Thursday, November 20, 2014

National Cathedral Holds Muslim Prayer Service and The Protester Christine Weick

The one world religion marches on. The National Cathedral is already a home-base for false Christianity and the one world religion. Congress had prayers to Allah too this week as well.

One woman protested......

While I support making such a stand, there are some odd things about this protester. Look at the sign above. That is not exactly a biblical way to witness. She seems like another "cultural warrior" type.  Was she chosen to do the National Cathedral protest to deflect things and name people who would do so as "unbalanced"?

Here she is with this sign causing outrage in the state of Michigan. She had a Slushie thrown at her. One thing about homosexuals, they need born again and then the Holy Spirit to convict them. It goes in that order. You will not be able to talk a homosexual out of homosexual acts and relationships via human reasoning.

 Using purposefully antagonizing signs does nothing but make Christians look like the enemy and is not offering any message of hope or true gospel. As a Christian, I will write, "Homosexuality is a sin", but what does the sign above do for anyone? One sees the usual cultural warrior battle between right and left, as possible homosexuals and/or their supporters all make counter-signs and get angry at her. What was accomplished here? She has the right to her freedom of speech of course.

There is one video they say is her and the woman looks just like her, warning of the Satanic symbols on a Monster Energy Drink. Many blogs have exposed the "666" from the Hebrew Alphabet on the Monster Energy Drink. I even mentioned this once here. The original video got 7 million hits. This is a copy. How did it get so popular? This was recent too. It seems odd she would be so well known for this and then be the one protester at the National Cathedral within the same time frame.

She wrote a book before, she is not only taken up with cultural warriorhood campaigns but also Christian Zionism and bible prophecy errors. From her Facebook page-- it shows her support of Christian Zionist groups. I hope the Nephilim teachers haven't gotten to her too, it looks like they could have.

I hope she is a sincere woman and not someone "in the know", hopefully God will lead her to more truth including out of Christian Zionism and the culture wars.  Standing up against false worship is not a bad thing but as you know, I always wonder how they use these events especially since they had that one woman in Congress protesting spiritual things. I tend to be more distrustful of these "public" events.

It is a negative development that now we just do not have the Catholic Cardinals praying to Allah in Cathedrals of all sorts, but now they are doing full Muslim prayer services. Was this the first one in Congress? I am not sure if it was. Even Bush had interfaith services in government.

One thing, the true Jesus Christ of the Bible was never worshipped at the apostate masonic all religions around one table National Cathedral. This why they have no problem holding Islam services. I am sure those of other religions will soon be invited as well.


Anonymous said...

Yes, catholic leaders, including the pope, have been praying to "allah" with muslims for centuries. Why doesn't she take them on?

She's a fraud, put in place by catholicism to give "evangelicals" someone to "root" for.

And the "national cathedral" has been a house of heresy for decades. When will someone protest that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally agree, I've seen this for decades! They take on the sin in a culture war, trying to clean it up. But it doesn't work that way. It works from the inside out, the sinner must repent and be saved by the Lord Jesus or the sin will never change. That is the thing to focus on. No small wonder why the Great Commission doesn't involve culture wars, but salvation through hearing the gospel message. People doing these things just give it a bad name, they have more reasons to outlaw evangelism and Christian expression in society. Which leads me to the idea that she could be a plant for that purpose. I know sometimes people are sincere but 'green' and misguided, but the fact that she got so much publicity first is an interesting fact! And yes, the zionism is another problem. Instead of focusing on the Lord and living obediently, there seems to be so much misdirection to instead focus on all these cultural symptoms in many ways. It's a dying world, there is nothing we can do to revive it. The days are evil and growing more so by the day as we near the end. We need to focus on sharing the true gospel while there is still time.

Bible Believer said...

I had the thought her going to protest at the National Cathedral for them praying to Allah, was like someone going to a UU church to protest them not breaking out a KJV Bible.

Yes the Popes and the left wing of the Catholic church--the Episcopalians have been praying to Allah for years or allowing those services.

I agree about the culture wars too anon. The sinner must be regenerated inside by the Holy Spirit after salvation to be delivered and convicted of sins. Yes these types will help in the crack down against free speech. Some places interrupting any religious service is already against the law. Yes there is a great chance she could be plant. Thanks for you post, God bless.

texaswildflower said...

@Anon 6:10 pm,
Agreed, she is probably a plant. Haven't taken time to watch the video, but just from the hype surrounding the situation it seems so.

Anonymous said...

