Friday, November 28, 2014

Ferguson Proves Predictive Programming Works

Posting videos for information. Some interesting questions are brought up in the first video such as asking  "Why set your own city on fire?" For those fooled by slogans like "No justice, no peace", do you think those engaging in wickedness destroying the property of others care about any true justice?

Ferguson will be used for enhancement of the police state. In the first video, she is right about the cases where cops have shot clearly innocent people, and no riots happened during those cases and they chose a specific kind of case to bring more racial tensions and violence. The first video was correct in that all of this was hyped up to the max, and all of them knew what the first verdict would be way before!

After all with the man choked to death by several cops in NYC who was selling untaxed cigarettes, no riots happened. Warning: the links shows a video that is very disturbing as they jump on this poor man and squash him. One can see the one officer with his arm planted across his neck.  None cared as he told the cops he was having trouble breathing.  So instead they picked a case that was more nebulous where both sides would be outraged, a rerun of Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin however this time much worse.

This time they chose Mike Brown, a teen with gangster photos online who robbed a convenience store of cigars who shoved an Asian store clerk. This muddied the waters much better for them to bring both sides to clash.  No one rioted over the Hispanic baby who got his face burned by a flash grenade in a crib. Many of the police are out of control in America. It's getting worse, and it won't just be the teenagers they suspect are selling drugs in the ghetto, they will be lining up against the wall. The problems are spreading.

  The video warns of Obama passing over 3,000 regulations. There is always some distraction they use. Of course amnesty not approved by Congress or supported by most American people was signed off for 5 million illegal immigrants too.

The elites have worked on the ghettos for years and desire to use racial tensions, crime and disenfranchisement to push their agendas. The pot seems set to boil with clashing cultures, and a burgeoning inner city underclass that lives in a gang-infested world, that has been influenced by the new world order billions of profit drug wars.

 Here you have the militarized cops, police state, products of the drug wars and its "underground economy" all doing battle with one another.  Evil reigns on all sides as each battles for it's side. The brain dead right side ignores the truth about the economy and how the ghettos were prepped for destruction with the dismantling of manufacturing and drug war. With some exceptions, most embrace the tanks, and army gear, to be used on American citizens to "keep them in line". Few seem not to care that one day these tools could be used not just in the inner city but everywhere. The brain dead right ignores how the drug wars create billions of profits for the elite and set up all those gangs and inner city "soldiers in training" and how the economy works now.

The brain dead left focuses on creating more hatred, resentment and ill will, with such slogans as "white privilege" which in themselves are racist slogans and enabling and excusing criminal behavior among young people and not making a stand against lawlessness. If you think about this term it is one of mandated ENVY. "I hate you" for being "different" from me with the implicit message that someone is to be knocked down a few pegs to "even" things up. The Bible warns about the sins of envy. Envy creates strife between people. The goal of the elites is for more strife-divide and conquer and then take over. This "privilege" term is used for other categories too, and is nothing but a balkanizing tool.

Think back to Maoist China, then it was not as race based but class based to do the divide and conquer games. They had the poorer people fight against the wealthy and the landlords.

  Blaming one race for the misdeeds of individuals is nonsense. Not every white person is privileged either, this is more cultural Marxism to be used by the elite. It is also one of those new world order slogans meant to breed hate between people.

Black business owners were hurt as the "protestors" burned down area businesses. Who spoke out for them?

There was a definite "mind control" link with having Bill Cosby exposed as a serial rapist in the last few weeks too. The timing of his career and reputation crashing and burning was very interesting.  It seems this evil was hidden for decades to be brought out at the "right timing".  After all remember, this was one black man who told the inner-city black community it needed to take more responsibility for their lives and he repeated this message of them refusing the forces of destruction and control.  If Bill Cosby is guilty they held on to this secret for decades putting women at risk. Perhaps this is payback and silencing time?

The timing of this was meant to silence the voices, that may have called for parts of the black community to have some introspection about what was happening to them and their young people in some communities.. It would silence the decent folks who wanted changes and a voice outside of the Jackson and Sharpton race baiting paradigm that has remained entrenched since the 1960s. Remember the NWO loves to make us think that certain groups think in one monolithic way but it is not true.

 Here too, one wonders why nothing is said as dozens if not hundreds of teens die every week in our inner cities in drug wars induced "urban warfare". Where are the protests outside a few marches for that?

There are no easy answers here, no one wants to see anyone's life ended. The cop in question definitely had a self defense case, especially with the difference in sizes. Hindsight makes one wonder why did he take this large suspect on his own instead of calling for back up? What was Michael Brown's motive to fight so hard? Did he have mental illness? Most people out there know assaulting a cop brings many years in the big house and ends badly. That part is hard to understand.

There is wrong on all sides here. Even the step-father of Michael Brown screaming "Burn it down!" upon the reading of the verdict seemed part of the riot show meant to aggravate things. In some towns, that guy would be arrested for INCITING a riot. The pictures taken with "Seasons Greetings" hovering above the clouds of tear gas also said it all. That almost looked like a director "screen set".

Will these racial battles and riots spread? Our society is declining. Evil is growing.

Some are saying Ferguson is another "staged event" in places online. It is possible given what we have seen with other events.  I haven't researched this enough to have my mind made up on it yet.

James 3:16King James Version (KJV)

16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

See: Zimmerman Acquitted-NWO's Use of Race


texaswildflower said...

I know this is a bit of a side issue in your post, but the Bill Cosby scandal also seems perfectly timed with the scandals in the Quiverfull/Christian Patriarchy community (Doug Phillips a year ago, Bill Gothard this year, and I think there was a third -- in addition to Tom White of VOM). It's a combination blow of further reducing the credibility of conservatives, fundamentalists, and evangelicals in general to the wider society AND shattering the trust of conservatives in their erstwhile leaders who did nothing but lead them astray and cause heartache for many via their teachings. Already many are exiting the QF/CP/home school movement with sordid stories of abuse and so forth "caused" by their upbringing (see the blog at Homeschoolers Anonymous, for instance, or Vyckie Garrison's No Longer Quivering) and turning either to atheism OR to liberal religion and the RCC. I saw abundant evidence of this on the spiritual abuse blogs I used to follow such as The Wartburg Watch. Folks who have experienced abuse in conservative churches are flocking in the direction of Rome and her daughters. I guess my point is I'm starting to think all these sex scandals and exposes of ministry leaders are crafted and perfectly timed, not accidents, and your post reminded me of that.

Bible Believer said...

Hi texaswild flower. I agree with your take on the Quiverful/Patriarchy downfalls too. Maybe some of the phonies even behind the scenes sign up for their down falls, with behind the scene awards for bringing more discouragement to many people. I have seen the websites [recovering grace] seems to differ where they seem to serve as a road way into Rome, atheism or more liberalism. Wartburg Watch, Stuff Fundies Like, Phoenix Preacher, I know exactly what you mean. That is the sad thing about all this spiritual abuse, it leads people right into false religion, Rome or full blown atheism.