Monday, August 18, 2014

NDE's are false

[not an endorsement of Oprah, but Sharon Stone's experience is a common example of what these near death experiences are like even among non-celebrities.

You notice they all speak of a white light. White-light experiences in my opinion are all of Satan, light meant to entrance, lure and deceive. Also if they speak of beautiful angels, or of meeting a jesus that tells especially the lost they are "good people", I believe these are all deceptions of Satan. Satan wears a mask of "goodness" to fool people. This can include good "experiences" to trick them.

One thing about severe illness, it can leave people severely spiritually vulnerable.  The spirit world can get "more busy" when one is on a death bed or would be death bed especially when a person is not born again and under the protection of God.  The demons are jumping up and down over the possibility of another soul entering hell. This is a personal reflection based on experience. I was very sick in my past [in my case I did not die] but crying out to God in my case.

This is when I faced facts about my final destiny and knowing where I would end up if I did not turn to Jesus Christ to be born again. When the doctors add in heavy sedation, powerful drugs to even save your life, there are spiritual effects that can occur from these drugs. If someone who is lost, is dying, they are not under the protection of God, Satan can use their vulnerability at this time to bring in incredible deceptions.

For my new readers, I used to be in the UU [Unitarian Universalist Association] and dabbled in Theosophy and the New Age movement as well as many other areas, I am also an ex-Catholic. NDE's in the New Age world are very popular. The world loves the now deceased lecturer and author, Elizabeth Kubler Ross. I was familiar with her by the 1980s. She is as New Age as they come. None of these NDE teachers teach a biblical gospel but one that tells the world, that death will bring new vistas and different versions of the universalistic message that "everyone goes to heaven".

If anything her messages have grown more popular over recent decades. Her New Age vision of death, promotes it not as the cost of sin, but as a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.

"Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow."

Other quotes include many themes opposite of Christianity. Mrs. Kubler-Ross did not want anyone to become born again and repent:

"Dying is nothing to fear. It can be the most wonderful experience of your life. It all depends on how you have lived." 
"For those who seek to understand it, death is a highly creative force. The highest spiritual values of life can originate from the thought and study of death." ...."Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death."
Death is celebrated in circles contrary to God. It is calling evil good. Contrary to those popular movies and books that claim people can come back from hell or heaven, the bible says otherwise:

Luke 16:26 And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

This may shock a few but I personally knew two people who had near death experiences. One was a family member from my non-Christian family of orgin. This was way back in the early 1990s when I heard about this, but this relative told me they had "died" on the table during a heart surgery, rose up out of their body, saw themselves lying there, went towards the white light and they had gone to a calm and peaceful place where they saw some family members who had died before them and have messages of love to give them.

He told me the place he visited was of great beauty and he could not wait to be back there one day.  They told me that they were told "everyone goes to heaven" and they entered a place of "great peace" and that their fear of death was totally obliterated. They told me "I have no fear of a hell". This was during my non-Christian days, so there was no giving this person any truth. Later I would be horrified, as they finally died, rejecting the gospel to the very end, unless there were inside thoughts I was not privy to with the vague view of "all religions leading to the same place" as they attended a Catholic church socially and maintained a universalistic view of the world's religions. They even towards the end said, that "god was made by men and was a social construct". Another time they mulled to me that maybe god was simply an alien of higher intelligence then mankind as they loved science fiction books.  How did this NDE influence them spiritually? I would say not very well. They definitely did not see the pit of hell yawning open upon death in their rejection of Christ and in following false teachers.

About a year before, I met a co-worker, who shared her tale of being on a surgery table, going into cardiac arrest and then leaving her body the same way, seeing the white light and then copying the above experience almost verbatim. Are you noticing a theme here? This lady was a very strident New Ager, that believed in angels, crystals and positive thinking. Her NDE experience if anything had led her stronger into the New Age.

Ever notice the gospel is never preached during a NDE? It's always New Age bunk and the same lies that occur in all false religions! That's because Satan is running this show.

This episode is very heart wrenching and moving, but I find myself knowing that the "jesus" this person met was a false one. "My sheep hear my voice" for us believers. She met a phony spirit that presented itself as "jesus" and deceived her. Every saved Christian has met Jesus and we are to get closer via our prayer life.