Why is she alone (wolf) in her exposing? Wise to be looking for deception via contradictions. Here is a video on that; (Starts @ 53:00) Not an endorsement, he is on page. Titus 2:13 - Don

N4TM said...

Hi BB, I was "tipped off" to this lady's name and some back story about her recently and I did my own mini-investigation after that email. However, after consideration and some research into her I chose not to do any write up. I'm sure you found the same information I did as I just use Google and some key word searches, no magic tricks to researching. Christine Weick was divorced recently I believe 2011 from her estranged husband who left her on account of her "stand." Her children have also disowned her and do not communicate with her. By her own admission she lives out of her car and claims she is "not" homeless. She gets "called" (by the Lord) to go to places and do whatever you call what she is doing. It sounds to me after reading the whole WND article of her interview post her heckling at the National Cathedral that she is being mind controlled by some controllers. She's being used --gaslighting-- by these jerks in the CNP and the prophecy circles who love to use women weighted down in their own sin to do their footwork. Her FB page images that another blogger has posted reveals she's enamored with being a "watchman/woman" at the expense that she has thwarted her own common sense and discernment, choosing the glory of men over her own family and following the REAL leading of the Holy Spirit. I think this woman is DECEIVED and DECEIVING others. If she spent half as much time she spends driving to locations at her controllers beckon call into researching her "friends, brothers and sisters in Christ," then she would find that they are liars, double agents, COINTELPRO, elk who are using her. Maybe it's not too late for that lady, maybe she can repent and get on her face and have her mind restored by the Lord. I know there are those who communicate with Christine Weick reading this too, (you gargoyle trolls) and they would not want her to get a heads up on who she is really working for, but you know what if she's really truly saved and a daughter of God, then she's going to find out sooner or later!

N4TM said...

To Texas and Anon 11-23

She is a "plant" and wolves travel in packs, she's being led, tipped off, she has probably been approached by people who have befriended her who are side controllers trying to manipulate her to do these goofy things. It's sad really. I do fell sad for this lady to an extent. She wants this too. She wants to be known for something and unfortunately she is being known for something, crazy and a poor witness. I've seen and read other blogs who wrote some horrific things about her and directed to her. She has garnered harsh criticism from the LGBT "Christian" community for her stance. I think we all agree here that homosexuality is a sin and not going to be condoned or blessed by the Lord, so in that we agree with Crazy Christine Weick, however her methods are no different than Jonesboro nut jobs and those too are counter-ops, double agents, controlled opposition. I've written about that topic and I believe BB has also. I've seen it first hand that these people exist within the church, and there's a real simple way to distinguish them. They do tons of research and "warn" the brethren at nausea about certain false teachers but at the same time cover up for others and distract you from looking into other things which would explain that some of the "Good guys" work with the "bad guys" and know each other from way back. There are new guys out there with the same narrative and many of those were apprenticed and mentored by the old fogies who are on their way out and need a new crop to continue the psy-op. It's amazing, disheartening, and disturbing once you start doing your own research, but it can also be very cathartic to come to the realization that we ought not to put our faith and trust in man who are out to deceive us but in God alone and His faithful unchanging word! ;-)

Bible Believer said...

To anon, who told me the Jews are the problem you are falling for the deception. I could not post your comment with it's cuss words. Evil is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to humanity. Jesus Christ is the only answer.

Bible Believer said...

Hi N4THM, I agree with your post, will comment more tomorrow. I know they work on the watchmen. "It's the ZOG and It's the Jews" people seem to never let up. I think she is being controlled too, I saw some of the information you are talking about as well. More tomorrow....

Христо Стилиянов said...

She is the american personification/embodiment of "Mary" preparing the americans for the final crusade (against islam,communism and homosexualism).

All these protests at cathedrals (and women who lead them) only divert attention to islam to get everyone in bed with catholicism as the lesser threat (or actual ally).

Bible Believer said...

Hi N4THM, Thanks for sharing your research about this lady. Yes I found her book links, and the other weirdness about living in her car. When I saw that protesting the gays sign and her getting herself in the news, I thought just like WESTBORO. Since that guy is dead now, they probably will be raising up a few others to put in the news. I read about her living in her car too. Wonder how she is getting the gas money for trip to DC? I wouldn't doubt controllers are in the mix. Her body language seems odd to me. If she isn't a knowing deceiver, maybe she will google this website, and be warned of where her "friends" are taking her and her involvements. I always hoped some of the Duggar children would google themselves and learn ATI and Quiverful is a cult and you don't have to follow those legalisms or the false teacher of Gothard, so many this lady will do it too if she is for real. Praying if so, she will be truly born again and repent. I agree God would show her if she is born again.

