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Fame and Fortune in This World Are Nothing

Busy Working Robin Williams Fought Demons

Matthew 6:19-21King James Version (KJV)
19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

I am sure by now you have heard about the suicide of American's best loved comedian Robin Williams. When I was young and didn't know about the entertainment world yet, he was one of my favorite entertainers. He was funny although a bit manic. As a child I grew up on Mork & Mindy and saw many of his movies into the 1990s such as Good Will Hunting.  Now with his recent death, It is a horrific story.  While this is one celebrity, I used to admire,  Robin Williams did the same luciferian handsigns and poses copying many famous celebs. Sadly he disappointingly followed the norm in that wicked world. 

He also promoted many agendas in his movies, such as the crossdressing in Mrs. Doubtfire and living for the moment in Dead Poets Society. Dead Poets Society which I saw years ago and liked at the time is a movie that has disturbed me in my later years of pondering it's messages. Isn't "Seizing the Day" the opposite of "Seizing Eternity with God"?

Then there is this disturbing quote: [at the 3:57 mark]

Satan often exacts a price for world fame and fortune. Have any of you ever wondered why an entire cadre of celebrities always come to horrific and tragic ends and so many of them die younger then the average person in America? In this case Robin Williams got to a later age then most.

I saw online the last interview he ever did. It is a tragedy seeing the sadness in the man's eyes. Seeing this almost made me want to cry. When people are led to spiritual destruction, the despair is for the seeing. There is no rejoicing for what has become of these troubled souls who chose what the world had to offer on a Satanic platter.  Whatever mental illnesses he suffered from, it is very sad. Depression is a serious problem and something affecting millions now in our world. However he like any other human on earth had the chance to repent too and in this case most likely he never did giving in to despair or otherwise coming to a suspicious bad end. 

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness: but is long-suffering to us-war, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

His last interview with ET [Entertainment Tonight] is disturbing in it's content. You can tell he is barely smiling and looks like he wants to cry. The pain on the man's face is stark. One very creepy moment is when the interview asks him if he would want to connect with someone from the dead. Now why on earth would she ask him that question?

would do you ever wanna try to connect with someone from the dead after
from the dead
to talk to the other side what's it like I don't know very hot where are you
tried Miami really you know I'm

He makes a joke about it being "very hot". Sadly for many celebrities, who do not know God, they do not see hell as a reality. This applies to most of the world today. 

Many in England were disturbed when a re-run of the raunchy blasphemous TV show Family Guy showing Robin Williams committing suicide as part of the show plot.  right before his death was announced.

Robin Williams faced divorce, and substance abuse problems. He serves as a tragic warning to us, that a human being can achieve everything this world has to offer, extreme wealth, world-wide fame, being loved and adored by millions and still have an empty hole inside not having Jesus Christ as his Savior.
When someone bets on the sinking sand instead of the Rock, the end is horrific. The treasures and adorations of this world disappear like a vapor in the wind.  There is nothing to be happy about this considering this man's spiritual destruction, what ever really happened to him on the last day of his life. He was another soul that could have been saved by Jesus Christ. I mourn what became of him. We should pray for his family and friends as well.

Without God, one is empty inside, and all the money, fame, fortune, love of the world is never going to replace Him. 

Mark 8:36 [KJV]

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


Kayfabe said...

Unfortunately the World will glory his exploits and achievement and not heed the cautionary tale that Robin Williams, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson and Phillip Seymour Hoffman left us. The Bible says we are to endure to the end and suicide is the ultimate example of not enduring to the end. What the world calls mental illness, I wonder if there really is a spiritual component there. It seems as if the lack of God in peoples lives can lead to depression and I find more and more people are using coping methods such as alcohol, drugs, sex, materialism to deal with the day to day trials of life. We as Christians have Jesus as our Rock. It is extremely sad that this happened to Robin, to see someone take their own life because they are in despair. That's why God has his word and his instructions on how to live life, because I believe he knows what the Love of this world and it's Sins can lead to. So many tho reject Jesus to live the way they want and then wake up one day empty which leads to that heavy spirit of depression.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better Kayfabe.


Victoria Di Agnello said...

I find that interesting too. So many rich and famous who are celebrated (worshipped) by the world as 'royalty' live a public and a private life, and the happy face is for the public eye, while the tragedy face they save for the mirror. They often commit suicide due to depression, loneliness, emptiness, and unfulfillment, after having everything that they thought they wanted.

