Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bill Gates Jumps on the Ebola Bandwagon

Saw him on Cspan yesterday too. I wanted to throw up. Obviously they have their geo-political uses for the ebola crisis too.

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Anonymous said...

This mentality is so typical of anyone involved with the government, whether USA or UN/NWO. From my own personal experience, they will destroy you, your livelihood, and even your family, THEN offer you programs and money to feed you and help you "get back on your feet". If I believed in psychology I would definitely call them psychopaths, but they are not, sin has eaten them up and the love of money has produced all sorts of evil, even to the demise of their neighbors. I am so Thankful the Lord delivered me from this kingdom of darkness into His light. I would hate to think as I got older how much hatred and wickedness would have been in me.