunked history class since they see Lenin as a hero, realize in liberal circles the love of Marxism is growing. It has gone mainstream it seems among the millennials I know. It makes me nauseous. I even had someone close to me state that Communism would be a better system then Capitalism. This is numerous people not just one or two.

All human systems are fallible, we have seen Capitalism decay with monopolies, and the greedy and wicked refusing to pay honorable wages however Communism holds it's own evils too. It's all about power and control. Remember even the Pope preaches "redistribute the wealth". Some cry for an American Spring, thinking a revolution will save the populace from the machinations of the wicked elite. Poor people being trained to shout for more chains. All of them should flunk history class, Retroactive Fs for the lovers of Lenin and Marx!

 The powers that be have used the fascism/communism pendulum for a long time always manipulating the population. Everyone forgets the Nazis were "socialists" too, but the Communists were used to scare the beaten down population into Hitler's arms. History always seems to repeat itself as human evil remains the same.


tsisageya said...

My hope is that you will inform me just what it means to be marxist/communist and what that has to do with Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

ok, that video is the straw that broke the camel's back for me...

You were right BibleBeliever,

Ferguson was a planned event.

It's apparent that capitalism is what they REALLY wanted to protest.

Silly me, and I thought they were actually protesting about the shooting of Michael Brown.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a local with a sign that says " If you are not from here, GO HOME." 1 Cor 14:33 - Don

Victoria Di Agnello said...

Yes, it was an orchestrated event. The goal is to desensitize the population to the police state.

Also, did anyone notice how they are bringing a lot in the news lately about a person getting fired or punished at work, for something in their personal life, just because it was caught by the eye of the public surveillance camera, or social media, etc.? Like that romp in the elevator with the football guy and his wife. Of course it was wrong, but so many things happen now where they publicize a thing and penalize a person publicly for something in their private life. It's like they want to desensitize people to the idea of the 'all seeing eye' of big brother, the surveillance of the police state like in Orwell's books, and people will just accept all these intrusions into their privacy as 'normal.'

Victoria Di Agnello said...

On the communist note, this one gets sticky. Bear it though here. First, there are things in the bible that 'resemble' this sort of sharing, like in the early church history in Acts. I have heard pastors preaching on this, and saying that it wasn't 'of God,' when of course it was. BUT, that is in the church. And yes, we are called to help the poor and so on, it's all over in the bible if they'd only READ it. There is a real, and then there is satan's counterfeit, like a reflection, trying to mimick God. More on that below.

Now, there are 3 main levels to the coming world rule of antichrist: 1) religious, 2) political, and 3) economic.

Each is a counterfeit of God's intended and coming rule, only in the wrong way obviously.

In the Kingdom of God, there is only one religion; faith in Jesus as per the bible. There is only one government and ruler; the King Jesus. And all is shared among everyone (whatever is there). That is the true form of these 3 under God, when Jesus returns and reigns.

Under the rule of antichrist, satan has his counterfeit, a one world religion that is the opposite, where all religions are united and revered, a total abomination, (as there is only one way of salvation, through Jesus' death on the cross)...and we are NOT to honor other gods, etc.

And then the one world government under antichrist that is a totalitarian dictatorship.

Also the one world economic system involving the mark of the beast. It will also resemble a communist format, hence all the promoting of marxist ideas.

Now I will be the first to say that the world has suffered at the hands of the rich and greedy, and a 'redistribution of wealth' is highly in order due to the imbalance of wealth that is worse than during the great depression and money doesn't grow on trees (limited resource). We can all see that (I think...). Some of that isn't bad in itself. But the platitudes of communism are being used, and things that sound good and appeal to many, but will not really help the poor and it is all for a price under wickedness; denying your faith to receive the mark of the beast. Everything about these layers of the antichrist system are evil, don't be deceived.

And all things have been orchestrated to lead up to the population begging for this new system... the economic collapses and austerity measures all over the world, the riots and lawlessness in retaliation, Isis being unleashed, other religious wars creating terror, creating the 'need' for new anti-terror laws, political uprisings and calls for revolution by various organizations... the staged 'shootings' leading to anti-gun laws and other shreddings of the constitution to make way for the police state, the list goes on... but I think you get the picture. It's all staged folks, by those pulling the strings behind the scenes to usher in their NWO and one world leader. (also, the antichrist rises before the false prophet, he only promotes him, another mirror by the unholy trinity of the Holy Trinity - see Rev.).

Just beware!

jl said...


I cry out urgently!

I had a vision last night that shook me to the core. I had a dream that islam radicals took advantage of the ferguson riots, and many people converted to islam because of it. Those converted then persecuted the children of the resurrection during the tribulation period. I saw many of the saints (in the USA) slain because of this. Lord, let our faith fail us not in this last hour.


jl, humble slave of EL ELYON.

Anonymous said...

@tsisageya Listen to this interview, perhaps it will clear some confusion. - Don

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Communism is not about sharing. It is about government forcing you to give up your belongings. In Acts they freely gave to help others. They were not forced.

Also, communism is connected to atheism and the state becoming its own god.

Alexandra said...

The root of socialism/communism goes back to genesis & the temptation of Adam & eve. Satan offers deceptively you can be like God--utopia-- which of course is an empty promise which leads ultimately to death. Our family has spent two years living in Russia (we're Australians). You can see the effects of man trying to create utopia in his own wisdom without the gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere you look in Russia. Marriages are destroyed, addiction s, corruption, trash everywhere. Its an unsafe place to live in every way. We volunteered there; which is a word hardly used in Russia. Don't get me wrong the people are wonderful and generous, but you can see that the land is under a curse in so many ways.
Blessings & glory to the King or Kings, Jesus of Nazareth

Anonymous said...