It is those who turn to Jesus to fill that void that are satisfied. When we seek to save our lives, we lose them, when we lose our lives for His sake, we find them. We must deny ourselves and follow Jesus. When we follow the difficult path before us, bear our cross and the trials by faith, are grateful for a humble survival and modest living, and remain faithful until the end, even unto death like the many martyrs in Iraq, it goes mostly unnoticed by the world.

All the trumpets and fanfare and airtime is devoted to those who accepted the devil's temptation and climbed the ladder to fame via the occult. They commit suicide out of depression and the news has a parade of commemorations.

But when thousands of average people boldly die for their Christian faith in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East, it passes by with hardly a whimper from the world and its news networks. They spend more time on the news talking about these latest celebs who died than all the thousands of Christians who died and are dying in Iraq by Isis.
They only mention the Azidis, but not the Christians, for that you have to go online.

But these brave martyrs are the ones God honors and sees as royalty, entering into eternity by not denying His word, truth, faith, and name, the precious name of Jesus. You know, at Stephen's martyrdom, as he was about to die, he mentioned seeing Jesus at the right hand of the Father. Normally it is said He is sitting, but Stephen mentioned seeing Him standing, standing to receive the first martyr in the name of Jesus.
It's in Acts.

I also saw on N4TM a post about an Indian martyr who did not deny his Christian faith even when faced with the threat that they would execute his young children and wife, and finally himself. They all entered heaven as martyrs. The whole village got saved after their deaths. That is how a hymn came about, go check it out on that site, it's worth it.

Also on the news that the pope went to south korea, so... the plot thickens...

Jimmy said...

BB before you get into a whole thing about depression you may want to consider perhaps that the reality is this is a psy-op not unlike rick warrens kid. The beneficiaries are big pharma (sorcery) and psychiatry (sorcery) plus more govt. health monitoring, and it is creating a civilian police force to search out the mentally ill today and believers in the real Jesus Christ tomorrow.

Im not saying Robin Williams death isn't real, or depression (man made condition) although these days it is more than possible. We have to be careful not to get sucked in to worldy lies and manipulations. I have included a few posts on fakeologist chat (not a Christian site) that may be interesting, I haven't checked out the youtube links.
Of course, the family guy coincidence is a red flag for this being a NWO psy-op.

Born again believers in Christ aren't supposed to be affected by depression, suffering, or poverty or imprisonment anyway. That's all flesh and world. How could a Spirit sealed/filled, scripturally sound person be depressed? We are to rejoice if we are deemed worthy to suffer for HIM.

Williams' "suicide" was to promote Psychiatry / Big Pharma ("don't be late in seeking help!") - the Washington Post publishes nonsense graphs of "suicide rates" in the USA. According to the Post, no less than 28% of white American men kill themselves! Bring on da shrinks! -- --


August 12, 2014 - 11:28 pm.

The British rags refer to the "uncanny coincidence" of the BBC's re-screening an old episode of "Family Guy". Family Guy is a cartoon series. In that episode, Robin Williams was apparently mocked, through animation, in a failed suicide attempt. Psychic driving, probably.


August 12, 2014 - 11:31 pm.

What's just as interesting are the media's links to youtube excerpts of that Family Guy cartoon episode. They're all "screeners" -- supposedly recorded off the screen, wobbles and all. Just like the Snowden Xmas Message crapola. Here's betting the Youtube publication dates, and the sizeable viewing figures for those screener videos, are faked-up too. Here's a couple of examples:


August 12, 2014 - 11:33 pm. --- ---- (is that really the best footage the media can find of this errant cartoon??)


August 13, 2014 - 2:39 am.

Family Guy has 231 episodes. If shows were chosen at random, then choosing any episode would have a probability of 1/231 or 0.43%. Even if several shows were taken off the table, say 131 episodes, then the probability would still be just 1%. Pretty low for an accidental coincidence.


August 13, 2014 - 2:42 am.

The Robin Williams episode of Family Guy was Season 10, Episode 22. The actual show number in the series is 187th. The title of the episode is "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2". Any magic numbers here?

I.D. Kanspier
I.D. Kanspier

FaithGuy3 said...

FYI, since his death was announced on Monday night - guess what agendas the MSM "talking heads" have been pushing? "Mental health", socialized medicine(aka Obamacare), and gun control! The latter is rather weird b/c didn't Williams hang himself?

Does any of this sound familiar? Remember they did the same thing when Rick Warren's son (supposedly)committed suicide last year.

Pt being that they are really pushing this "mental health" agenda to further war against Christianity - the world system is trying to push their Gnostic "mean" god who "punishes" people by giving them "rotten" offspring et al(ie-remember last year Warren went on and on how his son was "born mentally ill"). This completely contradicts Romans 9:20-21. And for that matter too vaccinations, GMOs, processed foods, etc have been THE big reasons for alot of these mental illnesses like autisim.