There is no way the real Jesus Christ would say this: "he told me I was a "good person".  Even if the words sound loving on the surface, that sounds like something one of the devil's angels would tell a person to keep them from being born again and repenting. We all know the "I will go to heaven because I am a good person" tale we hear from so many of the lost. The true Jesus would preach the gospel and give out truth not act like a Catholic priest in a confessional.

Here is another one where the "jesus" figure asks the man who has died, "What did you do for your fellow-man?"  Sadly here the demons probably wanted to infuse the gospel of works. The entire world thinks it can work it's way to heaven in various demonic religions and appease their "gods" into letting them into heaven!

 In the occult, with mystics of various kinds, some of their demons [spirit guides et al.]do show up to them as "giants" who are 15-16 feet tall.  I've seen this written about in Swami texts to wicked cartoonist Robert Crumb showing his favorite mystic "Mr. Natural" rising up to be 30 feet in front of his disciple Flakey Foont. There's a lot of occult mixed into the all sorts of entertainment in unexpected places. This bothered me greatly when he described his "jesus" showing up to him in a dream that way. Hinduism have their spirits that show up as giants. There is the lore of "giants" in theosophy, and in Rosicrucian groups. Kind of puts all that Nephilim stuff in a new light. This reminds me of Oral Roberts who saw a 900 foot Jesus in a vision, once.

False symbols, teachings and more come forth in this NDEs. I noticed some years back, they went from all positive ones in the 1970s and 1980s, to including visits to hell in the 1990s in these NDEs. In those earlier years you never heard about a "I went to hell" NDE, that was something new. I think this was part of the deception too when probably a few Christians asked "Why is everyone going to heaven in these NDEs?" Some Christian ministries like 700 Club put up videos and show interviews of people who supposedly "went to hell" and came back to tell the tale.

While some of these experiences seemed to have led these people to be Christians, I am worried about what these kind of stories promote. They give the false idea that people get a "second chance" when they die.  They give people the false idea, that you can end up in hell, and "get out" or that you can pray and get your way out of there.

I think of this Bible verse:

John 10 King James Version (KJV)
10 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.
But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

 I have dealt with unbelievers lately who have told me they believe time in hell is temporary or that they can escape. I find myself thinking these kind of stories help with those beliefs. One person I know who is a non-believer even told me I could do a "When Dreams May Come" action and come rescue them from hell. I told them, "It doesn't work that way and you better not count on me being able to come get you. I have preached the gospel to you and your true salvation lies in it not trying to skate by."

I don't want to be nit-picky, but let's be real here. The Bible says we will all die ONCE. God knows who is going to have the doctors jump-start their heart and be kept on earth. These people are basically claiming we all can die one, two or even three times.

Hebrews 9:27(KJV)
27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

These supposedly Christian hell stories also give credence to the New Age "positive" NDEs. I tried to google to see if Robertson [a false teacher] had warned of false NDEs but didn't find anything. I did see promotion of the "Christian flavored" NDE books.

With this man it worries me that he discusses seeing "angels" at an early age. This video worries me even if it seems good on the surface because the idea is put out there that one can go to hell, and call upon Jesus there and be "rescued". We need to pray for this man as well as others who have had these visions. He states "He loved me so much, he gave me a second chance."

This lady describes in detail her trip to hell too, speaking of pain and falling through into hell's fire and feeling the burning, fear, and worse things.  This one also has suicide in the mix and seems kind of blase' and disconnected from it all.  These NDE tales even with the Christian flavor are always full of false theology to confuse and divert.

She teaches false things when she said "no act can take you to hell". The Bible says otherwise with committing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit [many believe this means refusing salvation] and taking the mark of the Beast. There are other New Age comments she states like "Your soul transforms into a being of fear which is the opposite of love." Robertson mentions the great gulf, mentioned in the scripture above but totally ignores it's meaning that the gulf between the living and the dead is fixed to add to the confusion.

Any of you hear of the book "23 Minutes in Hell"?  Interesting that the chosen number is 23.
Ever wonder why one of the freemason's favorite number is the number of minutes chosen? After all why not round it down to 20 minutes?

I haven't read this book but I tend to think it has more false theology to share as well, and of course gives out that idea of dying TWICE I mention above. Think about this Mary of Fatima gave the children a view of hell while influencing thoughts to march after the false religion of Catholicism. Many of these people with their NDEs are no different then Catholic saints who share their false visions of "jesus", "mary" or even monsters in hell like Bill Wiese 

This book too in the online excerpts too had plenty of false theology too. In one section he claims that "god" had him "forget he was a Christian". How could that be of God?

