Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Civil Unrest in America 2014

These videos talk about the Ferguson riots, is this more "order out of chaos" in America? The police are getting very militarized, I am old enough to remember the days when our police were not outfitted like soldiers. Our cities are becoming war zones with gangs, worsening poverty, violence and more. It's hard to know where the truth lies on this one between the race baiters and the police state. Besides Jesse Jackson and pals, the masonic inspired KKK is getting involved and upping the ante. It is unsettling to see a worsened repeat of 1960s riots with the National Guard called in.

 What was the name of the law that used to forbid military tactics used on American citizens? The Posse Comitatus Act? Sadly it seems our inner cities [well in this case it is an outer ring suburb] are growing more and more violent with the growing economic and social unrest seeming to be a nexus point for the elite of removing more civil liberties and advancing the police state. The Trayvon Martin case was just one of the openings. In this story too, a young black male is shot and killed, but this time by police. No protests are held over the gang vs. gang street warfare and thousands of murders taking over our cities but one sees a very similar event here too. Like Trayvon Martin, there is possible gang affiliation and also debate over a possible robbery.

Racial divisions and problems have gotten worse since Obama took office. With all the defense of thug behavior--something that seems to be worsening in certain communities where they are adding to their own problems--after all most gang members rob and kill their own kind and in their own communities and suppression of reporting crimes like the "Knock-Out" game in the news, one can tell evil is growing extreme in this country. Why isn't there a decent black leader to warn the black community they are enslaving themselves by taking up for young people who have chosen violence, gangs, theft and evil? This is one thing that mystifies people.  I worked with young people from the inner city in the early 1990s, and to be honest, things have worsened so much even since those days. The moral compass is broken in this country in so many places. Sin enslaves and it can with ALL of us. Instead we get the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world who make things worse. Jesse Jackson the supposed reverend never actually teaches any gospel. He teaches more hatred and the gospel of cultural Marxism. We can question the police reaction of course too on that side as well. Perhaps this officer really felt he was in in mortal danger as this very large young man rushed him, but too many now shoot first and ask questions later. You hear about innocent houses invaded by Swat teams, flash bang grenades and more by our militarized police forces.

This was probably part of the divide and conquer and chaos programs. If anything the powers that be definitely are putting to use our violent inner cities for their police state agendas just as much as they have used the drug wars to fill the prisons for cheap corporate labor and advanced jack-booted methods. The new world order via music and more, influenced certain segments of the population. The social collapse in the USA is more then evident in many areas. Now we get to see more tanks in an American city. There is a reason they passed NDAA where they can round up American citizens. This is a test run for American civil disobedience. Remember what can be done to one set of citizens can be done to another.  One day it may be a majority black community protesting against a shooting they see as wrongful, the next it could be any community protesting against mandatory vaccinations. It is not a good development for Americans to get used to tanks in our streets.

Why are they arresting reporters? With all the tanks and tear gas and gas masks, all the scenes are unsettling. I have read internet claims that agent provocateurs are being used in Ferguson. It should not surprise us.  One can see how they are testing each step, and how far they can take things.

I found this video too, where they practiced driving tanks in St. Louis two years ago:

Why Were The Police In Ferguson Told Not To Stop The Rampant Looting On Friday Night?

Matt 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.


Anonymous said...

Where were the riots for Kelly Thomas? He was a white, unarmed, homeless man who was beaten to death by police. The cops were then acquitted by a brain dead jury. Yet no riots. But then again, he was white.

Sorry, but I have no respect for cops or the black community. Both are violent and out of control. How does looting and destroying innocent people's property bring justice? It is an excuse to act like savages. That behavior gets old.

The police are corrupt and so are the judges. We have what should be called the injustice system. The police are given qualified immunity. They violate the constitution and lie in court. And of course a judge always takes their word as gospel. While brain dead zombie jurors lap it up like candy.

We live in a PC world, where blacks can do no wrong and government thugs are treated like idols. Amurrika in 2014

Bible Believer said...


Police brutality is growing and getting worse. It is a risk for all Americans now. I think how free and easy they are with the pepper spray and tasers and both of these can be lethal on the right person like an asthmatic or someone with heart conditions or even a otherwise healthy person where they manage to send their hearts into afib.

I hate that it happens to anyone whatever color, but you are right, but why do some cases bring on riots and protests and not others?

Why didn't this officer use non-lethal methods or call for backup? Perhaps he did fear for his life but why wasn't there back up immediately due to the size of the suspect?