With that being said - yes, it's not just recently, but over the many years you could tell from Williams' comedic acts that he was trying to cover up his bitterness and unhappiness.(ie-the way he was screaming and yelling most of the time)

And also during these many years - look at these same pastors, "church" leaders, et al that would preach against sodomy and witchcraft, but en yet would find alot of Williams' stuff(which promotes the same thing) highly entertaining. And these "pastors" et al wonder why the world has gone into a pit?

Ultimately - we ALL have to be thankful for everything the Lord has done for us(we have eternal life promised to us - no ifs, ands, or buts). Personally - I've been down this similar road during my lost/"church"-going days...thinking I have to be successful career-wise to be happy...oh boy, was I DECEIVED! When all was said and done, I was so desperate in 2009 that I got down on my knees and cried out to God, and here I am today... :)

Bible Believer said...

Hi Kayfabe, I agree the world will glory his exploits and he forms another one in the long line of destroyed celebrities. They will not heed their cautionary tale of what they sold out for fame. I believe there can be real chemical mental illness--anyone with hypothyroidism can even tell you how that plays on a person emotionally, but there is definitely spiritual components. I think life for many in our modern society has gotten miserable with the breaking of social connections, the huge expectations, the love of self and mammon. Many are left standing alone as the others scale up the mountain top of cash crawling and scratching others on their way up it. The lack of God in people's lives and the growing iniquity is taking a huge toll on people's lives. Here I have my own sins to contend with but soon I am going to write about how life is surrounded by the wicked.
A Christian in that position definitely will be feeling some mourning and sadness, or what the world would call depression. Of course the answer is to depart biblically but more on that later. I have to watch even my own sin in dealing with the wicked. The degree of narcissism just lack of emotion and connection I am seeing out there is horrifying me.

Many people want to numb out. I find most in the world are numb. Doing a blog like this where you face what is really happening, is like having your face to a wind that is sandblasting your face and eyes, unlike the world which is running to put their heads in the sand. Christians need to pray. Many do want to numb out and "escape", even I feel this emotion, kind of like I don't want to deal with things anymore but of course there is going into prayer or taking restful times and doing sin to numb out.

Robin looks like he sold his soul out to be famous and a success. He gave everything and even the ones that knowingly sell their souls to Satan that I posted about, obviously this is their prevailing motive. To be "somebody" in this world, to be known, to seek the love and adoration of man. And in his case he achieved it but you can tell whether he was taken out by the Illuminati or did commit suicide, it was an empty bag that left him nothing. Devoid of God, all the love of the world was nothing.

God has His Word and His instructions to guide us. I agree so many reject Jesus to live the lives they desire, their heart's desires are on this world, and then they turn around and realized they wasted their lives and all of it came out empty. The world does focus on people's money, fame, and appearances.

Anonymous said...

This poster at this forum:


posted this thread on FRIDAY AUGUST 8 (3 days prior to reported death) titled;'Are people bracing themselves for the fact that Robin Williams will die soon'

Its all a psy op. Don't waste any time on this stuff. Depression is for the perishing world and is man made.

God said because of inequity peoples love will grow cold

Bible Believer said...

I agree many of the famous are worshipped like royalty. I remember the time when I left the celebrity world behind and thought they are "just human" and believe it is an incredible sickness how mere human beings are held up on such a lofty level. Most too are found wanting even in the most basic morality. Most do wear masks. This is one thing I am writing about in article on the wicked, how masks are worn and even the earthly psychiatrists tell of personality disorders where people put on false fronts. Sadly with Robin Williams he fulfilled almost that endless stereotype of the smiling happy comedian, who inside is dying, depressed and hanging over an empty bottle of alcohol at home. Many comedians they say were abused at home and bullied at school and learned that by making people laugh, they can get people to like them. Sadly life itself becomes a performance and they never feel secure in any true love. Add to this the lack of love of God and it is not a pretty picture.

I agree we need Jesus to fill that void. I wrote once that most of the true saints, die unknown to the world. The world will hate those who are Jesus Christ's. They are put to death now in other countries. It could happen to us one day too. Yes these types sold out, some even directly knowingly to Satan and his hoards. If they are making the handsigns they were let in "the club". Selling out to the occult, wrecks a life no matter how much fame and fortune. When I was UU, and saw even people on the smaller levels go into Wicca and other false spiritual paths, I saw ruined lives on lower levels especially ones where they invited demons in now physically manifesting. Some of these low level dabbling witches became very mentally ill, and I saw this. Now take things to the greater levels.... I think when they get to a certain point and some do it younger and some older, they realized what they have sold out, and what they have lost, and that is why you see the suicides.