I feel sad for her too. One thing I know "They" work on any would be discernment folks or who write blogs like this. They try to "steer you". I still don't get why the anti-semitists won't give up on me, still thinking I am going to suddenly say, "oh yeah it's the jews!

She looks like Westboro. Where they focused on getting attention and insults from non-believers. What does that do but earn more hatred and derision for "Christians"? You are right the methods are counter-op. Homosexuality is a sin and yes we agree with her on that score, but what is getting in the face of homosexuals going to do but antagonize them and assure them that Christians are "jerks" and lead to more rejection of the gospel?

There is so many fakes out there, all trying to steer the churches. I wouldn't doubt there would be trained agents even some of the biggest churches in the congregations and not just in the pulpits we have warned of.

I don't trust any of the ones who follow the Zionist, Slave to the war on terror, NWO code. Notice they never deviate, it's always the safe stuff they warn about like Emergents. Warning about Emergents is not bad in itself, some sincere types do. I have even, but when they refuse to go deeper or warn of other apostasies it's a problem.

I agree it teaches one to trust in God alone, it also can strengthen faith as you turn directly to Him and His Word to get answers, knowing how many multi-layered games are played. It's mind boggling but God promises us a sound mind, which we can pray for answers to these questions and getting through the muddled fog of lies.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Bible Believer said...

correction... Anti-semites...LOL trying to spell today isn't going so well.

Bible Believer said...

Hmmm interesting. We already see how the "war on terror" has gotten the evangelicals on board with globalism and the police state, now it's time for a direct line with Rome, as Catholicism will be their new ally to "fight" the Muslims.

I am not so sure about Rome fighting Communism. I see Communism as a tool for Rome and they are repackaging it and re-selling it.

If anything Rome is selling a new version of Communism to the masses. World Socialism. The Pope's with their redistribute the wealth edicts, wasn't there another one recently? are selling world communism under a globalist "third way" flavor where the elites will gain even more control over the wealth.

How do you see a war on homosexuality coming about? I believe they want to sell it to the world but maybe they have some Hegelian Dialectic going there. They sure do focus on homosexuals a lot in American when they are only a small portion of the population.

I believe they are using certain groups to bring more power. The inner city explodes over another police shooting and have riots, and then they can increase the police state, militarization of police and destruction of other civil rights.

This is why Holder and Obama seemed to whip things up into more of froth then they would have been.

The homosexuals are already being used to destroy freedom of speech rights. While I have seen a few thinkers in their crowd protest this, most blindly follow. I believe one agenda with the homosexuals is to destroy legal marriage for ALL. It will simply be removed as a legal precedent.

All groups being used and manipulated...

Just like the ones protesting violence with more violence in Ferguson.

Thanks for the links.

Христо Стилиянов said...

Well, the current communist pope is in my opinion a big jesuit "troll". A large chunk of the Catholics, especially the traditionalists hate him and want him gone (to say nothing of sedevacantists). They won't be able to win american churchianity over by supporting the ideology, which is has been the nemesis of every middle class american.

The catholics used bolshevism and socialism in spain and in western europe to bring people to fascism and to secretly undermine the idea of a secular, church separated government.

The current "inconvenient" leaders such as Obama, Francis and later on Putin will create hype and make way for those who will unite the apostate christendom against these currents of liberalism and laxity towards fundamentalism and islam that their predecessors have harbored.

In the meantime the islamic threat has to increase, Obama has to become even more socialist and Putin more arrogant.

"How do you see a war on homosexuality coming about? I believe they want to sell it to the world but maybe they have some Hegelian Dialectic going there. They sure do focus on homosexuals a lot in American when they are only a small portion of the population."

They will never be able to sell it. So they don't intend to, like you said, its a tool. Homosexuality is an abomination to most people, no matter what their polls say, this holds true especially for eastern europeans and most of Asia (except thailand, and to a lesser extent Japan). They just use these grotesque pictures to stirr up religious sentiment and pull in the daughters.

"The homosexuals are already being used to destroy freedom of speech rights. While I have seen a few thinkers in their crowd protest this, most blindly follow. I believe one agenda with the homosexuals is to destroy legal marriage for ALL. It will simply be removed as a legal precedent."

But it is exactly the reversal of these policies and the giving back of "freedom of speech" and "sanctity of marriage" that will make people hail the new "christian - ecumenical" leadership of the USA.

