Thursday, October 16, 2014

State of Disaster in Dallas

Did he say he kissed the nurses?

Top Military Leaders Worried About Ebola

The panic alone [whether warranted or not] is going to change things here.

Imagine health care with health care professionals quitting because they fear for their lives and those of their families. [Perhaps this is Obama's plan to collapse the medical care system]

Imagine the travel restrictions to come.

Imagine when people start becoming afraid to go out and the effect on the economy.

Will medical martial law become a reality?

All by evil plan in my opinion.

Even the fact they approved of the one nurse with Ebola flying to Akron with a fever, shows this isn't just ineptitude. She worked directly with an Ebola patient. What was wrong with that woman to put others at risk like that? She has to be the most ignorant or evil woman in the world. Is she a shill: someone knowing what she was doing?  A sociopath?

I don't fly but if you do, maybe rethink it. Imagine being quarantined for being on the wrong place at the wrong time and wrong place. Choose the wrong plane, and your life will be uprooted.

The thing about evil, is the banality and stupidity that goes along with it. We know we are buried in lies now. They want people confused and on edge. It's hard to post about this stuff because I don't want to add to anyone's angst and want folks to stay in prayer, but they could be pulling serious things with this Ebola stuff.

Jer 4:22 For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he said he kissed the nurse. Weird right. Maybe it's some sort of hidden in plain sight mark for the "ones in the know" that Ebola is not transmitted except through vaccine. I read a couple of theories that the people in Africa who are dying are the ones receiving vaccines from the red cross. Another gentleman stated that people who were testing positive for HIV were given a very toxic drug and told to take it everyday for the rest of there lives. The drug destroys the immune system and the people who faithfully took the med eventually die from the poison of the med, and the ones who didn't take the meds were still healthy after 10 years. This man said that that is what is happening with the Ebola crisis.
One lady made the comment that the white people given the vaccine lived, but the black man was denied the vaccine and died.
When the vaccine becomes readily available the black people will rush out to get it cause they feel it is being withheld from them.
Again these are just theories from people on the web that I have been seeing. We have to all watch and pray.
Whatever it is it is not good. But God is good, and that is the only thing that gives me comfort.


Anonymous said...

This also makes one think that it's but a hoax.
A man NOT dressed in any special suit traveled on a plane with one of the nurses as she was transferred to Atlanta. Very weird.

Bible Believer said...

Please pray for me, I am getting funny computer business when I am on this blog. I tried to post a comment and they shut it down. It has gotten kind of bad. I even did a computer total wipe two weeks ago.

Ok trying my comment AGAIN, there are so many contradictions with this Ebola stuff. I haven't made up mind but wonder about hoax, or combined real and truth, and well, how did some guy who just did lab work for Duncan now is some risk because supposedly ebola got through a latex glove and a beaker in the lab and now they are quarantining a cruise ship, when the experts keep telling us, "Oh it's spread by bodily fluids only!" They are contradicting themselves all over the place. Hmmm memories of 9-11 you know?

I saw the clipboard man thing too, now what is that guy thinking? Did he sleep through the last month's news?

I think Obama kissing the nurses too was weird as well.

I feel like it's all a movie script. Look how these people are traveling all over the place. The nurse on the plane that doesn't care for her family and friends lives, and now this guy on the cruise ship.

I agree God is good even as they Luciferians do nothing but lie to us about everything.

JL said...

Listen to this interview with the family of the nurse, and you will see that you cannot trust the media, CDC, or the government.


jl, humble slave of EL ELYON