Bible Believer said...

I need to find out what is happening more in Middle East. I know some Christians are being killed there. It is horrifying. The USA stance in the Middle East now is so confusing. I am lost, I need to take time but yes I have heard of Isis committing great great atrocities, including against children and beheading them! :o :o Yes there are many brave martyrs in the world.
Thanks for telling me about Steven in book of Acts, I want to go read that today. Yes one thing people forget is that Satan's evil doers will even kill entire families. This is something I noticed in Foxe's Book of Martyrs, the Inquisitors killed your children and other relatives. How many would deny Jesus Christ today to save their children? I will have to check out that post on N4TM. We do not know the tests we may face as Christians. I am glad he was able to have that testimony.

Jimmy, I think the NWO does use celebrity death's as Psych Op, They use them time wise as distractions, whenever they want to do a look over here moment. I think perhaps the growing riots and chaos in America or what is happening in the Middle East are some of those things. So they definitely used this death in a certain way.

I also worry about the subtle promotion of suicide, and I found myself wondering the other day about copy-cats, after a big suicide like this, it can send some people over. One has to remember that no one fears hell anymore and some will see suicide as an escape, and those who do it, they push this whole idea that God will give them mercy. I am not one to tell someone whose family member has committed suicide that they are burning in hell but I found myself thinking they are making suicide sound more acceptable. They are removing the stigma of suicide. I hope some here know what I am talking about. I am not trying to belittle anyone's pain, but in society I am noticing this trend and to me it is a very disturbing one. I almost seen this glorying of suicide, "he just wanted his pain" to end. Of course now in two states if you have bad enough medical problems, you can go commit suicide with "help".

Which this reminds me, Robin Williams did this movie called "When Dreams May Come" and in it a husband rescues a wife from hell. I saw this movie back in the 90s. The ironic thing is the lady who kills herself ends up in hell in the movie and Robin Williams is able to travel to hell and rescue her from it. This definitely is an insidious movie, because it gave people the message that if you commit suicide or maybe otherwise end up in hell, that your loved ones can rescue you. The movie was very focused on suicide.

Bible Believer said...

I agree they are using mental illness for oppression, it is something I have worried about. We know Rick Warren used it. I do think Christians can be depressed but how you deal with it...[spiritual mourning?] vs total despair is another matter. We are supposed to overcome the things of this world in Jesus Christ such as poverty, suffering and imprisonment. I know I have to tell myself this world is not my home and go find joy in the Lord even having dealt with many wicked things. We need to get up and continue and call upon the Lord for his help and comfort.

I understand you seeing his suicide as promoting big pharma and the world's answers. I agree too. Make sure you get yourself on the little pills. Which seem to make everyone WORSE in my book and turn them into ZOMBIES. Some drugs like lithium may be needed to correct chemical imbalances, but a lot of the depression medications just seem to be getting worse and worse, and their effects severe. I think the suicide rates in this wicked society ARE increasing, and they are not lying about that, but you see how no one ever asks if society is now sick? It's always the patients. Of course if you are ill enough they give you the message night and day you should do away with yourself so not to be a burden. If they ever brought that "kill yourself" disabled euthanasia garbage to my state, I would go protest it. One thing Satan wants is everyone to be drugged to the gills with mind destroying depression pills, and to have the stigma and {sin} of suicide removed.

Family Guy has put events in there before they happen, including a Boston Marathon coincidence. I believe there has been others. The NWO announcing themselves? The psychic driving?
I noticed all the cartoons were crummy with speakers that barely made sense, I didn't do a direct insertion of one of the videos because they were all SO BAD.

That is weird gun control? He hung himself with a belt, that is the official story, so why guns? I guess they couldn't resist the opportunity. They definitely can use possible suicide as a reason for gun control.

I agree about the Gnostic god, hey none of these narcissistic parents given over to Satan will ever ask themselves if they failed in being good examples or training their children in true godliness. One thing types can do like this is always point to the child or teen as "the problem" scapegoating them as they were. They can hide a lot of sins and abuse under the mantle of announcing our child is "mentally ill" as if their pain, depression and suffering came out of a vacuum.

One's mental health and brain functioning IS affected by diet. They know even the poor nutrition is helping with the lethargy and sadness in people.