I think the growing police brutality is coming from the growing wickedness in society everything is about force and dominance, instead of protecting and serving. It is a sign of societal breakdown.

Corrupt police make for corrupt communities. Some are worse then others. It is upsetting to see the cases where there is immunity for the worse acts.

I saw a lot in the inner city. We have to be careful of those who will label everyone of a certain persuasion as being "violent", but I ponder myself the growing violence and societal disintegration within our inner cities. I don't understand why these inner city black communities make excuses for youthful criminals. That seems to be growing worse. I agree with you how does looting and destroying people's property bring justice? Right there you see societies descending into lawlessness.

I can understand those upset about losing their sons or daughters to police brutality, but then the question comes up, why isn't anything being said about the crime and drug ridden degenerate lifestyles they are entering which put them at risk to begin with? And what does rioting have to do with making a true stand against police brutality? All that is being done then is returning more violence for supposed or actual violence. The door is then opened for more criminal acts and then more violence via the state in return.

Romans 12:17 Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.

Anonymous said...

Watching Ferguson closely. www.nytimes.com/2014/08/19/us/ferguson-missouri-protests.html?_r=0 Don't think the Attorney General will be there in plain clothes. Could be that persons are sent in to loot and instigate civil unrest, Ordo Ab Chaos.- Don

Anonymous said...

Romans 8:7 because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so.

Their behavior on BOTH sides is the spirit of lawlessness. Their minds are all hostile towards God. When I sit here and watch all these people warring, weather in the Mid East or here.. I honestly do not understand our Merciful Father.. His Grace abounds with this world.

And yes.. I think its both sides. I believe the Media puffs it up, but I also believe that kid attacked that officer, and adrenaline or whatever took over to protect himself. Too many videos and reports showing the boys was aggressive. What do these people expect in return.

The black nation is in more slavery today than it every has been thanks to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.. i get tired of everything being a black and white issue, its very 1950's and 60's ... time to move on! They have a sin and lawlessness problem (God's law)... their skin color doesn't make them worse or better. Pathetic all of it really.

Victoria Di Agnello said...

I see this whole eruption in Ferguson as 'dress rehearsal' for what they plan to bring nationwide. Just desensitizing people while testing the waters and practicing trial runs. When they create the right opportunity of chaos, they can sweep in with their police state.

Anonymous said...

You are using biblical reference to spread half-truths. Why do you blame President Obama - there has been police brutality and civil unrest since Christ. Was Obama there - in the sixties when people desired freedom and protested and was sprayed with water hoses - was that Obama. This is nothing new - we just see it more. Maybe now, something can be done. You can only beat down people for so long before they come out swinging. And yes, some of this is self afflicted but instead of unjustly blaming someone - why don't we become real Christians and work together to solve the problem.?

Anonymous said...

Anon: what problem are you going to solve? And I would like a verse quoted by Jesus that shows he even engaged in WARS of the flesh..We are not supposed to engage in worldly affairs or war like the world. These are groups of unsaved men and women on BOTH sides... we are to STAY OUT OF IT and PRAY

Anonymous said...

Anon: what problem are you going to solve? And I would like a verse quoted by Jesus that shows he even engaged in WARS of the flesh..We are not supposed to engage in worldly affairs or war like the world. These are groups of unsaved men and women on BOTH sides... we are to STAY OUT OF IT and PRAY

Anonymous said...

by the way the boy who was killed, his mother was asked "does your son have history of criminal behavior" and she said "that doesn't matter".
Well it does unless she wants to say he repented and turned from his wicked ways. People seem to forget the repentant part, but are all about God's forgiveness. Its BOTH.These are unsaved people abusing each other, that includes the administration, judges lawyers. I think Jesus said it best they ACCUSE and EXCUSE each other. NO repentance, lawless spirit, minds that are hostile towards God.

Anonymous said...

Victoria.. does it matter. .are you part of this world?

Steve B said...

Anon @ 8/24 4:30am said: "why don't we become real Christians and work together to solve the problem.?"

Your mindset is part of the problem. We should be seeking Jesus Christ, not unification with 'each other'.

If the heart is wicked and no man can tame it, and if there are no good men but Christ, why on earth would we try to work things out 'together'? That is a disaster waiting to happen.

The only solution is Jesus Christ. If each person on their own is individually seeking Christ, HE will unite us. Not by might, nor by power, but by HIS Spirit.

It's not about 'us coming together', 'us making a difference', etc. etc.

It's always been about Jesus Christ alone, He is the only solution to injustice & prejudice.

Anonymous said...

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