Friday, November 7, 2014

Family Research Council's "I Stand Sunday"

I Stand Sunday, another Family Research Council event. One sees the usual right wing patriotism, "America as Christian nation" themes and focus on homosexuals.

Have you heard about the pastors in Houston who had the homosexual mayor try to subpoena them? The culture wars continue at full froth. One pastor says "Let the people vote!". One refers to raising "his standard of righteousness."  Even the "right wing" pastors sound like how old left-wing pastors use to sound, you know like the ones where politics came first instead of the gospel? "The vote will fix everything"....well we have heard that one before.

Lately I am rethinking voting at all, even on the local level and for my proverbial "dogcatcher", you think about the growing political control even on local and smaller levels of government. My heart felt weary after this last election.  I found myself wondering if there was going to be some kind of agenda with those pastors and seeing them hang out with the Family Research Council disturbs me.

"Host Tony Perkins joins the “Houston [sic] 5:” Steve Riggle, Hernan Castano, Magda 

Hermida, Khanh Huynh, Dave Welch and attorney Andy Taylor"

Hey do you notice that Vision America logo on the spinning cube on the lower left hand side on the videos? Notice the red pyramid and EU flag looking "Mary" stars? It looks like another Dominionist group.

"Our mission is to inform, encourage and mobilize pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework in their communities, states, and our nation. "

Mike Huckabee spoke and the event was supported by Ted Cruz. Catholic Rick Santorum was there as well and Rick Scarborough.

Family Research Council Leader Earns Roman Catholic Award

Family Research Council Hires Boykin as Executive Vice President


Anonymous said...

Thank-You Bible Believer for posting this article on your website, especially the post concerning duck dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson.

My heart aches for the deceived here in this country for who cannot be broken after watching these videos. The arrogance and the false heroism of these leaders is absolutely a mockery to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It appears to me they are worshipping themselves and the self righteous fruits of themselves.

Election Day 2014: As I lay in my recliner with a high fever and hurting body (I was sick for two days), nearing suppertime, the telephone rang on the table beside me. "Should I answer it? I'm too tired to really visit with anyone now, but it may be my husband needing something, so I had better see who it is....." were my impending thoughts.

It was the Republican party headquarters located in our state calling to remind us to get out and vote for the party candidates; and she listed the individuals we were to score on the cards. This particular lady was pleasant and had excellent telephone manners, with a willingness to listen.

In sharing with her that I probably wouldn't be voting due to my illness, she was reassured that her message would reach the other voters in our household. It was nearing the end of her workday, so I asked if she had a few moments to spare; and she did.

In a loving way, (too sick and too tired to be even remotely anxious or angry here, so my being was completely at peace) I shared with her the legacy of my political affiliations; born and raised a Democrat, married a conservative Republican and became one of them, then having been saved by Jesus at His cross and reading and understanding the Bible for myself, then became what I described to her as a "nothing." For it appears to me, through the very Word of God, that our LORD and Savior was not of democrat or republican political substance. Nor was He what we describe in today's mode of terminology; a liberal nor a conservative. And to be perfectly honest here, I cannot find Scriptures to support that His disciples nor Apostles were politically connected with the government of their day.

No, they preached Jesus, the Christ, and Him crucified and risen for our sins. No political endorsements for the "caesers of
their day.

So in proceeding, I asked her if it was alright with her if I could be honest from my heart with her, and she said "Please, by all means."

My response:


Anonymous said...

The Response:

"I am truly sorry, for I see absolutely no difference between the democrats and the republicans. I have seen their ads on television and they both rip each other apart, much of it being gross exaggerations to the point of lying....and ALL of the ads are so MEAN. There is absolutely nothing there of substance, saying, this is what I will try to do in helping people and making this country better. Both parties' ads are terrible and horrible. With every governmental administration, they are bringing our country closer and closer to the one world order as described in our Scriptures. With the stroke of a pen, President Obama is slowly taking away our "rights", and with the stroke of a pen, "President Bush did the same thing making us believe it was for the good of our country." And with the stroke of a pen, President Bush could have eliminated abortion in this country, but he did not. I see most politicians as "globalists and communitarians who believe the "individual" has no rights, opinions, or belief systems. It is all corrupt, the political system as a whole.