Williams seemed manic and I thought in later years==I really haven't seen any of his movies in the 2000s, but I noticed a change in his behavior too. He seemed to be screaming and yelling a lot and even more over the top. You are right.

I am glad God took you out of the whole "career success" pit. I know in this world if one is poorer or hasn't "made a name" for themselves even on lower levels, the world uses these carrots on a stick to control. I have faced severe poverty many Americans have not. I have to pray all the time for many needs. Praise God you were brought out of that.

Bible Believer said...

They have pools where they bet on celebrity deaths and such.

I looked at that forum. I think it is astroturf land, all the people writing have same style and personality.

There's a few writing at once and probably some real posters considering what kind of board it is.

And I suppose you can guess what I think about that and what it means.

Even the Zero Hedge comments which go more in depth are astroturfed to death. I find myself thinking how come all these people have the same sense of humor?

Anonymous said...

'Thanks for telling me about Steven in book of Acts, I want to go read that today.'

STOP what you are doing and read Acts.


Bible Believer said...

Remember when I wrote about Christian message boards?

An old message board I used to be on, they erased all my messages just about but a few, and one guy manages the place, I think he is a phony like a spider hanging out waiting for new flies to buzz in.

Bible Believer said...

LOL I need to go stop and go read the Bible. I have to make lunch now but definitely will do bible reading later. I have to get out Nave's too to find verses.

Anonymous said...

'An old message board I used to be on, they erased all my messages just about but a few, and one guy manages the place, I think he is a phony like a spider hanging out waiting for new flies to buzz in.'

Im not advocating message boards or forums. I stumbled upon it while reading some things about RW's death. Supposedly the thread was made on 8/8. That's all. More proof if that thread was really started then that it is a psyop.

Anonymous said...

Looking through the thread that Anonymous linked to, the fact surfaced that the thread originated from the realization that certain celebrities (in this case Robin Williams) are getting up there in age, are not in the best of health, and can't be expected to last forever. Having ascertained this, I would have to chalk it up to coincidence in this particular instance, though I find curious the fact that Robin Williams died on the 11th of August, with the phone call to emergency services reported as going out at 11:55 AM. Those two numbers right there (11 and 11:55) amount to three occurences - 3 - of the number 11 (two 11's and a multiple of 11). 11 and 3 are numbers of special occult meaning. Could be coincidence, or Robin Williams could have been "helped along" "by the numbers" - of an strong occult signature.

With the number of suspicious observations and occurrences leading up to and surrounding events such as Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater and the Boston Marathon, it becomes hard to dismiss these things as strange occurrences or just so many uncanny coincidence...

Anonymous said...

Pastor Joe Schimmel over at "Good Fight Ministries" had an interesting article pertaining to Robin Williams that is worth a read. Many within the arts have sold their souls to satan for fame and fortune and are desperately in need of our Savior. Please join in prayer for these lost souls for Jesus came to save them for He desires that none should perish. John 3:16-17

Steve said...

Dear Bible Believer, don't be confused about middle east policy of the US or any other western nation. Of course it makes no sense to any rational person what the west does and doesn't do. Thats because everything is planned, everything is done for a reason. And the reason that no-one has any interest in intervening in the ISIS deal, is because its all part of the ongoing plan of the rulers of this world. If we believe we live in countries any more, we are mistaken, we are just regions now, with a global government. The power of the US is just the fist to punch those who step out of line or who refuse to submit to this power.

Ask, where did these people come from so suddenly? Where did they get their arms? Training? Philosophy? Funding? And why has no nation any interest in stopping them? ISIS is all part of a plan. To bring down Syria into submission, and to continue to destabilise the mideast. Most of their leaders speak with a London accent!! A bigger plan is unfolding here... and I would expect the maps of the Arabian peninsula to be redrawn very soon.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, yet this event was used as a pretext to invade and install a puppet government, and a million people killed. Syria is classed as a civil war and not a terrorist action, and the Syrian government is being made out to be the bad guys. Again, where did the Syrian rebels/terrorists get their arms, training and funding to form a cohesive fighting force??? The shadow world government / NWO / Illuminati = Mystery Babylon is behind it all.

I simply watch and marvel as the perfect prophesy and plan of God Almighty reveals itself, as was given by His Anointed Son through His prophet John in the book of Revelation :) and I trust and hope in my King.

For Robin Williams, I am sad, another lost soul.

Bible Believer said...

Yes some threads like that could be by chance, the celebrity betting pools, hey people know celebrities don't live long and some of the natural reason for that is the endless alcohol, drug abuse and pace of life. I find the numbers interesting too. 11 pops up all the time. It could be by chance or another one of the "markers". He was 63, the occult numerologists love that 9-11 combo. I don't take things for granted they have enough of those marked events, to know at least some of them are "planned".

