Monday, October 20, 2014

Tommorow World: NWO Indoctrination for Youth

Warning on both videos, some immodestly dressed women [not nude] and of course NWO programming.

It looks like a "brighter color" Burning Man Festival on crack. Butterfly symbol with a horus eye above it. "Welcome to Dream land". This is like a tour to mass crowd mind control. I suppose this is the Aftermovie, showing how the event went.

Lots of healthy but indoctrinated young people bouncing around that seem to have little inquiry as to what they have become apart of. A weird float with some Mad Max meets "Up With People" participants parades along with the "Key of Happiness" written on it.  Lots of trance/techno/rave/dance music, I listened to some of that garbage when I was young and believe it does something to most people's brains. It lowers people's inhibitions--this is why that crowd loved the drug Ecstasty and makes them far more suggestible. Pan and "goddess" figures are dressed up.  I just kind of skipped around the second video, it's kind of long. There is a lot of OBVIOUS OCCULT and mind control messages and symbols with mushrooms, psychedelic flowers, "steam punk" looking gears and oddly dressed people.

One thing I remember in recesses of memory is Disney World had a section called TOMMOROWLAND.

I suppose Disney World did prepare some of this...

They named this TOMORROW LAND too.

This picture is from their website Go to the American page and then photo gallery. Notice where it says "Global Family United" on the paper between the two young people? There is a giant eye ball. The blue circle and arrow, I drew on.

These festivals are definitely being used to influence the next generation.


Anonymous said...

Psalm86 channel exposed this, Huskey (something) channel did too. Vigilant Christian...whole bunch of people exposed this. Not knocking you BB so don't take offence, its just old news I guess is what I am saying. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and exposes the same thing.


Bible Believer said...

Yeah I know. I was going to post it from some time ago and didn't. There will be some overlap with other websites.

Anonymous said...

Well I thank you for exposing it, no matter how many others are doing it.

If we had everybody exposing lies, then less people would be falling for it. So keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer, Thank you for posting. Please keep up the good work. It's not old news to many people. A lot of people I know have no idea about all this. Also, it's good to be reminded. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is interesting.

For the first 3 minutes I thought it was a C-grade movie trailer. It was just too cheesy, happy and in your face - it was a bit unreal to be honest.

But then again, I agree that things are a bit.. in your face these days..

Anonymous said...

I used to go to raves when I was a teenager. It is very hypnotic. And the drugs do make you loss any inhibitions you may have had, and some even lose there lives. And I'm sure the drugs help with the indoctrination.
I haven't watched the video you posted yet, but I saw one a while back and there was a love shack set up for the young people to go use.
One weekend at a place like that can change a young persons life forever, some won't even have a chance to repent and will die in their sins.
I had several friends who over dosed on drugs like ecstasy, and lsd. Trying to hallucinate and escape reality. I almost over dosed on mushrooms. I thank God I made it. I was bent on destroying myself in the name of fun.
Strange thing looking back is all the young people I knew had a fascination with Hitler and everything dark. I met a young couple a few weeks ago, and she mentioned how cool it would be to be born on Hitlers birthday, and the same rhetoric. I guess not much has changed, it's just getting worse.
There is a huge pull with youth toward festivals and "fun" things like this. It starts with the magic and lure of Disney land and constant entertainment. The powers that be know this and start the kids out from infancy.
We have to tell our kids the truth and raise them up in the way that they should go. People are so worried about shielding there kids from the evil in this world, when really what they are doing is keeping the truth from them and the evil can slip in unaware.


Anonymous said...

Well, I read so much news that my husband gets really upset with me. I also read a lot of blogs both Christian and political but have NEVER heard of this mess!

Looks like Tomorrow Land and the Key of Happiness = hedonism on steroids. Sickening! I could only stomach about 3 minutes of the first video with the volume turned down low, then turned off.

Seems like our nation sinks to a new low each and every day.

Thank you Bible Believer for exposing this. I say "the more the merrier." Lots of people need to speak up! If more people would earnestly contend for the faith, took a stand against the devil, pray, and speak up (expose) as you have done, we would find ourselves in a much better place.

You keep on pounding away at the keyboard Bible Believer. You are doing a great job. Earnestly contend for the faith dear sister!

I appreciate your blog.

Karen L.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anons, yes there will be some overlaps in topics. I wanted to post this when I first saw it but got delayed, shortage of time. I agree about it being in your face and cheesy. I was shocked at the crowds too.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon for sharing your experiences at raves. I agree the drugs would bring losing of inhibitions. Ecstasy if I remember right was used by 70s therapists like a truth serum for therapy? Wonder how many mind control experiments that stuff was used in.

I think it was Burning Man that had the love shack with couches. I agree about young people destroying their lives in one night--pregnancy out of wedlock, stds, etc and dying in their sins.

I knew people who took lsd, and it affected their minds, some of them permanently, they would get flashbacks even later off that stuff.
Sorry about your friends who overdosed. I am glad you were okay after the experience with the mushrooms.

Oh that drug infused world, does bring fascination with darkness. I believe the drugs open one up to demons. So they start being fascinated with Hitler, or in my day people went "goth" [yeah I listened to goth music myself even] or get real interested in witchcraft. Of course their views become all degenerate. Morals thrown over board.

I think Disney World was a set up for middle class plus millennials to love this stuff. Even the slogans about dream land and tommorow all matched and the sappy videos [the one with key and princess running through the woods] and outfits. They got the video games and fantasy outfits adding to the mess too.

I agree about kids being warned. If you over protect a kid, they grow up knowing nothing and not being able to prepare for what they will face.

Bible Believer said...

Oh the above is to Faith.

Thanks Karen L, I think the more people that speak out the better. Our country is sinking to new lows and sometimes I wonder where the bottom is. Thanks for the encouragement.