"And please understand, I see absolutely no difference in the lives of the democrats verses the republicans. I am supposed to hate the democrats because they are liberal, so to speak, but the lives of the republicans are no different. I see the hate, the jealousy, the bitter disputing, the greed, the malice, the covetessness, the lying, the slandering, the scandals, all of the sin in both parties. Is there really a difference of the heart here? And many in my area, who are the churched, claim to be conservative republicans, I do not see a clear Gospel Message difference between the churched and the unchurched, for divorce, adultery amongst congregants, rape and other forms of abuse in our church buildings, our children living together in sin, premarital sex, gluttony amongst the pew sitters, unthankfulness (we no longer receive thank-you notes from church graduates any longer for the gifts they are given), no repentance over sin for the current belief in churches is this "I don't do anything wrong", and absolutely no love for Jesus nor His people. I am told there is a difference between the democrats and republicans, the churched and the unchurched, but in reality, there is no distinguishable difference. There is no dying to "self."

Her response to me was, and I quote, "You know, I have to agree with you here on everything. I am at the end of my day here and I took this job to earn money to pay some bills and support my children. I have been working long twelve hours days for the last four days, making telephone calls, and now my job is done. And I agree with you on every single point you made. I cannot wait to tell my mama about our conversation!"



Anonymous said...

Then she said,

"Can I pray with you and for you?"

My response, "I would love for you to do that."

And she prayed over me for God's intervention in healing my sickness and that He would always protect and guide me in my faith in Christ Jesus."

Through tears of joy, expressions of gratefulness and thankfulness were extended to her and I closed by saying, "I love you dear sister in Christ Jesus."

And she said, "I love you too, sister. Good-bye for now."

Citizenship belongs in heaven, to those who love of our LORD, but for now, we only occupy this land, temporarily. Praise Jesus for this assurance.

Anonymous said...

And to all of those who invite your celebrities to your buildings made with brick and mortar, and who give them standing ovations, who take pictures and ask for autographs, who praise and adore every word of man's wisdom even when he twists the Scriptures to appease his political belief system, and yes, those of you who laugh at his perverted bathroom jokes, ladies included, all that can be said is....

"Shame on you, just shame, shame, shame on you. For the idols of your hearts are amongst you."

Did the pew sitters purchase Phil Robertson's books, tapes, dvd's, t-shirts, camo covered Bibles, tattoos, yoga videos, and the ilk on their way out as Jesus is capitalized/mammonized?

Who is this church really glorifying here? No, really.

Anonymous said...

To all who read this blog, Election Day 2014, was one of the most blessed days for this hurting sinner/saint ever, as there was prayer and intercession for healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.

No government can top that one!

Psalm 150 all of it!

Oh, what a Savior!

Gwen said...

Wow Anonymous, I loved that story!! Thank you for sharing! Glory to God!!

I'm of exactly the same mind as you, btw.

Bible Believer said...

Hi anon, I agree with you about those who watch these videos. The arrogance is a bit much to take and yes it is self righteous. I hope you feel better soon and will pray. I agree with what you told that lady. Wonderful words and glad she agreed with you and you were able to pray together. Thanks for sharing it too. :) The love and truth of God supercedes all world politics.

Annette said...

"An oracle within my heart concerning the transgression of the wicked:
There is no fear of God before his eyes.
For he flatters himself in his own eyes.
When he finds out his iniquity and when he hates.
The words of his mouth are wickedness and deceit;
He has ceased to be wise and to do good.
He devises wickedness on his bed;
He sets himself in a way that is not good,
He does not abhor evil.

Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens;
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.
Your righteousness is like the great mountains;
Your judgments are a great deep;
O LORD, You preserve man and beast.

How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God!
Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.

Psalm 36:1-7

Who cannot but shed a tear in reading what our GOD says to us, and even to the end of Psalm 36. Every word is His assurance and reassurance of His precious truth for all who trust in HIM.

There is gratefulness and tender mercy in my heart for all of you here, precious ekklesia, in your kinds words and prayers for this weakened vessel. May our Glorious Father pour out the love of Jesus over you and yours this blessed day, for His love matches no carnal love that man could even remotely begin to mimic. Praise Jesus.