Bible Believer said...

I will check out that article. Glad someone else is warning about this stuff too. Yes many have sold their souls to Satan, some directly and with direct admissions, I posted about that some time ago. Much of the world that does not believe in heaven, hell or even that Satan exists laugh that stuff off saying the celebs are joking or showboating but many are not! I agree let's pray some non-seared ones, escape and come out of the whole rotten mess that will lead to their destruction!

Bible Believer said...

Everyone has some holes in knowledge, I used to follow the Middle East more closely, but I think with the Isis thing they are trying to confuse us all to death. I do agree with you that they are financed and used behind the scenes. So I agree with you there. The rulers of the world are up to something. Maybe an Islamic Caliphate works for their plans but who knows, they are up to so many confusing angles it's hard to follow anymore. What gets me is how these perpetual wars a la 1984 Eurasia style never end now and that is acceptable to the powers that be. Perhaps that was one goal they achieved and desired. I agree with the globalists using the USA as the police man and enforcer.

I agree with you they came up out of basically no where. What else did they expect but chaos when they removed strongman [yes evil too] Saddamn? It's the Middle East, so that tells me they wanted chaos from the start. I haven't heard any of the leaders speak but if they all sound like Londoners, they have been sent from the outside.

I think they desire their war with Syria and Iran too. I agree. Yes prophecy is coming true. I wonder who the 10 "kings" will one day be. They have to consolidate for world power.

Yes Robin Williams another lost soul and tragedy.

Anonymous said...


Randy Quaid, when he ran from Hollywood a few years back, told of "Star Whackers," ie, Hollywood insiders/controllers/handlers who kill "stars" in order to take over their $$. (Maybe they wanted RW's Napa Ranch.) There are YT vids re Quaid describing all that.

Even though most MSM articles said RW had $$ troubles (quotes by an "anonymous friend"), RW's PR rep, the lady named Buxbaum, said it was not true, that RW was fine financially & his kids were well taken care of. So who's telling the truth?

Re the numbers: One article I read said a neighbor saw "someone let her (RW's personal assistant) out of the house via the garage at 11 AM." If the wife left the house at 10:30 AM, who else was in there to let the personal asst. out via the garage? And when/how did the pers. asst. go back IN in order to find RW at 11:55?

Point being, something could be fishy, plus another 11. And 5 means Death to the occult numerologists, so 55 is Double Death (maybe he was asphyxiated 12+ hours earlier sitting in a chair -- police said his body was bent as IF sitting in a chair -- & then hung sometime later (double death) to make it look like a suicide (including the surface/shallow wrist "cuts" & nearby small knife).

(Compare 5 in the Bible which means Grace!)

The hanging by belt is weird because you'd need a LONG belt, that of a very large-waisted person, not a small waist like RW's. (Aaron Swartz also supposedly suicided via hanging by belt.)

Another cast member from his cancelled "Crazy Ones" show said RW's wife never set foot in the studio not once, even when other cast members had their entire families there. The article surmised marital troubles, but that cast member said that RW would just say, "She's working in San Fran."

Wife supposedly released a statement 3-days ago that RW had "early Parkinson's but had not been ready to tell the public before he died." That article said she is in hiding & had not been back to their house since 8/11.

(Speaking of 8/11, I just saw an old article that on 8/11/1999 there was an eclipse which the New Agers said was "The Dawning of the Age of New Light." Yeah, Lucifer Light!)

Con't... (& how to make paragraph breaks in blogspot comments? :-/ )

Anonymous said...

Part 2-of-2:

Totally agree re the hand signs, especially the 666. Yuk!

There are several RW quotes where he said he suffered from FEAR, recurring fear. My first thought re that was maybe he was sexually abused as a child as that will also cause a recurring sense of fear, foreboding, gloom & doom feeling.

Wiki says he was left alone a lot as a kid (parents worked) & also suffered fear & abandonment issues. (He had 2,000 toy soldiers to play with!) Also that his FAVORITE book as a kid was occultist CSLewis book, Lion (Aslan aka Satan), Witch, & Wardrobe (ick!), & that he read the same book to HIS kids! He was also a video games fanatic (murder, killing), & was at some Dungeons & Dragons conference a few years ago (ick again!)

Supposedly RW was Episcopalian which he joked was "Catholic Lite with Half the Guilt." Got to admit that is funny! A prior Times of Israel article said RW considered himself an "Honorary Jew" & that he joked he was "too old for a 2nd career as a rabbi, Rabbi Robin."

