Monday, October 20, 2014

Children Confused Over Gender in Public School

The false "trans-gendered" agenda is promoted in public school. The news cast is a bit biased. The parents are outraged with good reason.


Victoria Di Agnello said...

You know what I just found? They are starting to imprison and fine pastors for not marrying gay couples! I found this on one of those "false" websites on that list that Lillianna posted some time ago, so therefore the information can't be true, right? So I better not mention the website here... Boy, she was always so right on! I wonder where she is...?

Oh well... 'nuff said on this post I guess...

: D

Anonymous said...

I feel for the children who are facing this. It is so confusing for them and such a shame.


Bible Believer said...

Wasn't that really some mayor in Texas wanting to read pastor's sermons to make sure there was no preaching against homosexuality? Someone told me you were Lillianna?

I feel sorry for the children too. It's so disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer

I believe that Victoria Di Agnello IS Lilliana.

She is giving you a "hint" in her comment.

Do pray for discernment.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I could tell that Victoria is Lilliana. She was also Mary White on Ephesians 5 11 blog. Same writing.