This unholy trinity - gays,islam,communism has been the bread and butter of rightist churchian demagogues for decades. But we are approaching the culmination and it is hurting our eyes.


Христо Стилиянов said...

Just look at what has been floating around the "british israelism" circles in the USA. Communism biggest threat? I covered this in my blog as well:

(By John Grady, M.D.)


The place was Valley Forge, in the cold and bitter winter of 1777. Washington's army suffered several reverses and the situation was desperate. Food was scarce. The Continental Congress was not sending supplies or money. Some of the troops did not even have shoes to wear in the snow. Many soldiers were sick and dying from disease and exposure. Morale was at an all-time low and there was great agitation in the Colonies against continued effort to secure our freedom from England. Nevertheless, General Washington was determined to see the struggle through.


"This afternoon, as I was sitting at this table engaged in preparing a dispatch, something seemed to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite me a singularly beautiful female (SOPHIA). So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed, that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the cause of her presence. A second, a third and even a fourth time did I repeat my question, but received no answer from my mysterious visitor except a slight raising of her eyes.

"By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I assayed once more to address her, but my tongue had become useless, as though it had become paralyzed.


George Washington's vision has been published from time to time and is recorded in the Library of Congress.(!?!?)
Nations on every continent, under the political forces of Communism, are hostile to the United States. America has few friends left in the world and even fewer still who will have the strength or will to stand beside her in any future struggles.

Lenin foretold the series of events: "First we will take Russia, next we will capture the nations of eastern Europe, then we will take the masses of Asia. Finally, we will surround the United States and that last bastion of freedom will fall into our hands like over-ripe fruit."

77th Prince Grand Master Dr. John L. Grady, MD

The doctor is a former U.S. Navy jet fighter pilot, and was a member of the first squadron to operate swept-wing jet fighter planes from an aircraft carrier. He is a 35-year member of the American Legion, and a member of Catholic War Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars .

Since 1975 Dr. Grady has served as National Chairman of the American Freedom Crusade , a non-profit research and publishing entity he founded, which has produced, in addition to literature and research papers, several widely viewed television documentaries.

As one of the earliest Pro-Life spokesmen, Dr. Grady was founder of the Florida Right to Life Committee , and is the founder and national president of Americans For The Right To Life - the first national pro-life organization. His booklet, Abortion - Yes or No, has been translated into several languages, and is the most widely read treatise in the world on that subject.
In 1979, Dr. Grady was designated a Hereditary Knight Commander of Justice in the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (Hospitallers of Jerusalem - Knights of Rhodes - Knights of Malta) the oldest military-religious order in the world, dating from 1048 A.D. In September 1991, in the first world-wide convocation of the Order in nearly 200 years, Dr. Grady was elected Grand Master of the Sovereign Order.

American Freedom Crusade, great name

texaswildflower said...

"George Washington's Vision"... hmmm... sounds a lot like the Masonic "vision" or dream of Washington-as-King-Solomon in Jonathan Cahn's The Harbinger...

Христо Стилиянов said...

""George Washington's Vision"... hmmm... sounds a lot like the Masonic "vision" or dream of Washington-as-King-Solomon in Jonathan Cahn's The Harbinger..."

Yes and the "communist threat" that he described (whether or not Washington even said that or really saw that), is perfectly in line with the Catholic prophecy of Mary at Fatima, saying that "Russia will spread her errors until the pope consecrates her to the immaculate heart etc etc".

This sequence Russia->Asia->Usa is probably the same for the catholization of the world, which makes this article all the more creepier.

Alberto Rivera also said that the jesuits are preparing a major apparition/vision of Mary in the USA, which presumably will end some kind of internal conflict or turmoil.

Warning; Catholic propaganda. Read with caution!

"But we haven't seen anything yet. The Jesuits have their Virgin Mary scheduled to appear four or five times in China, Russia, and major appearance in the U.S.

texaswildflower said...

Wow. I knew Walid was promoting Catholicism, but that's blatant.

And, wow, what a prideful tone he takes. Esp. toward the "feminist Christian wretch" (his words) who believes God can call women to preach. Whatever your views on women preachers, railing against others for whom Christ died does NOT please the Father.

Bible Believer said...

I agree the Pope is a Jesuit troll of some sort too. I haven't posted on this but even some of the bishops in the USA are not happy.

He could just be a set up for another pendelum swing, perhaps when the evangelicals are even more entrenched.

Sure Hitler and Franco took over mostly over fears of Communism taking over. They definitely have used that formula.

