Thursday, August 7, 2014

Be Careful of Popular Fiction

It can be a lonely place. The Christian viewpoint is being hated and more hated. Often you will be told how dare you! "You are so judgmental." I have lost friends and family too for my beliefs. The ones that would leave are already gone.  Maybe you have too.

 I feel like the world is growing more insane and far quicker too. So many refuse to listen or engage. So many seem to lack basic connection and attachment to people. I feel like I am walking on glass sometimes ready to get cut, with everyone ready to decry me. So many have risen up to defend the freedom of men to get "married" but care nothing about personal and inherent freedoms of civil liberties. That shows some of the evils of politics today.

I have read imperfect books myself, this is more a cautionary tale and some of my comments on how even the book world is being influenced.

 Some time ago I went to a library book group. I would think while I was there, "This is why America is going down the tubes". Most of the women were 20 years older then me in the group and they were all so liberal. Even a secular book club doesn't seem safe anymore even one where they read a lot of non-fiction. I have to be more careful about what books I read. My participation in this group is only on occasion and now will be even less.  I was in disbelief about this book and how horrible it was. I am considering asking the local librarian "How come every fiction book that is read promotes a liberal agenda?" Trust me it is extreme. Sometimes I feel like I am a time warp as things change at rapid rate around me. I knew the book was awful, but bored one evening decided to go to the book group, to see what was said about it and if anyone would be in agreement.  I was at the library waiting to be picked up by my husband.

 In the book "The Chaperone", the book starts out rather neutral though you can tell it's not Christian fiction,  the main character towards the last third of the book starts committing adultery, and is married to a homosexual husband who is carrying on his own affair in secret. The book starts off slow and you think it will be a neutral historical fiction novel, but surprise, surprise! She finds a lover while away on a trip and brings him home to live with her and her homosexual husband, pretending that he is their brother while they have liasons for 40 years while lying to her grown sons, and the lover's younger daughter. She is a "Chaperone" earlier in the book for a character loosely based on a silent film star named Louise Brooks as a teen. This girl is rebellious and has premarital sex. The whole book centers on throwing off the restraints of Victorian society and goes far beyond just getting rid of the corsets but sells sexual liberation and promiscuity as the cure. It's is like some brainwashed grown up hippie from the 1960s wrote this book and the obvious promotion of liberal causes grew worse. This book was so bad, it shocked me. I skimmed the remaining parts. I supposed I gave in my own desires to offer another point of view rightly or wrongly.

I don't expect a crowd of lost people to agree with me on a lot of things but seeing a group of older women praise this book even with it's sexual immorality, advancement of homosexual marriage and polygamy surprised me.  I was horrified. Would you all call me crazy if I told you that viewpoints have grown far more LIBERAL in general and within only a few years. Two women didn't like the book but stuck to "safe reasons" why and didn't address the main issue. I got some wide staring eyes and opened mouths of shock and some laughter when I said the book advanced "moral degenerancy and duplicity", and shared my view that throwing away all traditional beliefs for unmitigated promiscuity was a path to hell.

At times while I warn on this blog about the Dominionists who do their march-a-thons in public forums, I wondered if I erred. Well I shouldn't have gone in the first place realizing what the book was about. Some glaring looks were thrown at me when I said, this book offers nothing uplifting and seeks to diminish every traditional Christian value.  One lady who is otherwise nice flashed daggers into my eyes and gave the whole "don't be judgmental speech".

I sometimes forget that my community of the last 8 years is far more liberal then my last one. Be careful with fiction. I prefer non-fiction and even there you have to be careful with the evolutionists and the liberal historians but fiction books they have moved from subtle manipulations to overt ones. What's on the best seller list? Well the disgusting book "Fifty Shades of Grey" is still #1 as well as some other dubious ones, including the non-fiction, "Heaven is For Real". I find myself thinking they are only publishing books now the elite favor, with certain agendas. There are far less independent publishers out there then there was when I was young.

 Ever notice that everyone in books today are wealthy and you don't see anything written about ordinary "normal" people?  Books like Willa Cather would never exist today, as she wrote about ordinary farmers. You never see any working class characters or salt of the earth folks in books today. Even Steinbeck in today's culture would be hard pressed with the preponderance of spoiled shallow wealthy degenerates filling our pages of fiction.