Her name was Deidre. This political employee had a name and I now love a stranger through the power of God, the Holy Spirit. She said she lived in a large city near us and took on "this job" as she needed the money to pay bills of which we all can relate to this fact of life.

Deidre is a born again Christian woman as was evident by her Spirit filled prayer to the Father interceding on my behalf. O what love doth our Father have for us, that He would send a complete stranger to pray for me in the precious Name of Jesus, to a tired, middle aged, sick woman. And to whom the realm of politics mattered none on "election day" as she lay there praying within her own spirit/soul for her body to heal and be made whole again.

Let us face facts here, when a human being is sick with any illness, the things of this petty world grow remotely dim, and if you are a believer in Christ alone for your salvation, it is HIM and HIS WORD that becomes the mainstay of your existence, for your soul is placed directly in His Hands.


Annette said...

Thank-you for your kind comments here as they are encouraging and reassuring to my faith.

And I learned a valuable lesson in faith on this 2014 Election Day: man, in his desire to become a god, and lord over those with whom he self labels as the lesser/weaker people in every aspect of life, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, has absolutely "no power" when compared to the glory, power, and might of our Sorveriegn LORD. There is a powerful reminder of this in the Book of Zechariah that brings me to my knees,

"So he (an angel of the LORD) answered and said to me (Zechariah):
"This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel:
'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the LORD of hosts.' "

Alleluia and Amen.

Victoria Di Agnello said...


I totally agree with you anon. It's great when someone gets it. I found too that if you are not a republican, you are pretty much ostracized from many churches. Who is their Lord? The Lord, or caesar?

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Catholics continue to try and take over America. Ronald Reagan, the traitor, re-established diplomatic ties with the Vatican, which were broken back during the Civil War days when the Jesuits were the instigators of that war and so many others.

Catholics want the world run by them. They are deceiving "evangelicals" to do it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:04 p.m.,

If catholics do indeed, desire to "take over the world," then this claim would put them in the same category as muslims for they desire the same end to their game.

Could this be a reason catholics boast of the "anti-abortion" stance concerning human life? Anotherwords, do they truly care about each individual soul or do they just want to have more catholics to populate the world in gaining "control over the masses?" Then the truth becomes "they could care less about people's souls and their eternal destinations, whether heaven or hell.....or any other false belief system, thus mocking God's Holy Word.

Personally, I am surrounded by a strong catholic community, and to be blatantly honest here, they are a cruel, unloving lot, who actively push their religion on the rest of us, looking down on us for not having priests, popes, sisters, and for not practicing "the sacraments." I know they worship another jesus, not Jesus, LORD and Savior of the Bible, but if the truth be spoken here, they are advancing themselves through stronger evangelism methods than the true, born again Christians in our communities.

Churches far and wide, the Lutherans, the Baptists, the Assemblies of God, the Presbyterians, the Methodist, etc., all are happy to print the latest catholic churches' bingo day, chicken dinner fundraisers, national prayer gatherings, etc., in their Sunday bulletins, encouraging their pew dwellers to attend these events and give their dollars to their fund raisers.

Go figure!!!!! Billy Graham and his lot has nothing on the propaganda of our local church systems! A subtle form of ecumenism is taking place in our small and large communities alike, and most people do not have a clue as to the climate they are embracing and supporting.

But the power elite do. God have mercy on us all.

Bible Believer said...

Abortion and the cultural warrior stuff has been used by the Roman Catholic church but they do not care about any lives. Some ordinary low level folks may but not the higher ups. Look how Francis has turned even on homosexuality, I suppose abortion and some other things they presently make a stand against will switch. As for Catholics "taking over the world" ever hear the term CHURCH MILITANT? They definitely do want to, they are just less obvious about it then other religions.
They definitely want higher numbers of Catholics.

I feel for you in a community that is strongly Catholic. Maybe the Lord would desire you to witness there but witnessing to Catholics can be very difficult. Take it from one who knows. I praise God every day for getting me out of that snake pit. I know what you mean about the cruelty and lack of love. Some individuals are good and kind but still in need of the gospel but false religions do impact communities in a collective sense. There are Catholic dominant towns.

I agree about most of the ecumenism promoted by the fallen away churches. Many people are offended when you tell them Catholicism is a false gospel.