I find your theory interesting that today's proto socialists and liberal commies will pave the way for new fascist theocrats. The only wrench in this, is what about the growing liberalism among American youth? [I believe you are from Bulgaria right?]
If the next generations are so liberal and I have noticed all seem to be for what has been sold them like gay marriage and the like, how do you think that switch over will happen? Even in Germany 1930s, Hitler was seen as a "progressive" to uproot the German Chancellor's traditionalists. Of course we label them as fascist [yes I know the labels can be limited]

They definitely are working to unite the Islamic Caliphate, you got that right...

It is true homosexuality at a core point is repulsive to people. I know I find myself thinking some homosexuals live in a celibate roommate situation and don't really have sex because it sounds so "gross" to me but one friend says I am being naive. Even if they all go hooray for gay marriage, you see the jokes, even among young men and others, where slurs for homosexuals are commonplace. I know elsewhere in the world Africa, Asia etc, it is even less acceptable. Interesting theory about the reversal of these policies, cementing the ecumenical church alliance. What kind of time frame do you see with this?

Bible Believer said...

I don't know much about British Israelism, aren't those the ones who believe the true tribes of Israel came out of Britain?

Do they buy into the America as a Christian nation schtick?

It's hard to know if that is a true vision, a legend like the cherry tree chop down or is it historical in nature?

So the "goddess" visited Washington? His own Marian apparition and you know what I have warned about those...

Some say it's fiction, but that would bear more investigation.

They had their David Bartons of former generations...

"Mary" would paralyze many of her observers too.

American Freedom Crusade Scary. You notice those words they use for emotional effect, FREEDOM! FAMILY!

Have you read my articles on Knights of Malta on this blog, they are infused through out the evangelical world.

Russia's errors have been spread, via Marx and pals and the "world socialism". The demons pretending to be Mary always loved to mix truth in with lies. I think it was Fatima that predicted WWII.

You do realize the Fatima demon prophesized a SEVENTH APPARITION that has not been fulfilled yet.

Walid awaits the Antichrist with glee.

I agree Texas Wild Flower.

Христо Стилиянов said...

"If the next generations are so liberal and I have noticed all seem to be for what has been sold them like gay marriage and the like, how do you think that switch over will happen?"

Well, i think that the gay agenda, socialism etc is also simply a subversive force for biblical christianity. Not ALL of the USA public will jump into the cathedral.

But fear overrides everything and when heads start rolling, bombs start exploding, even purely psychologically, even if the threat is removed an ocean away, people will see how heated up the world has become and lose their sense of security and many of these liberals will "convert" or a least give a carte blanche for the catholics. Bear in mind that the blacks and the mexicans can be also involved in the unrest that is to come. Even the anti-american pro-russian monarchists acknowledge that the two greatest sins of america that will haunt her are "slavery and the mexican war"

There is some vagueness about what exactly will happen 3-4 years from now, but the death of the pope and an apparition will be involved. This is straight Simonian gnosticism that i have discussed on my blog,

The Orthodox believe that God will stop the forthcoming east vs west war. The catholics i think believe that intervention to be Mary herself who converts the Russians (after Russia is concecrated by this or the next pope) . That will be the first apparition. We can expect one in the USA a few years later, perhaps to prepare people for the crusade against islam that is to follow the reconciliation of east and west.

The turkish threat has been deeply embedded In European memory, and of course, the world must be somehow united against it.

Now, we as christians know that historically Islam is only a punishment for the followers of antichrist in eurasia. The inquisition was established in the 1200s, and the orthodox church also mercilessly wiped out the bible believing baptist christians on the balkans. So then God unleashes these cruel and barbaric people to punish the Whore.

But since the jesuit control the world stage now, they can present themselves very convincingly that they are the victims, abusing that historical memory.

.... the conversion of Russia; and what also appears to be the conversion of Islam....

Notice USA isnt promised by "Mary". But China is and the Catholics will use Russia as a "missionary church" or a "bridge/arc" to evangelize china and islam. That is their plan. They dont like Russia much, their goal is 1.5 bil chinese souls unaware of the craftiness of Rome.

Христо Стилиянов said...

As for Mary (the Goddess) and the USA please read this poem by Phillis Wheatley (the BLACK virgin). Freemasonry is gnostic and USA was founded by masons who worship Sophia (wisdom).

I have no time to talk much about these subjects you can find much about goddesses,gnostics, the numbers 17 and 777 on my blog where i've made some connections.