Communists believe that religion is the cause of economic inequality. Thus, if you eliminate religion, you can create a pure communal economy.

Kayfabe said...

I think many here in the U.S. that sympathize with communism are romanticizing it without thinking about the horrific conditions that communists government have their people in. It's easy for them to jump on the bandwagon but living in it is a whole different story.

Bible Believer said...

Marxist and Communists want the state to mandate everything and distribute the wealth. Capitalists want the big businesses to. I am simplifying things to the extreme. Of course now we have third way where big government and big business got married.

Ferguson yes is planned event and they are bringing in multiple agendas, spreading Islam among the black communities like in the 1970s? Spreading Communism again or variations there of? Trying to sell Agenda 21 Utopias where the government will tell everyone where to live or demand racial quotas?
I wish a local would write a sign like that too Don.

Yes they get the police state.

Oh conformity means everything to the job masters. The days are coming where even to be a Christian is enough to lose a job in America. Try being a teacher with the liberal NEA.

Yes they want people accepting Big Brother. Those violent sports figures they are doing some psy-op too there. After all they had young men looking up to violent and unruly men. It's to make such behavior more acceptable and more in the norm. Didn't they rehire the woman-beater back into the NFL?

Yes the bible has voluntary sharing but Communism is mandated sharing via government. Of course while the serfs go without don't think the top dogs are going without as well. The communist party leaders lived the high life.
One thing to remember, they don't plan to redistribute anything fairly, they want to clean out the bank accounts and make out like bandits.

They do desire their one world economic order which I think will be a combo of the third way, governments mandating quotas all over the place, and the big business right in line with government fiat.
JL, I remember the 1970s and how Islam was big among the black power movement. Farrakan and friends are still out there waiting to bring in the converts.

With the new black panthers and others, this is a growing movement.

In other words bringing it back.

Another tool for them to use for oppression. While I know the phony war on terror was used in a false way and the right screams about Islam constantly, it's another tool in their tool box. Read the comments on this one...

Yes atheism is connected to Communism and of course Leftist is in with it all. There are many neo-Marxists and others in academia. Remember they always desired world revolution.
I agree anon, it is Satan holding out promises of false Utopia, hey the globalism and Agenda 21 formulas match all that. That is interesting about Russia, thanks for sharing that.

So it was an unsafe place, far worse then Australia? I have seen Russia touted as a more safe and sane society then the USA in right wing publications. It is hard to know what to believe.

Yes Marx taught that all religion was the "opiate" of the masses as he basically promoted his own pseudo state worship religion.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, this shows the failure and indoctrination of our educational system. How did they not teach them about Communist Russia or Maoist China and how people's lives were literally controlled and destroyed?

Anonymous said...

"How did they not teach them about Communist Russia or Maoist China and how people's lives were literally controlled and destroyed?"
Because control of the public education system is essential to the communist agenda. It is actually plank #10 of Marx's communist manifesto.

Anonymous said...

An article with insight; - Don

Anonymous said...

The very word "commies" is nonsense.

jl said...

It is interesting how both Communists and Islam is interested in using the African American community as pawns. I wonder why blacks are the pawn target?

I looked that up, and you were right how Islam embedded itself in the black power movement.

I remember as a child in the 80's my teacher (in a public school) would insert his Islamic beliefs in class each day. He made me afraid to eat pork. At that time, I went to a predominately black school, and we had several teachers who were Islamic. We had many students convert to Islam by the time I graduated from school. By the grace of God, He protected me from that lie.


jl, humble slave of EL ELYON

Anonymous said...

I've got some real thoughts and feelings about communism as well. In the mid 90's I went for one year to a former soviet country to assist a missionary family. I went open minded, that maybe it was just a different culture or economic system, but left knowing it is utterly devastating to families, religion, the environment and leaves people feeling very hopeless.

Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. It is wierd though - I was raised by a father involved in ministry, and also in housing foreign exchange students. But I see little fruit. Some, but little. People I knew from my short time in missions, former foreign exchange students, pastor and missionary kids that I grew up with, almost all are in some form of apostasy. I have Facebook friends who work for the UN, various economic advisors, a translator who has worked with queens and UN dignitaries, various pastors and pastors wives who are pushing social agendas more than the word of God.That is the fruit of the modern church missions - globalism, not followers of Jesus Christ. And it makes me sad.

It makes me sad. I still, for now, stay on Facebook. As a housewife with small children I do not see that many people in real life at this stage of my life. I'm careful but also bold about what I share. I don't speak of politics or news or GMOs or vaccines. I do share photos of my life and I share scripture and the gospel message. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 we loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of Christ but our lives as well.


Bible Believer said...

Yes I agree they are being used as pawns too. They are taking people who are on the lower echelons of society and working on them. In other countries with the poor, the liberation "communist" camp always preaches to them their new false Utopias and solving their problems via carnal solutions--like war for the South Americans and looting for Ferguson.

I am not surprised you had several Islamic teachers even in the 80s. I saw young teens who wanted to convert to Islam in the early 90s at juvenile home I worked at.

I praise God none of those teachers led you into a false religion.

Bible Believer said...

Joy Praise God for you sharing the gospel. I agree about sharing the gospel first and foremost. Most of the churches and people working for the churches or in them are directed into the new globalist order. World Communism ie "liberation theology" made global via Rome and joined at the hip with the United Nations. I should ask our commenter from Bulgaria what his take on the United Nations is. I wrote about the "Globalist Driven UN Church" 4 years ago. [This blog is about to enter it's 5th year in April]

I think you would find this article of extreme nature. Many are being deceived by these things if NOT MOST.