Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ebola a Brainchild of HIV?

"Kundu and the other 12 patients who took the lamivudine and survived, received the drug in the first five days or so of their illness. The two patients who died received it between days five and eight.
"I'm sure that when [patients] present early, this medicine can help," Logan said. "I've proven it right in my center."

Logan is mindful that lamivudine can cause liver and other problems, but he says it's worth the risk since Ebola is so deadly.
He also knows American researchers will say only a real study can prove effectiveness. That would involve taking a much larger patient population and giving half of them lamivudine and the other half a placebo.
"Our people are dying and you're taking about studies?" he said. "It's a matter of doing all that I can do as a doctor to save some people's lives."

Logan said he got the idea to try lamivudine when he read in scientific journals that HIV and Ebola replicate inside the body in much the same way.

"Ebola is a brainchild of HIV," he said. "It's a destructive strain of HIV."

Hmm, you know what this could mean...

Remember all the Zombie like memes they were pushing, I was wondering how much of this is connected?

With all the damage to the brain from the internal bleeding all sorts of things could happen.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice the second victim's name? Ma Kebah. I bet it is pronounced the same a macabre, as in danse de macabre, or the dance of death.

From the article it links to several other similar stories of the dead rising.

Very wierd. I don't trust it.


Bible Believer said...

It could be more psy-op, hard to know, that is weird about the name.