Be careful of Christian fiction too, I've delved into that world a bit as well for more "wholesome" recreational reading and while some books are better then others, I have noticed subtle themes that are disturbing. These have included: Catholics nuns are "holy Christians" [beyond just standing for some morals] and "feminism is good". Some seem good on the surface like the book "The Prayer Box", but I saw some of those themes in there. Often the modern characters seems to move to communities that come right out of 50 years ago, as they are rescued and the whole village works together--Agenda 21 style?  I've lived in a very rural community and while it was "behind" the times, things never worked that way. I have noticed this fairy tale theme in modern Christian fiction.

Many of the books seem to be a rewrite of "Pride and Prejudice", where the single in this case Christian lady falls in love with the perfect Christian man. The endless parade of perfect Christian Mr. Darcy like future husbands is mind numbing.  I've read some of those Beverly Lewis Amish books, which present an idealized version of the Amish life, they do talk a little bit about being born again, but obviously the Amish faith is one based on legalisms.

 I have to admit some of the "Chick-Lit" for Christian women, I found incredibly dull and hard to slog through. All the characters are south of 35 and pretty too. There was one Christian novel I tried to read that even snuck in the mysticism with "ghosts" included in the story which was kind of disturbing. "The Prayer Box" too had a supernatural aspect too, I didn't like with a cat who acted like a "familiar" leading the heroine to the prayer boxes to find them. What was that doing in a Christian novel?

One thing I notice even in non-fiction books I read are all the assumptions, such as evolution, globalism is good, and more. It is hard to find free-thinking literature nowadays. One tires too of the Baby Boomer themes that never seem to let up with the passage of time. They own all the publishing companies I suppose while Generation X and the millennials slip into poverty. Is anyone as tired as I am of hearing about Vietnam, and the Kennedy Assassination? Why is everything written around these repetitive themes and why aren't younger generations getting much of a say still? The 1960s destruction of society seems to be a gift that never stops giving.  I see this even in the Christian fiction where themes of how great "woman's lib" is, still proliferate. The heroine of "The Prayer Box", can knock down walls and flip houses like any muscle bound man! Are you impressed? I wasn't. The most narcissistic generation in history [yes I know there are good Christian individuals] doesn't want to allow other viewpoints.

I often find myself disgusted with the selections on my library shelves. I know I am blessed to have "free" books to read but have you ever been to a library where the librarians are "conservatives" or even more rare "conservative Christians"? Every book for "Christians" is on the extreme progressive side, Wallis, books for homosexual "Chrstians" and the rest. I see books all from the LEFT of the aisle. {Yes the right is part of the NWO too}. Is this a problem in your local library?

Be careful of what you read. I love to read and one thing I have to have caution about is my own intellectual curiosity leading me to read things the Lord probably would rather have me not read. Sometimes I can take refuge in older books, but even there, we have to test all things. I tended to avoid fiction for years except older classics because so much of it was fluff. This is still a problem for me but I am noticing many themes subtle and not so subtle being advanced in the "fiction". One problem I have with the Christian fiction is how facile it is, especially what is marketed to women.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your honest approach to literature here, Bible Believer, in relationship to our culture. You are correct in painting a true picture of a sign of our times with regards to practices of the pen. Publishers spew out what they believe will sell and we know in part that the spirit behind most of this industry it antichrist.

I have read some amazing material on every day, simple blogs, penned by people filled with the love of God. Their penned works are inspiring and at times I believe our LORD has used them in encouraging me in my faith in Christ as well as convicting me of my own wretched sin. My response....I run to the Word of God for truth and am never lead astray by His Word. I so appreciate these authors most would regard as "nobodies" in the eyes of the fallen literary industry.

I may be wrong here, but I truly believe the most dangerous works penned today are within the so called Christian spectrum. We know in part that the world loves its degenerate hearts and minds. What I find truly unacceptable is the fact that within the circles of my Christian peers, I am considered garbage and scum of the earth for not embracing books like "The Shack" (I call it "Shark Attack"), or Beth Moore's latest "devotionals", or Joyce Meyers "psycho babble" theology, the "Heaven is For Real" blasphemy, etc., etc., etc. You speak of daggered eyes piercing your being, well, just simply disagree with any of the popular "Christian (?)" authors of this day and you are labeled as "unsaved", an "unbeliever", "backslidden", or as in one case, I was sent an email telling me to read "23 Minutes in Hell" because this woman believed I was going to hell for disagreeing with her theologically.....she is one of those lying signs and wonders women who practices yoga, has dreams and visions, and considers herself to be a prophetess. Yes, she was very cruel and nasty to me just because I did not embrace here favorite heretics.

