Thursday, August 7, 2014

Questions About Tony Palmer's Funeral

Here is Tony Palmer's church website and a snippet I took with his funeral plans included. It was supposedly yesterday.

I tend to think the information about this guy being a would be "rising from the dead" false prophet candidate is possible distraction. He wasn't famous enough to attract world attention. I could be wrong, if he shows up alive one day, I definitely will know it is the result of some game playing.  Many however are asking some strange questions about his would be funeral.

This man James Yaakov, who seems to be some variety of Hebrew Roots or Messianic Jew has posted many videos asking about Tony Palmer's funeral. Here is the latest.

Why is he taking an interest in Tony Palmer's funeral to have made several videos about it? And what is with those flags with occult symbols on them. Does he understand what the unicorn stands for? It is said to be a symbol of the Antichrist. Obviously I have already done an entire post on the "star of david". What does that symbol of the red hand in a Star of David represent with the red cross background? Is that a mixture of the Knights of Templar married to Hebrew Roots with that Masonic crown on top?

All I know is there some strange stuff out there.

I noticed long ago he was wearing a TAU symbol not a cross. Don't forget red and black are Vatican colors.


Alexander Irwin said...

The flag on the right is the Ulster Banner:

I couldn't explain its relevance, though.

Anonymous said...

Dude looked so gay. I know that might sound unfair or childish, but notice how these theological liberals (read: deniers of Scripture) so often look like gays.

Anonymous said...

I found this info on the Ulster Banner.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

What was Tony Palmer's birthdate? It seems to be a secret, not included anywhere on the Internet, including in his wiki bio.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous" at 5:43 pm:

I find your remarks a little disturbing. Do they really have a place in this discussion?

You appear to have fixated on some subjective criteria for measuring whether or not a person is "gay"... Is that really important to this moment? Why here? why now? I'm left searching for a reason for your peculiar remarks, because they have absolutely no relation to the discussion at hand.

It's really hard to appreciate your comment. You arrived at your conclusions how? You took a look at the first video and came away with THIS?

Do you really believe the things you say? You can "tell" this dude's "gay"? Really? By what means? And do you seriously believe that all theological liberals appear, as you put it, "as gays"?

Friend, I am wondering, what drives your remarks and "observations"?

Did you come here to offer genuine thoughtful comment, or are your remarks intended to color, distract or bait this thread?

What is the point of drawing the "gay" topic into this discussion? Your observations are seemingly baseless and random.

If they are truly your thoughts, they communicate a heart that is quick to judge and to cast people hastily together. But more to the point, what has any of this to do with the subject currently under discussion?

It may be you have some maturing to do in the Lord. If so, then I trust you will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is not quick to rush to judgment but is loving, patient and merciful in his dealings with us, desiring to lead us to repentance and faith in Him.

Bible Believer said...

Scripture warns about the effeminate.

I don't want to come down hard on the commenter using the word "gay". We do not know what his private life entailed, he was a married man, but he definitely displays/displayed effeminate mannerisms. Some may call this political incorrect or sinful to say but I think it is better to call these things out especially as Satan is so busy gender-bending the planet and metrosexualism seems to be a point of pride among otherwise "straight" men. I sometimes wonder if the hormones are being affected especially in the young, endocrine disease is skyrocketing. When I see a lot of young men, they seem built more like women today, very slight and softer looking. It is hard to explain. LOL probably will get myself in trouble on my own blog writing this. One cannot ignore that scripture itself WARNS about effeminancy in men.

King James Bible

1 Cor 6:9
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for telling me it is the Ulster banner, well flags can be full of certain symbols if you know what I mean.

Bible Believer said...

No birthday?

Too bad he is not American, could do one of those background checks, wouldn't even have to pay any money, just see his age listed but UK, I don't think that is so easy, and he spent some of his childhood in South Africa according to Wikepedia.

Anonymous said...

I see adds all the time from lawyers for men or boys who have developed breast from taking antipsychotic drug risperdal.

And I have also read that all the soy in the food products increases estrogen in males.

Men are definitely becoming more soft. Not all though!!
There are plenty of real men left.
And on the flip side of the coin women are encouraged to become
masculine and take charge.

Everything is out of order.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the anonymous at 8:43 got all defensive about my gay comment days before.

The defensiveness is very suspect.

This dude was very effeminate, and the Bible condemns it, as Bible Believer correctly pointed out.