And just like the CATHOLICS, where I have warned about VISIONS GALORE in THAT WORLD.

This stuff is NO DIFFERENT.

And I am going to finish this article a verse I used in that article too.

31And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

Just warning people of hell doesn't mean you are a real Christian or trying to lead them to salvation. False religions the world over warn of hell or places like it. They won't be persuaded via false visions, or one's handed over by Satan. False visions lead to false religion.

I believe NDEs are false. A few readers may disagree, but I believe a NDE led someone directly to the pit with the false lies and deceptions of Satan.


Anonymous said...

Excellent points, Bible Believer. I believe they are false, too, because they all point to 'everyone goes to heaven.'
I was just reading up on Neal Donald Walsh, the new ager, remembering he said that Hitler didn't harm the Jews, he helped them find release from suffering. He was quoted as saying basically the same thing - death is a wonderful thing so Hitler actually did a good thing. (Calling evil good seems to be a popular theme) There's no evil or satan, so everyone goes to heaven. There's no right or wrong. A new age friend told me: We're all on loan from heaven.

And oh the people who flock to believe Satan's lies that there is no evil - it's all in your head - live life the way you want - you are a good person - you are going to heaven.

The other day a new age friend of mine told me when her dad died she had a dream. He came to her with a huge, tall, dark kind of angel next to him, grasping his hand. Her dad was upset telling her to help him - he did not want this - do something! She said he was greatly upset and did not want to go with the angel. She told her dad, sorry - there was nothing she could do.

I thought of those people you mention who said you can come get them and rescue them out of hell. Doesn't sound like it worked that time.

Anonymous said...

My mother was in a horrible wreck and died for 3 minutes. She said she saw the light and stairway and at the top of the stairway her father stepped out and said it's not your time, and she woke up.
She told me that her father was a freemason and in the KKK. She also claims that he beat my grandmother regularly. She could never understand how he "got to heaven".
My mother is an alcoholic and believes that we are now living in hell. She thinks Earth is Hell! I have tried fervently to explain things to her, but she is just not getting it. All I can do is pray for her.
Her NDE did more damage than good. I guess she thinks if someone as evil as my grandfather can make it to heaven then she can too.


Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon. Yes they do push the point "everyone goes to heaven". The "Christian" I went to hell stories even push that idea too, that there will be a second chance. I have dealt with unbelievers too, who have told me I will convert on my deathbed and want to have "fun" now. These stories too push that sort of thing. I had one of those Neal Donald Wash books, where he wrote for "god", probably a demon leading him, he too wrote over and over death was a wonderful thing. You are right about that. They worship death and evil this way.

Yes so many going to hell on the "I'm a good person theme"

I had a dream about the relative shortly after they died. It was kind of along those lines. I dreamed I went to visit them in a cave and he turned to me and said "I am in hell now do not end up here" [I was not saved yet] It was a very disturbing dream. Maybe that dream will serve as a warning to your New Age friend and get her convicted about her final destiny. Yes I don't think it worked that time either.

Bible Believer said...

My relative described above was very wicked. I even saw his address book where he wrote some anti-God quote about "atoms being the only provable thing". I am sorry your mother had an NDE and it has spiritually impacted her too in a negative way. Yes seeing godless relatives in "heaven" isn't going to happen. A masonic KKK member and wife beater that never got saved and repented isn't going to be there. I think my relative saw other non-Christian family members and sorts too. It is weird she thinks she is living in hell now, maybe some kind of psychological delusion. Satan can mess with minds in various ways. Even if she has a very hard life, thinking this is hell denotes serious depression and other problems--probably related to the alcoholism. Many have these NDEs and think well I 'died' that time this is where I will end up. My relative was very sick but did not fight for life and even as heart failed decided to stay at home, and I wonder if this NDE stuff, helped that along. He seemed to lack the anxiety the acutely dying usually have, to force a trip to the ER.

Anonymous said...

I've read some of the online portions of Mary K. Baxter's Divine Revelation of Hell and I knew right off it was fake.

Quote: "Behold, My child,” Jesus said, "I am going to take you by My Spirit into Hell so that you may be able to make a record of the reality of it, to tell the whole earth that Hell is real, and to bring the lost out of darkness and into the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

What this "Jesus" is saying is completely contrary to Jesus of the Bible.