Christianity in this country has fallen to the state of trusting in man rather that the Author of our Faith, which is Jesus Christ, alone.

Anonymous said...

BB - This was very well said.I'm tired today so I will respond more on the whole of it another day. But, something you said made me think of how I felt when I left my chronic pain group today.
A lot of the women were bragging about being so tough and fierce. It really made me sad that we have fallen so far from grace in this culture . What ever happened to humility and gentleness of spirit being seen as good. I think more women have fallen into wanting to be like men. I realize this also wasn't a christian group; but I think women used to be more gracious.
And anon, I know exactly what you mean. Some of the nicest things I have read lately have been on Christian blogs..Edifying, and convicting me of my sin.
It doesn't help that most books are published by only a handful of publishing company's..

Anonymous said...

I would recommend "The Bride's Escape" by Donita Dyer. It was also published under the title "Pearl - A story of true love that spanned two worlds". I got it in a church library discard pile years ago. It is the story of an christian Armenian girl escaping the genocide (true story, written like a novel. It is exciting and full of faith. It may be out of print, but I bet you could get a used one on amazon.

My grandfather always kept a good library of christian children's literature, and I'll tell you a few of the best titles I can recall.

"Christie's Old Organ" by Mrs. O.F. Walton.

"Never Miss a Sunset" by Jeanette Gilge

"The Tanglewood's Secret" by Patricia St John

I love to read too. I don't have as much time for it as I used to, but I tend to enjoy older books as well.


Luca said...

Why in the paranormal Tv Shows the catholic exorcists are good?

Luca said...

What do you think of Heaven is for real?

FaithGuy3 said...

When I was a young boy growing up in the 1980's, I read alot of those Beverly Cleary books - one of the set of Cleary books focused on a character by the name of Ramona Quimby.

This set was told from the eyes of this young girl - came from a working/middle class family with an older sister, a homemaker mother, and a father who worked as a cashier at the local grocery store.

She pretty much went through the usual as a kid during life, and every month when her dad would get paid, they would all go to a burger place to eat(just for this one day a month). There was alot of symbolism told through her eyes(ie-like her descriptions of looking at the rain from her window - pretty much saying that she needs more "excitement" in her life).

I can't remember all of the details of it - but pretty much it pushed the underlying theme of FEMINISM in this set of books. You have the lowly grocery store worker father bringing home the bread to a barely working/middle class family. And on top of that both Ramona and her older sister all but have aspirations to RISE ABOVE their blue-collar working father when they grow up.

Ultimately - Cleary didn't push feminism explicitly, but VERY craftily and subtlely - the more you read these books, the more you would feel females are on the same footing as men, if not higher(whether you're male or female).

Other than this - I will admit that for the most part, I couldn't understand alot of the literature out there b/c honestly, I feel the Lord was shielding me from all of this.

For example - I almost failed my HS Senior year English class b/c couldn't understand a word of all of the British lit we were exposed to(which was all New Age, like the Canterbury Tales). I barely got a C in my College English 101 class.

I mean we were all taught how if we want to be "smart", we have to read alot of books(and somehow they will make examples of national leaders like Presidents and USSC Justices who were successful and came to these positions b/c they supposedly read alot - forget about the part where these people who run the national stage sold themselves out to Satan).

Yes, I agree 100% - all of these fiction/non-fiction books are nothing but deception and indoctrination. This is one way how the NWO minions will push them - through fiction and entertainment.

1Corinthians 1:26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
1Co 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
1Co 1:28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
1Co 1:29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.
1Co 1:30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:
1Co 1:31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

Anonymous said...

^Victoria lilianna mary anonymous^

Bible Believer said...

Thanks first anon, I appreciate it. I agree the publishers are selling to the market though obviously many are those are NWO/Illuminati controlled too.

I have some blogs I like to check out too. I try to find the independents and "real" ones who truly love the Lord. If you could share some of these with me that you like, please email me, email address on my profile. While this blog has it's own purpose, I would like to read others and devotional type blogs too. I have been convicted from things I've read on line too leading me to God's Word.