His family said donations should be given to a "Glide Community (or Memorial) Church" -- not sure if that is Episcopalian (GHW & GW Bush families are also Episcopalian; read in years past that Episcopalian Denom is full of Masons).

One good thing hinting at Biblical thinking was that RW's oldest son said something like, "I will miss my Dad UNTIL I GET TO SEE HIM AGAIN." So maybe the 1st wife & 1st/oldest son were/are Biblical Christians!

Bottom Line, RW had a lot on his plate IF all the stories are true:
--cancelled TV show (humiliated? embarrassed? shame?)
--possible $$ troubles (feel like a failure?)
--possible marriage troubles (maybe they had a fight that night? maybe she was going to leave him?)
--possible SSRI's for depression (SSRI's can make you suicidal)
--booze addiction (he was said to be thin, gaunt, & a "shell of his former self")
--recurring fear & abandonment issues (would kick into high gear if wife wanted to leave)
--Early Parkinson's Dx (guilt that he caused it himself from prior heavy cocaine use?)

A lot to deal with without the Anchor (Jesus Christ) to keep from "drowning" in sorrow & hopelessness!

"Even in laughter the heart is in sorrow; the end of mirth is heaviness."
--Proverbs 14:13

But if much of the explanations are merely a cover up, we may never know the true story (the BBC thing is highly suspicious; I heard they pre-announced 9/11 as well(?)

/GP 8/17/14

Anonymous said...

It pains me too see so many people fall for this ISIS boogeyman thing. ISIS are dead meat. They may topple a country or two, but they and Turkey are being raised and set up to justify the new expansion of the revived Holy Roman empire. The blood of all those Orthodox and Catholics (and also idolatrous Shiites) gives Russia, Syria and Iran moral superiority. The world is being set up for the final grand crusade - by Russia and Iran.

While you may think you have discovered the conspiracy - ISIS being funded by CIA etc, in the east this is a WELL KNOWN FACT. So what your vouch as "alternative information" and proclaim as necessary knowledge ultimately is propaganda that will lead to the final war.

Mainstream media is a siphon to what the REAL propaganda is - the so called "alternative" information. There is no more alternative - the alternative is mainstream now. If I was to create a conspiracy I would flock all the annoyingly curious spectators to a fake backstage which is yet another theatre play.

Bible Believer said...

To Anon whose post I am not putting up. I have read Acts multiple times, this commenter was focusing on one verse, I wanted to go reread and focus on. I think it is silly you were trying to claim I never have read the Bible. Maybe if you read the Bible you will realize how false the Orthodox church is. I came out of Roman Catholicism reading even a bad Catholic translation.

Bible Believer said...

Anon I agree, we know they have endless fake backstages to steer people too. I have written how the Holy Roman empire still exists at the behest of the Pope and the royal houses....Long time readers on here know I have warned the "conspiracies" themselves can be conspiracies, and intense level of disinformation and controlled opp.

Bible Believer said...

The Randy Quaid story exposes a lot, I heard about this years ago.

Yes Robin Williams seemed plagued like many celebrities with a history of abuse and worse. I wonder what happened to him too and perhaps he was affected by the mk ultra programming. The signs seem to be there.

I agree he did have a lot on his plate.

Steve said...

To Anon, about the belt - its the same deal as Michael Hutchence, who also supposedly killed himself the same way, but we're told for different reasons ??

More info has come out on the leader of ISIS, he is from Britain, he is not muslim. He is known by the name of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, aka Ibrahim ibn Awad ibn Ibrahim Al Badri Arradoui Hoseini, aka Emir Daash... his real name is Elliot Simon. And before we start saying what group / religion he is from, we must remember the real enemy of God is Mystery Babylon - which controls all false religions and every world power, and every power player, period.

Bible Believer, honestly I think we're coming down to only two possible eschatological positions now - either pre-mil or preterism (which would leave us now living in Revelation 20:7-8 (the word 'thousand' in this verse being plural - not singular)). Regardless of whatever positions, God never changes, and neither do His Judgements... we all know what to expect and know whats coming, and all we can do is watch... and stand by Christ until death. Honestly, I keep my mind open to both these positions, and even consider the post-mil position occasionally (but I cannot see that happening).

