Monday, August 25, 2014

Holy Ghost Movie with Brian Welch, Korn and Michael W. Smith

Millennials Driving Success of Faith-Based HOLY GHOST Movie

""HOLY GHOST is a film without boundaries, we shot it without a script or a plan. It's a film about the freedom and unexpected adventure that comes with a life led by the Spirit of God. This fresh vision—a stark contrast to the traditional understanding of the church—is strongly resonating with young people," said Darren Wilson, director of HOLY GHOST. "As we travel the world with HOLY GHOST in places like the U.K. and Australia, thousands of Millennials have flooded to our screenings and told us the film has changed their lives. They are the enthusiastic audience behind our success, and an underserved segment in the booming faith-based entertainment market."

A movie with Korn, Brian "Head" Welch and Michael W. Smith combined. Imagine that! also includes the pastor of Bethel church, Bill Johnson,  RT Kendall, and the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer. They claimed they want to make a movie completely led by the "Holy Spirit". Notice how they keep showing pictures of India, and they even include a picture of Buddha. [2:11] Would Buddha be put in a "Christian" film? The real Holy Spirit always points to Jesus Christ, this is a false spirit they are celebrating.

If you haven't read this blog about Michael W. Smith, make sure you do about all of his occult markings.

Bethel is a false church warned of elsewhere on line.

In the trailer above, Meredith Andrews repeats the false messages within the apostate churches, "no more boxes, no more limits, no more we have to control everything"

On the Wanderlust productions website, they claim right on there, they are "Making God Famous One Film at a Time".

That's rather blasphemous, God doesn't need man-made fame.


Anonymous said...

They are some sick people. False teachers all of them. They all reject the true Jesus Christ that spoke John 14:6.

I noticed when they showed "buddha", the woman speaking over it, said God at that very moment. So they are universalists that believe buddhism is from God?

Sick people indeed.

Victoria Di Agnello said...

It's all leading to the one world religion. The apostate church is the #1 marketer for it nowadays. They will have their heyday at that big 'revival' they keep drumrolling about, only all the fervor will be for the one world religion and antichrist. These movies (and others like the 'Son of God' that Rick Warren kept advertising) are just laying the groundwork and paving the way to their new age window dressing line up of 'gods.'

1 Kings 19; 18
"Yet I will leave 7,000 in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal and every mouth that has not kissed him."

There are still some Christians who remain loyal and faithfully devoted to the Lord and have not bowed to the false gods nor kissed them with their praises and compromises as those embracing the apostasy have done. It's the difference between the harlot and the virgin bride. Also, harlots do things for money, hence the 'church growth,' 'seeker friendly/sensitive,' 'crowd pleaser' and 'culturally relevant' churches! The apostasy is full of compromise with other religions through contemplative spirituality (yoga, etc.), and ecumenism on every level including 'interfaith' events.

verse 21:
Elijah came near to all the people and said, "How long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him." But the people did not answer him a word.

The choice is before everyone and this is the time of deciding what side of the line to be on. I'm with the Lord and none other!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's not to love? Michael W. Smith looking like a a lesbian,and Brain Welch covered in tattoos and dreadlocks. Plus, a special cameo by Buddha. Yes, I could feel the Holy Spirit in that film.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Michael Smith - the one with the overtly satanic bands playing at his Rocket Town in Nashville. And runes on his albums.

I remember seeing Michael Smith and Welch on Mike Huckabee's show a few years ago. The right promoting false Christians.

Yeah, I wondered why they put a Buddah and lots of pictures of India in the film. It's obviously not to warn about the dangers of Hinduism since they are busy being tolerant of everyone and everything. Just more promoting of Universalism and the one world religion under the guise of, "God told me". No one wants to seek God in the bible anymore. They are too busy worshiping people.

Reminds me of when Welch joined Korn at a concert a few years ago befoe he rejoined them. They played the song Blind.

People are so blinded by the world and what it offers. Thinking they are free but ending up in worse bondage. II Peter 2:19