Luke 16:27-31 Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

So in other words, nobody will be persuaded by somebody coming back from the dead or just from hell. If the Bible doesn't convince them that they are lost and in need of salvation, neither will the tours of hell that that people like Mary Baxter allegedly go on.

Cherie said...

My husband is seriously interested in NDEs and astral travel and I am deeply sorrowful because I cannot seem to convince him that it is wrong to study it. (He claims Christ) I have stopped bringing it up because it causes marital strife but am really unsure if this is the best approach. Any thoughts?

Kayfabe said...

I think Satan is even using a little boy to propagate that he went to Heaven and now a book and movie are made. Wow! People are buying into this like suckers, use a kid and it is like taking candy from a baby, people fall for it.

FaithGuy3 said...

I saw a video of Bill Wiese's "testimony" to a large crowd a couple of years ago - I can't remember everything he said, but nonetheless when he started endorsing John MacArthur, Billy Graham, AND Reinhard Bunke, red flags just went up in my head(and just turned it off).

Reinhard Bunke is one of these charismatic pentacostals who "prophecized" Jesus Christ would make an appearance in Kenya in 1988. Ultimately, that Maitreya figure that Benjamin Creme guy has been pushing was who did in the form of "another Jesus".

With that being said - I've crossed paths with my share of false brethren since I was saved(as did Paul - his perils with false brethren). You really have to listen to their testimonies carefully - b/c if they give a repentence-LESS testimony, for example, then red flags should go up.(and for that matter too, I've ran into false brethren who insisted the 6m Jews killed in Nazi Germany was grossly over-estimated, how Christians can use illegal drugs, etc)

And no - not talking about recently saved Christians who are struggling with sin - I'm talking about those who (supposedly)say they've been grounded in the KJB for many years.

kate davis said...

Thank you for your blog! As others have posted, it can feel quite lonely out here in the world! Especially as the mother of a young child...I am fanatical about what he watches an hears, to the wonderment of my family (born again and not). Anyway, what do you think of Heaven is For Real? The book, not the movie (the movie took out all references to Jesus Christ). That book leaves me torn. I wept when I read it, full of emotion...but, I know the heart is deceitful. Also, my cynical side thought it was incredibly fortuitous that a pastor's son had this experience. But then, who knows.... Just wondering what you thought. Thanks again for your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for bringing this topic up, especially in lieu of the fact that "Heaven is For Real" movie is popular amongst the apostate church....."a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof."

The institutional churched people love this kind of fluff stuff for it makes them feel spiritual because they are interested in such things while making them appear spiritual as they "are seen amongst men" in attending these religious events. And yet, most are too lazy and too undiscerning to open their Bibles to see what God really has to say about death, heaven, and hell. For that matter, most are unregenerate anyway for they do not understand that all of this "extra-Biblical" revelation comes from satan and his minions rather that from God, the Holy Spirit.

We live in such a day that man's faith comes from false preachers and teachers, (and those who do preach particular truths from the Word are too afraid to tackle these near death experience issues because they are either cowards and are afraid of the pew sitters getting angry and leaving their buildings, or they do not fully comprehend the full meaning of the Scriptures.


Anonymous said...

I do some work out of my home, and one of my clients shared a near death experience with me which I found intriguing. During intense problems of living, she chose to end her life via a drug overdose when one of her children found her laying in her bed unconscious. During her down time, she saw a bright light and walked toward it right into heaven. She said heaven was a place of supreme peace in a Victorian setting with vintage cars driving here and there, and people strolling to and fro dressed in Victorian clothing. While in her "heaven", she met here great, great grandfather as well as other relatives who were so loving to her and she stressed many times, "I didn't want to leave." She was revived and is still teaching Art in one of the nearby schools to this day.

I really liked this woman; she is kind and very sweet, easy to visit with, especially since we share a common passion for art and such. However, when I asked here point blank if she believes in Jesus Christ as her Savior, her response was "Oh, no."

So there you have it....even unbelievers have near death experiences and go to heaven......and many believe this lie. My husband's family gets pretty disgusted with me when I share with them the truths of the Bible regarding extra-Biblical experiences since they have "always known more than me," which is fine....and to prove their point, we are given books as gifts, of many people who have written of their near death experiences.

