Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge: Social Experiment? Ritual?

The ALS ice bucket challenge. No one in my household did it. I refused.

Be careful of following any fads. Think them through. Oprah, George W. Bush and endless other celebrities did this challenge. Never trust the celebrities.

You know sometimes I just sit and think about some of the strange stuff going on.  I thought to myself "What is this some kind of mass ritual?" I went and googled to see if anyone else had this thought.  A few others did. It seemed like it was a weird mass Catholic baptism, or a "voluntary water torture" as it were. If you want to give to charity why not just send the money instead of having someone give you an ice bath?

What was the real meaning of all this behind the scenes? We consider how the elite do their mass rituals in open view, such as at Superbowl half times.

Many religions do purified washings. One could even consider the fact they are mocking baptism. Most churches do not do full immersion baptism but sprinkling or pouring of water on the head.

What is even weirder is that one of the founders of the Ice Bucket Challenged died of a drowning at the age of 27 [think Club 27]

"Corey Griffin, a former Bain Capital manager who raised more than $100,000 for the ALS Association in the past week through the Ice Bucket Challenge, was killed in a diving accident. He was 27.
He died at 3 a.m. Aug. 16 at Nantucket Cottage Hospital in Massachusetts, after jumping from the roof of a two-story building into Nantucket Harbor, according to Carlos Moreira, a police spokesman. No other details were provided. Michael Greeley, a friend of Griffin's and family spokesman, said he suffered two crushed vertebrae in the accident.

"This is a kid who went from having a big smile on his face to being dead instantly," Greeley said Monday in a telephone interview."
Isn't it kind of odd of all the ways to die, he DROWNED? Also worked for Bain Capital well known company warned about on many a "conspiracy website". Be careful of New World Order "charity" money clean-outs too! The ALS charities are no different from others that pay their administrators big bucks. Is the ice bucket challenge a sign of the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer?

Why ice instead of plain water? Is that a marker for the freemasons? 33/32 degrees? The degree at which water turns to ice?

I don't endorse this video, posting for information but it will give you pause. There could be a reason they chose ICE WATER instead of plain.

Then add the social experimentation level, how many blind sheep can they get to follow? It was lots of people. We see the immense mind and social manipulation. Now all they need is some famous person to tell the entire populace to go soak their head. Some people of course doing this mean well, and don't understand or know how they are being manipulated. And the pouring of ice water too can signify "freezing one's brain" and there is that connection of historical torture/mk ultra methods that are connected to water, waterboarding and the like. Cold water has been used to torture, dominate and control people.

Ice and Isis are two words that are similar.

Also you can consider all the "weather events",  Mini-Ice Age? are they planning something with WATER?

Question every popular fad!       
Job 6:16 Which are blackish by reason of the ice, and wherein the snow is hid:  


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, the connections are a little of a stretch for me but food for thought.

I see this as a clever marketing campaign.

I have not taken the ice bucket challenge nor do I plan to, however it would seem to me the point of the water being ice cold is what makes it a challenge. I think people think it is fun and they have 3 seconds of fame on Facebook and everyone can see their good deed. Does it raise awareness, absolutely ALS is a terrible disease if something can be found to be helpful in its treatment I believe that could be a good thing as suspicious as I am about pharmaceutical companies.

You do not give any facts around exactly what are those salaries, I believe everything should be supported with evidence so that we always speak with integrity, however indeed it is always good to thoroughly investigate any organization that raises money for treatment and how that money is used.

Most people are followers, heavily influenced by the media, and they like to see themselves as do gooders. Is it one of those situations where people become part of a masonic ritual unbeknownst to them.... Possibly.
For me what I see is how easily people will rally around what they perceive as a good cause whether it is or not, whether it has connections to the occult again moves into that unsubstantiated realm which relies on a strange youtube video, probably, and I say probably because I have no idea, by some person trying to create internet traffic so they can make a few extra dollars.

Angela Lina

jecspm04 said...

The ALS publishes their finances, they have to as a non profit charity.

only 19% goes back into research. And the other peices of the pie are given the typical nice sounding names, so as to think it somehow helps the cause.

And there are plenty of connections to the other information presented, there was just a report on how the government uses social media as an experimental platform to determine flows of ideas, who is influenced, who get's information from where. And much psychological data is gathered in this very way, but now you have these mindless drones just giving it out.

It is also common knowledge that occult groups run most media, and whther you believe it or not they do rituals to gain their spiritual energy. It is also a form of mind control. Like the monkey experiments with the banana and the firehose.

Anonymous said...

@Angela what are you talking about? There's very clearly a link there detailing the massive salaries of ALSA administration.

Anonymous said...

ya must be looking at something different

Michael said...

Great points concerning how the ALS manages the money they are obtaining. So we can deduce that Satan is getting people to perform an unholy baptism in the name of ALS and the deceived are then sending money to the ALS and the darkness continues to grow. It sickens me to see someone that calls themselves a believer in Jesus to do this. Same goes with relay for life. Prayer can heal the body in Jesus name. Most christians these days dont believe that. Anyway this world is soon to begin a descent into chaos that ultimately ends when Jesus returns with His saints.

Anonymous said...

Thing is if you do your research the money given funds stem cell research for ALS from aborted fetuses. So I believe a truky regenerated obedient believer should be careful of who their money goes too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this a NWO problem, but it's definitely a a "love of self" problem.

"I just think it seems hokey and far too gimmicky and a hot trend and part of the whole 'me' culture of 'Oh look at me. Pay attention to me,'" said Cameron Mitchell of New York. "The charity part seems like an afterthought."

I agree with his stance. I made no connection with ALS to the Ice Bucket challenge. I just thought it was a worldly new fad, just like "selfies". The motive of both is attention to "self".

Now the new trend is celebrities following you on twitter (taye digs, montel Williams, etc). I don't own any social media accounts, and never will. I'm not sure if this is may be a possible NWO problem, since you cannot trust celebrities. This may also be another "self" promotion, since "loves of themselves" is in fashion now.


jl, humble slave of El Elyon.

Bible Believer said...

I get the feeling the control and influence of the celebrities will grow even greater. They are controlled and influenced themselves via MK ultra, etc. They know they can use the internet on a more intimate level and people will want the "cool" factor of supposedly "knowing" a celeb on Twitter.

I do believe God can use man-made medicine, [well the stuff where they aren't trying to poison people] but you are right prayer is ignored for diseases like ALS and many others. One can feel the chaos of the world coming. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. I need His comfort today this world is so insane.

I agree believers should be careful, thanks for warning us about stem cells, abortion and ALS.
I agree with that man about it being very gimmicky and look at me. I believe they can use the fads in more nefarious ways, but definitely it is that too.

RenegadeMstr said...

This is definitley NWO testing the waters, they want to see how many people will blatantly follow, in order to see how many will take the Mark of the beast willingly and embrace the antichrist as the messiah.

Lynn said...

Um, reading all your speculation on Why they use ice water instead of regular water, I rather think that you and all these commenters are launching off into Conspiracyland...that last one was definitely a bit paranoid..If they used normal water it wouldn't BE a challenge? It's easy to pour normal water over your head. It's like a dare, DARE to donate to charity(To encourage giving; it gets people's attention.) or DARE to pour a bucket of icy water over your head. But you're right about all this popularity, it's definitely rather odd, so much popularity for donating to some organization in the name of charity, and Sheepleness. I even heard of it over here in South India(that was last year, late commenter).