Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Roman Catholic Bishop Prays at Franklin Graham's Event

Franklin Graham is following in his Catholic church loving father's footsteps. The bishop's name is David Zubik:

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What is so funny about this, is they banned this gung-ho Catholic from bringing his statue of Mary into the venue.  Hmm wanting to cover up what it means to pray with those who participate in overt idolatry? Warning FALSE CATHOLIC THEOLOGY and IDOLATRY in this video:

In the Graham's unity with the false Catholic church, they have already brought "Mary" into the venue. He is praying with idolators.

Bishop Zubik blesses the Mary statues too.


Anonymous said...

Franklin Graham is a false teacher just as much as his dad is a false teacher.

The Grahams were put forward by the new world order big wigs to get the "evangelical church" to soften regarding catholicism. The "evanglelical church" is so weak on doctrine, they fell for it more easily than the new world order expected.

The new world order is a catholic enterprise. They want one of their "popes" to be the head of the world, and of course the jesuit satanists are working on that covertly.

N4TM said...

I found out that the Foley's, of the journalist who just got beheaded, are Catholic. When I then cross checked John Foley (the name of the father of James Wright Foley) I got another John Foley, Cardinal, who passed away. I don't know if there's any relation. Cardinal Foley was a Jesuit and a supposed "only child," but the surname Foley could just be random. So James Wright Foley prayed the rosary when he was held captive the first time he was kidnapped and cosmically was praying with his mother. Hmm... Could the Pope possibly be picking who and which situations end in beheadings (Foley) and which do not (Sudanese Woman, Miriam)? IDK. This Franklin Graham thing is more Roman Road stuff. His own dad did this junk why would we expect any less. Franky hangs with Boykin, Jesuit, and so does half the CC old dudes club--so what? Do the people care if their beloved personalities yoke with RCC? I think we know the majority do not because they've been spoon fed that "We are ALL Christian."

GRD said...

6:47 mark.
"God needed Mary"??? Blasphemy!!!

Victoria Di Agnello said...

Right on, that's what this is about.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Franklin Graham is just as bad. It is disappointing how many of the children of these elite never go off the ranch but continue the Satanic lies. I agree Anon, they were pied pipers to help lead everyone to Rome.

So Foley is a Catholic too? I have read on another website these beheadings are hoaxes. I don't know about that. I believe many innocent regular people are being killed. One thing disgusts me is how they actively now SHOW and TALK about things that were once considered too horrific. It is to whip up the war drums I am sure for war on Iran and Syria. I wonder if there is a relation between him and the Cardinal. Yes Foley could just be random. I don't trust anything related to Rome.

I found this article:


Why such a risk-taker? it seems the captivity in 2011 would have taught a few lessons. Almost seems to be the life of an "agent" and not a mere journalist.

So he has his family and others campaign to rescue him all the way up to the Clintons, and he gets himself "recapatured"? Doesn't sound very smart.. Hmmmm

Did you see where the Pope has called on arms to be taken up against ISIS?

They want their WWIII, and all the steps leading to it. ISIS is evil but well you know what I think about where it came from.

Yes Calvary Chapel and rest of them are just as much in with Frank and his Catholic folks.

Other anon, I heard that nonsense constantly while in Roman Catholicism. He is not being extreme for their false religion. Their Popes teach it too. I am surprised they have not named Mary CoRedemptrix yet but probably have to warm up the frogs further. I wrote on that topic years ago.