I agree that much of the dangerous stuff is in the Christian spectrum. Hey if they label it as Christian people will accept it even more unquestioningly. Oh I have gotten in trouble for warning against "The Shack", and Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer. It doesn't make you very popular in some circles of women.
Sorry you got called an unbeliever. I have been called wicked before for telling the truth about the Catholic church and other matters. I guess I could be seen as a "trouble maker". Some do see me as extreme. I am sure those library ladies see me as "intolerant" rabble rousting throwback. All those books that speak of people seeing heaven or hell [I'm answering another commenter here] are false. I don't get time to write about every topic but maybe I should cover near death experiences, but I had people close to me who I know were total Jesus Christ rejecters who had near death experiences and one was assured they'd go to heaven and all religions go to heaven. Satan can attack when man is weakened especially if they are not saved and do not have God's protection. I need to tell this story and do this warning. It upsets me to this day. I was not a Christian to warn this person at the time. All the stuff about visiting heaven and hell all fake in my opinion. Yes stay away from the yoga loving prophetess type. I have had some of those types turn on me too and I have angered them. Sometimes a born again believer just has to walk into a room. There is a yoga lady in town, I avoid purposefully. I believe yoga can open one to demons. I witnessed to her once, and even warned her of yoga and read a born again poem to her once at a poetry club [LOL that one got me trouble] but it was dust of sandals time.
Yes too many trust in man instead of God.

Bible Believer said...

I am sorry women were bragging about being tough and fierce. I have been in health support groups and the like and have heard this talk. Some will even abuse those who have much more severe health problems and act as though their better health or outcomes is a result of them being "better" people. I've touched on that topic a little bit how in our think positive society, if you are rich or very healthy it is because you are a "better person" according to this way of thinking. I tire of women always being told they have to be tough too. Sometimes while I warn about the patriarchy movement stuff, I tire of that stuff too. I want to be taken care of by a husband [I am] and expect men to be protective of women. Some women seem to all think being warriors like men is a badge of courage. I am okay with women being strong and there is a time for it but I think everyone here will know what I am talking about. Softness is seen as evil in this wicked culture. I am writing an extensive article now on reprobates, maybe I should include how "being hard" is the new good in this wicked culture. So yes humility and gentleness of spirit are thrown out and replace by scary things. I think women used to be more gracious too.

Bible Believer said...

Joy thanks for those book suggestions. I am going to write them down and look for them to read. :) God bless.

Bible Believer said...

Luca Catholic exorcists are always promoted in TV shows because wickedness is. They do not want people to know the gospel or how to cast out demons the real way, not via priestcraft and Catholic spells. One thing I have noticed on true life paranormal shows--watched years ago, is it was never Born Again Christian Betty with the house full of demons but wiccans, Catholics and other lost people.

Bible Believer said...

Faith Guy I read Beverly Cleary too and remember exactly what you are talking about. Ramona Quimby was a future Proto feminist.

I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder and while I may still read some of the history and other things, I had someone convict me on this message board and realized they were right about feminism even being pushed to a certain degree by those books, as well as this odd extreme libertarianism. [right sided NWO deceptions]

I noticed Clearly's books were still old enough to portray the working class which has now disappeared from fiction in general. Children's fiction has grown far worse and with more indoctrination. Yes you are right the focus was on Ramona and the others rising up.

One book I loved as a kid but now I am disturbed by is Harriet the Spy. I loved that book as a kid but if you think about it the themes in there are feminism, being antisocial, revenge and situational ethics. Another horrible bad influence author was Judy Blume. Every girl in my junior high read the book that promoted premarital sex, I think it had Forever in the title, and Are You There God, It's Me Margaret promoted interfaithism.

I have mentioned the WORSE book to me before on this blog which was A Wrinkle In Time. I reread this book as an adult and was in absolute horror, it pushes deep occult esoteric themes, deep occult stuff, I am not kidding. I have to admit being a lost child I liked it. It's one that seems never fails to be in every Catholic school library. Of course nowadays they have Harry Potter, to read to the kids even in class.

Narnia of course is one of the worse series of fiction for kids. I read the first one as a kid but couldn't stand the other ones and wasn't sure why.

I hated some books they wanted us to read in high school. Shakespeare even weirded me out as a teen, I was not a Christian yet, but I remember thinking why are we reading about suicidal teens in high school who kill themselves? One lesbian teacher in high school I pushed the book MacBeth which had the three witches and more. The worse story I ever had to read was called "The Stone Boy", it was short story in a Catholic inspired "Great Books Program" for gifted children. I don't know what the indoctrination plan with that story was but remember being 10 years old and totally creeped out. The story is about a boy accidentally killing his own brother with a gun and then freezing up and being judged as a murderer. It was very very dark stuff for little kids to be reading.

