Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weird Festival in Chicago Celebrates Fire

Cauldrons? Red Moon? Moon Logo? Writing overcoming problems on flame cut-out. I'm a bit suspicious about this one. Isn't there money to spend on more pressing matters? Sounds like a civic Burning Man Festival.


Anonymous said...

The Great Chicago Fire burned from October 8 to October 10 in 1871.

Anonymous said...

Evil will continue to wax worse and worse. Each generation will accept more and more. Especially the way most children are completely left to themselves. It's all about entertainment and fun. It's all about self. Like Selfies and the constant social media. My daughters friend came over and couldn't believe I talked to them and cooked home cooked meals. And this was someone who's father is a Dr. and they have all the materialistic things anyone could want. And the kid would trade it all for interaction with parents and a home cooked meal.
So with each generation being left to them selves, the wolves come in and pick them off one by one. Then most of the kids become wolves themselves.


Bible Believer said...

Yes evil is waxing worse and worse. I have seen changes in such a short time. One thing about evil is it dumbs people down. Evil is also completely banal. You are right the focus is on fun and self. I have seen many lonely children today, their parent's won't give them a minutes attention even just staring at their phones instead. Yes children who are not nurtured or loved are open to the wolves. They often after being battered by a dog eat dog world due to their parent's neglect and with no spiritual training or relationship with God decide to become what they have experienced.