The only reason someone would be defensive about this issue, is if they are sympathetic to the gay agenda.

Jimmy said...

In my opinion it is totally possible Tony Palmer re-emerges as a woman after some surgery and some meds. A symbolic Whore of Babylon?

I did not know anything about the guy until I started checking into the big Vatican ecumenical delegation and his odd death from your post here BB.

There really is not much online about this guy and that's always a red flag. Reading the above comments about his easily discernible gayness and its not too difficult to think that this mans entire life may have been fabricated or his past wiped, for a reason we do not know yet. The whole funeral lack of information was bizarre and the confusion and lack of details surrounding his accident. Yes they had time, day, the highway he was on etc., but nada else. All red flags

This is the nWO/Vatican/Israel playbook. You can access UK birth records but really it proves or disproves nothing. As if the Vatican wouldn't have thought far enough ahead to register a birth back then. Perhaps not dissimilar to : BarryObama/Kenya/Sotero/Hawaii or like how Bill Hicks became Alex Jones. Or how Laura Phelps is also Jennifer Sexton Greenberg (please google all of these and NO NOT DALLAS GOLDBUG WELLAWARE1.COM HE IS DISINFO) or even better, the almost 100%probability that Barbara Olson (911) is now Lady Evelyn Booth Olson (married to Barbaras husband even!)

Maybe Tony Palmer is dead. Naw! Think who were dealing with and whats coming.

Anonymous said...

"I see adds all the time from lawyers for men or boys who have developed breast from taking antipsychotic drug risperdal."

A side effect of some medication, like gynecomastia, hardly equates to making a man effeminate.

I think that the bible is referring to those who purposely try and act or look effeminate.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I've seen those lawsuits too for the Risperdal. Ever noticed how all the drugs seem to fatten people up or feminize or masculinize them? You never see anything that makes anyone thinner. They probably design the drugs to do certain things to the population. They probably don't even know the long term effects of Risperdal.

Tofu feminizes men, especially the fake kind where it is GMO and not fermented truly--the Asians knew soy had to be fermented or put through certain processes to be healthy. Stay away from Edamame beans. Yes there are some real men left. I tire too of the women must be strong and take charge and be like men feminist stuff. Even emotions are decried among women--don't cry, etc.

I don't know if anon is for gay agenda but is way too defensive of another goateed clad effeminate looking preacher.
He came across totally effeminate, I suppose if you are hanging out with homosexual Vatican officials all the time, they aren't going to invite manly men to the party.

Bible Believer said...

Jimmy anything is possible. Who knows whats next to distract us all. Maybe this guy served a purpose and will now retire somewhere else. He could have been playing a role, and will shave his goatee and return to another life for all we know. I think there is a red flag with so little information to be found about the man. I googled the wife's name and that didn't go anywhere, everything was in Italian. I know some Spanish but not enough to figure Italian out and there very few websites.

Yes even a found birthdate would prove nothing. Remember even in sealed adoptions they can make phony parents look like real ones. They have people all over who assumed "new roles". I agree Well aware is disinfo to the max.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @8:14 my point wasn't to say that men who developed breast from taking drugs are effeminate. I was trying to imply that the foods and drugs we are sold are reeking havoc on us. Men are getting too much estrogen.
And with all the media pushing most young men to be soft. They even look feminine.

I know that some people trusted there Dr.and took these drugs and developed side effects. It wasn't my intention to say something is wrong with the individual who had the side effect but rather something is wrong with these drugs being pushed on to society.

But seriously, someone is always on here railing against other comments. It seems like some people just like to sow discord.

Anonymous said...

Whew...I am so glad to have found this website. For a while I thought I was the only one in the world who could see that gay / bisexual spirit. I'm glad that posters here have the nerve to tell the truth, and appreciative that the moderator let the posts stand. Since when has telling the truth become a crime?

I never even heard of Tony Palmer until about a week ago, and I saw a short clip of him online and that spirit jumped out at me so fast I hardly had time to blink. ANYONE who has the spirit of discernment should have seen that spirit on Tony. (and stop with the silly medication stuff. That spirit does not come through medication)

He needed help. And who was helping him? Certainly not the Catholic church, or the protestant church for that matter. I lament the fact that so many christians are not doing their jobs. He needed somebody filled with love, compassion and faith to say "In the name of Jesus, you unclean spirit, come out of him!"