Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fast Food Self-Ordering Replaces Cashiers

McDonald’s moves to automate orders to reduce worker costs.

Remember the days when there were toll booth operates and more cashiers?  As they automate more jobs out of existence what will be left? Ever notice they never ask, "Should we?" but go ahead anyway. The future seems more impersonal day by day. Soon someone will be able to live with no face to face contact with anyone.


Anonymous said...

We saw one of these at a Jack in the Box in Houston, Texas. You can get every detail in your order right there on the screen, even down to no tomatoes or extra pickles or what have you. Then you pay with your card in the machine, and then the staff will bring your food to you.

In China, they already have robots flipping the burgers, so the time will come that they won't even need staff to cook the food or bring it to you.

Old movies like "Total Recall" with Arnold Schwarzeneggar, had a robot driving the taxi cab. Predictive programming to get people used to a robotic future.

They also have, real and already in existence, the developments to have a robot "partner" instead of a normal marriage partner.

Victoria Di Agnello said...

That is so true. I remember the days when you could pull up at a gas station and someone would check the oil, the water, the air in your tires, or pump your gas, etc. at a full service station. Now all they have is self serve sections. What about single women who are pregnant and have no one else (like widows of war?)...? And then has anyone else noticed the self check outs at supermarkets? The list goes on and now this. I remember reading when grocery stores used to deliver your groceries! It's the same equation with more for them and less for you. We are paying the same price, but doing all the labor for ourselves. Out of principle I avoid those stations.

The isolation issue... it's like they want everyone in a bubble... in their car, in their cubicle, in their little bubble world of iphones... no one ever looks up anymore once in a while. Even though we are crowded in the world, if you say hello to someone, they look up at you as if you are speaking jibberish.

Anonymous said...

The path to Transhumanism. Then they will not even need the food for us or us for than matter, as all they want are robots. (Mark 8:36) - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for telling me you have seen one of these. I am wondering how widespread this is. You are right one day they won't even need the staff to bring the food to you, they will have machines to cook the food and a delivery belt. Maybe one guy to supervise the system to keep it running.
I know they are working on robot self driven cars. It is disturbing. No one ever asks "Should we"? Japan already has robot self care assistants for the elderly and faux friends.
I wouldn't doubt there could be robotic stand ins for romantic partners.

Victoria, I remember those days too. Now even if you are old and disabled you have to get your own gas. None of the attendants help you. It is sad seeing 80-90 year olds struggling with a gas pump.
I refuse to use those self check outs where I have to do all the work. The prices go up and we get less, you are right. I feel like they want everyone in a bubble cut off from one another. People are easier to control that way. They already have destroyed our lives and communities by making everyone move for jobs. I feel like I live among nothing but strangers. Read Bowling Alone, where the author Putnam talks about the destruction of community. I know having a life via screens and most friends long distance kind of stinks, but don't know how to change it. I know this is not the way God intended people to live always cut off from one another.

Bible Believer said...

I hate transhumanism that much is sure, Don. Hey since they have the robots, what do the elite need human beings for?

N4tm said...

I heard about this one, it was said that McDonalds is doing this to rid themselves of employees who are threatening and demanding to be paid $10 plus dollars for flipping a burger and pulling out fries.
McD's food is killing people. We all know about Supersize me the movie where the guy nearly dies eating mcd's food. It's cheap and the ones who eat it are not economically well off and conversely the proportion of people who get type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc. McD's should be shut down completely. But that's just an opinion. The ones who should pay the difference in wage should be Big Pharma, we all know they will come up with a pill sooner or later for some disease that's manufactured by GMO's. They probably already do!

Bible Believer said...

I am sure the powers that be are using them to suppress wages. They can easily use the threat of robotics to get the rabble to shut up about having a fair day wages for a fair day of labor. They will just say "we will replace you!" I agree that the food is killing people too. I had to give up all fast food 5 years ago because it made me so ill. Most of the time, it was something I was getting because it was cheap and available not the first choice. Now I pack a sandwich from home if I am going to be out and about. Have you seen their latest ad campaign what a joke? You can tell they have no interest in changing the food or removing some of the chemicals fat and sugars. I have read reports their business is declining and it deserves too. I hope they do shut down. I don't know anyone that with glee says "Lets go to McDonalds!" They even changed the food for the far worse even 10 years ago. I agree about Big Pharma. Definitely they will have GMOS that will bring planned illness they desire to profit off. I remember Supersize Me and most frightening thing was how the food affected his liver, that to me told me it was more then fat and cholesterol and calories but the actual toxins.