I pray for so many seeking the wrong thing because it feels good. It's so tragic.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the Michael Smith article link. I went to it and read it and then continued to read the other chapters of this man's work whcih was very informative.
I have grandchildren that listen to what I call Rock "Christian" (using that term loosely) and pray all the time that they will not be deceived by these charlatans. I pray for our young people that they will be guarded against all the apostate leaders in so called "Christian" churches that use the world's music to lure the young people to their services.
My granddaughters went to a Passion event for college students in Atlanta for a few years and the last time they went (2 years ago) I streamed some of the services on the internet and was sickened by the musicians they had there who looked like vagabonds and vagrants, so unkempt, not at all like abassadors for Christ, but even the ones like Michael Smith that have a nice appearance must have shabby hearts and minds to promote the occult.
The speakers at these conferences were big time evangelicals, Louie Gigilio, who sponsors these events, John Piper, Francis Chan, Beth Moore. Social Gospelers all, and raking in big time monies.
I am suspicious of all things called "Christian" in this time, music, books, movies. All have been infiltrated by false teachers and preachers. We must ever be vigilant and try the spirits to see if they are from God. The Holy Spirit and God's Word will reveal the truth.
The way I found my way to this blog several years ago was looking up Francis Chan. I just had a feeling he was a wolf in sheeps clothing but all the so called evangelical churches were promoting his books and it was good to see you identifying him.
I read this blog regularaly tho I seldom comment and am glad that you take the time to do your research and post the things you do. I have found other useful blog sites and good information from your postings. Thank you!
God Bless! Lynn P

Aka Alert said...

Satanic handsign featured in the movie trailer at 31-35 seconds (upper left of the screen).

Bible Believer said...

Aka Alert, wow, they were subtle with this one, but there it is, someone has their hand stuck up in the left of the screen.

Bible Believer said...

I agree they are all false, and they show what they are. I noticed too Buddha showed up as they said "god" to advance universalism. Just like Catholicism. We also have the huge dose of "religious tourism" in this film. Why don't any of these people ever stay home? I guess middle America isn't cool enough. They never go to some far flung countries either, but ones the Beatles loved like India.

Yes they will have their big heyday and usher in folks for the antichrist. Thanks Victoria, I agree.

With MW SMith looking like lesbian, have you noticed how some celebrity males look more and more effeminate? Seen Bruce Jenner lately, its horrible. I didn't mention this but while watching the video of Brian Welch it wasn't his punked out appearance that bothered me so much but his EYES, he looks possessed. His eyes are weird and show a very dark spirit. It unsettled me even as I watched the video. Of course I and others have noticed this before. Yes Buddha got his cameo.

Anonymous said...

Levi Lusko of Skull Church promotes that making Jesus famous stuff.
The fake jesus wants to be famous. The Golden calf jesus everyone wants to dance and party around, be drunk around.

Bible Believer said...

Universalists won't warn about Buddha or the false gods of Hinduism. They obviously think India is cool and exotic. Yes read about Rocketown on the Jerusalem Chronicle too. He has a huge article exposing it's overt evils. It is too bad that blogger stopped blogging, he had some very good information.

Not surprised Mike Huckabee was in with them either.

Bible Believer said...

Lynn thanks for your input. I am glad you found this blog via my Francis Chan article. :)

Bible Believer said...

Famous jesus equals the Antichrist.

Satan desires the adoration and fame of this world.

I warned about Skull church on here, some time ago...

the place is marked for the occult...

Anonymous said...

Hi BB - yes, I noticed Brian Welch ' s eyes, too. I thought the same thing, but then thought maybe I was imagining things. I noticed he also put his arms up so you could see the eyeball tattooed on his right elbow. Gotta flash us all those signs.

Anonymous said...

On Brian Head Welch ' s Love Drunk Healy on Facebook he says: haha whole lotta glory on "Prepare For Hell Tour".

Korn is playing with Slipknot -prepare for hell tour, it's called.

I guess it fits that he would find glory I'm preparing people for hell.

Bible Believer said...

That is sickening.

I think they have redefined that word "glory" a bit a la John Crowder.


I think that is exactly it, finding glory with his "real" master who isn't Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer,
That video is pretty awful. Total evil is being glorified. There's nothing to do with Jesus Christ there. How can people be so blind? Welch's fans say it's so cool he's hanging out with these 'lost' people - he will bring them to Jesus. How can Welch bring anyone to Jesus when he doesn't have Jesus himself? Jesus and his disciples didn't embrace evil, accept evil, glorify evil, to witness. It's amazing how people are telling God what he's going to accept. Yes, all part of bowing to the apostate god

Jacques Olivier said...

Funny how all the loving Christians are passing judgement. GOD IS LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacques, God does not love wickedness. God loves a faithful, obedient servant who rejects the appearance of evil. The new age movement says there is no evil. Brian Welch says it's all about supernatural experience on hid Love Drunk Facebook page - he says the church would call it new age. Well, it IS new age. The new age Jesus is a counterfeit. I pray you open your eyes to the truth. Out of love do bible believers warn of the dangers. God does not love everything - that is why the Bible is full of warnings about false teachers ravenous wolves.
Why do self-professing Christians like evil ? I asked a Whosoever fan than very question. They think it's cool. Righteousness is mixed with evil and I see confused people. It's very sad.

Anonymous said...

No. 1 John 4:8 and 4:16 both state that God IS love. It's not talking about what God loves. It's saying that God IS love. Love is His essence

Bible Believer said...

And Love is adverse to evil.