Saturday, November 29, 2014

Electric Church

Realize Europe is just a little further along into liberal godlessness, and societal brainwashing. This is like "Tomorrow Land" with the trance and dance music, but this time held in the false liturgical churches of Europe. Years ago I used to say so called "RAVE MASSES" would go mainstream. Looks like it has happened in Europe already. In the first video, It is weird they all have "T's  painted on their faces, they probably would tell us it's the logo but looks like a TAU Symbol. [See at the 10:10 mark as I recommend just skimming these videos to get the basics]

It looks like Deiter of Sprockets took over the music production at Mass. The weird recitation of some commandments to rave music is the height of cultural weirdness at 13:40 in the first video. The second video is short and their artistic vision of "Babylon". They repeat the names of sins, "Greed, Avarice, Arrogance, Hate". Are they trying to brainwash people? I could only bear to skim that one for a few seconds so be CAREFUL, keep it short, I am posting this to warn but you will easily get the idea.

One thing to realize about music concerts and varieties of music, is to realize they know how certain notes, musics, lights and other things can be used to the brain and put people into hypnotic and trance like states. These things are being used more on TV, concerts and in other places. I sat in evangelic churches in my own town where they did the make "grooves" in one's brain with repetitive nonsense lyrics. Even the repetitive extreme notes of so called rave and trance music, I believe is used in a specific way. You can see the results here. They know this stuff works on the brain. The way my mind works, I listened to some of this type of music when young but hated the feelings it gave me and moved away from it. I didn't know why it bothered me but it did. Now I know why!

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Anonymous said...

I guess you missed the light show and the Heavenly Host Choir when Jesus gave the sermon on the mount.