Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Capstone Added to the Georgia Guidestones

2014 "capstone" added to the Georgia Guidestones

Vandals deface Georgia Guidestones

This seems ominous considering their plans for the world written on those demonic panels. There's only two months left in 2014. It could be more fear-mongering or mean something.


FaithGuy3 said...

Don't forget about the whole sodomy agenda - it is really spreading like wildfire now(to the point where even the "church" has all but stood down on this issue).

I read an article last week that talked about how judges across America have been striking SSM bans down at a faster rate since the USSC ruling last year. This includes 3 Circuit Court of Appeals, one of whom(which did Wisconsin/Indiana) returned their decision in ONLY 9 days!

Now the USSC's hand has all but been forced to hold a hearing on 9/29(Isn't the USSC's recess from their summer break over in October? I don't know, but I thought that's what I heard). Their initial plan was to have Part 2 at the USSC next year - but again, looks like everything has all but been sped up.

Yes, the whole sodomy agenda is part of their depopulation plan b/c sodomites, obviously, can't reproduce.(and they're putting out potentially more sodomites in society with their pedifile activities)

This is an interesting read.

Disclaimer on this one - Eugene Robinson, the former(I think) President of the Episcopalian Church, is a sodomite who married his sodomite partner(and eventually divorced) - wrote this article. But nonetheless this really isn't an op-ed.

With that being said - look at the state of the Apostate Church - it is at an all-time LOW now. They've endorsed Eugene Peterson's The Message "bible"(which encourages sex outside of marriage in 1st Cor 6:13-20). They've considered CCM/"Christian" Rock the new norm. They've slowly starting to accept the sodomy agenda. The list goes on.

Regardless of this Georgia Guidestones - we are really starting to see bible prophecy unfold now.

Anonymous said...

GP writes 9/22/14:

FWIW, I saw mention of this Sat. at JimStoneFreelance, then followed the link he provided which I think went to RumorMill news site. In their comment section a person provided a YouTube link saying the video showed that the "2014" was already on the "guidestones" back in 2009 (I did not watch the video, however).

As for the Isis vandalism, lol. Probably some New Age kook. Even the cops weren't concerned, per the linked Athens news article.

As for, Will they do something before end of 2014? Well, if they are using 9/11/01 as their "start date toward the end," we just entered into the 14th Year beginning 9/11/14 (which was the 13th Anniversary, or end of the 13th Year). So from 9/11/14 to 9/11/15 is the full running span of the 14th Year:

"In the 13th year they rebelled." But it was "in the 14th year [that] they went smoting." (Genesis ch.14.)

I've kept that verse in the back of my mind for several years, JUST IN CASE the Judeo-Masons ("Luciferian High Priests" & their dummies/puppets) plan on playing "back to the future" via OT verses in Genesis 14 & others.

(We know the New Agers & Kabbalists want to go "backward" to Atlantis, to have a pre-Industrial, totally Agricultural, Androgynous [ > Adam, to them, Adam Kadmon] society. But they may not hold the ultimate strings to pull it off. I think the top dogs running the current show are much more militaristic, brutal, vs. "fluffy" New Age idealogies. However, behind the scenes they are surely melded together in an ATTEMPT to reach both goals: "Police State Atlantis."

Even so, the time may not yet be ready. The USA is still being used as the World Bulldog, so they can't demolish her yet. They may "rape" her repeatedly in the process, but they won't "kill" her as long as she is still "useful" to them.

(And the 10-global regions are not yet solidified either.)

Lastly, since God devoted approx. 1500 years to one nation alone (ancient Israel), I figure it would make sense IF He planned to devote more than that for ALL the numerous Gentile nations. And since Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, was not even saved until AD 37, we have not reached 2000 years yet that God opened the door for the Gentiles "to come in." And, technically, ancient Israel was not fully "set aside" until Paul's final meeting w/Jewish leaders in Rome (Acts 28) which was not long before his beheading (which took place circa 67/68 AD).

So, IF God gives the many Gentile nations even 500 more years than He gave Israel, the final kaboom MAY not even take place until sometime between 2037 & 2067/68 AD.

(And, yes, I AM WEARY for approx. 7-9 years already, things get harder & harder, with more & more burdens & setbacks that keep requiring my energy/focus, & getting older does not help (ref your newer article. Vs. 26 was a jewel for me, so thank you for that!)

Take care, God bless, keep writing as you are able. You do a great job!)


FaithGuy3 said...

Anom - honestly, I don't think we even have THAT long - 2037-2068?

Like I was saying above - look at the whole sodomy agenda that's riping now. Even 5 years ago(when Obama first took office) - the things that are going on now would have been BEYOND ANYONE's wildest imaginations.

When California voted Nay to sodomy marriage in 2008, honestly, I thought that was the final nail in the pro-gay lobby's coffin for good.

But fast-forward 5 years later(now) - judges are striking down SSM bans left and right(including 3, and going on 4, Circuit Court of Appeals). The whole transgender movement has gone into the mainstream. Honestly - I never even heard of the word transgender until recently(and thought all along that the MSM entertainment was only making mockeries about transvestites, and nothing more).

As for some of the things like the 10 global regions not being ready? I don't know this for sure, but they are LIKELY ready - but haven't revealed them to the masses yet. And then there's the whole southern border crisis that's ended up bringing various diseases into this country(ie-there's been a recent outbreak in schools around the country).

Or take alot of this technology - remember they would run alot of predictive programming first(ie-cell phones were used in Hollywood movies in the 70's). Otherwise, like said, they have it all ready behind the scenes - with the last step revealing them to the masses.

Also keep in mind - we're using the Lunar calendar(which the Catholic Church put out) - not the Hebrew calendar. So we can't say for sure if 2000 years have passed.

To be frank, I think Jesus Christ may have allowed the implementation of the Lunar calendar so that people won't get into this date-setting nonsense.

With that being said - when the Daniel 9:27 prophecy kicks off - yes, EVERYTHING will be ready before everyone's eyes. And it could happen at the twinkling of an eye.

Anonymous said...

FaithGuy3 - Daniel 9:27 happened almost 2000 years ago. It was a prophecy specifically for the Jewish people and told of Jesus' coming and His wondrous sacrifice - for the salvation of all Jews and Gentiles who believe on Him. The 70th week happened after the 69th, exactly as one would expect. The 490 years (70 prophetic weeks) had already been foreshadowed in Jesus' commandment to forgive 7 times 70 times. Don't believe the NIV and others who will try to convince you that it's still future. An immense amount depends on correctly understanding this - by far the most crucial being that Jesus died for our sins in the 70th week. If that 70th week were still future, then that would mean that Jesus had not yet died and we would still be lost in sin, without hope and fully liable to pay the eternal wages of all of our sins.