My husband allows me to toss them into the garbage and that is the end of it. And thankfully, our children haven't gravitated towards this new age spirituality and I pray it stays that way. Relatives can be a pretty influential force considering they engage in "religious speak" often, and yet, lack so much discernment. Pray that God, the Holy Spirit will protect His Sheep, those who hear His Voice.

Anonymous said...

Two of your postings with the bold heading "Near Death Experience" came from this website.

This website also has a video of Betty Eadie. You remember that she is the one who was on Oprah and the debate broke out that caused Oprah to show her true colors to many in her audience. This is that clip where she argues "what about Jesus?" -

Here is one of the NDEs titled "The Mysterious Priest"

Admin 1 year ago

"He came up and approached the patient, and offered a prayer," Reed said. "It was a Catholic priest who had anointing oil with him. A sense of calmness came over her, and it did us as well. I can't be for certain how it was said, but myself and another firefighter, we very plainly heard that we should remain calm, that our tools would now work and that we would get her out of that vehicle."


Lisa Ruby said...

Bible Believer wrote: "Just warning people of hell doesn't mean you are a real Christian or trying to lead them to salvation."

Thank you, Bible Believer! Warning people of hell is the pretext Bill Weise is using to present "another Jesus" -- a FALSE Jesus. The false God that Bill Weise is presenting is a Deceiver who LIES. This false god DECEIVED Bill Weise (who says he is a Christian) into thinking he was lost for an eternity in hell. God supposedly lied to Bill so that Bill could go into churches and warn others that hell is real. This is a HUGE paradigm shift. Beware. The God of the Bible does not lie for any reason. Interestingly, Bill also promotes the Pre-Trib lie, thus setting Christians up to think that God lied when he does not return to take Christians to heaven in a pre-tribulation rapture.

My Bible says that God is incapable of lying.

The God I serve is incapable of lying! He cannot lie. We can trust The Lord Jesus Christ to be true to who he is: The way, the TRUTH and the life. See: Numbers 23:19, 1 Samuel 15:29, Titus 1:2, Hebrews 6:18

The Bible reveals that Satan is the father of lies. He is the father of the lie that Bill Weise is presenting about God sending him to hell and causing him to suffer torment in hell. This same deceiving god that sent Bill Weise to hell, deceived him into thinking he was a sinner lost for eternity. My God is not a deceiver but I believe Bill Weise is a deceiver.

Bill Weise also has a yin/yang logo for his company trademark and the number of death on title of his book. (2+3=5). I didn't know that 23 was a masonic number too! Thanks for the heads up on this book and author, Bible Believer! :)

Lisa Ruby said...

I have a copy of Bill Weise's book, Hell: Separate Truth From Fiction
and found that Bill knows that 23 means the number of death. Bill wrote: "In biblical numerology, the number 23 means "death."

Wait a minute! Biblical numerology? See what I mean? Numerology is "the study of the occult significance of numbers."

23 is an important number in the Illuminati. Yes, they are very much interested in the DEATH of th3e true Christian faith, which is what 23 Minutes in Hell is really all about. Hell is simply the fascinating backdrop upon which he is hanging his paradigm shift upon He presents God as a deceiver who lies to a Christian.

When the NWO takeover occurs, millions of Christians who have been taught they they will be removed from the earth before Antichrist comes to power, will think God lied to them. After all, he lied to Bill Weise didn't he?

In Christ Alone my hope is found said...

Here is one that Yahoo just posted...not NDE...but Christ Consciousness mixed in with some acupuncture

Bible Believer said...

I remember Betty Edie she was a known name among New Agers and known in the UU. She wrote the big NDE book, "Embraced by the Light"

From her website she wrote: " All that is required is the desire to connect with our Creator. With true desire, our prayers not only ascend to heaven, but they nurture us as well. They take form as an energy that if visible would be seen to add light to our presence or the aura that radiates around us. Our souls literally glow brighter in prayer as our spirits communicate with the Father of our spirit; it is through prayer that we bring life to our very soul. "

Definitely one that advances the New Age using "Christian" terms.

Is that her nodding and agreeing with Oprah.


Oprah has deceived millions.

I may embed the video because they cut out the one lady who tells Oprah she is wrong in most versions on line.