Being in Catholic School, I had to read constant stories of false saints like Padre Pio, St. Catherine, and others and do reports on them.

I often check out non-fiction books from the library and if they are agenda driven I chuck them to the side. Some are so blantant. I don't even waste my time.

Thanks for the applicable verses too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, softness is seen as evil..I think a lot of people haven't liked me because I am seen as soft. After I left the group the first thought I had was that truly strong people do not brag, and have a peaceful kind of strength. Actually, my first thought was," Jesus is the way, the truth and the life." It is just so simple and obvious.

Bible Believer said...

correction above..

convicted on this blogs comment section not a message board.

I found out to my major major disappointment, the whole Ingalls family was a bunch of Masons and Laura and sisters belonged to Eastern Star.

Bible Believer said...

Jesus is to be our strength. Those who depend on their own strength are headed for a fall. Those who are truly not brag. I worry about the wickedness of those who want to oppress those they see as "weaker" then them.

Anonymous said...

Well said. And yes, I see that kind of wickedness a lot these days.
I also know what you mean in your post about feeling like you are in a time warp.You can see the degeneration of values and morals both rapidly spreading out and growing rapidly..Because most people don't know Jesus and many even seem to be adverse to his name;so more and more people's love grows cold, and without the bible they have no moral compass.I have had to separate myself from people who were basically declaring themselves an enemy of God. I had to very sternly warn someone the other day, who wanted to do away with religion. Of course they mostly meant Christianity. I told them they had no idea of what they were saying, and they had better read some Russian or chinese history.
Sorry, off on a tangent..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your informative blog. Our stories are very similar. May I suggest a few reading resources? You have written off the Amish as a rule based religion, which may or may not be fair, but I believe you will be pleasantly surprised if you dig a little deeper into the conservative Anabaptist churches.

Also, for all kinds of reading material, Christian Light Publications and Rod and Staff.

Anonymous said...

Dear BibleBeliever,

I feel your discouragement... there is just so much out there, all designed to lead astray in one subtle way or another. Before I became saved, I was really in bondage to fanfiction (particularly the harry potter verse) and know for sure that the youth are being targeted with everything from normalizing perversion to overt witchcraft.

That was just a few years ago, and most of my reading since has been non-fiction, 'discernment' type books, but even with those, there can still be things that are off (though I'd like to think that maybe the authors have just not seen particular links and connections, rather than are deliberately deceiving). We must trust in God for discernment, rather than following man.

The only recommendations I can think to make are:

- Lundy Bancroft's book "Why Does He Do That?" It's a non-fiction book about the entitled mindset that lead to abusive behaviors, which I found very helpful and interesting (and I hope to be able to be more aware and help other people who are targets of abusive behavior). He's a non-believer, but I don't think there was anything offensive (unless it was the nauseating realization of just how many men treat their wives/girlfriends in such a way.)

On the Christian side:

- John Bunyan's The Acceptable Sacrifice
- William Gurnall's The Christian in Complete Armour

Both books are excellent, keeping in mind when they were written and the authors' tendencies towards 'reformed' theology.

Other than that, I don't know how else to provide encouragement. I think often times those of us who discern become exhausted and discouraged with finding 'no place clean and all tables full of filth.' But it would be an even worse option to stop our watch or fall asleep. Part of standing fast and persevering is to continue by faith even when we'd like to sit and rest, or just read a plain old book without having a problem.... it's not giving in each time, and taking our frustrations, concerns, and discouragement back to God and committing them to Him.

May God continue to strengthen you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer.
Great post and comments. The kids section at the book store is horrible. All paranormal, witchcraft, zombies, dragons, new age stuff. It's sickening.

A lady I know who says she's a christian tells me about the books she reads in her book club - book about Buddah, Fifty Shades of Grey.... she took her daughter to some play that she said should have been rated x for the content and language, but acts like it's no big deal. But then I've learned that calling yourself a Christian doesn't mean anything these days. She says she's a good person, that's why she's going to heaven. When I talk to her about the bible I can see her bristle. She can't read it, it's too boring. But this kind of christian is what seems to be the norm these days.

Without Jesus Christ all these worldly things seem so normal to people. They cannot see the destructive force behind it. When I point stuff out I an considered a weirdo at best, and, as you stated, a wicked judgmental person, at the other end of the spectrum.

Today the people around me are loud, overbearing, critical and scheming to get something for nothing. And that is called being a strong woman. One woman like this brags that she has a strong personality.