Praise the Lord for his grace and mercy, that we are on the other side, out of this Satanic darkness.

Христо Стилиянов said...

You do realize the Fatima demon prophesized a SEVENTH APPARITION that has not been fulfilled yet.

Yes, seven, because they are obsessed with 777, which is in their system a divinity number. They also like 17 and 5 for other reasons.

Even pope francis was exactly 77 years and 7 months old when the malayisan plane boeing 777 crashed on the 17.07.2014

17 December 1936 - 17 july 2014 = 77.7

Bible Believer said...

I plan to read more of your blog when I get a chance. Soon I will make the time and will comment somewhat. I have warned of the Gnostics here, and it seems you have gone in depth on the use of Gnostic ideas and Mystery Cults. I hope you are a sincere person. I have to be careful of infiltrators who use Mystery Cults, this one person was on this blog, who warned of Mystery Cults and also on a message boards but I could detect via language she used that she was a member of what she warned against, "an insider". She used weird titles for God even.

So I have skimmed some of your blog and found some interesting parts I definitely want to comment on and have found many of your theories of interest but realize I must be cautious given my online experiences.

One thing about me when I was UU, it was Gnosticism to the extreme. They used to praise Sophia in our churches services. Theosphists when you get down to the core are basically Gnostics

See these articles of mine if you have not. I explain some of these things and even describe how I saw through the Catholic church--with the Holy Spirit leading me of course after I was born again.

I think you would find my conversation there with an Orthodox of extreme interest. He does not see how very Gnostic he is.

Bible Believer said...

I agree the gay agenda is definitely a subversive force, but yes fear would change things. Navel-gazing liberalism works for the spoiled and financially secure or manipulated but when the heavy things of life come to bear life and attitudes change. Kind of along the same lines of the saying A Liberal is a future conservative who hasn't been mugged yet. Before I threw liberalism away as a young person, pre Christian days, I had suffered immense things and seen too much in the inner cities I worked in, so doses of reality can change worldviews.

So yes I can see the liberals converting and there will be the Catholic church waiting and eager to take them in.

Hey we see even the false Patriarchy, Dominionist crowd, luring in the converted used to be worldly types who go running to legalism for their salvation instead of Jesus Christ.

I believe that that the "race wars" are being used as a weapon so to speak. The ghettos were destroyed for a reason so there would be a totally disaffected and desperate population with few options. This helped to enhance the drug wars and profit. They worked on them too via music and cultural infiltration for some circles in the inner cities to embrace criminality as a way of life. With the Hispanics, the amnesty and illegal immigration is meant to create chaos as well as more profit via the overall suppressed wages. Sure many groups are being used in the "unrest" and to manipulate the system. Sadly too many do not see how they are being used as pawns. Some like the illegal immigrants are just working understandably for their own survival as their own NWO run countries keep the Oligarchy stronger in power who use the USA for a safety valve. Of course the economic forces are used overall to manipulate the populace, seeing the police state as their "rescuer", making people more dependent with fewer options in general and wearing them out. The young people buried in life destroying college debt, now some of them see "communism" as the solution. It's the same games repeated ad nauseaum.

Yes the Orthodox have their beliefs about what will happen and Many of the Trad Catholics look to Mary and Russia. When I was Catholic, Fatima was a big deal even in the US.

Obviously I think they are setting up the Islamic Caliphate too. They want their "war of civilizations" to increase their power. There is a reason the Pope was in Turkey in seeking more unity among Catholics and Muslims.

The Bible tells us about the "wild men", creating havoc. Islam I believe is a Catholic creation. I have written about this elsewhere on this blog.

Yes the Jesuits are presenting themselves as the victims.

I agree China is vulnerable to the lies of Rome.

Bible Believer said...

Yes that poem says it all. Well there is a reason our govt buildings in Washington DC have little golden 'goddesses" statues upon them all, and they are built in the style of Rome.

Sophia is just one name for Diana, Isis, and the rest.

Yes 777 is an important number for them. I see 777 as a marker ID for controlled opposition people on youtube and elsewhere.

texaswildflower said...

BB, what makes you believe Islam is a Catholic creation? I came across the idea on Youtube, but it was clearly an SDA video and I didn't know if it was based on valid research or just on one person's desire to expose Rome. I do believe we should keep the Sabbath (though I don't think there's a set formula for how to do it; I'm aware most on this board don't keep it, and that's fine -- it's not the point of this comment), but I don't trust the SDA denomination any more than I trust the mainstream churches. :-P