Thursday, August 7, 2014

Disney Maleficent

Maleficent Occult Symbolism / Programming from Disney. Keep children away from Disney!
Disney programs are growing more overtly Satanic then ever before. I put off posting this, not wanting to turn this place into Vigilante Citizen but decided to post this. I had a niece tell me she saw this movie and loved it. I have to pray for her!

Again I will ask even more insistently:

"Why Do "Christian" Parents Take Their Children to Disney World?"


Anonymous said...

Bible Believer, I will answer your question in a very honest way. Some day, we will probably go because I am not raising our children alone, and the pressure is so great. So far, we have not, but probably we will once before they are grown. My husband is a very good man, but he and I are not on the same page spiritually. He allows me to home school, read the Bible to the kids, teach them about God, and allows me to pray aloud before meals. But it is not really his faith too. He openly questions thing of the Bible (such as the story of Jonah) in front of the children. He gets movies to watch for family time that I would not. He has had the kids watching quite a bit of Scooby Doo, and I tell them all, I don't like that show because of all the scary and evil stuff. They laugh and say it is all costumes, none of it is real. And I say still, even if it was costumes, in real life if someone acted that way, it is evil. Cartoon does not change that. So, I make my stand and I pray, and I feel like there is a spiritual battle for our children's souls. But I also love and respect my husband very much and understand that he does not have spiritual discernment. It is a tricky place to be. And so, because he doesn't feel like spending all the money it takes to go to Disneyland, we haven't, but I'm sure that he will want to do it once before they are grown. But we have at least watched very little Disney, mostly limited to The Fox and the Hound and Lady and the Tramp. Hopefully it will not have as big of an impact on them. So, there is an honest answer for you. It is complicated and difficult to raise children in these times.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting !
Even if you are as blind as a bat you should be able to discern that this movie is completely inappropriate for children.
Even adults should not watch such things.


Anonymous said...

I watched this. I thought it was horrible. I don't know if you have seen it (from your post doesn't look like it) but she is full of hatred and revenge because her WHOLE reason for executing her revenge on the child is due to her heart being broken and her "wings" being cut off by the one she loved, she was very betrayed. The film shows the entire story about how she came to be how she is. What is so amazing to me about people especially those who say they know the Lord, is they really believe there is no wickedness in the world. This is all just "child's play". Its not, just look at the ADULTS around us who think they are witches, and can cast spells... VERY wild imaginations, which permit all sorts of things in. Not something to be taken lightly.

Jimmy said...

I put forth this is the result of the brainwashing/mind control that we were all born into. The normalization of the occult and idolatry. Part of satans matrix. Released specifically for the end times. A powerful sorcery.

All of Hollywood
All of television
All Films

Even these poser, merchandising Christians like pure flix. Its all part of a mass mind control that started with film, tv and Disney.

'The power of television cannot be underestimated, and the idea of being brainwashed your entire life by media and education is a tough pill to swallow.'

I could go on and on and I wont :)

Anonymous said...

I agree Jimmy. And when you tell people even some Christians, they look at you like you have two heads or something.
And your right about doing research on certain issues. It only takes one truth to be revealed and it leads to more and more understanding of what is really going on And what the world really is. This time last year I decided to look into CCM and that led me to learning a whole lot more!
I was pre trib, judge not, and completely blinded. The Lord set me free! I was completely of the world and didn't even know it.
But Praise be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for showing us the truth and setting us free!!!
Now we have to tell others even if they do look at us like we have two heads!


Anonymous said...

Friends and family were to eager to see this movie. I was impressed, though, when my coworker's daughter didn't like it because it made evil good. They take an evil character and try to make you feel sorry for them and see that they really aren't that bad. In fact, they turn out to be some kind of savior.

Brainwash the masses into believing evil is good.

Jimmy and anon - yes, to talk about what's really going to most christians - they look at you like you have two heads - because they love the world. They can't see what you are talking about. They don't love the truth.

When I loved the world more than Jesus Christ, I couldn't see, either. And then when you submit to him you begin to see things so differently.

I expect non-christians to think I'm weird, but when people claiming to be christians think I'm weird for not liking R-rated movies, movies about vampires and witchcraft, tons of violence, etc., it's definitely odd.

Jimmy said...

When I loved the world more than Jesus Christ, I couldn't see, either. And then when you submit to him you begin to see things so differently.