I don't see that as strength. The fruit of the spirit is strength. But those qualities are not what worldly people value.

But I was like that before I was saved. I liked the worldly stuff and didn't think anything of it. When Jesus Christ gives you a new nature and you see things so differently - people do not like you.

Anonymous said...

That is very interesting about Laura Ingalls Wilder's family being masonic / eastern star. I did not know that. I always did think it strange that Ma and Pa, portrayed as the ideal parents, raised four girls to adulthood, and only one (Laura) had one child, and then the line died out. It just seemed that in that era of larger families being normal, that it was odd. I did know that Laura's daughter Rose's writings were the basis of the start of the Libertarian political party.

Another respected author to beware is L.M. Montgomery, who wrote the Anne of Green Gables series and the Emily of New Moon series. I read them all, as well as many mentioned earlier in this thread. I was raised without TV and I was quite a bookworm, but with discernment that comes with age and time in God's word, I'm realizing that there are a lot of evil ideas slipped into mostly good children's books. I was pre-reading some of the Anne books, mostly to see if they were age appropriate for my daughter, and all my warning bells were going off with Anne's friend in the mirror, her "kindred spirits" talk, a mocking tone of the church and devout Christians, and a vague remembrance of more overtly occult stuff in the Emily books, although it has probably been at least 20 years since I read that series. I googled the author's name plus the word occult, and came up with many hits. Although she was a pastor's wife, she introduced many occult practices to Prince Edward Island and denied the faith.

From the library you may be interested in the books of Ralph Moody, especially the series that starts with "Little Britches - Father and I were Ranchers". I feel that the author and main character were not christian, but the mother was. It is similar to the Little House books in that the author wrote about his own upbringing in a poor farming / ranching family in Colorado, but honestly, I like it better. The writing is excellent. I read the first four aloud to my children, and there were a lot of character and hard work lessons to talk about with them. We enjoyed them.

Happy reading! I'm sure that with all the heavy reading and research you do for this site, that it is sometimes nice to escape into a different time and place in a good book.


Anonymous said...

That's intersting about Anne of Green Gable's. I discerned the same thing after I was born again.
I used to love that book. I kind of saw how she had a panthiestic view of God in her. And a rebellious spirit, even though Marilla was always trying to steer her in the right direction.
May I suggest"Persuasion",by Jane Austen. It is not just about romance, but about a young woman who perseveres while her family ignores her. She always does the right thing, and they live for themselves. She lives for others..It's really good if you haven't read all of Austen. It was her last book and she was ill; so the sentence structure is a little off (like mine)..

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Elizabeth Gaskell.A little latter than Austen.But not much. Wives and Daughters, or North and South. Not just love stories, but complicated human relationships..You might like North and South, which is about the working conditions of the cotton mills in northern england, among other things..

Anonymous said...

Hello Bible Believer,
A few books that were enjoyable, easy to read books with excellent plot lines were:

"Castles In The Sand"
"Dangerous Illusions"
(Both authored by Carolyn
A. Greene)
"On The Other Side of the River"
(by Kevin Reeves)

The first two selections (non-fiction) are a short sequel series about a young lady leaving her foster/adoptive parents to attend Bible college. There she is swept up in what is called "spiritual formation" techniques taught by an influential power hungry professor. Her caretakers, who loved her as their own, begin to learn what is happening at their favorite college, which had a reputation for teaching sound doctrine. The plot line gets exciting as they rescue her from the mysticism/new age practices that were being taught as "necessary Christian practices to a healthy spiritual life." "Dangerous Illusions" focuses on this family's small, yet pleasing to God church group, who allows a young pastor to lead the church down the slippery slope of mysticism, loud banging music, etc. The church draws young people by the droves who seek "feelings and experience" over sound Biblical teachings and the plotline becomes more like a mystery as strange things are taking place in their small town community. Both are excellent reads!

"On the Other Side of the River" is a true story of a man and his wife coming out of the mystical/gnostic church system in search of truth, God's truth. He shares the false doctrines that were taught as well as the heartbreak experienced because he grew to love those people in his fellowship. This book ministered to my soul when I came out of a church very similar to Mr. Reeves, and all the abuses done by "churched" against those who leave such a cult. Praise our LORD for Mr. Reeves tender boldness!

Hope this helps as I encourage you to keep reading. This is one of pleasures of life to enjoy when one has a few precious spare moments to ponder the goodness of our LORD Jesus Christ. I so enjoy your blog.

God Bless you and protect you.