Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Which Pastors Took the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Greg Laurie

Calvary Chapel Pastor Robbie Hilton right in church

Nick Vujicic and Stephan Tcividjian

Steven Furtick and church staff

TD Jakes

I am sure there are many others. Some of the lesser knowns may be just unknowingly following the fad but for the big apostates, it makes you wonder. Ever notice social conformity is extreme among the top tiers? I know Rick Warren and Joel Osteen got challenged by one of them.

See: The Ice Bucket Challenge: Social Experiment? Ritual?


jecspm04 said...

I would completely agree this is some kind of social experiment or ritual.

Whether they are just seeing how gullible the goats are, or they trying to enable some satanic occult energy, or whatever their lingo is.

It has nothing to do with finding a cure.

May the Lord bless and keep you

In Christ Alone my hope is found said...

I felt the same way when seeing how fast this went viral. Considering that viral in and of itself is an term showing how fast and idea can now spread with new communication available to this generation. It is a testing of the waters and a conditioning to see how mind controlled people are. It was a test, and the people passed with flying colors....

Victoria Di Agnello said...

I agree. It's gotta be some social conformity scheme, probably also prepping the way for their 'big moment'. (As all things seem to point to that big moment these days, when the NWO unveils their global 'masterpiece'.) That will also assuredly involve some mass group think crowd pleaser ritual, and if you don't conform... they're gonna come for ya...!

We must remain alert always about these things.
Blessings to all who diligently do this!

Anonymous said...

It is so stupid.

Throw ice water on yourself, to avoid giving money to charity.

Money which you will give anyway, for the sake of appearance.

Money you will give to a charity that basically promotes abortion by the use of abortion cells in their "research".

For a disease that, while it does affect certain people, it is not even on the radar compared to the multi millions of people that die from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

And I'm sure that, like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, ALS is also caused by bad diet, GMO "food", vaccinations, chemicals in products, and prescription "medicines" that are just poisons, and other such things.

Which means the "research" will find no cure, since "research" looks not for the cause, but for a pill to sell.

But none of these "pastors" can even suggest these things, because they're just giving Laodicea what they want.

Anonymous said...

How interesting it is that man desires for others to "see and hear of his or her good works."

How good we feel we are when we can boast and brag of our good works to others in making us appear more righteous, more holy, and more worthy in the realm of religion.

How good we are when we can read our names in print under "giving" or see our pictures taken and recognized by man as being great givers and we feel so good about ourselves as men praise us for our mighty deeds. We are philanthropic indeed and claim the glory for ourselves.

And Jesus is waiting patiently at the door, so patiently. He is waiting for us to give Him the Glory and Praise that only belongs to Him and no other. For all of the churched in our communities, none, no not a one has ever praised the Name of Jesus for anything in every day conversations, or in the newspapers, or even in church for that are considered one of those "Jesus Freaky people" if you even mention precious Jesus in a sentence.

Matthew Chapter 6

May our Mighty God continue to use those anonymous people for His Glory as they do His Will with no notoriety, no praise, and no glorying from man. We seek earthly rewards, but the Spirit calls us to eternal rewards. Come LORD Jesus, Come.

Luca said...

why celebrities do not lash out against abortion?

Bible Believer said...

I guess they are finding out how gullible people are. I don't think they are interested in a cure. We know they have their different ways of money clean-outs. I read somewhere ALGAE could cause/influence ALS.

Hmm wasn't it algae that shut down Toledo Ohio's water for a few days?

Yes they have been working on the viral manipulation, you can see year by year how much stronger it gets. Yep they all passed.

We know they will use the crowd dynamics to pull off bigger stuff Victoria. Thanks for your post.
I am sure ALS is influenced too by those other factors, GMO food etc. Yes the research does not want a cure but a pill. I wonder if this disease existed years ago?

Thanks anon, for pointing out they are shouting their deeds on the street corners or web. Look at me I gave to charity! Jesus Christ warned us about those who give publically to get notice and acclaim. I am praying for the unknowns too the Lord is using for His work.

Good question Luca

Luca Boffa said...

Bible Believer,homeschooling is a good thing or not?