One thing I am absolutely certain of in all of this, is when we go back to a couple of root words, which gives us so much more clarity through it all. Satan is "the Adversary", and Devil is the "False Accuser" who stands before God day and night falsely accusing the brethren (in Christ). For me, I know we have a perfect and righteous judge as our true God. Therefore for me, how can God ever be just and perfect without fully providing this Adversary and False Accuser the right to rule the earth, so he can then be judged by God for his total wickedness and then receive the punishment he so rightly deserves? This can never happen until this Adversary and False Accuser has full power to rule the earth. The only thing I wait for now is for that power to reveal itself. The only way for the false accuser to stop being a false accuser and be judged as a liar and enemy of God - is for him to take full power of the planet, show his total evil and wickedness, and then be rightly judged by our Heavenly Father. Satan MUST rule, so he can then be judged perfectly.

We cannot stop this, it is the will of God, and if we were to try, we would be working against the will of God. Jesus never told us to try to infiltrate the governments or the priesthood - He told us to separate (be HOLY) ourselves from them in the end so that the tares could be gathered and thrown into the fire, and the wheat harvested without blemish at the time of sowing. He told His followers not to fight the armies as they surrounded Jerusalem - but to flee as fast as possible when the Romans surrounded the city. I fear and rejoice at what is coming, but I trust in my God, this is the time to be wise. Its impossible to keep up with anything anymore - we're being attacked with deception on 10,000 fronts at once - I found peace when I finally surrendered to the simplicity and trust that is in Christ. What is the Father's business, is His business, and may His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I spent a day in Tiberon, the town Robin Williams lived in. My husband used to sell stuff to fire departments and he invited us to come along for a day trip while he had his sales appointment.

That town is like something out of a Hollywood set of the perfect town. It is a small town of about 8,000 people, on a little peninsula on the north side of the San Fransisco Bay. Just about anywhere in town, there is a view of the water. The air is clean, with ocean breezes. There are cute, unpretentious old fashioned type shops, like a cute little toy store with neat wooden toys, and a place to buy homemade ice cream. And it has a rural feel, with some wild areas near by. It is not touristy either.

But it is a small town for the ultra wealthy and powerful. The cheapest 700 square foot condo costs $650,000. When we were driving out of town, we saw a members only exclusive club of some sort, and we commented to each other that it is probably places like this where the real decisions for our nation are made, not the ballot box.

The perfect small town in the perfect location can't buy happiness, nor can fame or fortune. We need to have an attitude of remembering this world is not our home, and looking forward like the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11. Persevere, hold fast to what is true.


Bible Believer said...

Yes the perfect town, almost sounds like it was built from the start for the very wealthy and powerful. I believe they have their hide-aways that are not commonly known aside from their homes in the middle of the action--LA, Chicago, NYC. Robin Williams achieved everything this world had to offer but it meant nothing in him having no faith in Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

Robin only got what he deserved for fortune, fame awards, Satan, et al as well for his suicide, depression or not. with the Oscars ( and the Grammys beforehand) coming up tonight May what happened to Robin and his ilk serve as a warning to all the actors getting ready for the awards tonight, that unless they turn in their riches, clothing, posses, their money, even their awards statuettes, even if it means facing martyrdom from their agents, managers, family, etc., and be priests and nuns they will also meet the same fate as Robin & Co., mark my words

Bible Believer said...

I wonder if some of them are told what the price will be when they sign on. It makes you wonder. Notice how many die at same ages, the 27 or is it 28 club and others. I saw a People magazine someone deposited, that had all the women in their expensive red carpet outfits with a woman wearing a ugly yellow dress on the front cover. it is nothing but idolatry through and through. All the "idols" have dead eyes. I am creeped out looking at the lot of them. One bragged about wearing two bracelets worth a million dollars each. It was sickening stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I mean, if I wasn't a born again Believer of Christ, this blog wouldnt help me turn towards Him.....many posts I've read are judgements, unloving, no compassion, hypocritical, mean spirited, all knowing or arrogant, nothing like Christ. NOTHING LIKE CHRIST! Do NOT think gor a minute God is not saddened by losing anyone to satan, famous or not.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me the interviewer asking him a question about communicating with the dead. One thing that many people don't know is that we're living on this earth with the fallen angel seedline. They're behind all this. They made out of human race a slave race without us knowing. They suppressed the truth and recruit our own in exchange for money and power. These traitors of humanity can be found in freemasonry and other similar groups. Their objective is to keep us ignorant of who we are and our relationship with God. That's why they keep corrupting and perverting every generation more and more. These beings sometimes can be seen as reporters, actors, politicians, religious figures, etc. sometimes their eyes show who they r. In many ancient writings r described. Examples in the bible are the wheat and the tares parable and also when Jesus calls the Pharisees "you are of your father the devil..:".