Yes they always push Catholicism in this NDEs.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Lisa, he is using the warning of hell to mask himself as a "real Christian". It is a way to fool people who automatically think only real Christians warn of hell. That means he is the real deal warning of the fire and brimstone. They warned me of hell in the Roman Catholic church and it meant absolutely nothing there. Yes it is all about bringing people to doubt hell too. Hell can be a nexus for the lost too who have no repentance of sin due to regeneration, to depart from God even further when it is presented this way. Not surprised by the Pre-Trib thing. I am dealing with some who are pre-trib but just have not studied, there is big difference there. There are so many false teachers out there pushing it, they need to hear the alternatives. I believe he is a deceiver too.

Cherie said...

It is interesting how certain verses jump out at you once you are in a spiritual battle. I stumbled across John 3:13.

I think it all comes down to sola scriptura. Is Christ enough, and the Bible He provided... or do you need more signs and experiences? Which takes precedence: the Bible or experience?

Cherie said...

My husband just simply does not want to hear that occult-lite stuff is wicked to even open your mind to. He spends a lot of time every day reading about it and never reads his Bible anymore. He now believes reincarnation is possible, and that the 'you only die once' verse means that there is only one final death and the other deaths are not deaths but a kind of release. The mental gymnastics folks go to. I know that if I tell him about John 3:13 he will say that until Jesus there were no NDE, but there are now, so the verse is irrelevant. For the love of God, it fills my heart with such sorrow to see my dearest husband rejecting God... step by step.

Anonymous said...

Cherie, I am sorry to hear that about your husband. Stay stedfast in prayer and do as the bible says in 1 Peter 3:1- Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; 2- While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.

Don't give up. and remain in the word lest he draw you away from the Lord. Don't entertain the lies, but be respectful. And pray without ceasing.

Draw close to Jesus. Years ago my husband and I went through some difficult times. And I think he went 3 months without even speaking to me. We still lived in the same home but he gave me the silence treatment and he was really good at it. I had no friends at the time and my children were very young. I got very close to the Lord. He was my only friend and I read continuously in His word, and prayed and leaned completely on my Saviour. Looking back I see it as a blessing.

I will pray for you and your husband. Lean on Jesus and don't give up.


Anonymous said...

On this topic, here is a critical analysis about NDE from a Christian point of view:

Anonymous said...

A lot of what you say is false. However I'd just like to let everyone know Satan CAN give someone a near death experience, watch this video and skip to 11:46

Stan Zhang said...

An extensive rebuttal is here:

Read all of the pages before you comment, even if they are long. I expect you to take at least 2 hours to read everything.

I believe that NDEs are real, but to me the theory that NDEs are caused by Satan is even less likely than the theory that they are mass hallucinations(disregarding the overlap)

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Faith is True. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. You are deceptive as the New Age NDE freaks.

Bible Believer said...

The Catholic faith is false and the Eucharist is an idol. Your church right now is working to form the one world religion. Your Pope even praised other religions directly on a video I exposed here.

Bible Believer said...

I notice that NDE website teaches universalism or so called Christian universalism where no one goes to hell. That is false and Jesus Christ Himself warned of hell. You are writing to an ex Unitarian Universalist. So you can't fool me with those messages that evil is good.

Kat Golden said...

I enjoyed this post. Please read and share my conversion story at I have gotten good feedback so far and some other Christians have told me it can help non-believers.
God Bless!!!

Fishermen Nomi said...

What hope does a christian have of walking with god if a good person can't Im tired of beleiving a book that says trust no man. But Im supposed to trust the men who wrote it not to be corrupt bastards just like the rest of the people on this planet.

Fishermen Nomi said...

I like how you say someone elses religion is false but the bible was written by pagans to fool non pagans into pagan worship just like the catholics.

chad moyer said...

Hi folks. Thank the Lord I have found this site as it has gave me some understanding and "material" support for the Father's will. I understand some things as I prayed for them. All I can say folks is John 3:16; read the Bible, and pray for one another and to the Lord as much as you can or need. Thank God for you all. Amen

chad moyer said...

Oh, and it is even in scripture that there will be another Jesus. If i am not mistaken it is in Revelations, but you may want to check. And this new type of Jesus is wrong. Stick to God's word in the Bible. Lastly, I remember reading in the Bible about false light, so yes be careful what you read in NDEs. If it does not coincide with the Bible, or God's word, then don't buy it. He is coming.