Well said.

I just watched God's Not Dead and then Heaven is for Real because so many 'christians' were all hyped up about these films. Ugh. That Gods not dead movie seems good enough on the surface. The creationist debate is the tool of truth they use to suck the viewer in. There is a worldliness to these 'Christians' that is sickening. Living in sin, materialism and idolatry. At one point willie Robertson is being interviewed by an angry atheist and he goes on to talk about how great it is that he can buy new tires for his trucks, I guess because of selling so many duck calls but the viewer cant help but associate his views and obvious love of the world and material wealth with Jesus. Later he tells everyone to get on their iphones and text everyone you know that gods not dead, from a newsboys(dressed in RED and BLACK) concert, . ugh. I think I saw something similar at the Ozzfest back in 1999 :)

Heaven is for Real is a completely worldly, easy believism, deceptive mess. The spider man IDOLATRY, the unscriptural lies of what this burpo kid saw in heaven, and throw in Greg Kinnear as the faithless worldly pastor and you've got a big hit.

Real quick, anybody see that movie 'Courageous' , with the Christian cop dads that make an oath to be better dads? Watch til the end for the payoff there when the main character gives a speech and says I WILL 5 Times...Just like Isaiah 14. Plus, as Christians, it should never be, I WILL. It should be as the Lord WILLS, HIS WILL NOT OURS. Subtle deceptions.

Obviously, this is fortifying this false Christianity that will adapt to and welcome the anti-Christ(s). Clearly this leads to Luke 12:53, Matthew 10:21-22, Matthew 24:9-10

Right now 2 Peter 2:2-3 comes to mind and of course John 16:2

I don't know what side of the rapture discussion I am on. I have read arguments on both sides of that coin with supporting scripture, both seem possible and I have no discernment on the issue past that. I think it doesn't matter because God has kept it a mystery so those that love HIM will be prepared no matter. My point is, if we are here for this great divide and upheaval and a counterfeit jesus that is accepted by everyone but us, can you imagine the faith that will be needed to persevere through those times when your own house is divided in truth? When death and trial for your faith are real. The kind of faith needed would be the faith described in Hebrews 11. Its really a thought that keeps me up at night.

Phillipians 2:12
' out your own salvation with fear and trembling.'

Sorry about the long comment but honestly who else cares? The people I have access to currently think Im NUTTS!


Anonymous said...

One thing the Lord has really been showing me the last couple of days is how "lawless" our minds are. This Robin Williams death really nailed it. He quit all these things, but he couldn't deal with the mind problem, causing depression. But if we submit it to God, the wickedness flees.
With this movie, the mind is open to everything that comes at it. We are to bring all thoughts captive. We are surrounded by lawless people, who we once were as well, but have been brought out of darkness into light.
As for the rapture Jimmy, the wicked are taken out of the way, the meek inherit the earth, so on and so forth. I don't believe its either one. so be it.

Anonymous said...

Thank-You for your discerning comment here Jimmy. And no, I believe many of us here on Bible Believer's Blog would say that you are a "discerner of the times, more like a Berean" than "nutts."

Most in this country are just like Sheryl Crow's (sp) worldly song says..."all I wanna do, is have some fun." We live in the land of "I" and "pleasure".

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53pm; I was floored too, about Robin Williams suicide. I usually don't pay much attention to movie star deaths; but that one weirded me out. I think what you said about the lawless mind not submitting to God, was good. I actually needed to hear that as I have been depressed lately. Thank-you.Pray for me.

Bible Believer said...

First anon, I will pray for you. I am around many unsaved people and that is hard enough without having to guard young minds from the bad things of this world. Maybe if they see a movie, sit them down and discuss it. My husband is not saved which may shock some on this blog, he is supportive in my case, even reads this blog [!] but disagrees with my biblical Christian beliefs. I would try and talk to your husband in respecting your wishes but understand not wanting to call household discord. I consider Scooby Doo a bad influence, its nothing but ghosts, ghosts, ghosts but all men trying to fake the teens out, perhaps indoctrination to get children to reject the spirit world. I grew up on it, and don't consider it a good influence. I know you do not want to get in the way of your husband as a father, but maybe discuss with the children privately they are to respect their father but why you would not choose those TV shows, maybe some of them would question some of it and say
"No Thanks Dad" I am glad you do make a stand. I think if you do so respectfully this can be a good example for your children. I will pray for you and your family.

Faith sadly I hear about many children seeing this movie. I agree.

Bible Believer said...

From what I heard about it, they do make evil seem good, or get viewers to feel sorry for her and to embrace her quest for revenge due to this sympathy. That is a disturbing message on many many levels! Yes we have many witches today, some are just play dabblers inviting the demons in via ouija, tarot and wicca spells, while I believe others are working direct with Satan and demons.

I agree Jimmy, the entire world is being brainwashed. Sometimes even I will be sitting somewhere and see a book or poster and think there they go with the occult. Think about how Disney has embraced occultism so directly and these same parents may be shocked when their kid goes into Wicca. I agree about the merchandising Christians. The Christian books all have Pentagrams on them. I know I post about evil stuff here, but you can see where they are designing it to get books to fly off the shelves.

I agree Faith. They think we are nuts. Oh the Harry Potter stories I could tell over the last 10 years...

I expect far less of the lost too but now you have to deal with the supposedly Christians who love this stuff too. I think perhaps some give up trying to screen this stuff, we swim in so much of it. I would never claim I am perfect but these are issues I think about.

Thanks for warning us about those movies. I decided not to post on them. I didn't feel convicted to go watch them to expose them. I expected them to be a universalistic Oprah like mess.
I know I need to do an article on the false NDE's. Please pray for me on my time and getting writing in. I want to write an article on depression for Christians too as well. This whole
Robin Williams thing has got me started thinking about it.

Ugh about that character saying "I will". Watch out if some go on and say "I am" like they are God or something.

I don't believe eschatalogy is a salvation issue, I lean post trib of course but even there reject dispensationalism all together and other things I have nothing to do with.

My house is already divided now. LOL I lost much of my family for being a Christian. But yes I know what you mean, when it becomes a life or death issue and it is in some countries now, we will be facing it.

Don't get upset over people thinking you are nuts. Look at this blog. I get emails where they say I am nuts. Being a Christian believer alone today without any alternative "conspiracy" forays is enough to be labeled crazy in this world.

Anon, I just posted about Robin Williams, glad you brought it up. I am going to write about depression soon, though in his case what may have become of him is far more complex.

Satan can use depression to even attack a believer and we know this world especially now is set up to lead us to despair. "Wear out the saints" and all. I will be writing about this in a few days.

Anonymous said...

"Satan can use depression to even attack a believer and we know this world especially now is set up to lead us to despair. "Wear out the saints" and all. I will be writing about this in a few days."

This is the absolute truth and we need to be aware of this.

It is not a "man made condition" and YES a Spirit sealed/filled, scripturally sound person can be depressed! Satan attacks in many different ways and our emotional life is definitely a place where this can happen, especially if a person has lived through abuse or trauma.

We also need to be aware that sadness is part of being a Christian and were are affected by our emotions although as Paul stated we need not despair, "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair."

Depression/suicide amongst youth, children and adults is an travesty in our culture rather than only railing about how horrible our culture is (which I agree is very messed up) we have the ultimate message of Hope for them we need to be sharing it with love and compassion and break the overwhelming stereotype of "crazy Christians" that Satan has created and we have come to expect.

Many despised Jesus, but many loved and followed him too, and in this world of sooo much despair I do believe that people are searching for love and truth even still...


Bible Believer said...

Thanks Angela for your comments, I agree with them. Those who have lived through abuse and trauma are definitely going to face some depression but they can have Victory in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer,

My daughter went to a slumber party and they showed this movie. She took her book to the party and read it because she sat in the other room. She said she knew I wouldn't want her watching it because of the witchcraft and how they make her out to be a victim and her evil and revenge is 'ok'.

There were 10 other girls there and they could not understand why didn't wouldn't want to watch it - It's a Disney movie!! Uh I'm so tired of something being a Disney movie makes it ok. People are indeed brainwashed. We watched the Disney movie Tonto and home and I hated it. They main characters are in a whore house and Tonto obviously goes there since the girls knew him. And the violence.... Anyway, my husband says, "But it's a Disney movie!!"

And yes, the lack of discernment in Christians that embrace this stuff. It's really baffling. You can't love Jesus and the world at the same time, but they don't get it. It's heart breaking.